Will ANY politician find the guts…..

….to tell the Lefties “It’s not so much TRUMP we supposedly ‘love’, we are not all Trump sycophantsTHE TRUTH IS THAT  WE ARE PEOPLE WHO LIKE:

-borders under control  (Why won’t Biden let cameras in, Trump did!)

-a booming economy (yes, we know Biden thinks today’s good economy is because of him, 3 months after his inauguration; why did he say Obama was the one responsible for Trump’s good economy because nobody suddenly turns an economy around in a few months!!??)

-a tough America versus China and other enemies

-Capitalism, including companies hiring more Americans because they’ve moved back to America due to lower corporate taxes

-becoming oil independent


VERY CONVENIENT and VERY EFFECTIVE for the Left to talk about TRUMP FANS so nastily.…….Anybody going to have the guts to stand up and say “Look, IT’S WHAT TRUMP DID……..OK? STOP USING TRUMP AS A BATTERING STICK…..it’s WHAT HE DID THAT WE WANT……..GET IT?”

It’s so easy to insult people because they approved of Trump;  people are getting fired for that, hated for that, laughed at for that….when it isn’t HIM, was rarely about HIM.


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27 Responses to Will ANY politician find the guts…..

  1. bocopro says:

    Watching society go mau-mau as the economy tanks and borders become sieves and feeling smug about it all because DJT can’t mean-tweet any more is very much like asking Mary Lincoln, “Well, other than that, how’d you like the play?”


  2. Mustang says:

    I noted this comment at Bunkerville the other day:

    “The Republican Party is a Progressive party. Conservatives are not welcome come decision time and are only welcome when they send money and votes. Liz Cheney is a classical Wilsonian Progressive. An internationalist, Neo-Con, big government progressive. The fact that most Republicans cannot see this is the best evidence I can present to prove the confusion within the ranks of the party. It all boils down to core principles. If you have none anyone can claim to be of your tribe. And this is the case. Corporatism is not a political philosophy consistent with liberty. Nor is any brand of Progressive ideology. But those are the two dominant ideologies found in the leadership class of the Republican party.”

    I share these sentiments. The GOP showed their true colors when they rallied against Trump. But when you look under the covers, it wasn’t about Trump. It was all about those who voted for him. The impeachment fiasco was all about overturning an election where conservatives decided against mainstream politics. The “mainstream” progressive and left-leaning GOP couldn’t abide that. And make no mistake about this, either … Biden and his policies are intended to punish anyone who supported Trump, then or now. This is how communism works. Two choices present themselves. A shift to Marxist socialism or something else. What will it be? Who now stands in the wings to continue Trump’s work? Hopefully not a politician — they never have any guts.

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO: it’s ALL about GET TRUMP….but my point is that the HATE/GET TRUMP purge is designed to get people to forget all else; like the great economy he was creating, the high employment, the well situated southern border implementation, his help of Black colleges, his getting the vaccine so quickly, etc etc……………..They don’t want Americans remembering all that really great stuff so they remind America to HATE TRUMP instead. I laugh out loud each time I hear Biden say “We inherited a bad economy and a horrible border situation”

    You just can’t make that up, can you.

    MUSTANG: YOu say “Biden and his policies are intended to punish anyone who supported Trump, then or now.” And I’d have to add “…and intended to make people forget how darned GREAT things were getting under Trump, and how even better things would have become without COVID”
    There are actually quite a few politicians who’d like to continue Trump’s work but they’re so insulted by the Left that the warnings about “ANYTHING TRUMP (I.E> ANYTHING CONSERVATIVE)” are pretty overwhelming. It’s hard to keep up the fight when 90% of the news is speaking so horribly about everything they want to do.

    We have to remember that about 70 MILLION AMERICANS voted for TRUMP. That’s a lot of people, and, every day, we’re seeing more and more Americans waking up to truth…which isn’t easy to find in our media.

    EVERYBODY: Have you heard about the OIL PIPELINE on the East Coast which has had a hacker attack and has shut down 45% of oiil to much of the Southern Eastern Coast? FORTY-FIVE %…they’re not sure which hacker did it.
    FOX covered that story first on their 10AM (EST) news, of course.
    I checked CNN: No mention
    MSNBC? No mention


    THIS IS A DANGEROUS SITUATION, VERY SCARY, AND THEY’RE NOT SURE WHAT PIPELINES COULD BE NEXT. So CNN and MSNBC opened their news with some COVID story and Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Greene’s new AMERICA FIRST TOUR (mocking it, of course,)


  4. Mustang says:

    There are actually quite a few politicians who’d like to continue Trump’s work.

    Who would that be, do you think?


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Of course…Just about every Republican in Congress is against Biden’s plans, as witnessed by the elections of the House and Senate. And nearly all have voted against Biden on every vote…
    Even Liz Cheney voted 95% for Trump’s bills. Actually, Stefanik, who he is now backing, only voted about 78% with him last year.
    Probably some Republicans would have liked to have not gone into the debt Trump didn’t prevent us from going into, but with what’s happening now, his big spending now looks like taking pennies from a piggy bank, and they’d all be 100% behind him.


  6. kidme37 says:

    “Who now stands in the wings to continue Trump’s work? Hopefully not a politician — they never have any guts.” – Mustang

    Exactly, which is why we’re screwed. Who living the kind of life earned by championing the things DJT does would ever subject themselves to what DJT has gone through. No one. Especially when the elections are forever rigged now. I won’t vote for another politician. How many are like me out there? I’ll go and vote (in vain) against new taxes, and if anything write DJT in for any political offices.

    I don’t believe politicians want to continue doing the things that Trump did for America. If so why didn’t they do any of these things before DJT?? Not even lip service. Not even complaining about Nafta or the worst election processes this side of N Korea.

    Nope politicians say things that they think will get them re-elected so they can stay on the gravy train. The only way it will change is when people/voters stop falling for it. it’s a total Charlie Brown Lucy holding the football move year after year after insulting year. There is no football.


  7. kidme37 says:

    I have mixed feeling on genetically modified (anything) but mosquitos in this case. We have vaccines for Polio, Small Pox, etc which imo are man made but also do good things for people.

    I also have no use for mosquitos but to some small extent I wonder if they serve some purpose on our little planet. I’m not smart enough to know and I don’t believe anyone else is either.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    KID, About the mosquitos, I’m tired of Bill Gates implementing things of nature, or trying to…I don’t like the idea any better than I do, now, the experimentation of Covid Virus which he and Fauci funded at Wuhan believing they were safe and the US Gov’t and other countries didn’t know anything.

    Ya, I do believe there are particularly new politicians like Donalds, Greene, Gaetz is fairly new, doing the AMERICA FIRST tour now…to GREAT disdain by CNN, it really did make me laugh at the smug “Aren’t they horrids?” in all the CNN coverage; heavy on the Gaetz scandals, of course

    I couldn’t agree with you more about “where were they before DJT?” Scared, mostly…..yes, scared to lose their jobs, etc…and DJT has unloosed that and about 70 million liked it so I’d say they’re not quite so scared anymore.


    As I emailed to an Indiana friend the other day, who’s brighter ANd more optimistic than I, “I knew Biden would do horrible things but NOBODY knew he’d do them so fast…so my optimism is lessened a bit by that………but nevertheless I’m hopeful.'”.


  9. MAL says:

    Biden’s been in for only 3 months and look at the damage he’s done. So how can we be hopeful about 2022, let alone 2024? Their hate for Trump is so strong they’re totally oblivious to all the irreversible harm this new administration is doing.
    So long, America. Its been good knowing’ ya!

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  10. MAL says:

    (If that sounds pessimistic, its because I am!)


  11. kidme37 says:

    The election was total fraud. As I say, I believe they just made up numbers in places like MI because DJT was so far ahead. but as MAL says, their hate for Trump.
    Yes, let us realize that there were millions of actual biden voters who have no problem with open borders, higher gas, etc etc etc. They wouldn’t vote repub if the dems burned their house down.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    I think we’re in deep trouble and I am counting on the millions who voted for DJT, not focusing on the millions who didn’t realize how terrible Biden would be because I know there are MANY, and I know dems who won’t vote Left again unless things on the border and at the gas pump improve.

    Just got to hope …THE PROBLEM IS THE MEDIA, as I said above somewhere.

    WITHOUT MORE AMERICANS WAKING UP TO THE TRUTH, less Dems will escape the Left.

    I was hoping TRUMP could handle that….ONLY he can get peoples’ attention on both sides and a great list of the problems and how he’d solved them before Biden destroyed it all, published once a week or so, would do wonders. WHATEVER TRUMP DOES gets attention. He needs to start this now…or wait before the next election…


  13. geeez2014 says:

    BIDEN is now waiving patents on COVID-!9 vaccines.

    WHY? Thoughts?


  14. MAL says:

    Bottom line is we can’t do it alone and need to be organized like they seem to be.
    The “Teflon Party” seems to be able to act with impunity! How do we fight that?

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  15. MAL says:

    Hillary, FBI, Comes, Schiff, FISA Warrant, Russia collusion…….Where is the justice?
    Even Cuomo is still there!

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  16. MAL says:

    (That wa suppose to be COMEY … remember I can’t see what I’m typing)


  17. Baysider says:

    @ Mustang: “The GOP showed their true colors when they rallied against Trump. But when you look under the covers, it wasn’t about Trump. It was all about those who voted for him.” Yup. Just like a graphic posted (here I think) long ago with a picture of Trump and the caption “They’re not really after me. They’re after you. I’m just in the way.” which perfectly captures Ms. Z’s theme today.

    It’s scary when a sincere 18-year old caller on a segment about freedom asks Dennis Prager “what do you mean by people prefer equity to freedom?” He sensed it was wrong, but had so little grounding in freedom and our republican principles that he couldn’t put it together himself.

    It takes more than aggressive pushback because the Dems just shift the target. Mal’s right. “The “Teflon Party” seems to be able to act with impunity!” No anchor, no foundation, no core value but power. Who is stepping up? A politician? Hmmm. Maybe. But they have to work with McCarthy and McConnell.

    This generation intellectual (already pushing retirement age), Glenn Loury, often mixes it up with his “conversation partner” John McWhorter often, a sample:

    My first thought on the pipeline hack was “a state actor practicing for Christmas Day.”


  18. kidme37 says:

    Vaccine patents. My guess would be the gov trying to diminish the view that their pals, the vaccine makers, are evil slugs that they are. Not being liable for deaths and side effects, and the yet unknown long term effects, as the main reason to see them in the appropriate negative light.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I wrote and wrote a really long comment here re the vaccine and figured WHAT THE HECK? “appropriate negative lights” might have saved a lot of people. Losing friends to covid like I have puts a spin on it that makes me so glad I had it…and my loved ones. And my friends with whom I’m sharing unmasked great times at dinners here lately!! If my dead friend Jim had been with us, I wonder how many of us would be alive.

    I wouldn’t allow any kid of mine under the age of 25 or so to have it, though…..much younger and I wouldn’t be encouraging it at ALL..


  20. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER: “It was all about those who voted for him.”….See, my post is that AND, even more so….”..it was about all those great things DJT was doing which was pleasing a lot of Americans…” Right?
    It is the POLICIES, not the PERSON, so the Leftie media SLAMS DJT alllll the time, as you know, …to DISTRACT FROM THE GOOD THINGS THAT WERE HAPPENING…..”it’s these TRUMPSTERS, these SYCOPHANTS” when none of us REALLY cared WHO was leading us so well, it was someone who was protecting us, putting US FIRST, etc…..That’s how I feel.
    Had that someone been easier to digest, he’d have won HANDS DOWN. (and yes, I know many people feel he did……)…He’s have won hands down because he’d have won by such a huge margin nobody COULD have faked it quite so well.

    That Loury vid is good. I had a doctor who was black, a client…he showed me a diploma on the wall (30 years or so ago) and said “I sometimes wonder if people understand it’s I who accomplished that…I got no breaks because of my color but I think plenty of people think I might not be 100% competent because I got a pass.”
    SO sad.


  21. kidme37 says:

    Trump did win by the biggest margin ever subtracting for fraud 🙂

    Vaccine> None of us will ever know the truth so we have to go with what we think is best for us personally. I won’t get it. Don’t care what my doc says. He’s not a biochemist/virologist/etc. Even if he was is he 100% sure of what is in that syringe? No. So, I’ll take my chances.

    There’s been so much lying going on and they’re pushing it so hard that I have red flags flying, bright red strobe lights going off, flags with lights and sirens and lights with flags.


  22. Baysider says:

    It will be interesting to see how Eric Adams does in New York. He’s a lib talking about stuff the liberals hate, but everyday citizens are concerned about. About as reverse as you can get from Yang and still be a Dem. Heck, he says he’s going to carry his own gun. TILT!!

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  23. I prefer Curt Sliwa.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, I think that’s extremely interesting since Yang was pretty popular….I think Adams’ popularity is telling….I KNOW people are FED UP WITH THE FAR LEFT, that is FOR SURE…except those who don’t have a brain in their head or a shred of understanding and love for our country, that is.

    ED…Sliwa. Never going to happen. But I’d LOVE him to become Chief of Police or something!!


  25. Baysider says:

    Yang wants to fund his projects with huge additional cuts in police budget. AND maybe change their name to Guardians. (Charming in Rep. of Ireland, not here) But there ya go, Ed, penniless but Guardians.

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  26. geeez2014 says:

    Funny, I just got this email from a friend…and it’s appropriate to what I’ve been saying here….. Since you don’t know her, I even included her name!!

    “I have been hearing more and more…Ronald Reagan’s famous line…
    “ I did not leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me!”

    It seems that the Far Left infiltration of once “regular liberal politics” has got a lot of people
    rethinking their party affiliation…but you wouldn’t know it by the regular News channels…
    everything Biden is wonderful.

    If our party really got its act together in the next 2 years, and fought like the Dems,
    we might get back the majority again…
    and then on to the White House ….

    I can’t believe that middle America really wants Socialism…once they see their taxes balloon
    out of sight. The spending will take us down with inflation…and a lot of terrible losses
    will be felt by all.
    I am very worried.

    I think she’s 100% correct.


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