Still hating Trump!

I just laugh my head off when I spend a few minutes a day at CNN…it honestly is hilarious!

Yesterday, John Boehner was pushing his book with Jim Acosta………yes, Acosta got him to slam Trump pretty hard, but Boehner’s a snake and didn’t risk his own Republican reputation as much as Acosta would have liked;  he was a tiny bit more measured in his criticism than Acosta would have adored.

Acosta then hosted a panel basically lamenting how us dumb thug Conservatives who like Trump clap when he calls McConnell a “Dumb son of a bitch,” which Trump did at a dinner Saturday night, where the crowd did clap.  (What kind of grown man in public life uses that kind of language?).  But, take heart;  Acosta’s panel also says SOME Conservatives have the class to hate Trump.  And not vote for him. (ya, we know that, don’t we, though we look at that differently than having ‘class’)

The Left is still working SO HARD to denigrate Trump and are SO afraid of the apparent hold he still has on Conservatives!   Yes, they’re working hard against Trump…..sadly, Trump seems to helping them, the dumb son of a bitch.

A big problem is Trump seems to forget McConnell is still there and he’s not.  We are NOT fond of McConnell, that’s for SURE, but more piling on of Republicans isn’t something Republicans REALLY need to be doing.  Especially now.

Or should we?  I keep hoping Trump’s sly like a fox and knows what he’s doing but I’m running out of that kind of faith.


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  1. bocopro says:

    He’s still living rent-free in libs’ heads. And he’s still his own worst enemy, living proof of the adage that few things in this world need correction as much as the habits of political opponents. He needs to realize that just because you CAN sing isn’t a mandate to DO it.

    Lib “analysts” can overtly and knowingly lie on TV, such as with the repeated use of the long-debunked “good people” comment by Trump and the “children ripped from their mothers and stuck in cages” fad so popular today . . . why? ‘Cuz they know the MSM won’t call him ‘em on it and Big-Tech will censor anyone who does.

    The Donald is that guy who unabashedly says it like it is and doesn’t throw out faux apologies for anything he blurts. Does the GOP need to move on past him? Yes, of course, but they need to be careful allowing SJWs to tear him down like they do statues of the founding fathers. Could backfire.

    DJT accepted the results of a “rigged” election a helluva lot faster than Shrillary and her mob did. Those career whiners and liars have perpetuated the longest running tantrum in the history of American government.

    The whole impetus for getting rid of Trump, from BOTH parties, is that believe he’s the focus of the people’s anger and it will all disappear when he does. What they forget is that he was elected BECAUSE of that anger in the first place.

    But, not to worry . . . in light of all the hubbub over fraud in our election system, PotUS Doofus has found the obvious solution: since the process is so complex and costly and can no longer be trusted, by EO he will simply eliminate voting.

    And besides, the Earth is wobbulating on its axis and will soon veer away from the sun toward a cold, ubiquitous death in the intergalactic void, so mox nix. The “watchers” in the huge, hollow, artificial satellite have decided that the experiment isn’t working out as hoped, so they will begin the process of dragging the planet out of orbit in the general direction of Rigel.

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  2. Does Trump have any political advantage in NOT distancing himself from (or no alienating) McConnel? I think not.
    Trump is still not a politician.
    So he still doesn’t act like one.
    A strategist?

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  3. ACUCHUCK says:

    McConnell and his wife are, have been for years, fleecing America and greedily working with China.
    I don’t begrudge Trump being at least a little bit angry, after all that went on in Nov. Only President to have an election stolen, changing the whole country for ever, and those 5 little words bother you—sheeesh!!
    Sorry GEEZ, please don’t take any offence, but, grow a thicker skin! You gotta quit complaining about Trumps, street wise words, which we all hear every day, because, he’s not changing. You know where his heart is. It’s with the USA and all of us decent Americans who live here..
    Most of the 75 million plus, who voted for him could care less if Trump hurts someone’s feelings, like Cocaine Mitch, when they DESERVE it. Mitch stabbed Trump in the back (a few times) after Trump got him re-elected. DUMB SON of a Bitch, is actually a compliment for that disgusting man, I would have been a bit more graphic, and used words which kinda rhyme with Rock Trucker, get your mind out of the gutter!!!
    We never wanted a politician and that was and is still the main reason we love him, and would gladly vote for him again, rough edges and all.
    If We/I wanted a politician, well, now that you brought it up, BOEHNER is a perfect example!!!!

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  4. kidme37 says:

    This Trump-McConnell war is a fake out. Trump and McConnell are going to go on a nationwide tour together before the elections acting out the I’m a Little Teapot opera. That should bring all the Conservatives back on board.

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  5. peter3nj says:

    Until MCConnell shares a meatloaf happy meal at Miramar we can’t be sure turkey neck is a Trumpster…even then?

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  6. Mustang says:

    Dunno … but it seems to me that “dumb s-o-b” pretty much describes the entire Congress. But let’s be clear: if Trump describes McConnell in that way, or Joe, or Pelosi, or Schumer … what he is in effect saying is that every one of the people who voted for them is also a dumb s-o-b … and I’d have to agree with that. And so it shall remain until no one in the US is allowed to vote who is unable to pass the same citizenship test we require of those who wish to become American citizens. If Rasmus can’t explain federalism, he has no business voting in local, state, or federal elections. If we can spend gazillions trying to protect “America’s youth” from cyber-bullying, then we should be able to spend at least that much protecting the Republic from the worst malady of all … dumb sons of bitches who vote.

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…thanks…mostly agree with you.
    I personally think the Left is doing all it can to rile Conservatives up…..BIG time.
    Wish I knew what an SJW is…..
    Talking about pulling children from parents’ arms….what parents? THOUSANDS of kids are coming in without theirs, so that ridiculous “TRUMP IS SNATCHING CHILDREN OUT OF THE ARMS OF THEIR PARENTS” lie is a HILARIOUS and wrong allegation……Parents didn’t just stop accompanying their kids when Biden was elected!!

    ED… I guess I know SO well that , regardless of fraud, etc., Trump would have won had more Conservatives voted, and most didn’t vote because they couldn’t stand HIM, his language, his pretty obvious untruths, his calling people dilly names and more…..that didn’t work for him OR America since we got Biden instead. Of course he is, by now, a politician and it is time to act like one.

    KID, ya, I hinted at that in my last sentence on the post…IS this a fake-out? For what?

    CHUCK: I completely agree and if I were Trump I’d call McConnell WORSE but never use any of that kind of talk in public….nope. Sadly, that language worked to turn conservatives off ….
    There are so many ways Trump can SCREW McConnell without talking with so little dignity….TELL US WHAT YOU THINK McCONNELL’S DOING WRONG, Mr. Trump…stick to facts, alert Americans…on the other hand, NOW? When we need the Conservatives to come together more than ever? Not so sure!!!

    THE POST HERE IS MORE ABOUT HOW THE LEFT CAN’T LET TRUMP GO…….any time I lament Trump uses awful language, that’s where we all go in Comments……………I don’t want to fight that anymore, I still believe a Reagan would NEVER have spoken like that in public and he got reelected.

    It’s the way the Left CAN’T LET THE TRUMPSTER GO…….just CAN’T STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM. I know he LOVES that, but it’d be good if they had to talk about GREAT things Trump was doing, like reminding America of how the wall worked.

    PETER….McCOnnell HAS to DESPISE TRUMP, don’t you think? People seem to be flocking to Mara Lago for aDvice more than to McConnell!!


  8. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: I think those Conservatives who didn’t vote for TRUMP are Dumb SOns of B’s, too…….I’d say it in my office, in public, I’d give the facts and figures, air my frustration, but not talk like he does.

    ANyway, as I said above…………I REALLY hoped to talk about the fact that CNN and other channels just CAN’T LET TRUMP GO.




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  9. Mustang says:

    I agree with you, Z. Apparently, Trump feels compelled to remain “relevant.” The fact is, Trump stopped being relevant on the day after Election Day. He fails to realize, IMO, that truth no longer matters, and in politics, maybe it never did. Whatever CNN’s television ratings are, it has nothing to do with me. Refusing to view leftist media is my way of boycotting idiocy. I know it doesn’t matter, but it has become a matter of principle. I’d rather watch five hours of brain surgery than two seconds of any leftist media broadcast. Where do I get my news? Why, at Kid’s blog, of course … the news that matters.

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  10. kidme37 says:

    Not a fake out Z, just a little joke on my part.
    If Trump plays nice with repubblekins, many Trump voters won’t vote for him
    If Trump doesn’t play nice with Repubblekins, many of those Conserbatives you speak of won’t vote for him.
    Your friend who now sees big problems with Biden wouldn’t vote for Trump with a gun to her head. Add Republican to those she would never vote for.
    If none of this is true, still don’t matter. America has done nothing to make voting a valid process and the communists will take whatever elections they desire in ‘battleground’ states. You know those states where morons can’t make up their mind from one election to the next.

    If none of That is true then it still doesn’t matter. There isn’t a federal agency that works for America any more. Nothing will be done about communist education, media, or entertainment and sports. The Durham report was rolled into small tubes to snort coke with.

    It’s over, done, finito, kaput. Outside of your blog I pay zero attention to all of it. The frog is cooked.

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  11. peter3nj says:

    I feel much better since hearing FOX bookseller Brian Kilmead on his radio show telling a caller there is no proof of election fraud. What really warmed the cockles of my heart was his telling that caller that McConnell and Liz Chaney are the two most conservative Trump supporting republican members of Congress. After my Dr appointment I’m going to Barnes & Noble to purchase one of his books. I stepped in dog poop and I need something to scrap off the canine excrement from the bottom of my not Nike sneaker.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    PETER, actually Kilmead has been a reliable conservative and I’m really surprised to hear that…he actually still is but for what you’ve mentioned here, which really surprised me. .Of course neither McC or Liz supported Trump….. He IS right that there was ‘no proof’….court after court after court said that, too. We know different. I believe he knows different but where do you go when nobody pays attention to facts that were mocked and scoffed at by the liberals and people who mentioned fraud were made to feel like idiots? We had to recover and proceed as best we could. I believe Kilmeade meant we have to let go because nothing’s going to happen anyway… But I could be wrong!! Read that book before the dog poops!
    Even DERSHOWITZ said there WAS fraud, remember? By the way, he’s totally disappeared from the talk show circuit of either side.

    KID…I still think there’s room for a fake out….not so sure one isn’t happening but you’re probably right.
    I will NEVER give up on America…ever. EVER. I see glimmers of light ….more and earlier than I’d thought.
    I know you’re even anti-Republican now, and I TOTALLY GET THAT (sadly), but the Republican money raising for the first quarter has been astonishingly high…People are saying we MUST get rid of Pelosi, etc., in ’22……..and people are saying it’s not just Republicans’ $$$

    MUSTANG, as I keep saying, watching CNN for 10 minutes a day (total) makes me smile these days…I actually enjoy watching the faces, so sarcastic, so smug, so STUPID………….I actually started laughing yesterday at their mischaracterizations of WHY the GOP supported the Georgia voting laws..COMPLETELY ignoring that the laws there are now less stringent than many Blue states’!!! We react to the far Left when the Centrist Dems are a slightly different breed and they are the ones we need to wake up, and Trump’s language isn’t helping that.
    Ya, it’s fun for me…….their viewership is shrinking……….I hope they are ALL fired…
    I don’t blame you for boycotting! I NEVER watched for years…but lately? it’s actually hilarious.!!


  13. Mustang says:

    Peter deserves recognition for “comment of the day.”

    I’ve not read any of Kilmead’s books for the same reason I’ve not bothered with any of Bill O’Reilly’s books. Well, I guess I’m just waiting for Bill’s book, “Killing Mustang.” I’d be interested in how that turns out. Both of those guys profess knowledge of patriotism. Still, neither of them ever placed themselves in harm’s way in service to the Republic — hence, I conclude that they know as much about patriotism as Pelosi knows about lucidity. What does disappoint me is that Peter is willing to spoil a perfectly good dog turd with one of Kilmead’s books.

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  14. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, I don’t read books like those because most of us know all of what they write about, anyway……….though O’Reilly’s history books are apparently very, very good.
    I believe they both are total patriots. Lots of AMerican kids stayed in college during Vietnam….I like that he might not have served that way but sure did inform a lot of Conservatives thru radio and TV for years and, apparently, still has a podcast or something?
    Trump didn’t serve, either….By the way, did Biden? We all know John Kerry has a STELLAR military record (smile)!!!!!


  15. Mustang says:

    Well, Z … I’ll just add that if a man’s record of service to his country confines itself to attending Harvard or Brown and saying or writing words that appeal to some number of folks that add tons of money to his bank account, then whoever we’re talking about isn’t a patriot. Words alone, as an expression of patriotism, mean nothing. If Kilmead believes Cheney is a patriot because she’s willing to send young Americans into harm’s way to strengthen her interests with the military-industrial complex, then Kilmead is no patriot — and neither is Cheney. As for Kerry … who after his discharge from the Navy made public statements and gave testimony about fraudulent (made up) events, testimony intending to besmirch the honor of America’s sailors and soldiers, a man who “earned” three Purple Heart medals … one of which is entirely questionable, and the other two self-inflicted, and if that’s your standard of uniformed patriotism, then I’m sorry for you. Kerry is a disgrace to the honor and integrity of the U. S. Navy in the same way that Lieutenant Calley is a disgrace to the Army. Neither Kilmead nor O’Reilly ever felt compelled to put their words into action. Meanwhile, people whose names you will never know gave all they had for America. That, my friend, is patriotism.

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  16. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, you sound angry …. I know what patriotism is and I’m sorry I don’t agree that nobody can be a patriot unless they’ve served in the military. But I certainly respect your feelings on this.

    You think i DO think JOHN KERRY is a PATRIOT? My “Smile” (above) meant TOTAL SARCASM. The man is a nightmare and totally used the military for self aggrandizement…No, he is NO PATRIOT. Now THAT man doesn’t know what it means to be a patriot.

    yes, I believe people can work toward the betterment of America without serving in the military…And I believe working toward its betterment is patriotic.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    I wonder if all our readers here served? I’m not even sure.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    One more thing: I believe people who did do time in the military but clearly hate AMerica are no patriots. What about you, Mustang?
    Kerry? We have to know many on the Left were drafted or volunteered for Vietnam or Korea….I would have a hard time thinking all were patriots today, though I respect and am grateful for their having served somehow.;
    What about you, Mustang…..surely, it doesn’t work that anybody who served is a patriot?


  19. Mustang says:

    No, friend, I’m not angry. I’ve long given up the expectation that anyone really cares about, appreciates, or adores the tens of thousands of men and women who have given their lives and limbs in service to their country while lauding those who have done comparatively nothing for America. Patriots signed up to go into harm’s way for their country; everyone else went to the mall. Sad.

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  20. Mustang says:

    No, I don’t hate America, Z. I will say that those who served under dire circumstances “earned” their right to criticize the government. It is hard to argue that with few exceptions, none of our wars after World War II served the interests of the American people. But our young people in uniform loved their country enough to offer themselves. Kilmead and others have offered nothing of themselves. That was my point.

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  21. peter3nj says:

    Well Mustang one of the disappointing byproducts of China 19 is not seeing dog owners picking up their doggies poo poo with a Glad bag. That industry must be suffering. It leaves it up to the pedestrian to step in it carry it home clean off ones shoe-sneaker:who wears oxfords these days, and send it on its way to the local landfill where it can be processed and ultimately end up making those packing peanuts. Such irony I tell ya poop with peanuts processed into packing with peanuts. It also illustrates that matter can’t be destroyed, unlike a democratic republic.
    (Is it obvious I have too much time on my hands if I have the time to write this crap?)


  22. Mustang says:

    A few years ago, I had the privilege of living next door to a Marine who served in Vietnam. He was no draftee. He lost half of his left leg and half of his right arm; terribly disfigured … that’s what an artillery shell will do to you. He never thought of himself as a hero. He never spoke of what he experienced in combat. But he went on with his life. He even learned how to play golf. What he gave of himself, in service to his country, was nothing but patriotic with double underscores. What he deserved for his sacrifice was a victory for America; what he got, instead, was a defeat because Congress reneged on its promise to the Vietnamese people. That the US should never have gone to war in Vietnam — if it wasn’t willing to go the distance — is another matter. And, of course, people spit on my neighbor, called him a baby-killer, and made up horrible stories about what went on in Vietnam … people like John Kerry, for example, who may have been right to criticize the government, but was very wrong in how he went about it. There is no comparison between what my neighbor did for his country and what Kerry did to further his political agenda. My neighbor asked for nothing beyond the honor of serving. I know what patriotism is, Z. Kilmead/Cheney/O’Reilly/Trump and their ilk would be the last place I’d look for a poster-boy for patriotism. But you know, that’s just my opinion, and I’m sure it doesn’t matter.

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  23. bocopro says:

    SJW = Social Justice Warrior

    IOW, a virtue-signalling left-wing fussbudget who is deeply concerned about being viewed as a defender of civil rights, particularly those involving minorities and women. A crusading champion of multiculturalism and a professional hypocrite.

    When the term was coined, it had no connotations of “wokeness” in the modern sense, only an altruistic desire to stand up for the underdog, the little guy, the victim.

    Today it means a phony a – – – – – e looking for a microphone and a camera to record his faux outrage at society’s racism, sexism, ageism, and intolerance for weirdos and deviants. Generally used as an indicator of contempt for troublemakers.

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  24. kidme37 says:

    Z, I predict a republican take-over of Congress in 2022 and if not then, 2024 for sure. The reason is merely to keep up the illusion that voting is a worthwhile effort. Window dressing. Will that republican majority do anything for America? No. Based on Bush having both houses for 6 years and DJT having them for 2 years, and the fact they they never did a single thing for America in those 8 years, there is no reason to hope for anything now. They haven’t done anything for America in many more years either.

    Out of 3 simple promises, Bush did tax cuts. That’s it, and imo he didn’t even do that. The puppet masters did it to steer the economy where they wanted it to go. Iraq…….. 19 years in Afghanistan. 19 years…. wow. Afghanistan.

    DJT did more for America than any president in over a century and maybe even back to George Washington – and without any help from Congress outside of USMCA. ( and some people can’t for for That Ma-yan because he doesn’t sound like Mr Rogers tucking them in at night?

    So absurd it’s hilarious (to me) on an abstract level.

    We’d be better off with a 100% dem government to the point that all the libtards actually cry out in pain as soon as they open their little eyes in the morning from the evil being laid upon them. Then maybe something positive could happen.

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  25. bocopro says:

    Incidentally, re Jacques Fargin Querrie, I’d refer to him as an SJW, but he’s such a worthless sack of merde that in his particularly case it would be a compliment.

    To me the JFK (wannabe) is a traitor who should’ve been dispatched to oblivion decades ago. His behavior in ‘Nam was inexcusable, and his commentary after his EAOS was reprehensible.

    He has absolutely no business in government office anywhere in North America. He needs to be relocated to his Saint-Briac-sur-Mer playground where he can be eaten by native porcs.


  26. bocopro says:

    Oh . . . and Hanoi Jane — I haven’t forgiven her perfidy and sedition . . . I simply ignore and/or disregard her totally.

    She was merely ignorant; Kerry was overtly duplicitous and treacherous. She gave the enemy PR; he gave them aid and comfort.

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  27. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG….It’s hard to respond as I would like. You said ” I’ve long given up the expectation that anyone really cares about, appreciates, or adores the tens of thousands of men and women who have given their lives and limbs in service to their country…”

    I’m not sure there is anyone who feels more like that than I do and I still don’t believe one must lose a limb, serve, volunteer, etc., in order to love this country and fight for her in ways off the battlefield and be patriots. I pray and sometimes weep every time I drive by the Westwood Vet’s cemetery, which is fairly often…the cemetery is SO beautiful and peaceful and ugly at the same time. I often think there are boys buried there who were too young to have yet had sex, whose parents never saw them again and who left a whole at the table nobody could ever fill, who gave up EVERYTHING.
    Does the conservative columnist fighting for America by bringing up important things we’d not have heard consider himself a patriot? Probably not. But I do. He’s fighting in the way he can.
    I do, too.

    BOCOPRO….SJW, I forgot, that sounds familiar…but what do I O W stand for??

    I was pretty clear about John Kerry and how I loath him but apparently i haven’t been read clearly or something? Who in the world would even think of Kerry as a patriot, or deserving of the term ‘soldier,’ for that matter. Not me.

    KID!! How many times have I said what you said here!? “We’d be better off with a 100% dem government to the point that all the libtards actually cry out in pain as soon as they open their little eyes in the morning from the evil being laid upon them. Then maybe something positive could happen.”

    I’ve said that countless times but you’ve told me they”ll never change because they’re lefties…and I’ve said THEY CAN CHANGE because they’re seeing their idiot president bringing covid IN and destroying jobs and raising gas prices, etc etc. absolutely! Couldn’t agree more with you on this, except I don’t think that’s a reason to KEEP Dems in charge …HA!!

    KID…what I think we might forget is HOW MANY PEOPLE TRUMP WOKE UP…….those politicians sucking up to him every day at Mara Lago aren’t there for nothing ; THEY KNOW he’s awakened the REAL PEOPLE, the WORKING people, and they have some hope now that we can overcome the leftist crap.
    That is why I have hope.
    Also, when I hear the INCREDIBLE BLack COnservative Congressman from Florida ( and others like him….I’m encouraged.

    .YOU SAID “DJT did more for America than any president in over a century and maybe even back to George Washington”

    I’d call him a patriot for that.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…Hanoi Jane was ignorant but I don’t think she was ‘merely’ ignorant….she’s dumb but she .l..well, maybe you’re right; maybe she was JUST PLAIN STUPID! HA!


  29. bocopro says:

    IOW = In Other Words


  30. Baysider says:

    What fires together wires together. They have been so hysteric over Trump their neurons (not to mention pocketbooks) keep firing in that direction. The neurological and financial connections are so strong they can’t stop themselves. Rather like this seemingly indoctrinated snowflake. I can’t judge from this what her genuine issue is, but when I saw it I thought “that’s just like the MSM reacts to Mr. Trump.”

    ALSO, it distracts from the nefarious activities of the current regime.

    Mustang, patriots come in many stripes. It’s not just the fish (in uniform) but those who support, succor and help the fish – the sea they swim in (Mao). We all contribute to that. Anyone who does either just to be a thruster to feed at the public trough is no patriot. I live each day with gratitude for the people whose very presence and availability to strike hold untold foreign enemies at bay. Ditto for domestic ones who must face organizations like Pacific Legal Foundation, Judicial Watch, Institute for Justice, Informed Consent Action Network, and Calif Rifle and Pistol Association as they strive tirelessly to protect our freedoms and privileges. I do say it’s tragic that we live in a culture where you need Colonel Colt in one holster and your lawyer in another.

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  31. MAL says:

    Well,I’ve been a Trump supporter fro the beginning, but I feel what he said about Mitch was a HUGE mistake. At the present time, he needs all the support he can get and you don’t get it by making statements that are divisive. The Left must be celebrating his faux pas.


  32. MAL says:

    He needs to do what he can now to repair the damage before it goes any further.


  33. peter3nj says:

    “The girl in the elevator” now playing at any number of public venues near you Rated PG.

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  34. Baysider says:

    Peter – right. For the purposes of this post, one can watch with the sound off for the topic is immaterial. The unfiltered emotion still comes through.

    I do agree what Trump said about McConnell was a mistake. Still looking for that filter that balances direct truth with wisdom.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    MAL ; said “Well,I’ve been a Trump supporter fro the beginning, but I feel what he said about Mitch was a HUGE mistake. At the present time, he needs all the support he can get and you don’t get it by making statements that are divisive. The Left must be celebrating his faux pas.”

    That is what I’ve been saying for MONTHS and I so appreciate your comment..
    BAYSIDER, too………yes, better NOT using that kind of language about people in McC’s position..
    Even if I, too, think he’s an SOB :-)!!!!!!


  36. geeez2014 says:

    BAY: Isn’t that a hilarious video? I saw it the other day and remembered that student at a university who , during the campaign, came out of her dorm and saw someone had sprayed TRUMP on a wall…she started screaming and ran for the mental health department at the college for HEEELLLLPPP!!

    This is the kind of snowflake we’re raising and our Left doesn’t see a problem with raising weak children unable to stand up for themselves…………………


  37. Getting back to voter fraud.
    You seriously think the election was not stolen?

    And Kilmeade got kicked off our very conservative station for his anti-Trump comments, just as Hewitt was.
    I wondered about Kilmeade ever since he wrote a book favorable of scum Dem Party founder Jackson.

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  38. As for the media missing Trump?

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  39. kidme37 says:

    Snowflake? Top this. Nearby Sycamore High School, a respected HS – people move near so their kid can go there. They now have kids identifying as animals and the teachers insist that if someone identifies as a dog or a cat or whatever, you must regard them and talk to them as such. meow.


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  40. geeez2014 says:

    ED….Until someone can say positively how, with details, facts/figures…we just can’t say FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD! Nobody’s stupid……nobody thinks there wasn’t AWFUL stuff going on! Even mailing ballots to every home is a TOTAL fraud invitation…TOTAL! And yet, NOTHING stuck…
    Dershowitz said there was fraud. We haven’t heard from him since. Anywhere.
    WHY cant ANYBODY prove it undeniably? It’s a real conumdrum.

    KID….And nobody’s speaking out against this ridiculous crap? WOW.


  41. kidme37 says:

    Z, Remember people sitting around in Florida looking at chads on paper ballots trying to determine how someone ‘intended’ to vote. Pregnant chads, etc. Bush-Gore. Only hundreds of ballots involved. Took weeks then ended up in the Supreme Court anyway.
    Imagine going through Hundreds of Thousands if not millions of ballots trying to determine if the signature is valid, the address, the ballot loaded correctly into the envelope, that the address is correct and that the voter themself is a valid voter.

    Impossible. Would take years. No way to deal with it after the fact.

    You have to stop it on the front end. No one is doing that. Therefore our elections will always be subject to massive fraud. Worse process than probably any other country on Earth at this point.
    Now they’re going to make all these cheating techniques legal with the house bill. Repubs have had decades to fight with things like voter ID. Strict absentee voting. yada yada yada.

    Fageddaboudeet. repubs don’t care. They probably like being the minority because now there is no pressure for them to do jack about shinola. Just spout off from time to time about the dems. Then make up excuses for why they’re not doing anything if by magic they end up in the majority.
    It’s a joke. Literally a joke.

    Sycamore. So I guess kids are going to have to keep some cat treats and milk bone biscuits ready when they run into these kids in the hallways….


  42. Baysider says:

    Kid, remember there was one credible techie who had a massively fast way – hours – to vet one major aspect of suspected ballot fraud: the mail in ballots that had never been mailed and were apparently just run off the presses in the stop-the-counting hours in the middle of the night.

    And your post on Sycamore – that’s an Onion headline. Right?


  43. Baysider says:

    That would be ED, not Kid. (:
    Love the media post.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. kidme37 says:

    Baysider, Ed or Kid.. too much to address. Non-dem ballot counting watchers not allowed to watch. Ballots destroyed. I’d bet they made up vote count numbers in some cases. No way to address that.
    Local law enforcement, out to lunch
    local and district judges,federal judges, SC – no interest. I would say the judges at least all knew the situation was unaddressable

    Sycamore. Nope. True. Comes from my lunch pals who know people involved there.


  45. The proof is there.
    I know witnesses personally.
    Do not confuse lack of venue with lack of proof.
    So far the venue has not been available.
    Antrim County will change that.


  46. MAL says:

    Z, Trump could get away with a lot of stuff while POTUS, but all I’m saying is, he is on the outside lookin’ in and needs all the continued support he can muster up.
    And where I said “I’ve been a supporter “fro” the beginning, it was suppose to be FROM the beginning. The “M” is still in my laptop, apparently! ;o)


  47. geeez2014 says:

    SO, let’s SEE IT…I believe there was fraud…so LET’s GET THE EVIDENCE.

    KID; SOOOO Many instances like the ones you describe and every judge, left or right, said “Nope…not enough proof”? All corrupt…I don’t think so. I just think we could NOT PROVE what we knew.

    “the proof is there, Ed? Ya.


  48. geeez2014 says:

    ED…..none of this is new info, is it? Did the hearing happen today as scheduled?


  49. Yes, but it was for discovery.


  50. geeez2014 says:

    RIGHT, ..glad it’s at least progressing.
    Thanks, Ed. HI to Scherie.


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