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My mother turned 90 yesterday.  My sisters and I had a wonderful lunch party for her, just the six of us.

We each gave little speeches about “Mom memories,” we celebrated her, we had lovely presents.  We thanked Mom for giving us enthusiasm, curiosity, fun, love of family, DAD!, and many other things.   AND I’d ordered her very favorite cake, a “Sacher Torte” from Vienna, Austria.  She kept asking “This is FROM the Hotel Sacher?  In VIENNA?”  So cute!  “Yes, Mom….all the way from Vienna!”    A marvelous day.

SO, you all had MOMS and I think we’d all like to know something you remember about yours.  Some of you aren’t lucky enough to have celebrated your Mom’s 90th, I know that, and I’m so sad about that, but you probably had her for enough years to have some great memories with which to honor her here.

Think about it……what would you say about YOUR MOTHER?

God bless Moms….not only on Mother’s Day but ALWAYS…………


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12 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. MAL says:

    The first thing I think about my mother is her ever-faithful commitment to God and family. She was a good balance because my father always questioned the existence of God due to his having lost his mother, three younger brothers, and 2-year old sister to radical Muslim Turks, and he would constantly question how God could allow that to happen……..and without any consequences for them. Despite this feeling, however, he was the key founder of the St. James Armenian Church in L.A. because he loved his people.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, what a wonderful response…thanks. I remember your mother but not your father. That’s a lot of beloved ones to lose to oftentimes violent deaths. Horrible. And yes, we sure do question God when bad things happen like that. And yes, no justice, never any consequences for Turks.
    And there you go….he loved his people, he helped found St James, and that’s still a thriving community….God works in strange ways.!


  3. geeez2014 says:

    WOWZA….no other MOM remembrances or everybody’s busy today!
    I hope my post didn’t bring up negative feelings! (who doesn’t also have THOSE, right?)!

    have a great day…


  4. Baysider says:

    I did a booklet for my mom’s 85th birthday with memories, collected letters, pictures, etc. First and foremost was her faith and making sure we kids had a chance to understand and make a decision. My brother said it best: “What stands out to me most was the moment [as a child] when you ex- plained the gospel to me in terms I could understand.”

    One legacy I appreciate has been to put the bible’s instructions and lessons “into shoe leather” as a favorite teacher used to say about learning and then doing. She passed the baton.

    I closed with: “A long sunset is a fragrant rose yet one with thorns, a blessing whose companion is also the frailties of age. You lived long enough to see your children straighten out. But the wheel starts creaking at the cistern. It’s our hope that our gratitude and love and the recognition of God’s blessings in your life will encourage you and help carry you forward in the coming years and make them still a fruitful time of harvest.” She died 4 years later. So, so glad we remembered her in a way that allowed her to share it with friends (I gave her several copies of the booklet).

    There is nothing quite like a mother.

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  5. MAL says:



  6. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER< that's so nice! We printed a hardcover book of photos which we all got a copy of…just Mom with each of us, or two of us with Mom, etc..from baby shots till today….nobody else, just the five of us and her…………
    My youngest sis did a list of the alphabet and words for each alphabet letter that described Mom. Was THAT terrific…lots of thought, right on.

    My favorite gift was Mom's to us! pink leather copies of JESUS CALLING…she said she wants me to have hers when she's gone, read it, and then pass it on…..that she's made lots of notes in the book and "You will all know me better for it." Really touching. I hope that moment doesn't come for a long time, but…

    No, there is nothing like a mother. I’m happy you have that wonderful experience of your own.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    SHELBY STEELE on right now on Mark Levine’s show….what a great thinker…yet another Black Conservative thinker extraordinaire.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    But who cares what a thinker he is…..only Conservatives read him…or listen to him. Or know who he is. What can HE do to change the Black liberal sheep mind?


  9. He can equip us with arguments for our cause.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    ED, great….to argue with who? Good luck with that. I see your point, I often remind folks here why I watch CNN, to remind me how DUMB the leftist arguments are, and I watch FOX very often because they REALLY give me good arguments, but we need that eloquent Steele voice and others OUT THERE TALKING, don’t you agree?
    How many liberals do you have listening to your radio program? ANy way to know?


  11. I don’t know how many libs listen, but there are many uninformed people who vote democrat that ARE persuadable. If you have the words to tell them.
    Much like being prepared to share the gospel.
    You should check my blog for my interview with that Canadian pastor who kicked the police out of his church.

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  12. Baysider says:

    I like the book idea as a memorial. So nice you and your sisters did that for your mom. It must have been fun going through old pics and memories. I’ve decided to get one ready for Robert’s funeral, and his ex-wife helped me out a lot with family pictures from early years.

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