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23 Responses to LIZ CHENEY

  1. bocopro says:

    O.K. Now, see – first, I applaud a congresskritter of any stripe refusing to toe the party line but instead use his reason and logic to at least SEE the other side’s point, if not actually consider it.

    In fact, I’d welcome a whole lot more of that kinda thing in our self-enrichinf, self-important, self-promoting collection of 535 “legislators.” Much of what’s wrong with this nation today originates in partisan politics as practiced by the Waterses, Pelosis, Schumers, Omars, Swalwells, Greens, McConnells, et al.

    We NEED independent thinkers who might take the time to actually READ a piece of legislation before voting according to the mandatory dictates of some closed-minded relic who should’ve been shelved decades ago.

    But – that said, Liz rode her renegade pony too far off the reservation and got herself lost in the deep, dark, dank Dump-Trump bogs. She has every right to her opinion of the guy, and I admire her courage in speaking her mind on it, but anyone with her level of power and authority in the party leadership needs to remember that words have consequences, and you just don’t crucify a past potus simply because he occasionally got your knickers in a wad.

    That’s a lot like having a half-white/half-black potus making kneejerk analyses of racial tension incidents and always coming down on the side of melanin versus reality, or a football coach telling his team that they’d be better off with a quarterback who didn’t trashtalk and use abrupt language.

    Something just got stuck in her craw . . . some slight, some innuendo, some hubristic declaration . . . and it blocked her carotids to the point that her higher-logic centers became oxygen-starved, resulting in tunnel vision, misconception, and implacability.

    To be sharply focused on an idea can be a good thing . . . increasing efficiency, stamina, and resolve. But to progress past focus into obsession is more characteristic of megalomaniacs, mutineers, and traitors. And those tend to cause a whole lot more problems than they fix.

    Liz’s fixation on preventing Trump from ever holding high federal office again is more pathological than preventive, more fanatic than faithful, more wack than wise. If Wyoming wants to re-elect her to the House, that’s their decision, but she has no place in party leadership beyond that until she snaps out of the acute hissyfit she’s worked herself into. PotUSy in her future? Not bloody likely.


  2. Someone with political tone deafness will self eliminate, as she has.
    Mittens is next, hopefully.


  3. kidme37 says:

    Internet says she voted with Trump 92.9% of the time. But she voted to impeach Trump and she also is totally on board with the lie that the Jan 6 event where Capitol Police invited people into the capitol being a riot, incursion, attack, etc.

    Therefore I have no use for this person.

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  4. Mustang says:

    Whatever it is that’s “up” with her is shared by a clear majority of the DC political class. Party affiliation doesn’t matter. Cheney’s ego is so large, you could drive a tank through it and never touch the sides. IMO, she’s as dangerous to the Republic as Hillary Clinton. She even sounds like Hillary. Conservative values, as I see them, do not chomp at the bit to send our young men and women into hostile fire zones, but Cheney does … because doing so helps her portfolio. Americans will wise up to what’s going on someday. Not soon, but someday. These political dynasties have to go … and the sooner they do, the better for all of us.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO: say “But – that said, Liz rode her renegade pony too far off the reservation and got herself lost in the deep, dark, dank Dump-Trump bogs”

    It’s like she went INSANE. She was getting on my nerves already when I happened on her doing CNN with Tapper and THAT was it. She’s sucking up to the LEFT and making Trump, and all of us Republicans who wish he was BACK, look like BIG LIARS, as she labeled his BIG LIE.
    And, if she’s so certain the election was a fraud, let her answer to all the accusations even eye witnesses came forward with….point by point. Make YOUR POINT, LIZ, don’t just yammer on and on.

    I, too, like those who don’t toe a party line…..It actually makes me nervous when Dems do it because it makes me have to look at other of their stances to see if they’re right….they never are (SMILE)…it’s usually an ‘accident’ that they actually agree with us!!!!

    ED…Mitt certainly is on Liz’s team, isn’t he. As BOCOPRO said above, I do like someone who’s a free thinker and REALLY thinks and doesn’t toe a line but we need cooperation, we need to stick together, and this is no time to ‘expose’ Republican weakness…..Mitt and Liz are no help, that is FOR SURE.

    KID! I KNOW! I read an even higher amount of voting with Trump! That’s why I included in my post she really does want what WE want…
    Except now she says WE DON’T WANT DEMOCRACY! Trump isn’t for Democracy because he doesn’t believe in fair voting….. AWFUL stuff out of her mouth.
    How DEMOCRATIC, by the way, are strings of Executive Orders which the Republicans had NO say-so about? or all the other ways Biden is destroying our country? how DEMOCRATIC is an open border? If you love this country, you don’t do it.

    BUT KID; what do you mean by THIS? “that the Jan 6 event where Capitol Police invited people into the capitol being a riot, incursion, attack, etc.” TELL ME! What the…?

    MUSTANG: I believe that Cheney Legacy is going to stop once Wyomingites refuse to vote for her again after this fiasco. Her response to that is “…People in Wyoming don’t want honest elections ignored”…Well, LIZ, let’s wait to see how YOUR next election goes.

    I just Googled and Wyoming went for Trump with 69.9%. Most are NOT going to change…but I found this:

    They appear to like what she did because WYOMING PEOPLE DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION LIKE SHE DOES.

    Ya, I forgot to mention she says the Republicans are now not following the Constitution by following Trump. She thinks she’s high and mighty and she looks to me like a BIG FOOL pandering to the Left. WHy someone with her voting record is doing this is beyond me.

    But we have to remember BUSH hated Trump, too, and Cheney’s probably the same.


  6. kidme37 says:

    BUT KID; what do you mean by THIS? “that the Jan 6 event where Capitol Police invited people into the capitol being a riot, incursion, attack, etc.” TELL ME! What the…?

    The dems say there was a riot at the capitol. There wasn’t. It was a peaceful gathering infiltrated by some antifa/whatever people who did some violence. Cheney is down with accepting the dems mischaracterization. To the point of voting to impeach DJT. She is no supporter of America, just another POS politician who votes mostly according to how the demographics tell her to so she can get re-elected and keep raking in the cash.

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    KID….aah…well, we’ve all seen TONS of video and stills of riot incursion, attack, that’s for sure.
    I TOTALLY believe it was the LEFT inciting, definitely. There was one BLM guy who was taking video and he was picked up by the cops because it looked like he was inciting but “What ever HAPPENED to THAT?” (the same thing that happened to the Durham Report, I expect)….
    DJT’s words never ONCE implied to ATTACK or RIOT, in fact he said quite the opposite…Plus, Republicans don’t DO that.
    I don’t doubt a few Republicans got caught into the fervor……no doubt about that, but I believe it was TOTALLY inspired by the Left.
    It was a peaceful gathering until it got to Capitol Hill…they were totally peaceful down the hill listening to Trump, no doubt about it, but I DO BELIEVE enough were REALLY upset at Pence for not overturning the electoral college thing that some did get carried away………and the Left was counting on it, and LED IT.

    Thankfully, I don’t know any demographics that’ll support Cheney getting reelected in Wyoming…not when Wyoming was 69.9% for Trump. Altho in that link I put above, there are billboards that say something like WE STAND WITH CHENEY AND SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION (Probably paid for by Dick Cheney!!) HA!! And if she goes Democrat, her having voted with Trump so much won’t be a selling point. SO I’m not sure about her wisdom on ANY of this.
    She’s now saying she regrets having voted for Trump in 2016.


  8. geeez2014 says:


    “Ya, I thought Stefanik was a ‘strong conservative, ‘ too, until I saw her voting record.
    And McCarthy won’t even take emails from anybody outside HIS DISTRICT in California!! WHAT? He’s the minority leader and ignores everyone’s comments outside his own small district?

    So, let’s be real conservatives and then ask for money, please.

    And, there really IS no one who’s more behind Trump’s policies…I want him back!
    Find real conservatives to back you, Mr. Trump!!!”


  9. kidme37 says:

    “here are billboards that say something like WE STAND WITH CHENEY AND SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION (Probably paid for by Dick Cheney!!) HA!! ”

    I’d say that is a very good conclusion.

    A lot more people read billboards than pay any attention to the actual goings on in DC, let alone research anyone’s voting record or anything else. Like those morons who wait for the ‘debates’ to see how candidates stand on the issues…..


  10. geeez2014 says:

    KID, you think all debates are worthless? I think it’s good when we can see video on Biden promising something he never lived up to, for example. “See what he said in the debates? and he never did it!”
    What do you think? Or is your point just that, come to think of it…they never DO live up to their promises in debates. But I think some do???


  11. kidme37 says:

    Debate conversation (outside of Trump it came to pass since he actually kept as many campaign promises as possible) is nothing but the result of polls and other marketing type generated BS. “What do I need to say to get elected. What do the voters who generally vote for the party I’m running as vote for. Who do I need to pander to and who can I blow off.”
    So imo, it is a worthless exercise to even watch unless you know the above and are watching for entertainment value. It’s all 99.9% bs.
    The other thing that is top of mind for me is people should know these people already if they’ve been on the scene for even a couple years in congress or government. Like you’re some liberal POS like romney then start yapping about ‘conservative/republican’ stuff when you run for office.
    10 seconds before elections McCain would be talking close the border then 10 seconds after talk about Amnesty. No exaggeration. Fool me once o as many times as you want ! :). Maybe he was still better than who ran against him.
    Finally, we know the democrats don’t care about anyone and want to destroy the country while stealing as much money as possible. Why vote for one.
    In the case of the repubs, they’re useless. They do absolutely nothing when in majority other than keeping the dems from hammering away even more of the country. So some small benefit to that, but I wouldn’t believe anything any of them said if you paid me. Exception for probably 85-90% of what Trump says.

    The American government doesn’t give a rat about us. At all.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I think there are politicians who care…some new ones are talking pretty tough on our values, etc., but you’re mostly correct (as usual!)
    McCarthy, someone I’ve always found loathsome, is a Congressman from my state…would you believe it’s impossible to email him? you have to be FROM his district, as if being Minority Whip isn’t a position people might want to WRITE TO!? Jerk.

    Yup, I think you’re right …Trump DID live up to most of his promises……….Nobody could stand anybody who spoke openly, shooting from his hip, calling him a LIAR if not everything turned out….in contrast, Biden will destroy America and people will blame it on Trump.
    It’s unreal.

    Except (and I have friends who are saying “you know I think you’re right now”) there is SOME good news in parents finally waking up to their kids’ education, and some other stuff…….I think there’s nobody like Biden’s Puppet Masters to show America we need to GET RID OF THE LEFT.

    I SO WISH Republicans would stop using the term PROGRESSIVE and go back to THE LIBERALS… much more heinous.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Did you all hear Andrew Giuliani is running for Governor of New York?
    We need Rudy back, but maybe he can run things from behind the scenes?!!


  14. kidme37 says:

    Agree with you on the above – May 18, 2021 at 12:58 pm


  15. Yeah, The Antrim thing sucks.

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  16. bunkerville says:

    Liz will get re-elected. She is counting on the Dems taking care of her on primary day. Dems can switch parties at the time of voting…….. she will never leave us. That is her plan…..


  17. Baysider says:

    No, to running for President.
    She’ll be lucky to get re-elected in Wyoming except under Bunkerville’s scenario.
    She can join the board of some sniveling, self-aggrandizing NGO that likes to meddle in other peoples’ business.
    And appear as the token conservative on leftwing news shows (but I am redundant).

    I honestly have little to say about ‘what happened.’ She does come from a Trump hating ‘family’ of the Bush-Cheney stripe. You can still vote for someone’s agenda that you agree with even if you dislike the individual. Heck, I even read something once that Obama did that I agreed with. And maybe that’s it. On Jan. 6 she saw which life raft to jump on.

    Agree about NOT using the “p” word. And skip over liberal too. Go straight to ‘left-wing.’


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville; can you explain that? No way will she win, in my opinion.

    BAYSIDER….glad you agree with me on all this…
    No way she’ll win.
    Obama wanted INFRASTRUCTURE but got the funding and did NOTHING…that was the one thing I agreed with…Oh, and I just learned about his forbidding Gain of Function but Fauci and Gates went around him…I agreed with Obama on that…now that we all know about it at all.

    Yes, she’s already started the TOKEN CONSERVATIVE….she’s on CNN now that she hates Trump, too!!

    LIBERAL sounds worse to me than Left-Wing, but I’ll take anything but PROGRESSIVE!!


  19. Baysider says:

    Breaking the 11th commandment. Tone deaf. But maybe she sees this as the trajectory to praise and glory then on to my NGO scenario or similar. She’s a very bright and well spoken woman. What a shame.

    Yes, it was the stopping of gain of function that Obama did. Or at least it was a shield for what guys were doing anyway.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, she IS bright and well spoken, isn’t she…It really IS a shame.
    Also, there are ways of presenting her truth…without turning off 70 million Trump voters…She didn’t do it well. She could have brought in points which she thought were valid and discussed them but she jumped hard on his being a LIAR and AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION…
    just plain STUPID.
    It’s those things which make me think she actually thinks she has a ghost of a chance to run for higher office.


  21. Baysider says:

    She sounds just like her mother (voicewise).

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