The State of Illegals ….

I saw horrific pictures on FOX yesterday showing many immigrants in trucks whose temperatures were 106 degrees…people crammed in, shirts off, 12 needing hospitalization, and you can bet there are no bathrooms in the truck.  This is typical, it’s the norm.  This is the Biden situation he’s created.   And he said Trump was inhumane?

During the FOX report, the reporter said “EVERY state will become a BORDER STATE” and I thought “…and a BOARDER STATE.”

12 of those sweltering in the truck are now in the hospital….OUR hospitals $$$.   We’re not sending people back, so we WILL be BOARDING them, maybe forever.

California has about 600 miles of wall, and much of our border is geographic border; cliffs, steep rocks and chaparral.

What are other states to do?

Will your state become a BOARDER STATE?


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28 Responses to The State of Illegals ….

  1. Mustang says:

    The suffering of people in Mexico is horrendous, but it has been going on now — a serious estimate — for at least 300 years. It has become so commonplace that hardly anyone in Mexico bothers to complain. It is a caste society, one inherited from old Spain, where those at the top have no empathy for those of the lower orders, and those within the lower caste simply accept their lot as “the way it’s always been.” The only manifestation of any rejection of this despicable condition is that we can see tens of thousands of lower caste people surging across our borders. Pragmatically, who can blame these people for wanting out of hell on earth?

    But you will notice there are no voices from outside Mexico demanding an end to human despair inside Mexico. Nothing from the US government (under Democrats); nothing from the UN; no voices from any European country. But you will hear plenty of voices from almost every quarter about Trump’s wall. Why is that? We do hear plenty of moaning about the plight of the Somali, the misplaced Syrian, the starving Ethiopian, the drowning children escaping from North Africa … nothing at all from any of the “humane” sectors of any western European society about the Mexican peasant who is at least smart enough to realize how dire his condition is, and then mustering the courage to do something about it.

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  2. kidme37 says:

    Other states? What did Tennessee do in small tiny example, when they recently Flew 14,000 unaccompanied illegal children to Chattenooga, TN ? Didn’t do nuthin but take them in, hospitalize some of them probably, turn some of them to child sex for politicians, celebrities, and ‘foster homes’, and put the rest on the street to panhandle ? I don’t know. Just guessing based on what I know of the clown show we are living in,

    Multiply that by 10,000 over the next few years and to every city in America. At this point I just hope they all open some good restaurants and enter the physical trades so I can have someone show up at my house to do brick or landscaping work that doesn’t look like a comic book from the tattoos, and that keeps his pants up over his belt line while in sight around the house.

    I can’t wait until they turn the entire USA into looking like Tijuana with a hangover.


  3. kidme37 says:

    Excellent Mustang. Driving home yesterday, I found myself thinking about children who may not even get water to drink that day, let alone food. It’d be nice if we could do something about that but it seems 99% of the charities that even could do something for any of them just use the charity to enrich themself.

    Stopping communism around the world would go a long way I think. then we’d be left, as you imply, with the people who simply don’t have the slightest desire to better their situation.


  4. bunkerville says:

    I suggest that this border nonsense is baiting good Americans to rise up… when I read that they are flying in families now to connect with illegals already here, I figured they are setting up a rumble. Connect the dots… DeSantis is sending over National Guard… the election audits are coming to a close…. purging the military….


  5. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG and KID…then you agree with Kamala in her trip to those countries where she’s offering big money to keep them at home or let them all in per her administration?

    I would say it’s largely gangs and cartels which have ripped apart those countries….poisoned their young men into thinking drugs are a great way to make a living, etc. Killing the young people if they don’t go along with them, etc…AWFUL, …

    MUSTANG: What would be your solution to those “mustering the courage” to come into America illegally, which is absolutely nothing new, of course.
    We have students at my high school whose parents came in illegally but safely 7 times (crossing back and forth with more relatives, to visit home, etc. about 20 years ago.. They are AMAZING people who have beautifully benefited by America!
    Their two sons were valedictorians at our school!…they’ve gone on to USC and Carnegie Mellon…on hard-earned scholarships. I once spoke against illegal immigration in a conversation with an AP class discussion I and about 8 seniors were having… The student at USC now was there…not very happy with me, though we’d had a very special relationship….at the end of the conversation, I said, and meant, “……..But who DOESN”T want this great family in America?” And he knew I meant it.
    He was visibly moved and happier with me. Sadly, I’m not sure his family is the norm.

    I think people “moan” about Trump’s wall more than they do Somalia and Ethiopia because of where it IS! Somalia and Ethiopia aren’t that kind of immediate threat at our borders.

    KID, you’re right… whatever money Kamala’s promised will probably go into the pockets of the leaders of those countries…not to the people. I would have thought we could have learned how to prevent that by now, but we apparently haven’t?

    The exception is El Salvador, where we’re hearing CHINA has sent them gazillions of dollars and, as my cleaning lady who occasionally comes to help me says, they are now enjoying better paid jobs thanks to Chinese aid…. They clearly started there because that president is new and young and not yet the type to steal from his people….The CHinese can actually get a foothold and benefit from the better economy they’ve started to get going there $$$$
    Odd (?) this young pres didn’t mention HUGE Chinese money during his conversations recently with Tucker Carlson.

    KID, it is horrible that people suffer so much in Central America…particularly on these treks North..with babies, no food, no water………just brand new TShirts BIDEN PLEASE LET US IN.

    BUNKERVILLE…I mentioned that yesterday; if a REAL CIVIL WAR isn’t gearing up when we hear our feds doing zip and our states helping each other, one has to wonder about that, doesn’t one.

    MUSTANG and KID……You both see the pain and fear and desperation in Central America’s countries ….what would YOU DO to improve their situations?


  6. Mustang says:

    @ Z

    I look at Mexico as a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker without a steam release valve will explode. The United States is Mexico’s steam release valve. I have empathy for the Mexican who wants to live in America, but one who intends to assimilate our culture, our values, and our traditions. That means, respect for law and order, so they must not come here illegally.

    I favor not only a wall, but a no-nonsense enforcement mechanism that requires all foreign persons to come here legally. Once they do that, then I say, “Welcome aboard.” A wall and good enforcement mechanism may have another positive impact … which is to say that if Mexico won’t change its ways, and since under the Mustang Plan the people could no longer sneak across our border, then there’s going to be another revolution in Mexico … which is what needs to happen violently if it can’t be done at the voting booth. We have no reason to believe the second is a realistic option, and we can hope that in the next event, the people will govern, not the elite people who have always governed.

    Look, it was up to our ancestors to take the risks of revolution. It wasn’t easy. Some may even argue that our revolution continues. If the Mexicans want freedom, opportunity, laws that work for them rather than just some of them, then they’ll have to shoulder the burden of making that happen. But for as long as they keep squeezing under our fences, it will never happen.

    This is my answer to your question.

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  7. peter3nj says:

    Since I may qualify as an empty barrel making the most noise I can unequivocally say the solution to the problem of drugs and gangs is a governmental undercover anti-drug/gang task force armed with shoot to kill orders. Since the Democrats are in the process of suspending the Constitution it seems like a logical solution. Kill all those bastards!


  8. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: BRAVO! I couldn’t agree with you more. YES! Like that fellow I described who was valedictorian; his family might cook Mexican food at home but they are totally AMERICAN, encouraging their sons and daughters to go to college, working here, they all speak English and celebrate American traditions. THAT is the great immigrant we want, isn’t it.
    I TOTALLY celebrate those people……..IF they learn our language, honor our values and traditions.

    I’m first and second generation American, so I get this ….

    MUSTANG: What can we do about the gangs infiltrating here more and more? That’s a real problem and they’re so threatening that they recruit easily.!!

    PETER…after I typed my question just above here to MUSTANG, I read your comment!!! Thanks…

    “…governmental undercover anti-drug/gang task force armed with shoot to kill orders.”

    Sadly, all that energy right now is aimed at Proud Boys and other “WHITE SUPREMACIST” groups!!!!! I had to laugh when I heard there had been ‘VIOLENT ATTACKS” by Proud Boys against ANTIFA in Portland last night…Odd they commit VIOLENT ATTACKS but ANtifa and BLM’s burning, looting and shooting people was described as PROTESTS!!!!


  9. kidme37 says:

    Z, Not sure what you’re asking about Harris. The answer though is Harris (the democrats) are doing two things regards that statement. Laundering money and telling them the illegals are welcome with a wink and a nod. There is no democrat on the face of the Earth who wants illegals to stay out. I wish MS-13 people would move in and surround AOC, then rape her everytime she shows her face outside. Seriously, as she cares not about the people MS-13 and rapiing and killing, those being mostly Americans who pay the Federal government to honor their number ONE mandate, National Security – that which they do the most piss poor job at. Meaning Not At All.

    As far as people suffering, I don’t think they are suffering much in Central America, not compared to places like some African countries, India, Rural China. Food might be scarce in Venezuela but we’re not hearing of people dying of famine or lack of water. Certainly not to extent of other places.
    When I wrote that I’m thinking of some very young person with no water and probably no food.

    Finally, these people are not ‘trekking north with babies and no food and water’. The only time you see these well dressed, well fed people walking is between where the train lets them off and the bus picks them up.


  10. kidme37 says:

    What to do about the border? Wall it and guard it and shoot anyone who comes over uninvited. Put signs up starting 20 miles or so in Mexico stating this is what will happen to them if they try.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    KID…ya…the suggestion was Mexico needs help and so I wondered if either of you thought Kamala’s offering $$$ down there was helpful.
    People are dying in Venezuela from starvation, etc….many stories on that….very few can afford the inflated price of foods. I don’t think they’re dying of thirst. i hope not, anyway.
    And, if you see videos, the only people trekking north looking well dressed and well fed are wearing Biden T Shirts……The ones you’d see on TV are carrying small backpacks, if anything, and wearing horrible clothing, …they’re messes.

    I agree..I think some ARE on buses being brought up, and while many look in VERY bad shape, had I walked only 50 miles, I’d look a LOT worse than THEY do!….they’re supposedly walking hundreds of miles….
    and they do seem to have cell phones…odd.


  12. kidme37 says:

    Ok, Well, Venezuela is fixable anyway. These places in Africa and other places where people refuse to join even the 2nd century are the ones I’m really thinking of. Babies out the wazoo and no way to provide for them.

    Yea, they’re not walking hundreds of miles.

    I guess I’m a little agitated because none of ‘this’ is fixable given the current environment. There is no one in a position to make improvements (feds, etc) who gives a damn, or would even if they could.

    In a small example it’s like people yapping about fixing the voting process. No one who can will, least of all the republicans who have done nothing for decades and allowed the process to get this polluted with fraud etc. If anyone wanted any of this stuff fixed, it would be – tell me the government would allow taxes to go uncollected.

    Guess I’ll head out and do some work, get myself in better spirits.


  13. MAL says:

    This basically all boils down to the one main problem:

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  14. geeez2014 says:

    KID, you thoroughly depressed me and you’re largely right on all that you said…

    Yes, those African babies are doomed……Venezuelans could fix it if they would.
    And there is NOBODY WILLING to fix our border problem but Trump….who’s going down there in 1 1/2 wks…

    I wonder if Kamala will try now to beat him; I love this becauSE it puts her in SUCH a tough spot!! LOVELY!

    AND, worse YET is how many believe the Dems are doing this purposefully TO GET HISPANIC VOTES.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: Over population…but probably more MANAGEMENT of population;
    less greed of leaders, more honest trade/jobs, parents who actually care……

    Thankfully, even in my limited experiences, I know MANY missionaries and others who are helping in Africa…helping children with no parents due to AIDS (again, good parenting might include not screwing around!?), bringing hospitals to rural communities like my church did before I joined and it’s thriving now, a guy I know has a group which brings water to places where they don’t know how to find it in their lands..

    Like my husband used to say when he did work in Ethiopia “If an elevator breaks down in a hotel, they just build a new hotel next to the old one!”….They have the money if they need it, they don’t have the know-how.
    And those who get OUT to universities in France, Germany,etc., generallY STAY OUT insteaD of going home to help their countrymen and , in Paris, I’ve personally seen African embassy people dressed in VERY expensive suits and chauffeur driven limos.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    I wonder at the name of this holiday….are we going to call Independence Day in America Julyth?

    ANYWAY: I think it’s an idea long overdue…I had NEVER HEARD of this until last year and I’ve been stunned to hear the derision toward Republicans because the Left says they wanted to block this holiday from happening. And they didn’t except on the grounds of how terribly much this paid federal holiday will cost us.

    Here’s a sampling of the leftwing media;s take on it:

    “Yet just a year ago in mid-June of 2020, all of those factors — Tulsa, Juneteenth, the waves of protest and the Covid pandemic — posed problems for then-President Donald Trump, who had come under fire for announcing plans to hold a rally in Tulsa on the holiday.

    “I made Juneteenth very famous,” Trump told The Wall Street Journal after moving the date of the rally. “It’s actually an important event, an important time. But nobody had ever heard of it.”

    The contrast between Trump’s final Juneteenth as president and Biden’s first could hardly be more stark. It illustrates not only the seismic changes at play in the nation and how they shaped the present, but also the difference in how the two presidents have approached issues of race.”

    ya, ya…typical for Trump to say HE MADE IT FAMOUS…(gad)….but he called it IMPORTANT….and yet what’s pointed out is the “CONTRAST” between Trump and Biden and how it could not be “more STARKI”…what ‘difference?” Trump tried to DO a rally to get the ball rolling, they slammed him for suggesting a public outing during COVID and so that means it shows how “he approached issues of race?” HILARIOUS!!!! SUCH LYING POS’s


  17. kidme37 says:

    MAL, You’re absolutely right. Way over-populated. We are now a world of idiots led by the incompetent evil.

    Z, who is going to ‘manage’ populations? Here is the problem. The forest is always managed by the trees and the forest inhabitants. Once enough trees and biological infrastructure stop doing their part, the forest dies. Hank Johnson and his hooker secretary maybe. How about Justine Trudeau? Or our own cardboard cutouts and incompetent hyena sidekick.
    Any of the losers on that G7 stage…


  18. Baysider says:

    Mustang + 1. We are the steam release valve. I’ve said for years instead of just letting people in willy nilly we should go there and “fix” their country. Alas, the wrong fixers would get in charge of that. I wouldn’t want to do that to our armed forces. Despite all the ‘nation building’ (bleah!) it isn’t their job.

    I was struck by your description Z, of the heat and misery, of what a contrast it is with Jews herded onto trains, crammed and sweltering. They had to be prodded at the point of a gun. These guys do this willingly. A perceived pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If not for them, for their children.

    What to do? Solve 2 problems in one blow. Florida has gators, the southwest has open land. Dig a BIG ditch in the SW, fill it with water and Florida’s gators.


  19. peter3nj says:

    Dingane ka Senzangakhona Zulu, commonly referred to as Dingane or Dingaan, was a Zulu chief who became king of the Zulu Kingdom in 1828. While he is known for doing nothing for his homies besides selling them to black slave traders who sold them to white slave traders his name alone qualifies his having a statue raised in New York’s Central Park and giving all working people a paid day off. And now…time for my meds once again.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    KID …my term “Managed” would include BIRTH CONTROL…….and PARENTING and JOB TRAINING, etc….it’s too late now, I suppose, with so many people everywhere.
    The problem is it’s we White Europeans who stop having babies…not other populations; even those who mean us harm.

    BAYSIDER, you and MUSTANG and KID all sound like you’re bleeding for these poor sweltering people using us as their release valve…………then you say build a river with crocodiles to kill them if they try to come in!?
    Yes, they’re suffering terribly in those trucks, etc., for themselves and for their children, which SHOULD impact us…it should help us understand why they’re coming.

    But this is a country which welcomes those who follow our laws……and will even help those who don’t! Whose hospitals do we all THINK those 12 who needed hospitalization from just one of those sweltering trucks went to? OURS$$$$ I watch news and i see our border agents taking infants out of the arms of parents who just walked half a mile in a waist-high river and are exhausted, trying to get up the banks of the river……..
    THIS IS WRONG………….but they know they’ll be able to stay.
    it’s the idiotic incentive Biden set up.

    I’ve said for years, too, that we need to help these people in their countries…who doesn’t want to stay in your own country? But, alas, their leaders are not going to help them with our money……..and now I had VERY VERY high hopes for the Salvadoran new young president who Tucker interviewed 2 wks ago then my own cleaNing helper tells me Salvadorans are getting jobs again, they’re working, eating, they’re thrilled…I was DELIGHTED…only to hear the rest of her sentence..”…we’re so happy the CHINESE gavE us all that money”

    what the? Gee, he forgot to mention THAT to Tucker in his interview….he said “other countries have helped” (I distinctly remember that because I wondered WHO?)………….so now instead of my feeling thrilled for Salvador, I’m sick at heart that China’s going to be squeezing us out through what’s south of us.

    I’m not reading my comment again…so pardon any errors which might make me less understood…..I’m kinda sick of the whole f’ing thing and don’t want to read it again!!


  21. kidme37 says:

    Ah, got ya Z. Yea, I read the birth rate in western civilization countries is below the 1.9 per household to be able to maintain an economy and culture. Whoooppie !

    Plays right into the hands of the vermin don’t it?

    No sense sweating the little things.

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  22. MAL says:

    I mentioned our son is moving to Cheyenne, Wyo. the 1st of the month. When he went to confirm his rental truck in Olympia, Wn.. they told him he can use that to register to vote when he gets to Wyo. He checked and they said “Nope! We want to see you and your Wyo. drivers license IN PERSON!” He said that made him feel good and making the right choice. I wish all states did that!

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  23. Baysider says:

    I sound like I’m bleeding for them to come here? Never in life! Just stating the obvious. We’re the release valve. If there were no United States either Canada or all those central and most south American countries could be in BIG trouble. Remittances home vary between being the #1 and #2 source of income in Mexico! Of course they get relief here. Plus they can spend much less on healthcare (although they did covid better than here) and other social payments handed out like candy here. It’s a great transfer of wealth SOUTH.

    Worse than the trucks, read some of Michael Yon’s posts on the horrors of the Darien Gap passage in Panama. Millions of people think the prize is worth all that risk.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…sorry, YOU didn’t sound quite like that….I guess it did sound a bit like a valve is what’s needed and isn’t it nice we’re here? I should have known better!! HA!!!

    They did covid better in Mexico or Guatemala?


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Franklin Graham on CNN tonight advocating for the Vaccine…that Christians know Christ died for them and keeping alive is the thing He most wanted for us..LIFE.
    Interesting to hear him.
    I know some will think he’s in cahoots with Fauci now. I doubt that.


  26. Baysider says:

    Mexico – widespread distribution of Ivermectin


  27. geeez2014 says:

    1 in 550 residents dead isn’t too good………..


  28. Baysider says:

    Mexico prevented extensive hospitalizations with Ivermectin. Abandoned the WHO protocol under which the bug spread extensively, with the high rate of deaths as you note, and started national distribution of ivermectin last December. They monitored results and were able to tell those who took it and got sick were 68% less likely to need hospitalizations than those who didn’t. Too bad it wasn’t that way from day one everywhere.


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