Illegals: Why do WE owe…??

The new mood in America, thanks to Biden, is we need to give illegals everything we can.

That, apparently, is the way to keep people out.  Go figure!   OR we can send them money, as discussed!, and then we must believe they won’t use that money to hire coyotes to take them or their children into America….and rape and/or murder them, of course.

CAN THIS STOP WITH BIDEN IN CONTROL?  He’s already making finishing the wall HIS idea!

And what do YOU think the VP nightmare will be talking about to Mexico and Guatemala’s presidents when she goes down?    Mexico, whose president disdainfully refers to Biden as the MIGRANT PRESIDENT and Guatemala, whose president says you can’t advertise going to America then bitch about it when they do.   By the way, I find it totally fascinating that she will not be meeting with the President of El Salvador, who REALLY slammed Biden recently in a TV interview with Tucker!   I doubt if her not meeting with him is just a coincidence!  


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13 Responses to Illegals: Why do WE owe…??

  1. kidme37 says:

    Bring em all in. Buy them mansions in Beverly Hills and wherever the elites eat and sleep.

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  2. bocopro says:

    From my “New Rules for the New Order” — check #s 7 & 9:

    1. Wokeness – 21st century America’s religion, with Twitter, Facebook, and Google as its apostles, Hollywood as its temple, and Congress as its priests.

    2. Virtue signaling — the new hypocrisy. SJWs now fly on private jets, live in gated communities, and demonstrate for the downtrodden masses while sipping bottled sparkling water and snacking on bon bons.

    3. History is dead. Anything happening prior to the Magic Negro’s ascension to the throne is irrelevant, and statues, names, or institutions created in those dark times must be destroyed, except the history of slavery.

    4. White people are evil; it’s in their DNA. They must not be allowed to reproduce in viable numbers. All properties and wealth accumulated by them will be confiscated and redistributed to blacks as reparation.

    5. Laws are only suggestions. Black people or non-citizens not following laws written by white people is not criminal.

    6. Money is imaginary, based on nothing tangible. The national debt is meaningless, and student debts may be ignored with impunity by black or non-white students (except Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, or VietNamese).

    7. Immigrants from Central America are guests and are to be treated as such. They deserve head-of-the-line service in benefits, entitlements, health care, and education.

    8. Climate change is real and a result of Caucasian management during the past 150 years. Once white people are no longer in charge, the planet’s climate will stabilize and racism will cease to exist.

    9. Health care, education, food, transportation, and entertainment are fundamental rights and will be provided by government without cost to individuals. Funding will be provided by simply printing more money.

    10. Voting is troublesome, complicated, and expensive. Future leaders will be selected by internet polls. Persons with severe melanin deficiencies are ineligible.

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  3. bunkerville says:

    I have a hard time believing that there will be so many Dems willing to walk the plank for this radical agenda. Sooner rather than later it will dawn on them 2022 is a year away. The last go round as I recall they lost about 60 seats when they careened left.. Lets see.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE…I’ve been saying this for weeks….I don’t think it’s only 2022 scaring them, it’s what’s happening to our country. What IDIOT picks 9/11 for a date to leave Afghanistan? That’s just ONE THING…..GAD.

    BOCOPRO…I don’t think ANY of these are so out of reality that we can even laugh at them….we would have but they’re SO CLOSE to what’s happening……HISTORY IS DEAD…they were VERY VERY clever in setting that all up, weren’t they. When a country loses its history, particularly as great a history as ours, WE are dead.

    KID: I say move them into Tlaib’s house…particularly the Ms-13 gang members!


  5. Mustang says:

    Beginning around 1786, the United States began paying people NOT to attack our ships, crews, and passengers while transiting the Mediterranean Sea. My point is that paying people NOT to do bad things to us isn’t a new idea. Since most US policies are stuck on stupid anyway, it makes perfect sense to offer cash benefits to those who help stem the tide of illegal immigration to the United States. I have three (3) plans.

    In the first plan, the “Mexican General Special Retirement Plan” (also Plan A), the US will agree to pay $1,000.00 monthly (in Mexican Pesos) to every Federale commander in Northern Mexico who prevents illegal crossings into the United States. However, for every illegal that makes it into the US side of the border, we will deduct $100.00 from the Mexican general’s stipend. If none get through in twelve months, we pay the general an annual bonus of $12,000 — potentially a total annual cash benefit of 504,000 Mex$. Cost to the US, $24,000 per Mexican border state, or around $168,000.00 annually. This would amount to savings to the US taxpayer of around $115 billion annually.

    In the second plan (also Plan B), the “Moving the magnet plan,” the US will pay every adult central American 100 pesos, in cash, monthly, to remain in Mexico. Beneficiaries will need to draw this money in person from the Bank of Durango on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. They will require an official government ID to draw the money, and they’ll have to sign a receipt for the money. This would cost the US around $8 million annually, or an annual savings of around $114.2 billion.

    A third supplemental plan (Plan C) would entail borrowing an idea from the British in 1803, whereby we pay American ranchers along the southern border of the US a cash bounty for the scalps of any illegals found on their property. Say around $100 each. This $100 would come from the money we would have paid to the Mexican general for preventing illegal immigration and would serve as “proof” that the Mexican general wasn’t doing a proper job in the first place (and justification for not paying the end-of-the-year bonus).

    Now then, here’s where plans A, B, and Supplemental C all come together. With the money saved from the usual costs of illegal immigration, we could offer members of Congress a nice pay raise AND pay Canada a cash amount to sell PCP to anyone with proof of a Chicago, Illinois mailing address, but only if dispensed from a government-approved apothecary in Churchill, Manitoba. So, in addition to solving the illegal immigration problem, we also solve the problem with drug use and murder rates in Chicago.

    We’ll call this the Joe Biden Saving America Scheme — he likes to see his name on stuff.

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  6. Baysider says:

    BP and Mustang + 1
    Whoever is “in control” is NOT Biden, not that you don’t agree with that. Just sayin’


  7. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, it’s rather naive to think of not doing ‘tit for tat’, isn’t it….I’m sure Trump paid Mexico big time for the agreement they made, too. Sadly, this works.

    I actually do believe sending some money down South would be financially beneficial to us, surely cheaper than having them all HERE and paying for EVERYTHING…….sadly, probably only their government leaders would profit…….After having seen El Salvador’s president’s words, I have more confidence in him than the others to be honest with what we’d send.

    What do you think of our leaving Afghanistan on 9/11? Just in one day, so MUCh awfulness is propagated by Biden again…the Court, the JIM CROW crap, pulling completely out of Afghanistan…I know many of you think it’s good to get totally out…I do not…For the Biden folks to have said this morning “We’d know from chatter if we were facing another attack” so we don’t have to be smart is astonishing beyond compare.
    Let’s call Afghanistan Talibanville, Home of Al Qaeda.

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  8. Baysider says:

    Afghanistan, the graveyard of many an empire. Not sure what I think anymore, but announcing intentions does not seem wise without a genuine stick.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, I agree….I believe Obama did the same thing; announcing intentions…
    It’s NUTS. Think any of our enemies would announce intentions?

    And , as I said above about Biden’s people thinking we’d be prepared due to CHATTER…we VERY OFTEN tell HOW we found out things were planned…another HUUUUUUUUUGE mistake, in my opinion


  10. Baysider says:

    Loose lips (:


  11. geeez2014 says:



  12. peter3nj says:

    Chatter chatter chatter. On 60’s kid TV there was a monkey named chatter who was always in trouble for screwing up everything.,The shows intro song went like this:
    Chatter’s got the whole place in a mess
    Chatter does know that he’s a pest
    Chatter’s only trying to do his best
    Chatter! What’s the matter with you!

    It’s incredible what we remember from half a century ago but forget to take out the trash.

    Lunch pail is so yesterday I suggest Chatter as Biden’s new nickname name with apologies to monkey actors everywhere.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    I never heard of Chatter but his attributes sure do fit Biden! You’re right, PETER!


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