Gun Signs…you won’t want to miss THESE!!!


I don’t know the blog I found but Mal had emailed to me and I couldn’t link them like that so I Googled and found them.

ENJOY!  They are SO CLEVER and worth some conversation, I think!~

GUNS GUNS GUNS……..this store GETS IT, right?

(thanks, Malcolm!)


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15 Responses to Gun Signs…you won’t want to miss THESE!!!

  1. Today is the anniversary of the battle of Lexington.
    When the government came to take the guns.
    Pastor Jonas Clarke describes the actions of his congregation.

    Click to access openingofwarofre00clar_bw.pdf


  2. kidme37 says:

    Very good signs !

    PS – Little bit of language, but this guy breaks down the Fedex shooter and asks some very interesting questions.


  3. Mustang says:

    First, thank you to Ed for posting this excellent PDF.

    I enjoyed the signs. They were humorous, of course, and not one of them follows a false narrative. Americans should be equally concerned about the other “rights,” as well. The Second Amendment is under attack, but that’s nothing new. We know that. But so too are our First Amendment rights. I see some (but not much) concern about those … the springboard from which was the political correctness campaign. Americans ought to have concerns about the Fourth Amendment, too. The FISA courts threaten every American’s right to remain secure in their homes and privacy. In these important issues, the American people have remained too silent. And now we have two university law professors pushing for a US Department of Anti-Racism, which they propose should have the power to overturn the Constitution, seize property and other wealth, and redistribute that property and wealth to people of color. You can’t make this stuff up … so where are the American people on these critical issues? Why aren’t “we the people” pushing back against the idiocy of the communist left?

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  4. peter3nj says:

    Well Mustang with options popping up as numerous as the kiddies at our borders it’s a strong possibility that white guilt may be the rope we hang ourselves with. Let’s face it the jig (pun intended) is up.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    ED…it’s a pleasure to read that PDF not only from the information but the LANGUAGE; when people knew good English. WOWZA. And he was married to John Hancock’s granddaughter? COOL! And I kept thinking the ‘enemy’ who attacked them could be replaced throughout the narrative as THE LOONY DEMOCRAT GUN HATERS…eh?!!

    By the way, what are the chances I’d publish this today? On this anniversary? Yikes. I like that!

    KID, I almost fell off my chair when I (mostly) read that….the thing I REALLY QUESTIONED as I saw the news practically LIVE about this shooting was WHY THE HECK ARE THE FBI THERE? I think I said it out loud here in my room! AHA…..
    Of course, I keep thinking all this couldn’t BE better planned by gun haters if they tried…..particularly because the latest shooting of 3 black guys last night in Austin was done BY AN EX COP!! Except he’s black, as are the victims, so maybe they could have planned THAT better~!!! HA!

    MUSTANG, it’s all I can do to read your comment it’s all SO SO UPSETTING….I do believe things have to be happening behind the scenes but nothing yet…I think most Republican politicos think none of this can really happen so they’re waiting……………I wish they wouldn’t.

    By the way, I’ve watched the GEORGE trial final statements today and am glad I haVe….The prosecution was excellent and had me convinced until the defense (who I hadn’t given much credit to, as some of you read here) started his screed with is now to 3 hours worth……..and I believe there is NO WAY anybody can prove CHAUVIN DID THIS ON PURPOSE…that he KILLED WITH INTENT, which I believe is the biggest accusation? NO NO WAY.
    I have always thought those 9 minutes STANK…that’s a LOOONG time…but seeing it, hearing whaT was happening during those long minutes made those 9 minutes VERY short, honestly.
    NO WAY was Chauvin intentionally killing…it’s so obvious.
    Do I wish he’d just had 4 cops pile on top of George to just keep him down with those cuffs on him…sure….So’s George’s mom…..ya, I think the weight of four male cops would haVE done it, but that is NOT in the Minneapolis rules of restraint……….
    fascinating stuff. Chauvin will DEFINITELY do time but I really hope it won’t be for INTENT.

    By the way, folks…the Prosecution did a very good job separating what Chauvin did (or didn’t do) as not typically done by the police department…he often said you’re judging HIM not all of law enforcement, which really resonated…….and I think was important.


  6. MAL says:

    Z, while the first half of the signs were from the one I sent, the last half weren’t, including the dancing statue of liberty and the one of different people dancing at the end.
    So……me thinks when you searched online for it, there was another one using some of the same signs.
    ……………………..but your welcome! ;o)


  7. Baysider says:

    Delightfully fresh! AOC one is the best, although there is a lot of competition. 🙂

    My personal fave, which has been around for a long time, but always bears repeating:

    “Where are the American people on these critical issues?” Uninformed or cowed. Ever see workplace critical theory sessions? If not, ref Maoist China struggle sessions. Same thing. Marxism’s long march into western political institutions seems to be getting the last boost it needs behind the shield of anti-racism.

    They’ve been after guns for so long that is high profile. I think people are waking up to the assault on the first amendment with all the shut downs and take downs on speech over Covid. Openness and transparency works for the greater good of individuals. That’s why it’s under siege. Example: I just heard one mom who pulled all 4 children out of a dicey public school district (Atlanta) after the lockdowns forced public meetings online instead of in person. She actually watched school board meetings for the first time and found out about the iceberg under the water. The NY Post can’t Tweet a vetted blockbuster story 10 days before the election? And Lara Trump can’t post an interview with her FIL? Com’on.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, I had to go there because the way some emails like yours are sent, it’s impossible to snatch them for publication here….. Didn’t even see the Statue and still haven’t seen the dance video (and won’t)…I hope nobody rips their clothes off or anything! (Smile)

    BAYSIDER….I absolutely know people are waking up. Not only about that great story about the Atlanta school district BUT, as I mentioned here a few times in the last months, parents have SEEN WITH THEIR EYES the way teachers are talking….because there they are in VIRTUAL SCHOOl, right? And teachers have been fired, etc. FOX, nearly every evening, has parents on who are seeing what their kids are being taught and talking about it. What I LIKE is seeing people who one would think are NO CONSERVATIVES but go on FOX and are treated SO respectfully, thanked for coming on, and their reactions to that dignity… appreciative that ONE CHANNEL listened to them.
    It’s like the restaurant owners across this country, who we KNOW aren’t mostly conservative, who FOX has had on D (not fitting CNN or MSNBC’s narrative of course) and who’ve been so pleased and thanked FOX for hearing them because “nobody else will”

    Imagine the NY Post and others are censored for the same stories others are NOT censored for, like the BLM real estate story?!!!!! Astonishing…but not really!

    BY THE WAY, FOLKS: Regarding my comment above about the trial final arguments. GAD! This Jerry BLackwell, special PROSECUTOR, is REALLY GOOD.

    So, I saw the Prosecution, decided they were mostly right..then saw the Defense and thought THEY did a good job, but now this JERRY BLACKWELL is on wrapping it up as rebuttal for the Prosecution…and he is making a lot of sense.

    EXCEPT I stand by my thoughts that there is no way Chauvin intended to kill.
    Now I hear it’s not quite that he’s up for but more USING DEADLY EXCESSIVE FORCE ILLEGALLY…which I believe the Defense showed isn’t true because it’s pretty clear the Minneapolis guidelines include what Chauvin did. Well…too big a subject to cover here, so I’ll stop……..

    I had NOT heard George was no longer breathing and had no pulse and still Chauvin kept on him…that ain’t too good!! …….. BUT, now I read that the paramedics ascertained he had no pulse….which I Googled becausE I couldn’t believe any of the cops would have taken his pulse…and I was correct…so how did Chauvin KNOW he had no pulse until the EMS came? Wshat kind of argument is that? dishonest.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Just to clarify, they have to prove the use of force was unreasonable. Not that he intended to kill him.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    JUDGE in George case conceding that the words of Maxine Waters COULD be grounds for mistrial…as mentioned by Defense Att’y. We’ll see.
    Defense also mentioned how the jury should have been sequestered, as requested and denied, because of the HUGE publicity on this case, even fictional TV shows talking negatively about Chauvin.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    AND JUDGE DENIES MISTRIAL after pretty strongly criticizing people like Waters who shouldn’t be talking as they are about the case.
    I guess this judge doesn’t believe in what he says.


  12. Baysider says:

    Ed, I find it interesting that Dr. Warren issued the warning. He was connected and had his antenna up. Died at Bunker Hill, sadly.

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  13. Baysider says:

    Andrew McCarthy is covering the Chauvin trial, and has been helpful in explaining the nature of the charges. It does not have to be purposeful, although that clearly would be worse. He also believes the defense is doing more to shore up the prosecution’s case than its own. Even if Floyd died largely from “his constellation of medical problems” it’s hard to imagine how convincing that is of being where ALL the fault lies since they are doing a decent job of presenting unprofessional behavior by the cops.

    As McCarthy notes: “In the criminal law, a defendant is deemed to have caused a person’s death if his actions were a substantial factor in bringing it about… not the exclusive cause of death” and “The jury can properly convict Chauvin if it finds that police used excessive force and that this excessive force was a substantial causal factor in Floyd’s demise. It need not have been the only factor — or even the only substantial factor. The excessive force would be culpable causation even if there were other intervening or contributory factors.”

    The guy I really feel sorry for is the rookie, first week on the job, who asked the senior officer, Chauvin, if they shouldn’t roll Floyd over. He’s getting tagged too.

    When a high profile congressman demands he be found guilty, and a BLM head promises flames in the street if he isn’t that sounds like a 1-2 threat to me.

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  14. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, FOX had McCarthy on all morning…excellent input. He’s always a favorite of mine.

    And yes, Waters said she wanted to appear like “Auntie Maxine” to the rioters so they’d know she supports them. As someone said on FOX not long ago, she and others like her ought to be tried for jury tampering. There can be no limit to the fear the jury has of finding Chauvin less guilty than the murderous crowds and Waters want him to be. If that isn’t tampering, I’m not sure why they have the term.

    Unreasonable force……..It always seemed that way to me, 9 minutes, etc., and I’ve paid fairly close attention…but this morning the defense showed it wasn’t like they’re all sitting around with knees on Floyd’s neck for 9 minutes, as I said above……….they were waiting for EMS, they were coping with the crowd………

    I believe Chauvin did go overboard…..Chauvin will surely do some time and it may have to be in solitary confinement because of the threats to him within any prison…bad enough he was a cop, but his name has probably taken on the same type of ‘meaning’ as “BORKing’ by this time.


  15. Baysider says:

    Fun fact on your original post topic:
    Molon Labe, which means “Come and take them” in Greek, was initially understood to be used as an act of defiance by King Leonidas of Sparta against Xerxes before the Battle of Thermopylae.

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