QUOTES you will want to read and ponder….


I  (Z: MY FRIEND, not me) just finished an intriguing book titled Live Not For Lies (Subtitle is A Manual For Christian Dissidents) by Rod Dreher.  The title comes from Aleksandr  Solzhenitsyn’s final comments to his followers when he was imprisoned by the Russians.  The basic theme of the book is that America is following a path very much like that of Europe after WW2  that allowed Communism to take over many of its countries.  To give you a broad view of this warning, I’m pasting in several passages from the book that should make us all wake up to what Biden and his Communist friends are doing.  I’ll give you the page numbers for each if you want to get the book and check out these selections.  This book should be available in your local library if you’re a penny-pincer like me. They ARE our books, but we just let the library store them for us, hey?

Page 8Truth is whatever the ruler decides it is.  Control actions, thoughts and emotions.  Compliance is forced less by the state than by elites who form public opinion and private corporations via technology control of our lives.

Page 10:  Pink Police State:  People will surrender political rights in exchange for guarantee of  personal pleasure.

Page 29:  The parallels between a declining US and pre-revolutionary Russia are not exact, but are unnervingly close.

Page 88:  Youth in China are more Huxley than Orwell.  Orwell feared  a world where people were forbidden to read books.  Huxley feared a world where you don’t have to have books–no one wants to read them.

Page 92We are being  conditioned to accept a Westernized version of China’s social credit system.

Page 93:  In the West today we are living under decadent, pre-Totalitarian conditions.  We are being conditioned  to surrender privacy & political liberties for sake of comfort, convenience and artificially imposed social harmony.

Page 113 Cicero- “Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain a child forever.”

Page 115: ” …. ideologues in power, both in classrooms and newsrooms, manipulate collective memory to capture the future. The liberal democratic, capitalist way of life unintentionally does the same thing.”

Page 117A person cut off from history is a person who is almost powerless against power.

Page 121:  “Totalitarian power has extended the sphere of politics to include everything.”

Page 127:   As Orwell knew, simply by staying sane when everyone else is mad, we may hope to convey the human heritage.

Page 129USA Christians, alas, are not especially different from unbelievers.  (Z: thank GOD I know far too many Christians who don’t fit this but I’m afraid many do)

Page 136:  Dictatorship versus Totalitarianism.  The former can make life hard, but not want to devour you soul.  The latter wants your soul.

Page 151 You can’t simply be against everything bad.  You have to be for something good.   (Z: what Republicans must learn)

Page 180Urge young people to get off internet and get together face to face to build resistance.

Page 182:  Soft totalitarianism seduces those – even Christians – who have lost capacity to love enduringly.  They think they love, but they merely desire.  They think they follow Jesus, but in fact, merely admire Him.

Page 182:  In liberty and prosperity, children of the last communist generation have fallen to a more sophisticated tyranny – one that tells them anything they find difficult is a form of oppression.  For millennials, unhappiness is slavery and freedom is liberation from burden of unchosen obligations.

Page 185Old totalitarianism conquered by fear of pain.  The new one conquers primarily through manipulating people’s love of pleasure and fear of discomfort.

Page 200: …. in Soviet prison, guards laid man down on floor and had other inmates urinate and defecate on him.

Page 200:  …guards forced Catholic priest to use plate of excrement and one of urine and obliged him to say the holy mass upon them.

Page 213 C. S. Lewis: “the world is ‘enemy-occupied territory’ for the Christian.  The culture war is largely over—and we lost.”

Page 213: Totalitarianism is built on the oldest lie of all: “Ye shall be as Gods.”  (Z: in Mao jackets)

Z:   Some of those quotes, all?, are amazing and perfect for today.  Imagine the great C.S. Lewis knowing ahead of time what was coming, mostly because he worked in academia all his life.  He scares people because he was incredibly bright and came to Christ later in life….that only makes him more believable to me.

Hoping some of these quotes resonate with you, too.   Now we figure how to get past them?


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27 Responses to QUOTES you will want to read and ponder….

  1. The CS quote is not as portrayed.
    “Enemy-occupied territory—that is what this world is. Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us to take part in a great campaign of sabotage.”


  2. kidme37 says:

    I watched a short Peterson vid on youtube yesterday. The point of it was that if you remove a nation’s history, you remove the nation. You end up with a blank slate with which you can do almost anything.

    Pretty obvious that they’ve not only removed history but distorted it into a 180 of what it was. Patriotic American’s are now portrayed as the enemy. Young people now conditioned to believe that if they are patriotic American’s then they must also be racist, xo-phobes, and deplorable. Seems that is hard for them to resist and risk falling out of favor with their peer groups.

    Not the one I saw yesterday but a good bottom liner.

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  3. Mustang says:

    The problem with free choice is that one has to learn to live with theirs along with everyone else’s. In that sense, none of us is truly free; we’ve only been led to imagine that we are.

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  4. Frank Clyburn says:

    So Now that ANTIFA , and Black Lives Matter has showed us the way to getting your political agenda heard, and your candidate elected, by .Firebombing Government Buildings, Shutting down Freeways, Looting Stores, Burning Police Cars, Tearing Down Statues, and Destroying Cities…. and for some strange, and odd reason, these people are not considered terrorists…
    Oh that’s right. I forgot our wonderful, and senile President, and new Attorney General explained that to us. That they choose to do their attacks at the proper time, and to the proper places where there are only Democratic Mayors, and Governors to “Stand Down” and allow these terrorists PUNKS to do their dirty deeds.
    And Why Not? According to the results of the last election, these terrorist attacks have seemed to have worked. Using Violence and Murder to get what you want politically, works, and is the right way to get what you want


  5. Mustang says:

    I abhor the proposition that there is somehow a truth and an untrue truth. This comes to us from the relativist notion that one man’s truth is another man’s lie. Poppycock. There is only truth and untruth, which is why it is so important to associate “truth” with “fact” as opposed to opinion.

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  6. kidme37 says:

    Didn’t Biden say there are no facts, only truths? Makes sense 🙂

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  7. bunkerville says:

    History can bestow facts…. that is why there must be a blank slate.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    ED, I believe the friend who sent me this probably put the quote in the wrong place….
    Excellent quotes, both!

    KID, I’m eager to watch that video; Do you k now how Jordan Peterson’s doing? He was deathly ill a couple of years ago and I haVen’t heard much since but have seen him pop here and there so I’m hoping all is far better. thanks..will watch soon.
    And yes, that 1619 Project is SO distorted…it was marvelous watching the History expert bring it down to the truth, point by point….destroying the basis of this ridiculous “project” being taught in our schools. Apparently, lies work if the Left likes them.]

    “No facts, only truths”…? I don’t even GET that, Kid! !!!???? Tell me!

    MUSTANG..right, and I think the free choice sort of dovetails with the conversation we had the other day where I said that the Constitution’s mention of PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is too arbitrary to make neat and clean ‘rules’…..everybody seems to have a free choice and not many agree on it.
    I still believe we have many choices but when I think hard on it, ponder it, notsomuch!! I DO have to pay taxes, i can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater, I can’t ride a bike without a helmet, or not wear a mask so far!, I can’t walk over to my neighbors and move in because his living room’s more contemporary than mine and his air conditioning is working and mine isn’t (true!), etc.
    Thoughts? I think FREE CHOICE means more basic, fundamental things than that, but…

    MUSTANG: re TRUTH versus UNTRUE, I think I’ve written here about Ducky and how he was the first to question SUCH a fundamental truth, about 18 years ago, with “Who SAYS that’s true or right?” I STILL remember, Mustang, sitting stunned at my computer thinking “uhoh…THIS is huge…things won’t be the same if Americans can’t count on something TRUE and another UNTRUE.”
    Sadly, TRUE is often related to TRUE AND GOOD from Scripture and as we kick God out more each day, we are getting farther from ANY truth. What else could we base TRUTH ON?!

    FRANK…that is such a terrible problem…yes, the violence seemed to work…might have even influenced a jury verdict, right?
    Violence will work again IF we don’t get another Giuliani into NYC and D.C.

    BUNKERVILLE…i guess if those facts history gives us aren’t palatable to the Left, they’ll invent a blank slate and fill it in with what THEY like…like the 1619 Project


  9. kidme37 says:

    I only have a glancing familiarity with Jordan Peterson so I don’t know anything about him personally. The vid is about 1:05. Quick one.

    As indicated with my opinion of young people being indoctrinated as very anti-right, they literally run when they hear someone talking sense. So, most are a lot cause. While I’m at it, if older people are out there and still don’t know what the score is (that they need TV programs to help them) I have zero hope of them understanding it and holding on to that understanding. These people are too easily swayed imo. AKA: once again, we’re screwed.

    Truths vs facts? We’ll have to ask Biden or one of his followers about that one.

    Again on history. Having had their history both erased and misstated, their little brains are now empty sponges ready to absorb whatever the left (dems, media, entertainment) want them to think.
    This will not turn out well and I can’t even think of a way in the abstract to try to correct it. The left doesn’t want to know, and will only be made more violent if pressed toward the light.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I know! It’s horrible about our kids and still I am hopeful…I’ll never stop being hopeful, since so many parents are on FOX lately saying it’s over, they’re taking their kids out of school, that their kids are not going to buy the crap anymore. There are also still kids who’ve turned their teachers in over the years.
    I’ll NEVER believe all is not lost. But it’s VERY CLOSE!! Sadly.

    You can’t believe the coverage of the Israel/Hamas war today…Hamas hit Israel first and I have CNN on watching them cover it like it’s Israel’s fault…their banner says “EXPLOSIONS IN TEL AVIV AFTER BUILDING IN GAZA HIT!”
    what? hAMAS HIT ISRAEL AND THEN ISRAEL RETALIATED…. CNN is TOTALLY lying as it always does against Israel.

    Let’s not forget; This would NEVER happen with Trump in charge…….CNN saying “Mr. Netanyahu needs a crisis to get reelected”…Yup, inferring it’s his fault.
    HAMAS FIRED ROCKETS FIRST. I was watching FOX in the mid of the night.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    KID: You know how I tell you CNN is grounds for comedy for me? I actually just heard an ‘expert’ lie so blatantly that I started laughing out loud. Something everyone knows about Israel and Gaza, he misrepresents and CNN’s hosts nod their heads with such agreement!!!


  12. kidme37 says:

    Ok Z. 🙂

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  13. Baysider says:

    re: Cicero – “Not to know what happened before you were born is to remain a child forever.” What a perfect description of the left that refuses to know what happened before (unchangeable human nature as illustrated in anybody’s history). They are perpetual children waiting for unicorn tears to fall and wash away human ills. Unfortunately, since they know zip, they repeat the same mistakes and are ripe for the spectrum noted on page 136: authoritarianism (dictatorship) to totalitarianism.

    These are very sobering. I remember reading the examples from Communist prisons in the context of the people they happened to.

    You can’t simply be against everything bad. You have to be for something good. So, so right! If I can find ways in my demented household to find something good to elevate, surely we can as a culture. PragerU is pretty good at this.

    @Mustang: yes to your comments on truth. Under attack since Genesis 3. And we are rapidly moving into a post-truth era. Scary. We get a lot of confusion about truth because 1) some people find it inconvenient so wish it away; and 2) there are both subjective and objective truths which many people conflate.

    Subjective: Cats are the best pets. In the opinion of the subject – me! (And maybe Kid and Z)
    Objective [but also inconvenient]: Only women bear babies. That is objective because it is associated with a fact that is true regardless of individual perceptions and preferences. All else is personal (subjective) and not a relevant contribution to the body of knowledge recognized as truth – or hogwash. No matter how pragmatic it is to “find” something true because it “works” for the situation, or how much everyone is on the bandwagon for it, none of those things make the “IT” true. But that’s how we are being conditioned to practice truth.

    I think of objective truth as consequential truth, but its consequences matter. To wit:

    >>With your [subjective] truth, Mr. Buddhist, you will get into the presence of the Lord, but in spite of, not because of it. Without accepting the objective truth (the one that corresponds to the reality of the situation) you will not arrive there with “paid in full” stamped on your jail card.<<

    One of the saddest comments taken from campus interview videos was the short white man who gradually got students to say they would not disagree with him saying he’s a woman. Then a Chinese woman. Then a 6’4″ Chinese woman. While one said “you can believe that but I disagree” another said “It’s not my place as a human to say someone is wrong or to draw lines or boundaries.” Hah! Let’s put that girl in front of a MAGA hat and put that to the test!


  14. Baysider says:

    that would be “because its consequences matter” in 3rd to last para.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, thanks for reminding me, I KNEW there was something I wanted to mention and hadn’t…

    That very quote about “You can’t simply be against everything bad. You have to be for something good. ” is something I’ve said about the REPUBLICAN PARTY lately.
    You can’t just constantly say THAT’s wrong, we don’t like THAT…

    We have to say WHY and substitute for something BETTER….the Republicans can absolutely TEAR APART everything Biden’s doing with TOTAL righteousness and truth…………losing jobs, blaming Trump for things he had nothing to do with OR did so well you (border, economy, covid) that you just have to laugh at the attacks, etc etc…..and ARE THEY? Not really, they really are only slamming Biden a little.

    AND, if /when they do, only FOX and OAN and NewsMax show it!

    The Republicans MUST FIND A WAY of getting the truth out…..only then will we be able to be for something good and get others on board.

    For instance, this Israel/Hamas thing…..CNN didn’t start mentioning it as a big story until 3 pm EST~ FOX started with a man on the ground there in a hard hat LIVE in Israel last night on TV!
    PEOPLE DON’T KNoW…and when they see it on CNN, it’s ALL LIES! Israel did NOT hit first but CNN infers it and EVERY GOOGLE story I looked for reports it that way until about the 10th story down (which isn’t too bad for GOogle, by the way, and for a change)

    I know people who didn’t know what Cuomo did to the elderly in NYC!

    I know people who said “But San Francisco doesn’t have homeless!’ to Madelaine King, Baysider! Seriously!

    On and on…………….


  16. Bill Federer said, ” A country without a history is like a man without a history.”


  17. geeez2014 says:

    KID, just watched Peterson………..he makes a very good point.
    I guess not knowing history helps our kids not have to fess up to the fact that our history is pretty darned great.

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  18. kidme37 says:

    And moreso, it leaves them with no foundation upon with which to build their own lives.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I think that’s true…Curious; Peterson certainly asserts what you said.
    Do you think that HISTORY he speaks of is only our country’s history or our own personal family history, or both?


  20. kidme37 says:

    Imo, it is the entire history of the USA, particularly the accomplishments, the inventions, the exceptionalism, the liberty, the independence, the foundation with which an American is born into and expected to grow into and become and most of all defend because the wolves are always at the gate.

    It is certainly family history plus the country’s heritage that they belong to. I think the country’s history is more important. How would someone from a poor illiterate family rise above that and excel without seeing they are a part of something much bigger, something that has accomplished so much more and that they are free to pursue it all.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I LOVE how you put this…”How would someone from a poor illiterate family rise above that and excel without seeing they are a part of something much bigger, something that has accomplished so much more and that they are free to pursue it all.”

    I actually WAS thinking about immigrant families…Central America, Eastern Europe years ago, ARmenia, etc……..I think they DO feel a thrill at suddenly being a part of such a great country….I almost weep when I see Border Agents with Latino names lamenting the illegals coming in….they have put AMERICA first, not their ethnicities…very touching to me, you know?

    It’s why I’m literally almost embarrassed now…I used to feel such a thrill that my Eastern European friends loved America and found solace and freedom after the socialism or communism or whatever they were from (mostly Romania and Hungary , Albania, etc…and, of course, the Armenians in my family who came)…now I’m embarrassed when they say “They voted for Biden, don’t they see that we came here to get AWAY from this kind of big government that leads to socialism?”
    No, Liana…No Tony, No Rose, many just didn’t see truth. I am SO SORRY. For us all. : 0 (

    Well said, Kid.

    BY THE WAY, FOLKS: I have almost as big a heart for the illegals coming here for freedom as you do…i have absolutely NO HEART for those coming with their hands open for freebies from US. NONE.
    But when I see them PROUDLY being pulled by border agents onto our land from a river, or they give the thumb’s UP to the cameras when they cross into the US? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    They need NOT to be welcomed so beautifully! They are BREAKING THE LAW.
    What the “F” are they THINKING? Do they REALLY think we’re dying to have them here and pay for them? REALLY? THUMB’S UP?!


    $(*&@Q#$(&@Q#$(*&@Q#$(*&#@Q(* $&FFFFF


  22. kidme37 says:

    Thank you Z.


  23. Baysider says:

    @ But San Francisco doesn’t have homeless!
    To which I answer: you’re right. I’ve heard they’re leprechauns dressed in rags who never bathe and abuse drugs.

    M-Y G-O-D.

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  24. MAL says:

    Well, Z, if what just happened to California (1st time they’ve lost population) happens to the entire nation, who would still want to come here? Heck. They’d probably be worried they would have to support US! That was a BIG warning sign that happened to our one-beautiful state.


  25. Baysider says:

    Mal I lived through the big population boom in California (since I were one). The freeways added. Orange groves plastered over with houses. When I was a kid and went to the beach down MacArthur Blvd. it was a country lane! – and you remember that, Mal. But oh the energy, the creation of real wealth by actual brains and braun, and undergirded by valuable infrastructure planning. It was a tremendous time to be in California. When the population kept growing, but things were ‘clean’ and universities trained minds for a productive life – it was heaven. Not problem-free, but still heaven. When population increases brought more welfare and sassy bureaucrats, than functional adults and the state teacher’s union is churning out yet more dysfunctional adults – then the bell started to toll.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: We couldn’t lose ENOUGH people to please me enough!!

    BAYSIDER…but they’re perfect little leprechauns in S.F., staying in beautiful hotels like the Top of the Mark for FREEEE! Lucky little leprechauns, right? Love that, Bay!! (By “BAY” I meant it for Baysider, not S.F. Bay!, though I love that, too!)

    And yes, it was HEAVEN to grow up here and see the growth. I remember when the Federal Building on Wilshire in Westwood was a large golf range with a HUGE net!! And NO 405 fwy…we took Beverly Glen to get over into the Valley!

    BAYSIDER: Not sure you ever knew Babe from CBS, she died a few years ago, but she told me when she was little she and her friends played Jax in the intersection of Olympic and Bundy !!! IMAGINE?

    And remember when Century City didn’t exist? It was just train tracks!?

    I’m getting homesick for things 1 mile away!! Homesick for our past………….or as Kid says , we could be HOMESICK FOR OUR HISTORY!


  27. Baysider says:

    Oh yes, I remember Babe well. I had a friend who would have been about her age who told me one of her summer jobs as a teenager was picking beans off of Sepulveda Blvd. Another, my old landlady, played down in the swamps that became Marina del Rey when she was a kid. The Federal Building was completed shortly after my brother went to UCLA, so I never saw it before. Century City had been Tom Mix’s ranch (yes, that’s right, I just had to look it up to be sure) before 20th Century Fox acquired it. I remember when the shopping center there opened. My uncle, who lived in Long Beach, had a year contract job in Palmdale right after the 405 opened. No traffic. Less than an hour commute (leadfoot). Maybe ONE DAY future generations will see my innovation: fill in Santa Monica bay to create thousands of new homes. 🙂


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