Music to my old ears

Yes, the reaction I might get to this is “That’s just one Black mother” but it isn’t.  There is no situation where one mother or one plumber or one violinist alone feels any one way.

THIS IS SO WORTH WATCHING I wanted to reach through my TV set when I first saw her yesterday and KISS HER!




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12 Responses to Music to my old ears

  1. bocopro says:

    Recently my increasingly less numble fingers have dribbled out several screeds on BLM, 1619, critical race theory, and the harris/biden administration’s obsession with “systemic racism.”

    Denny posted one yesterday which touches upon the general topic:

    I barfed out another one this mornin . . . kinda long for this forum, but I’ll think about it — might post it later. Title is “Götterdämmerung” or “The Fall of the Founding Fathers.”

    I managed to turn the noun into a verb: “We’re about to be gotterdammerunged by doublespeak, blackification, and virtue signaling”. . . . also did it with Ragnarok, as in the clause “political correctness is gonna ragnarok us.”

    Can’t resist birthing neologisms and forcing innocent parts of speech into unnatural relationships.

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  2. Mustang says:

    This lady is why I question such terms as “black agenda” and “black community.” There is no single black agenda, a single black community, or even a single black opinion. We ought to stop using the word black to describe people and their views. She is apparently someone with whom I can agree on some things and disagree with her on others. I feel it is my duty to listen, at least initially, to what others have to say. If I agree fine. If I disagree, which should be okay under every set of circumstances, it doesn’t improve my position to then label that person’s view, with whom I disagree, as a “black” point of view. Doing so negates anything I might have to say about the topic at hand. So, for what she said, BRAVO. For having the courage to say it, BRAVO.

    One addition, though. Everything she said went in one ear and out the other of those board members, who had already made up their minds by the time of the meeting. That’s the way school boards work.

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, That’s mostly how boards work, yes, (though I refuse to believe all people don’t think past their agenda)… What I know and care deeply about is that her opinion is catching on. Watching FOX guests and videos every day referring to how parents are waking up and some teachers are standing up to WOKENESS and 1619 helps me keep up with the growing frustration and BACKLASH to what the Left is doing. It’s why I’ve said I watch it, among other channels….I like knowing there are people speaking out…

    As you know, I totally agree with your feelings about broad-brushing any group with a group think…
    The Left is so very good at it; we are ALL WHITE SUPREMACISTS, DONTCHAKNOW!?

    Oh, Mustang, you should hear CNN about Liz Cheney, their NEW HERO! Again, I was smiling at the mischaracterizations…..the constant “The GOP is over” “Is it that these people just want to LIE about the election?” They all come very close to Katie Couric’s statement a few weeks ago that Trump voters need to DEPROGRAMMED.

    They didn’t ONCE, this morning, discuss the myriad of ballots, sometimes 9, sent to the same residence, or how voting stopped in high Trump counts, or any of the many stories by vote counters alleging fraud, etc. Not ONCE.
    They also now (TODAY) have found footage of a D.C. Cop being attacked by TRUMP SUPPORTERS…..No thought given to “maybe they’re not!”
    “These weren’t TOURISTS, these were Trump supporters trying to hurt this cop!

    SUDDENLY, the Left loves cops?

    BOCOPRO…thanks….got a zoom mtg in 45 minutes and just realized how late it is! Looking forward to watching your vid …will be back !!!!

    Thanks, everybody.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…this says it all and one wonders at people who don’t get this “So, what I wanna know is . . . if white supremacists constitute the biggest danger to American society . . . why aren’t they the ones burning down cities, breaking windows, turning over police cars, looting, attacking Asian women on the streets, and harassing people in restaurants?”

    My biggest problem is that NOBODY has the GUTS to say this in PUBLIC. A few on FOX hint at it, but this is explosive…truth is explosive these days if it doesn’t back the sentiment of the stinkin’ LEFT.

    BY the way, you publish long comments here and I love them, as do my readers, but I had no idea you had your own blog…seriously I didn’t! I comment to you HERE and I’m hoping you haven’t thought me a swine for not being as gracious to you as you are to me, coming here every day with great stuff. I’m SO sorry.

    I don’t visit Mustang because I like what he writes at Bunk’s (and am not THAT big a military-reading fan) and I don’t go often to Ed because I never know when he’s published…. Sorry, folks.


  5. bocopro says:

    Where’d you get the ideer that I have a blog? No . . . I decided long ago that I don’t need the hassle of trolls and comment warfare.

    For a coupla years I contributed regularly to a group rantfest, but the guy who ran it ran out on us when his wife got a superjob and they had to relocate.

    But being a compulsive self-expressionista, I continued throwing junk out into the aethersphere with a fairly large e-mail addee group.

    Today I have no way of knowing who’s still out there reading, but occasionally feedback comes in urging me not to stop, so I keep on keepin on. The site I linked today is just a guy whose perspectives and attitudes match mine . . . a paraplegic with a bit of a complicated life confined to wheelchair. He likes my style, my “voice,” and publishes one of my rants each Wednesday: “Ronsday.”

    Here’s the one I mentioned earlier today, Gotterdammerung . . . . Denny might use this one — I never know which one he’ll pick each week.


    If ya look it up, the definition you’ll find will generally be something like “downfall,” “undoing,” “deterioration,” “collapse,” “turbulent decline,” “chaos,” or just “the end.”

    Literally it derives from the plural of the German term Gott (or god, gotter being the plural) and Dammerung, (twilight). The idea is based on old Nordic mythology (Icelandic) involving Ragnarok, which originally referred to the “fate of the old gods” but became confused with a similar word meaning “twilight of the gods.”

    Whichever the case, in Europe it became a term applicable to the destruction of Hitler’s infamous thousand-year reich amidst chaos and ruin of German cities and the eradication of his “master race” philosophy. My opinion . . . it’s perfectly a pro pos of the violence, disorder, unrest, and imminent collapse of the United States as a major global entity.

    I’m by no means a practicing Christian, but just as with the Nazis’ abandoning traditional religion in favor of the Führer cult, the US has basically turned Christianity into some sort of unwelcome stepchild and opened the door to false religions, particularly Islam and pseudoscience.

    The Harris/Biden obsession with Trump-dumping, climate catastrophe, and systemic racism is a brain smog, a mental dark cloud, a psycho-sickness as dangerous as Herr Schickelgruber’s unreadable book and triggering a North American Gotterdammerung as surely as lebensraum, Aryan supremacy, and Nazism brought disaster, defeat, and disintegration to Germany.

    We are being controlled by a wokocracy completely detached from reality, one in which politicians, especially liberals, think they were hired to go on TV, harrumph, campaign, and demand solutions, not work with each other to come up with them.

    Recently liberal governors have been toying with the idea of removing legislative immunity from law enforcement personnel to stem the “racial violence.” Really?? Hey, how ‘bout we remove it from politicians first and see how that works out.

    Watchin Sundowner Joe perform in a press conference is a lot like watchin Moe do brain surgery on Shemp. And Kamalho talking to a camera on just about ANY topic is like watchin Amy Schumer try to be funny.

    Here’s a paragraph I grabbed from someplace a few days ago . . . can’t remember where: Maybe if the Federal Government spent less time rooting out Trump voters from the military, or promoting box-checking woke CIA employees, or hunting down random grandmothers who were in DC on January 6th, they might actually have the time to focus on cybersecurity.

    We’re entering a twilight zone, a time warp, a back-to-the-future scenario sucking us back to the Carter era with its runaway energy prices, skyrocketing grocery bills, self-feeding inflation, and an economy in respiratory distress.

    But as many tweeters and phazebokkers have mentioned recently, at least we don’t have to put up with the mean tweets. Still . . . the left stole an election in hopes that Doofus Joe would be the second coming of FDR – today they’re wondering why their lives aren’t any better without Trump and instead of FDR, Joe is Jimmah Cahtuh.

    Somethin else I read recently was this: “The problem with many of today’s politicians, as well as much of today’s youth, is that they never had to put their car in neutral, push it to get it rolling, then jump in and pop the clutch.”

    I just have a lotta trouble understandin why leftistos can’t grasp the point that objecting to and legislating against investigation into election fraud in 2020 is damned good proof of the fact that there was indeed election fraud.

    When you have nothing dirty to hide, you don’t get your panties in a wad over someone asking where you buy your groceries. But when career D.C. politicians insist that we ordinary folks don’t need guns and ammo . . . that’s a sure sign that we’d better make sure we have plenty of guns and ammo.

    Liz Cheney has gone to the extreme with the idea that Joe & Ho won the election fair and square. In fact, she’s doing a career seppuku on that very idea, pissing off a whole bunch of conservatives who are absolutely convinced that Trump was winning until truckloads of Biden ballots showed up mysteriously in the dark of night.

    Cheese and crackers, amigos mios . . . political correctness is gonna ragnarok us. It’s the act of sacrificing your own opinion to avoid upsetting snowflakes and assholes who got their degrees from Delicate U and never learned how to cope with educated people who disagree with their ideas.

    We’re about to be gotterdammerunged by doublespeak, blackification, and virtue signaling. Political correctness, gender confusion, and the thought gestapo are systematically removing American spines and replacing them with linguini, pronoun ambiguity, and flaccid phalli.

    Face diapers have replaced the battle shield. They are the escutcheon emblems of the Virtue-Signal Army. The battle flags are now hand-held touch-screen gossip spreaders. What Orwell called “thought police” are now known as “fact checkers.”

    Mainstream media and perish-or-publish “journalists” have decided to convince us that blacks constitute half the national population and at least a quarter of the country is gay, lesbian, or trannie. Their goal is to have us achieve herd stupidity in a new world order controlled by gazillionaires and their corporations.

    What I really wanna know is why, if this country is SO goddam racist, millions of POC from all over the planet go to such great efforts to come here to become VICTIMS of that widespread systemic racism and white supremacy.

    And . . . while you’re whippin up with an answer to that one, see if you can come up with anything more racist than BLM, rap “music,” and a black congressional caucus.


  6. Baysider says:

    So happy to hear a person with the strength to come out in public and shame these cowards.
    And this young Marine running for Lt. Gov in Virginia:
    She describes how she makes a case to non-Republicans that they are conservative. She notes education and gun rights.


  7. bocopro says:

    He’s a former Navy electronics tech from the VietNam era who got good at his job and got out to go to work for IBM, where he got into computers and mainframes back in the 70s and 80s.

    Broke his spine, permanent damage, and now lives the life of a challenged crip, driving a car without use of his legs, going skiing, scuba diving, and whatever he likes with his money despite the disability.

    Dyed-in-the-wool conservative, hates Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, DingleBarry, the Squad . . . the whole schmeer. Writes screeds in a voice very similar to mine, usually saying what I woulda said had I tackled the topic.

    Occasionally a touch on the profane or obscene side, but not a whole lot worse than what we hear on TV these days. I think his disability is gettin to him and he’s slowin down a bit — that’s why he asked if he could use some of my stuff from time to time. Life hasta be a beyotch for a guy like him without use of his lower body. I know it’d make ME a grouchy bastard.


  8. bocopro says:

    Hmmm . . . my 1:02 pm is in response to your comment, which has since disappeared.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, I did see that interview and had put it out of my mind. HOW could I DO THAT?
    Winsome…pretty name. I love this woman.

    The woman who started her group with my uncle, Star Parker, does exactly that…but she mostly goes to Black CHURCHES and talks to pastors, asking questions, giving opinions, they agree, and her thing is to inform them “YOU KNOW? YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN WITH THOSE VIEWS!” It works pretty well!
    Uncle was her Chair of her Board for many years….not sure today.
    Even your and my friend Cece once was chatting with me as we prepared for a CBS lunch and she agreed with EVERYTHING I said and I said “Cece, are you REPUBLICAN?” S he said she couldn’t because it would go against her (Black, for the benefit of anyone else reading this) family. But I don’t think she votes all Left. I’m sure she doesn’t.

    And yes, it’s the GUTS of people to go against their expected stances who REALLY impress me…and NEED TO BE HEARD.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I hadn’t read your original whole post when I wrote that comment…when I did, I deleted mine; Sorry you’d seen it already! Really sorry!!

    I think I’d like the GROUCH!!!

    I think you’re so right…you’d think, from watching TV, that America is 80% Black, when it’s about 16%, on the high side………..
    All good thoughts there, eloquently put, as usual, Boco…thanks!!


  11. Baysider says:

    My former elderly neighbor had what are all now Republican values. They weren’t when she formed them and most Democrats had them. I noted those were now Republican only ideas. Just couldn’t change. Told me they always vote Democrat, but I think she was really voting for something from 40 years ago that no longer existed. I liked DJT’s appeal to inner city black neighborhoods – “what have you got to lose?” after detailing the rotten deal they’ve had from Democrats.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….ISN’T THAT TELLING? You are wise sharing it here because it is another VERY REAL reason people vote Democrat. In fact, I was just watching FOX and thinking about this….the word REPUBLICAN itself has been made to sound like POISON. Right?
    It’s why I now say I’m a PROUD Republican…because sometimes people ask “what do you mean by PROUD?” “Well,” I respond…”..I liked the borders open only to legal immigrants or helping those who really need asylum, I liked how Trump helped Black colleges so well, I believe work is better than freebies, I just love this country and its founding principles”……it raises eyebrows and I like to think something’s going on in that mind behind the brows !! HAA!!

    Yes, they are REALLY voting for something from 40 years ago…so wise, Bay….today’s Dems, most of them, are NOTHING like that…. People say that, today, JFK would be considered a Republican. I think that’s right.


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