FIRST, a quote I heard by Sen John Kennedy last night:   “When a cop shoots a criminal it’s always the cop’s fault.  When a criminal shoots a cop, it’s always the gun’s fault.”   Fascinating, and not too far from the point of my post here:

Now my turn!

It’s very sad that many Black children are killed in mostly the inner cities.  It happens every single week.  MANY deaths of Black Americans every week, of any age.    None of them gets a square in their city named after them.   Criminals like Floyd George do.  

Black on Black crime is wrong.  It’s sad.  And it appears to only matter to White Americans and the families of the Black person who is now dead.

Black Lives Matter seems to believe only Black lives snuffed out by White policeman really matter.  At least it seems like that to many Americans.

I wonder what Black parents are teaching.   Gianno Caldwell is a clean cut Black Conservative who was on Trump’s team and is now appearing frequently on FOX and other venues.  He is fabulous.  He was raised in the projects.  There are many young Black conservatives coming up; Lawrence Jones, Brandum Tatum, Candace Owens, etc.    HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?   I credit parents.   Don’t you?

ALL parents can teach good things to their children.  We all know many White parents don’t, either.   There are White criminals, that is FOR SURE!  But when a cop kills them, justly or unjustly, do they get city squares named after them?

And yes, this whole REVERENCE for criminals who’ve been killed by cops stems from their being Black and some Blacks feeling they were ONLY killed due to their color.  They’re now considered heroes.  I have never thought anyone who was killed did anything heroic EXCEPT if they were in the line of righteousness, like a military or law enforcement person, not some thug on the street.  Not just because they died.

They are NOT heroes.  They were killed like anybody ELSE is killed by cops, justly or unjustly….because they did something wrong, or didn’t obey the cop, in the wrong place at the wrong time.   I believe Whites probably get treated more fairly in court, or some can afford better legal help than minorities can, or whatever………we all know Blacks are in jails at higher numbers, no one deserves unfair imprisonment!, but could it actually be because of something no one dares discuss:  They do more crime?



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29 Responses to BLACK DEATHS

  1. bocopro says:

    Meh . . . in my trips around ol’ Sol, I’ve noticed that most of the time when members of the victim culture (aka the looting industry) say they want to “discuss” social issues, what they mean is they want white people to sit down, shut up, and listen to their demands.

    Comparing or confusing the social justice system with the American society system is about the same as confusing a late-night google search with a law degree.

    Many of the people groaning and bitching about “justice” probably can’t define the term. BLM, for example, doesn’t want “justice”; it wants mob rule without law enforcement around and government freebies without the obligation of having to work for them.

    The truth is that those of us who follow the rules, pay our taxes, obey the laws, and respect traditional cultures have zero control over what goes on – our only option is to pull up a nice, soft chair, sit quietly, and watch the clown show on the screens in front of us.

    What the anarchists, the Antifadores, the BLM, the grievance society fail to comprehend in their “Get out of New York; we don’t want you here!” and “Abolish police forces!” and “It’s Whitey’s fault!” self-delusion is that substituting barbarism for law and order is self-defeating, ‘cuz when all the white people have been discarded, banned, deported, euthanized, whatever, there’ll be nothing left to burn, loot, or condemn.

    Hey . . . the US abolished slavery 150 years ago, fought a devastating war over it, then passed massive civil-rights laws to end suppression based on race, elected a black president – TWICE – and elevated blacks to some of the highest paid jobs in sports, music, and other entertainment. Hey, if we’re trying to be racist, we really suck at it.

    Western civilization is on the cusp, the brink, of producing artificial intelligence which is aware of its awareness. And that’s scary, at least to me. In the meantime, “progressives” are busily creating artificial stupidity which is completely unaware of reality. And that’s just disgusting.

    Gotta wonder if any American blacks ever read up on how well things go in countries populated entirely by blacks in Africa or the Caribbean. Zimbabwe would be a good place to begin research.

    And meanwhile, PINO Joe believes that since so many people from third-world countries want so much to come to the US to live, we should turn the place into a third-world country by opening the southern border and scrapping DJT’s policies.

    Apparently PINO is determined to prove just how good a potus DJT really was. His overall strategy seems to be developing great sanctuary melanopolises throughout North America as Western Europe painfully discovers how incredibly stupid it was to bring in millions of parasites from cultures that despise western values and condemn the very people who invited them to live in their countries.

    I read just this morning how Portland’s mayor had to declare his city’s situation a crisis because of riots after the Chauvin verdict was announced and the mao-maos decided it isn’t enough because the other cops on the scene at the time Floyd succumbed to drug overdose haven’t been burned at the stake. AOC declares “It’s not justice! It’s not enough!”

    Also, the weekly meeting of the “At Least Donald Trump Isn’t Tweeting Mean Things” Society has been postponed after BLM burned their headquarters to the ground.

    And in response to the various crises in New York, Portland, and especially along the southern border, Doofus Joe’s press secretary announced just the other day that what Joe Biden says to the cameras doesn’t necessarily represent the official position of the Biden/Harris administration.

    Entonces, as to the efficacy of a sit-down with the left, or the POCs, or whoever is making themselves nuisances in the MSM today, I say “Feh!”

    Hypocrisy and fraud are the KY jelly of leftist political intercourse. Concessions are simply surrender; no matter how much they get, it’s never enough and they’ll demand more . . . and more . . . and more ‘til everything is gone with the wind.

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  2. bunkerville says:

    The trick to not getting killed by police is not to resist. Not complicated. First thing to teach our kids.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Not complicated at all.
    One the one hand you have losers and criminals pointing at everything but themselves as the root of the problem. On the other, you have people like Sharpton, BLM founders, and looters, and the democrat party capitalizing on the mayhem.

    Would it help if we (fill in the blank) ? No.

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO!!! You said “Hey, if we’re trying to be racist, we really suck at it.”

    That is PERFECT!~ For some reason, when you closed with “Entonces..”, it really cracked me up…
    You didn’t REALLY mention KY Jelly, DID YOU? HAAAAAAAAAA!!!! So appropriate in SO many ways, right?!!!
    Well, what do you know? I saw PINO, thought “NOW what does Boco expect me to know?” and I got it! PRES In Name Only! Proud of me? (smile)
    I TOTALLY agree with “Apparently PINO is determined to prove just how good a potus DJT really was.”
    He doesn’t have to work hard to prove that to US, does he!
    Did you know Auntie Maxine had police protection to appear in Minneapolis calling for more violence? OH, the IRONY!! and HYPOCRISY!

    BUNKERVILLE. Oh, yes, I SO TOTALLY AGREE……… I said at the end of my post; TEACH THEM!!!

    KID, you are SO RIGHT…………your words remind me of the John Kennedy quote I put on the top of my post, don’t they? SHarpton and gang…”It’s always the cops’ fault” Losers and criminals “It’s our GUNS, it’s NOT US!”
    Well said, Kid.


  5. Mustang says:

    Pissed off cops may be America’s last great hope for a return to normalcy. Let us suppose (a) a cop of any color shoots a white suspect, or (b) a cop of any color shoots a black suspect. In either or both cases, white death/black death (skin color doesn’t actually matter), the possibilities are two: (1) that the darn old mean-tweeting cop just killed someone who might have one day discovered a cure for brain cancer, or (2) this knight in shining armor killed someone who in a few more years would become the world’s most terrifying serial killer, a repeat murderer, a woman beater, child abuser, and/or a registered Democrat. Which of these scenarios is most likely, do you think?

    I’m sick and tired of discussing “race.” A scumbag is a scumbag, period. I think it is only fair (and prudent) to send all scumbags along to heaven’s judgment and let the Lord sort them out, including everyone in state or federal prison who was sentenced to more than five year’s incarceration, none of whom will ever be rehabilitated.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG…I loved this “Pissed off cops may be America’s last great hope for a return to normalcy.”
    How do you suppose? “….A registered Democrat”..hilarious! (and true!)
    And yes, which scenario? Pretty clear. Unless the guy was Dr Ben Carson! THough Dr Carson would have never put himself IN that situation which is our point, is it not?

    I keep hoping cops and military get pissed off and finally say “ENOUGH! We are GOOD PEOPLE, A country NEEDS military and law enforcement (not sure those aren’t one and the same, by the way) and we aren’t giving up on America’s people who want us to keep them safe. We are also not giving up GETTING BAD GUYS,. whether liberals LIKE IT OR NOT. We are NOT racists, we are NOT homophobes or xenophobes…..we’re AMERICANS who remember America before minorities started making her WORSE. Argue with THAT, you POSs” (you know I love that expression for some reason it always makes me laugh…I think I’m a little simple minded sometimes!)


  7. Baysider says:

    “Black Lives Matter seems to believe only Black lives snuffed out by White policeman really matter. “ Certainly not unborn ones.

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  8. Baysider says:

    @bp, “progressives” are busily creating artificial stupidity.”
    Yes. Thomas sowell said “much of the 2oth century was spent replacing what worked with what sounded good.”


  9. Black Lives Matter seems to believe only Black lives snuffed out by White policeman really matter.

    That seems to be the belief across the mainstream board: media, academia, etc.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….did Sowell ever say ANYTHING not GENIUS?!!!

    I HATE the term PROGRESSIVES…THEY picked it to sub for LIBERALS which had finally got a bad name…we need to start using LIBERALS again. Not even FAR LEFT because I think FAR doesn’t really fit anymore as a distinction.

    AOW, it does seem to be the belief, you’re right.

    GOOD NEWS: Yet ANOTHER mother has written on The Federalist about the CRAP our kids are getting in schools.
    This is something that IS being FINALLY noticed……..Was it Bill Bennett who said Democrats havE focused on EDUCATION while Republicans have focused on Commerce, Trade, etc? Democrats won because they got our KIDS thru Education. No dummies they.


  11. kidme37 says:

    Well, the link just won’t post but there is a post I saw about how the usual suspects are reacting to the cop who Saved A Black Girl by shooting the one attacking her with a knife. Usual nonsense but what stood out was a tweet link shows Hundreds of Ohio State students -mostly white- protesting like the people outside Frankenstein’s castle over how a cop Saved A Black Girl by shooting the one attacking her with a knife.
    All we get anymore are mobs without brain cells. Not going to get better without some ‘bloody noses’ imo. Or all the cops quitting – or something.


  12. Mustang says:

    But Kid, the mobsters are right. There are only so many black girls with a knife trying to kill other black girls. They’re a protected species and here we have white cops shooting them. Nitwit’s Unite!!

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    KID….and MUSTANG:
    SO true…..I’ve actually thought about all cops quitting…and what would happen. I’m for it. As long as they come back!!!!

    Check these out…the news is SO dishonest liberals can’t even get information with which they can actually draw healthy conclusions…And we know this has been happening but NOW there are people calling them out:


  14. kidme37 says:

    At the very least, I’d be treating black neighborhoods just like the moslem vermin no go zones that the cops don’t go into in Dearborn or many EU countries/cities. If the higher ups didn’t support that I’d be quitting and off to somewhere civilized people live.

    Well, I don’t allow any excuses for libs, including news. There are many people able to keep themselves informed and thinking rationally without a lot of effort. Maybe I’m wrong about how easy it is.


  15. Baysider says:

    @”I HATE the term PROGRESSIVES” Me too!
    I call ’em lefties or regressives. Language counts for a lot. (Which is also why I won’t use ‘woke.’)
    Remember, the Bolsheviks (from Bolshoi, “big”) were a very small faction. The Mensheviks were very big. But the name means “small.” Guess WHO named these factions? The Bolsheviks, of course. To demean their rival.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I know WAY too many Conservatives who don’t question articles the Con media publishes , either…. I mean, we have plenty Cons saying Biden wasn’t at the Inauguration, it was filmed in Culver City, here in LA… which I texted back “I wonder where Lady Gaga thought she was singing then?” And WAY nuttier stuff than that…
    So I can’t fault some Dems who see one-sided news and don’t question.

    I have too many dear, smart, successful Black friends to paint all Blacks with a bristly brush, but I have ZERO problem with your suggestion of sort of cordoning off zones where so many criminals live and taking cops away, too. Wouldn’t THAT be something?

    BAYSIDER, it’s like when the Dems were portrayed with RED and Cons with BLUE….very deftly, the Left started using BLUE because that Red color was a bit too close for comfort!!


  17. Mustang says:

    @ Bay & Z …

    The truth is, they are not progressive, and they are not liberals. Those terms are simply masks they wear. When we refer to them as progressives and liberals, we enable them to propagate their lies and that makes us accessories after the fact. They ARE communists, and this is not a matter of a different point of view. 100-million dead and still counting, so truth in labeling entitles them to that poisonous name.

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  18. MAL says:

    If our founding fathers and southern plantation owners could’ve only seen the results of bringing in slaves down the line! Blacks that would’ve migrated here later on would’ve had a completely different mindset and attitude. You see it when you visit other countries where Blacks were either native (Caribbean, Africa) or voluntarily migrated. Now they’re talking about restitution, like they’re really suffering today, or that there are any slave owners still living. Instead, they should be grateful their forefathers sacrificed so they could be enjoying living in our great country otherwise they’d still be chucking spears somewhere in Africa with starving babies with swollen bellies. We’ve all seen those films, haven’t we? Restitution? Are you kidding? They were enslaved, not killed like some other people via a genocide! They should see it as their forefathers paying the price so they can be enjoying what they have today. THEY should be paying US, not the other way around!

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  19. MAL says:

    And one other thing: I doubt any of the slaves gave up a better life in Africa than they got after they arrived here.

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  20. Baysider says:

    Actually, Mal, when the British ended slavery they DID pay reparations – to the slave owners whose property they had just removed any value from. So … you can imagine what MY response is if reparations come up. Go on the offense.

    “Yes, it’s possible a case might be made that slavery was ended for a public purpose, so that under the 5th Amendment takings clause reparations are owed to the owners whose property was taken. That’s how the British handled it. But it’s been over 150 years. No owners ever stepped forward, and no one living has been harmed. Don’t you think it’s time to bury that idea?”


  21. kidme37 says:

    I still maintain that any blacks who wanted reparations already got them and are still getting them through welfare and many ‘go to the front of the line’ programs such as affirmative action. Lots of other programs too, some up front and some back door like obama getting money for blacks by having them claim they were denied the opportunity to farm. pffft.

    So, for any who spend their time on the porch, that’s their choice. I have worked with many and still come across some at my current employer who might do better on assistance but choose to work.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG…I agree, but you can’t get a conversation going with people when you talk COMMUNIST…..
    Liberals are counting on us to use COMMUNIST because it turns people off in any situation, not so much turns off in a disgusting way like “Oh, no! You’re a COMMUNIST?” but more “Communist…all you Conservatives think of is labeling everything COMMUNIST” COnversation over.

    Ya, they might as well be COmmunists but I’ll stick with LIBERAL…….


  23. MAL says:

    BAY & KID: AMEN!


  24. Baysider says:

    @ Mustang: Consider using “Marxist” which I do all the time. It lacks the reflexive reaction to Commie talk. Still, I still save Commie variations for when needed. Example: “Chi-Coms” or “I live in a Communist town” (yes, I am a citizen of Soviet Monica, and I tell people that regularly if I’m going to launch into one of their Communist-inspired actions).


  25. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…MARXIST lacks the reflexive reaction? !!! WOWZA.

    I will say I live near the People’s Republic of Santa Monica…often, but you need to watch for rolled eyes at either Marxist or Communist….
    Sadly, unless it’s an in-depth conversation with someone with some knowledge, good luck with that!


  26. Baysider says:

    I think when people hear “communist” their brain switches to simpleton mode and emotes “witch hunt” and “red baiting” or even limits their sphere to “Soviet” or “Eastern Europe” (sadly, not Mao so much). Many of these, well, Marxists call themselves that. I just think it’s a broader term that’s more of a dragnet for all collectivist controlling types of which named communists are a subset. Like Kate Millet who used Maoist re-education techniques as templates for NOW as she promoted a long march through the institutions of the culture, education, media. I use it often, e.g:
    Q. “Do you support BLM?”
    A. “I’m not a Marxist.” Long answer: “I’m not a Marxist going on a long march to dismantle our society under the cover of a sympathetic sounding name.”

    “Communist” is usually reserved for, say, a chat with an insurance agent in Texas who can’t understand why I am asking about such an off-the-wall peculiar and unimaginable thing. Then I’ll say, “well, I live in a Communist town and ….” and often get an understanding “oh.”

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  27. JG says:

    I first got my experience with blacks when I worked my way through college by working in South Central Los Angeles in the mid to late 70s for the phone company. I came from a city in the San Gabriel Valley that was equal parts of white, mexican, and asian but no blacks. We had no race issues. It was different in South Central LA as they were basically open war against all no matter your race because of gangs. The destruction on the riots of the 60s was still there and not fixed.

    In the projects we went in between 7-9 AM (after the went to sleep and before they got up) in threes, one to watch the vans, and two to do the jobs. The worst I saw was they had skinned a woman in the projects and she died, This was an area the police would not go in unless they had a real reason and they would go in mass. At some point all people in my office was attacked. We were different races and both male and female.

    This BLM/ANTIFA/Dem/MSM/Big tech crap means nothing. Its designed to lead us down. The mass invasion from the south is killing the country and the Democrats and Big Tech wants it. Nobody in the Federal Government is supporting the American people and most state governments are also failing. We will end up in CW2, the country breaking up, but the Federal Government will not stay the same.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…I totally get it, believe me. Each situation is different.

    JG (whoever you are!)….this is quite a story…to have to watch the van, etc. And this was 40 YEARS ago? IMagine how it might be NOW? I do remember I used to have to go to Compton in the late Seventies(to Dominguez Valley Hospital for meetings) and they had guards on the roof even then! I was forbidden to drive there anymore alone…my company found out I’d gone in the late afternoon and risked being there in the dark until mtgs were done and they said “No more”…so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at your story.
    I live in W. L.A., used to be in downtown fairly often and don’t even know where our ‘projects’ are because we generally don’t call it that…There’s Watts and S. Central..etc. I suppose that’s where you mean. SKINNED someone? SKINNED? (no need to elaborate, I’m just kind of shocked…!)
    I thoroughly agree with your last paragraph.

    I don’t know ANY Black people who are remotely like you describe…..but we all know inner cities are full of troubles. Thanks for your comment.


  29. Baysider says:

    Projects? Willowbrook, Compton, imperial highway maybe
    I lived in south central LA at that time. Knew an LAPD commander. Heard stories that jibe with JG. Times when the fire Dept would only roll with police escort.


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