I believe Trump never once limited any chance of immigration for anybody but criminals from Central America.

As usual, the Left, including the White House, is blaming Trump for their having “inherited” such a terrible situation at the border.

Trump NEVER changed any immigration laws.  Trump ONLY closed the border as well as he could to illegal immigrants, including criminals, coyotes, cartels, and foreigners from China, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries whose people could come to harm us.

This is just another example of a media story where truth isn’t important but leftwing narrative is, of course.

I post it here because I really do want to know if there’s something I don’t know about Trump’s limiting even legal opportunities for immigrants and any laws he changed.

What am I MISSING?   

On the other hand, not much coverage of the border these days except the normal important mention of things on FOX…Other than that,  not much coverage of the border now that shootings are front and center.  Yup, even the little coverage the networks and CNN is OVER…..or course, CNN barely covered it at all.


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22 Responses to IMMIGRATION:

  1. bocopro says:

    The curve we need to “flatten” these days is the stupidity curve, which is now describing a hyperbole. If there were even a HINT that the slightest majority of mesoamericans flooding into the US would vote conservative, we’d have not only a wall with .50 cals every 10 yards but a moat filled with crocodiles and piranha.

    The primary job of the MSM today is to scour the various news services to find that spicy murder or shooting by a cop that supports their interminable narrative of white guilt and black suppression by authority – ignoring those which don’t.

    Their collective wet dream is a full-scale race war in all major cities across the continent, giving them opportunity to completely fill air time and yellow newsprint with slaughter, destruction, blood, burnt-out police cruisers and small businesses, and hatred.

    The media’s most recent cause celebre is “wokeness.” What the snowflakes and tinker belles and cancel-culturalistos and “defund the PO-lice” morons fail to realize is what they’re creating is an echo of the Chinese cultural revolution under Mao, which eventually caused the deaths of more than 60 million people.

    In other words, to generate public support for a new cause, all that’s necessary is to convince the agents provocateur that they’ll have unlimited opportunity to maltreat or deprive someone else, especially white males.

    Then the freedom to destroy culture and rewrite history with a clear conscience, act like a thug, select which laws and rules you consider applicable to yourself and which are applicable to others, then justify it all with righteous indignation fueled by imagined racism . . . . that’s hypocrisy and faux morality of the highest order, the ultimate cop-out for justifying saccharine virtue signaling and your personal 15 minutes of fame.

    TURN. OFF. THE. CAMERAS!! It’s like my grandmother always said — never feed stray dogs that come to the back door, ’cause once you do, you’ll never get rid of ’em.

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  2. bunkerville says:

    Trump is yesterday. It is what Biden is doing today. It stands on its own. Comparing and contrasting only obfuscates and confuses the intention of this administration. That being to destroy our system of government. Period. Full stop.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    I liked it when Joey said that there “is a crisis at the border” followed by someone at the white house saying “This is not the position of the white house”.

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  4. kidme37 says:

    Z, you’re not missing anything.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Wish I could comment on all your comments…have to get to a meeting this morning…..
    But I’ll see you later.

    HAD TO ADD that I hope you’ve all heard that Paul Krugman believes we dumb ol’ Republicans actually believe there was rioting this summer! Seriously.

    And I clicked to CNN this morning for a second where I told you I go for comic relief these days. It worked for me again!
    This morning the host, whose name I don’t even care to know, said with VERY ‘knowing’ eyes that he was going to have a guest who said “His heart SKIPS A BEAT when he sees a squad car in the mirror.”…oooh, the hidden meaning there, right?
    Do you know anybody whose heart DOESN’T skip a beat when he sees a cop car behind them?

    Just cracked me UP…it’s SUCH a great example of the RACIST MEANING the Left’s busy putting on EVERYTHING these days. Yup, black or white, I think most sane people see a squad car in their mirror and think “UHoh, was I going too fast, or…?” as the car finally drives by!!!!


  6. MAL says:

    When I was a teenager, my heart use to skip a beat quite often because I was probably drag racing someone! I did that a lot, but was always respectful when talking to the police, and sometimes I got off with only a warning. We would never even dream of being disrespectful, let alone combative. We might have been stopped for loud exhausts or for the rear end being too low. No. Really. We use to lower the back end and could get ticketed or warned for something that mundane. Today, just look at all the big trucks sitting so high, they have steps to get in and out! Talk about unsafe for everyone, including them (very unstable). But thats unimportant today with all the other stuff going on.

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  7. Baysider says:

    “Flatten the stupidity curve.” I’m usin’ it BP!
    Krugman? Really? Impossible! Yes, I believe YOU – but that is insane. His Tweet is even worse than your summary. They were running down my street! And hundreds of others. I believe my eyes, not your lyin’ words, PK.

    Trump tried hard to shut down the mess at the border. And he made dents. The Dems stroked out over the prospect of losing future voters. This still drives their mania. Even I was surprised to read this in Mark Steyn’s column: that in 1970 California was 78% non-Hispanic white and Hispanics were 10%. In 2010 it was 40% of EACH. As he said “If one were informed that, say, the population of Nigeria had gone from 80 percent black in 1970 to 40 percent black today, one would suspect something rather odd and unnatural had been going on.”

    And of course this is borne out as we see in construction crews, tradesmen and restaurants.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….LOVED what you said and especially like TURN OFF THE CAMERAS!!

    Couldn’t agree with you more…as usual!!! BUT BOCOPROL: What do these vicious Blacks think they’re GOING TO GET if all goes their way? It’ll be like a hideous scary movie where the streets are burned down, people afraid to walk outside, nobody can work…what the HELL DO THEY SEE AS THEIR UTOPIA, BOCO?

    BUNKERVILLE…My point is the slander they’re lathering onto TRUMP when his border situation was SO SO SO MUCH better than it had been and, certainly, FAR BETTER than NOW!!
    Yes, Biden bought this chaos…but they’re still blaming Trump with ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMED ACCUSATIONS….that’s what I asked; Am I missing something AWFUL Trump did at the border?

    As KID SAYS…..I DID NOT MISS A THING. I am RIGHT, Trump DID GREAT at the border, or at least an excellent start………………….so this ‘awful INHERITANCE” Biden got from him is another HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE LIE?!

    KID..!! Right, that was HILARIOUS and not the first time Psaki has undone something Biden said! it’s truly hilarious.
    NEVER have McEnany, Fleischer and Perino looked SO SO BRILLIANT as when we see Psaki screw up the job.

    MAL! ExACtly! For CNN’s host to act so upset that anybody would have a heart SKIP A BEAT when he saw a squad car is HILARIOUS! I have never had a moving violation and I STILL get worried when a cop’s behind me! Sometimes, when they’re next to me and I can catch an eye, I’ll give them a thumb’s up, or yell BE SAFE! if our windows are both open…their dour faces ALWAYS break into a smile and I get such a nice “Thanks!” I love that.

    BAYSIDER….YES! Down your street…but BAYSIDER, Krugman says you’re hallucinating !! HAAAA!!! And yes, this IS borne out!!


    I just stopped by my high school where I sub and proctor detention and otherwise work….part time at best, sadly. I could live there and I’d be happy.

    One young darling Black girl caught my eye and I asked her name…told her mine and who I am…….she’s a Freshman….we talked about 10 minutes…..the most polite, adorable girl.

    \Later, I was leaving the counseling office when a BlaCk girl was coming in…she saw me and stopped and HELD THE FREAKIN’ DOOR OPEN!! What teen does THAT? (what aDult does that!!?)…I said thank you “are you SURE you’re a teenager?” She said “YES!” and I said YOU ARE SPECIAL!

    Then a Black father outside approached me….aS if he knew me (everyone in masks, of course) so I played along…then I saw his daughter and knew who he was! He was SO respectful toward me, so loving..BIG HUG….she approached and said “I recognized your voice! Your hair’s longer! How are you Mrs. H?” This darling smart BLaCk girl is going to Boston University in the Fall. I got goose bumps. Am getting teary as I type.

    Sure, becauSE they’re smart, because their parents care enough to send them to this Christian High School, because they’re going to good universities, because they’re polite does NOT MEAN they’re not big BLM fans. I know that. but it’s a start, folks. It’s better than pregnant druggies…
    these are excellent girls….

    We must never forget that Goodness happens. God bless these little girls. Give them a good mind, help them to love this country, help them bring us together with their sweet dispositions……


  9. Mustang says:

    I agree with you, Z … but I’m sure you realize there is a gulf size distance between the young ladies you’ve described (loving parents) and those you find in black tenements (absentee parents) who would just as soon cut your throat as look at you. The fact that there are good and decent black families, good Americans all, is not lost on anyone. They aren’t the problem. The question that we find most perplexing is what to do about the ethnological gang-bangers who occupy the largest percentage of the black minority?


  10. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, I do think it’s lost on MANY because most people don’t see these great kids I’ve seen since I started working there. MANY of them…..And, of course, my Black adult friends have great kids…And yes, of course they aren’t the problem!

    What we do with the gang banger types is beyond my pay scale, sadly!…and I’m not positive they occupy the largest percentage of the Black minority but they’re certainly BIG!!!

    Maybe kids like those I describe have such decent streaks embedded in themselves that they’ll become Candace Owens-types of thinkers who care about their Black community and speak out….I doubt it but I can hope.

    Those gang-bangers won’t stop now…they’re getting SUCH a thrill out of being special, being promised reparations (for nothing they did, or nothing even their parents did), they’re pumped up with pushing Whites around now and THEY HAVE THE UPPER HAND, even the cops can’t stop them now….. you can see it in the crowd postures….they are DEEEELIGHTED by all this.

    What we need is people they’d actually listen to saying STOP, you IDIOTS, STOP because you’re getting nowhere……..destroying American cities isn’t getting you ANYWHERE, drugs aren’t getting you anywhere, having children without a family is REALLY messing you up…and COPS aren’t the enemy. WAKE up, you morons and get a job……you’re PUNKS…….grow UP”

    WHO’d dare say that? Obama could have but he never ONCE ONCE ONCE spoke to any minority crowds …he could have done such good.

    What do you think? Can you think of ONE PERSON with a stature that impresses them, who they’d listen to? Or do they all need to be killed by national guard or fill our prisons to unbearable levels?


  11. Mustang says:

    No, Z … I don’t think that at all. “Or do they all need to be killed …” Where did that come from?

    One person. Who might that be?

    Our various social segments are so fragmented that I doubt if anyone would “hear” one person speaking to them. An interesting “experiment” (combined with a prank) was conducted during the run-up to the election in 2007. Through a disinformation campaign, started by Howard Stern, half the blacks in Harlem and Southside Chicago thought Sarah Palin was Obama’s running mate.

    Starting rumors and creating disinformation is what Twitter does best. Great at starting a flash mob, but if whatever is tweeted doesn’t get your interest in the first five nanoseconds, it’s flipped away into the ether world, never to be seen again. The denizens in Southside Chicago could care less what happens to America the Beautiful. It’s not their th’ang, homes. The only blacks that gave a second thought to the girl-knife-shooting are those whose entire focus is agitating. No other blacks gave a damn — and why should they? They didn’t know her, and I’d bet a large percentage of ghetto blacks concluded that “the dumb bitch had it coming.” Fragmented society is all we have left, Z. That’s my opinion.


  12. Baysider says:

    Z, your examples are perfect illustrations of Denzel Washington’s statement “it’s not race, it’s culture.”


  13. Baysider says:

    @Mustang: “blacks that gave a second thought to the girl-knife-shooting” include a neighbor who turned his security video footage over to authorities and announced it looked like the cop did the right thing. Man … if I were the girl in pink I’d think so!

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  14. kidme37 says:

    Years ago in Arizona, I was standing around a shop drinking beer with some guys when the conversation turned to street violence and I made the comment I’d rather be stabbed than shot. A former Chicago detective was there who lifted my right arm and poked a finger into the soft side of my chest. I said, I’d rather be shot than stabbed.

    Knives can do a Lot more damage than a bullet.


  15. kidme37 says:

    To my thinking we had two chance to solve the black problem. 1) Never have brought them here. 2) Never have started welfare, paying them to not have to work for their food and livelihood. There is no 3rd option for the group, only a small number of individuals.

    At this point they’re being rewarded for their totally uncivilized non-contributory behavior – the worst thing we could possibly be doing. Which is of course what democrats do. There is Nothing they touch that they don’t FUBAR. I challenge anyone to name a single thing they haven’t destroyed from our basic culture all they way to women’s bathrooms.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, “Where did that come from?” My statement was clearly rhetorical…it sounds like you thought I was asking YOU if they all need to be killed as if you’d even remotely suggested that, which you have not. No, my point is clear…what the HECK DO WE DO WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS?
    I often think that when I see TV coverage of riots night after night………don’t you?

    Ya, they don’t care what happens to America……until they realize no America is no life …no opportunity….do they care? Maybe not, you might be right.

    BAYSIDER: I’d shout that from the treetops: IT IS NOT RACE..IT IS CULTURE.
    It’s not like every idiot rioter all summer was Black, right? WHITE, BLACK, ASIAN, WHATEVER…..culturally, they’ve been lied to in school, by their parents, etc…….it’s NOT RACE, it’s DEFINITELY CULTURE. I have ALWAYS Known that…ALWAYS.

    KID! MORE damage than a bullet? ONE STAB WOUND or multiples? That’s interesting!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    KID>>>I SO agree with you we should NEVER “….have started welfare, paying them to not have to work for their food and livelihood.” NEVER NEVER NEVER.

    WHo hasn’t heard of poor men sneaking into their homes to make more babies at night becausE being seen there during the day would stop their welfare payments? (“Dad is home, let HIM pay”)….Sure, they split families up so the SINGLE MOM could get $$$$ from US….Dad came home at night, made babies we pay for (still), and she was considered a single Mom.

    And, of course, the term “single mom” lost the negativity it had (since the advent of healthy society) and she started having baby showers and being regaled for HAVING A BABY…married or not…so she didn’t care….just got more $$$.
    But, we change, don’t we. I have a sister who didn’t attend the baby shower of a single mother she knew tho she knew and loved this girl…she didn’t want to celebrate it…she cared about the baby, etc., but didn’t go. Would she today? ProbabLy.

    KID, you said “At this point they’re being rewarded for their totally uncivilized non-contributory behavior” which is exactly what I meant when I wrote above that these punks LOVE the rioting they’re doing…they’re getting SO much attention, the joy of being with like-minded thugs, the thrill of screwing over law enforcement, the hope of destroying everything this country’s stood for in the way of safety for our people…ALL people.


  18. kidme37 says:

    Also note from the 1st link – “That also explains why , even in ranges as close as 3′-6′, only about 1 in 4 bullets actually hit the target – and these stats are from trained police officers!”

    This is another reason why people who are defending their life should never try to shoot arms or legs.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    KID…ah, so the links really say that some of the reasons it’s best to use a knife is because it’s easier to get, and you don’t need a good aim, etc….I TOTALLY get that, though I would have thought that more true with a pistol than a rifle since rifle scatter will usually hit something !! You don’t need ammo, right.
    I’m only surprised at the actual attack..that a knife can do more damage…and, again, I’d say many stabs will, maybe not just one unless it’s directly into the heart….
    fascinating links, thanks!!!

    And yes, I saw that….another good reason you give me for my question about aiming for arms or legs. On FOX yesterday they had a cop trainer describe why it has to be center mass. I sure do wish legs or arms would do, you know?


  20. kidme37 says:

    Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

    Also, let’s pay single mother to pop kids out like pieces of toast and not educate them.

    Just talking about this general subject at lunch. You can spend 15 minutes on the internet and verify that the democrat party created 100% of the anti-black legislation and rights amendments in America, as well as tried to scuttle the civil rights act of 64, and failing that, tried to filibuster it away, failing that fewer democrats voted for it than did repubs.

    And people still believe the democrats are ‘for the black man’. 🙂

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  21. kidme37 says:

    If you look, you can find many people dying from a single stab wound to the abdomen. Again, I would rather be shot than stabbed once.

    arms or legs better? Depends on the person being shot. How much more damage will that person do after they’re repaired. Kill, rape, torture? Some people just need to be killed which would be the vast majority of people willing to commit violent crimes against others.


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