CENSORING Conservatives….now what?

I just heard that YouTube is censoring Ron DeSantis for questioning masks. (that link is worth reading, at least the first paragraphs of it)

We all know Trump has been censored again on a more massive, insulting scale….THIS is a real stunner to me because it’s about archives and ALL ARCHIVES should be preserved.

So….ya, we all know Conservatives get censored if YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook don’t like what they said.  Please let’s not kid ourselves…there IS no reason other than that no matter what idiotic crap they come up with in their defense.  And the senate ‘hearings’ have been a total joke.  The very cunning, smart jerks running those venues outwit the stupid Senators and that’s it.

HERE IS MY QUESTION:    Ron DeSantis is, as I said above, censored by YouTube for questioning masks.  SO…is BIDEN being censored for allowing people with COVID into our country, busing them around, flying them around, etc.?  No, they are NOT all being tested as he says, border guards have said that’s a total lie.

SO……..we all know it’s a HUGE JOKE, this attack on Conservatives;  it is ONLY that, there is nothing ethical about it.

WHAT CAN BE DONE?   Do you see how this was all planned?

“We’ll just censor them…nobody will care.”  Check

“We’ll call them racist if they say illegals are coming in and they’ll be way too nervous to call us on it.”  Check

“We’ll call them racist if they say ALL lives matter and they’d rather die than say that’s not true because HEY, we’re talking R A C E !!”  Check

“We’ll let them have hearings, they’re too stupid to one-up us.” CHECK.


What does FIGHTING BACK LOOK LIKE?  I have some ideas…I’d like to hear yours!


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25 Responses to CENSORING Conservatives….now what?

  1. bocopro says:

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  2. bocopro says:

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Said it over and over. We are at war and too many people don’t know it. Divorce is the only option. However that manifests itself.
    Maybe should have let the racist democrat confederates have their own country back in the 180’s and be done with it. They’d have probably done themselves in long ago.

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  4. Big tech controlling the message which WE THE PEOPLE should be able to hear! 😡

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  5. ACUCHUCK says:

    I’m afraid there is very little we can do, until 2022 and 2024. The Left only responds to violence. What the Left needs, is to have their noses, bloodied pretty badly, but, Conservatives will not stoop to their low level, yet. Just give it time, the Left will keep pushing until something pops.
    I’m really apprehensive, that in 2022 and 2024 we will have fair honest elections, if not we are pretty well screwed.
    I wake up daily pissed off at this whole situation., to where I turn off all media (except for GEEEZ), just to find the energy to go back to bed. I really am disgusted. What I really want to say is not fit to print.

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  6. Mustang says:

    I’ve said it before. When 90% of the media controllers are communist bastards, don’t expect their medium to add to any worthwhile conversation. How do we fight back? We spend more time on conservative outlets and ween ourselves away from the anti-American Facebook franchise, refuse to use Google, ignore YouTube, and stop listening to anything the propagandists tell us on the 24/7 Opinion disguised as News channels. Personally, I give “Ancient Aliens” more credibility than CNN or MSNBC. I never turn on ABC, CBS, or NBC. I never watch Fox, either. I’ve adopted the “no one is trustworthy” policy. I don’t care what leftists think because leftist thought is an oxymoron. Talking to a leftist is kind of like playing chess with a Pidgeon. I’m glad for blogs like this one where conservatives can share their ideas and thoughts with others. I don’t always agree, but I enjoy the read. So, thanks, Z … for your efforts and dedication.

    My question for leftists is … “Racist? That’s all you’ve got? Really? Then which of us is the racist?”

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    I can’t comment to our anti maskers…….I’m less pro mask than many but I will repeat what I just wrote on comments from yesterday’s blog……….I don’t want someone with COVID sneezing droplets on me or anybody else.
    I Also laugh out loud at people in cars with masks on, by themselves!? Or riding a bike down the street with a mask on… Or taking a walk with a mask on when I live in a very quiet neighborhood.
    Yes, we are under mask mandate due to our idiotic governor, so that comes into the decision by some, but REALLY? I keep a mask on my wrist and if I see someone walking toward me with it on, I respect him and put mine on for those split seconds as we pass…then OFF it comes.
    It’s about respect and I WILL NOT MASK SHAME anyone for wanting to stay as safe as possible..

    I respect most opinions.

    MUSTANG, you said “I don’t always agree, but I enjoy the read. So, thanks, Z … for your efforts and dedication.”

    I hope it’s more than ‘efforts and dedication’ here at GeeeZ but I thank you and yes, it’s clear you don’t always agree. I don’t want Agreement here but I hope all consider my viewpoints as I do theirs. Sadly, I can’t ask for the optimism I feel……For the sake of us all, I wish we all felt we could overcome this hideous leftwing rubbish and my input is mostly toward that goal.

    My question for leftists is … “Racist? That’s all you’ve got? Really? Then which of us is the racist?”

    THAT is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying for weeks…particularly since I saw a little bit of Douglas Murray on Tucker………GIVE IT BACK TO THEM…ASK “WHO? is racist? HOW IS THAT RACIST? DON’t be RIDICULOUS!”

    THAT is what has to happen and, Mustang my friend, that attitude MUST START SOON. And I’m hearing contributors on FOX saying the same thing. “Tell us WHO is racist. How that was racist…” Demand details, no more broad paint strokes of lies.

    I also believe we need to SHAME Biden and Harris for not going to the border, for example….SHAME them “What kind of people wouldn’t go there to see it for themselves …?” (although I feel we ALL know what’s going on just from seeing photos and watching video on the news…not sure how it would help Biden, which he KNOWS and he also knows his going there would force him to be questioned and he won’t be).
    They insulted Trump every single day, I’m not fond of insults, but this is what we need…..insulting and .shaming will get (possibly) media reaction. Even leftwing media, in their hopes to insult the shamers will have to cover Conservative insults…which will backfire because WE KNOW people will at least HEAR what was said. And I believe they’ll agree.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    CHUCK: I could NOT agree with you more. I, too, believe something will ‘pop’ if the Left keeps this up.

    The very IDEA that HIGHER TAXES will HELP is so utterly STUPID …only dyed-in-the wool Americans want higher taxes and don’t understand that corporations will stop hiring, move out of the USA again, and our prices will go up. Americans see that already at the gas pumps.

    As KID rightly says, the Left loves it….but the POOR LEFT will be waking up when they look how little cash is left in their wallets. I have to count on that….that the STUPIDITY of this administration (run by Harvard Yale types who finally get to spew their ridiculous educations) will be seen. And soon.
    Biden is not in control; there is NO WAY he can cover all Trump did each and every day (and night)….Biden is the puppet…the puppeteers from American liberal colleges are running this country now…with Obama, Rice, Jarrett, etc.


  9. bocopro says:

    Not real shure ’bout the Ancient Aliens comparison, but agree with the rest of it. Don’t trust any of ’em, partic’larly career politicians.

    In fact, it ain’t the PO-lice we oughta be defundin . . . it’s the entrenched swamp rats.

    Get my news from local channel with backup on OAN and Newsy. Go to CNN and Fox websites for pics.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I go to CNN now for comic relief. ALL morning, NO COMMERCIALS, it’s the Chauvin trial. (No bias, right?) Just WHIPPING THINGS UP, showing every word.
    This morning, I watched 4 minutes or so and a Forensic Pathologist says there’s no way he didn’t die from asphyxiation. Wish I’d watched the cross examination………..I can only take so much.!!

    But, honestly, to put that on from time to time and see the CONSTANT drumbeat of EVERY shooting (coveragE for hours), COVID (only the most negative stories), etc..ANYTHING to avoid the border situation!


    I believe that’s starting.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    SUCH good stuff discussed every day on OUTNUMBERED on FOX….Great panels, etc. SO much common sense it makes me think if libs could bring themselves to watch, they’d at least CONSIDER this side. Maybe not.
    REALLY good stuff.

    “Congratulations to the Lefties…they’ll get everything they want……..packing the Supreme Court, ending Filibuster, ignoring the border, getting EVERYTHING they want and it’s NOT GOOD…not good.” AMEN

    Lovin’ Biden saying that his gun control has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment : )


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Not quite sure why Conservative economists are willing to go to 24-26% corporate tax increases….when what Trump did was SO SO successful.

    That Biden waNts to implement a global tax rate shows they think the rate HE wants is too high, doesn’t it???


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Just rec’d this video in an email….it confirms what I’ve said about the vaccine.
    Please take a look….I usually don’t watch whole vids, it doesn’t take long to see what they’re asserting…but I did, this one, and am glad I did.

    And, let me also finally say here that I’ve had both shots…second one was two weeks ago.
    Didn’t want to, but everybody I knew was scrambling every night to FIND a place to get vaccinated, etc., and nobody was having much luck after days and days of scanning the internet, even with promising links. Suddenly, on a Friday evening while I sipped my martini and watched Tucker, I got a call from my doc’s business mgr saying he wanted me to know St John’s (best hospital in our area) got vaccine they’re distributing on MONDAY….did I care to take 10:45 am?
    I figured it fell in my lap for a reason and am very glad I did.
    First shot, no symptoms. Second shot, fever and a bit of chills the next day….aFter that, zip.
    I’ll be very happy to see my 90 yr old Mom (tomorrow at her birthday lunch) and four sisters without masks….A good day. A secure day. Two sisters MIGHT wear one only because they’ve not had the vaccines yet, but I believe they won’t…tho one is a MASK LOVIN’ MANIAC!

    Two friends in their early Forties had Johnson and Johnson 2 weeks ago…they BOTH had hideous symptoms…throwing up, headache, etc…for THREE days but are fine now. I think!

    I had Moderna. So…watch this video. Vaccines HELP, they’re not magic bullets.


  14. MAL says:

    Your story is pretty much like ours, Z. After cancelling 3 different appointments for our shots, we finally took them if for no other reason than to put an end to the “should we, shouldn’t we” controversy. Now it’s over and we can relax, knowing we can feel safer traveling around.
    Also, we just learned Kade, the grandson I mentioned that came here recently with our son to look at the UNLV campus where he as been accepted for the Fall semester, has decided to attend here, and though Joni is a bit hesitant about his being exposed to the area, we’re happy to have some family nearby.


  15. Mustang says:

    VERY GOOD information, Z … thank you for posting that video.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, great news to havE your grandson nearby!!!

    MUSTANG, I thought it was, too. You are VERY welcome! xxx


  17. MAL says:

    YES! And I was especially excited to learn out of all of them that took a vaccine, there not only were no deaths or hospitalizations, there also were no serious side effects. THAT is a HUGE stat.


  18. Baysider says:

    A 2nd circuit decision in Domen vs. Vimeo says any platform’s standards are what they want to include or deny. https://ij.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/short-circuit-167.pdf for those who want to know all about Section 230 (c) 2. Happy about that? No. Does that mean I can block all BLM support videos on MY platform? Yup! Psaki? Yup. (But why would I. She’s so entertaining.) Doesn’t that mean YouTube can block Dennis Prager if they don’t like his professor talking about why we were in Korea? Yup. Until the Supreme Court disagrees. But so far we don’t have a split circuit decision so that doesn’t look likely now.

    We need to re-brand this “media” by a new name. The Antisocial Media. The CoverUp Media. The Truth in Waiting Media. Or ??

    BP – LOVE that graphic!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, 2nd Circuit or not, it’s TOTAL CENSORSHIP, UnAmerican………nothing less. Amazing.

    MAL and EVERYBODY: My friend’s aunt is a famous musician….she is 97 and recently survived COVID WITH PNEUMONIA!!!

    DID any of you see the HUNTER BIDEN pictures on FOX tonight?…him an two girls in bed….one girl and him in bed; certain areas blurred? I’m no prude and I was pretty shocked FOX would show them….certain areas might be blurred but, judging by the positions, there could have only been one thing happening! pretty bad for American culture, but nobody cares anymore, apparently!!


  20. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…Can’t even get my head around how ticked off I am at that ruling.. How anybody could look at this as anything less than total censorship is astonishing because yes, it might be a privately owned platform but it’s comprised of MILLIONS of differing opinions by the public………
    there’s just something SO WRONG.

    Of course, nothing Conservative in America IS respected anymore by the ‘powers that be’ like those who make commercials, those who produce TV and film, those who…well, we all know there’s a tremendously loooooooooooooong list.

    I wouldn’t mind so much except that that censorship not only prohibits free thinking/sharing but stops people from hearing TRUTH………..It’s like CNN, if people only listened to CNN or MSNBC, they’d LITERALLY not know about the border situation today. My own aunt, as I’ve mentioned before, has a son-in-law who didn’t know what Cuomo had done in NY elderly homes until about 3 months ago! THEY DO NOT KNOW.

    They ACTUALLY think they’re getting NEWS………………it’s astonishing.
    It’s like one HUUUUGE road block stopping AMerica from proceeding as we have in the past…


  21. Baysider says:

    Right. Worse than censorship. They pretend it’s standards not bias. They’re dancing all around the common public forum issue. I’d set up my Truth in Media platform with 2 marks: green for trending true; red for too many falsehoods. Let ’em all come! I’ll mark ’em. Green for Prager University and Hope for Paws and red for the Biden White House, anything with Nancy Pelosi’s lips moving, and certain animal ‘rescue’ videos from India.

    On a distantly related topic of standards: I had a friend who worked for ABC Television Standards division. When she had to list her employment for something, the guy looked at her and said “they have standards?” 🙂


  22. geeez2014 says:

    BAY…this made me laugh out loud “…anything with Nancy Pelosi’s lips moving, and certain animal ‘rescue’ videos from India” Ya, particularly the COW rescue videos from India HAAAAAA!!!

    And yes, I truly do believe people are getting on to the Left……….Even LESLIE STAHL apparently asked very tough questions on Sixty Minutes recently…a friend told me on the phone tonight…my friend was stunned…darned if I can remember THE SUBJECT!!! If I do, I’ll come back!

    Hoping Mr. Baysider is better tonight.


  23. Mustang says:

    So, the question is, why aren’t wealthy conservatives interested in forming a public domain platform that won’t “monitor” content. The answer is “legal liability.” It wasn’t more than a few years ago that people were suing Facebook and others for online bullying. So then, where are we today? Social media platforms began monitoring content to protect themselves from lawsuits because some cyber-interactions are against the law. The transmission of sexually explicit materials, for example, can be (and are) prosecuted. To my knowledge, there is no federal law that addresses cyber harassment. Still, almost every state has passed criminal statutes addressing the people who participate in such nonsense and the owners of the platform through which these illegal activities occur. Social platforms offer the perfect venue for mean-spirited (otherwise known as stupid people) to harass others. Some examples include:
    (a) Shaming, embarrassing, demeaning, or humiliation
    (b) Impersonation
    (c) Making threats to harm or kill
    (d) Posting or texting obscenities
    (e) Sexting
    (f) Extortion
    (g) Digital stalking
    (h) Hate crimes that violate the civil rights of others
    (i) Unauthorized posting of photographs, whether or not sexually related

    Given the foregoing, were I a rich guy, I probably wouldn’t be interested in investing my money in an open-ended social media platform. Besides, I already gave Kid $20,000.00 for his stupid B-2 project, and that was a bust.


  24. Baysider says:

    Yes, Mustang. I had forgotten about the ‘bullying’ stance at Facebook. The Vimeo case I posted was of a man who walked away from the homosexual lifestyle. Vimeo took him down. Can’t have people suggesting one do that!

    Z, the video is excellent. Jibes with a detailed explanation I read last winter about “efficacy” numbers, but much clearer.

    I hope your mother has a wonderful birthday tomorrow!


  25. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…excellent to hear the UK’s herd immunity has nearly kicked in. Their approach was different than Fauci’s (of course)…they emphasized and put first the FIRST vaccine…..getting more people with that rather than denying some the first one so others could get their second “in time”..Fauci’s words about vaccines was that the first must be sooner followed by the second than experts are now saying. We all know the first vaccine well covers the vaccinated…to a percentage which HAS brought them to a herd immunity situation.

    THanks, we’re really looking forward to our Mom and Daughters 90th birthday lunch today!

    MUSTANG: What ever happened to PARLER, which had opened its own venue? I haven’t checked.


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