January 6 Committee Appointments


It’s getting that it’s better for me NOT to know this stuff because we’re giving in so easily..

Is this a JOKE?    “Pelosi refused to seat Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN) over concerns that the two GOP Members would impact the “integrity of the investigation.”

WHY?  Because they’d ask questions Pelosi doesn’t want to answer?

Pardon me, but does that mean all of HER appointees are completely conscientious, no bias, open minded and putting the country first?

McCarthy going to go away and play dead now?  It’s over and only Republicans who agree with Pelosi can be appointed?  She’s happy with Liz Cheney being on this committee.

OF COURSE SHE IS!   Hoping SOME American eyes are getting a little more open…..



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21 Responses to January 6 Committee Appointments

  1. kidme37 says:

    You just wait til that Durham report comes out in the next few days like Devin Nunes promised early this week. lol

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  2. McCarthy is not playing dead. He has little power right now.
    But he does have the power to boycott the sham investigation and remove any legitimacy of “bi-partisanship” of the “investigation” which is really a witch-hunt.
    One which Liz Cheney is all too happy to participate in.
    Just heard Fox radio News refer to the “Deadly Attack” on Jan 6th.
    Of course, only one person died. a Trump supporter.
    The REAL deadly attack is on the Constitution by Pelosi and her ilk.

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  3. Ed,

    The attacks on our republic are surreal!

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  4. Mustang says:

    Who’s going to fight this? Oh Z … it’s too early in the morning for a chablis. Cheney, who I suspect is a closet communist, claims that Jordon could not be seated because he is in a position to “give testimony..” This is probably true … along with anyone else who saw CNN’s jaded television coverage of the event. There is nothing “constitutional” about the Democratic congress. Nada. Besides all that, what Ed said.

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  5. bocopro says:

    A question-and-answer paragraph set I wrote yesterday on an entirely different subject:

    Can there even BE a more hateful, spiteful, greedy, power-hungry person than a Hillary Clinton or a Nancy Pelosi?

    Both have seen the face of evil and smelled the aroma of greed. They have fattened on the wages of crime and basked in the immunity of power. Their entire adult lives have been a relentless pursuit of unearned surplus wealth at the expense of others and an insatiable desire to avoid prosecution for ethics and morals crimes against society.

    Incidentally, a comment I tried to submit earlier apparently died in oblivion somewhere between my iMac and your server. No biggie. I’d repost it, but it was naught more than a condemnation of libs, especially MaligNancy.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I checked my Comments in Moderation but your comment was not there…. so sorry.
    (I just love that term MaligNancy!…to see her up there saying we can’t let Jim Jordan on this committee because it’s her job to make sure there’s integrity is enough for me to feel physical harm might do her good, GOd forgive me!)

    No, there can NOT be more hateful, spiteful, greedy, etc., people than Clinton and Pelosi.
    Clinton has been very quiet…which means she’s working hard behind the scenes……….want to bet?

    ED and MUSTANG..McCarthy wouldn’t know what to DO with the power and we learned that already…he looks like a scared 7 yr old on the school yard………
    Ed, the way the news is mischaracterized is so troublesome DEADLY ATTACK….ya, right.

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; January 6 could be the end of righteousness…the end of truth, the end of our country as we know it because, as the Left lumped ALL Conservatism into TRUMP (if you hate Trump, which many do, you MUST hate conservatism) and now blames all the problems of the country on 1/6 and that’s OUR FAULT, TOO, dontchaknow.
    it’s astonishing.

    MUSTANG: That IS what I want to know….WHO ISSS GOING TO FIGHT THIS?

    KID, I actually trust Nunes more than most of the others……..I hadn’t heard he’d said Durham’s coming out but all this stuff from 1/6 and crime and covid…all those stories will drown out whatever Durham says in our favor….it’ll be LOST………………MUCH is going on behind the scenes as our media whines.

    Do you all know CNN is not showing the border video AT ALL, at least every time I look? NOTHING NADA.
    As a lib friend of a Con friend I have said “Madelaine, there’s no homeless in San Francisco!” (she’s a very rich lib who lives adjacent to the city of San Francisco….she DOESN’T KNOW!)

    Voila…our media.


  7. bunkerville says:

    I am sure Liz will carry the day with her in depth questioning of why Nan turned down requests for more security including the National Guard on the “day that shook the USA.”

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  8. kidme37 says:

    My bet is there will never be a Durham Report. If there is it will consist of the guy in the mail room at the FBI being indicted, tried, and given probation and time served.

    End of our country? That started a long time ago with the murder of JFK and ascension of LBJ. Then welfare, fed. dept. of Education, teachers union, federal employee unions, constant attacks on everything moral, destruction of the nuclear family unit, immigration opened up to every manner of America hating vermin, communist takeover of the democrat party and its propaganda arm – the media (or maybe the dems work for the media who works for “the globalists”)

    The repubs? Have to say the repubs don’t do anything useful when they have the Majority and the White House, why would we think they’d do the slightest thing useful now?

    I will be using moon dust to create a blue cheese sauce for my filet mignon before I will believe any political solution exists for anything. Nice day in Cincinnati though.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    I just watched FOX and then put CNN on………..I like to see what they’re finding important.

    FOX: Biden is considering stopping restrictions from COVID at the border ….(yes, seriously)
    With video of 250 from all over the world standing ready to be ‘processed’ at the border because they know that, whatever happens, they’re HERE. And they’ll be supported HERE by our tax dollars…people from Africa, the Middle East and Central America, etc etc.

    CNN: Trump hates Liz Cheney….he’s become unhinged with it. Story in a minute. (I didn’t have the guts to watch)


  10. MAL says:

    Something that also could be pointed out about Jan 6. If an insurrection was the goal, most of those peaceful marchers would’ve also participated in the violence which would’ve ended a whole lot differently, i.e., a coups d’erat, but it wasn’t. In some ways, I wish now it had.


  11. MAL says:

    THATS SUPPOSE TO BE COUPS D’E ETAT, NOT ERAT. (my laptop keeps trying to correct what doesn’t’t need correcting!)


  12. Mustang says:

    @ Mal

    If 6 Jan was an insurrection, it was the first unarmed insurrection in the history of mankind. The only murder committed was by police shooting an unarmed woman. Well, but what do I know? What does anyone know about 6 Jan? It’s more classified than the Manhattan Project.

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  13. Baysider says:

    Pelosi said it herself. She doesn’t want integrity. She wants to shape the narrative herself.

    “Considering” stopping restrictions at the border? (Except, of course for Cubans) Why not just make it easy? Drop the pretense. Send them their green card and checks to their home address in country of origin. Heck, skip the green card. Just send citizenship cards and be done with it. I think that’s what he meant anyway.


  14. Baysider says:

    In fact, just send the whole country citizenship cards, declare it a protectorate, and appoint Hunter Biden governor.

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  15. Mustang says:

    @ Baysider

    The country is already a crap hole; Hunter couldn’t improve on that.


  16. Baysider says:

    We could always send in the Marines to back him up. How’d you like THAT assignment LC?

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  17. geeez2014 says:


    Hunter Biden….the luckiest man in the world. If all you think luck is is MONEY, SEX, EGO, LIES and DECEPTION. What a guy.

    Ya, they said he’d not be knowing who was buying his art……….but now he’ll be meeting and talking to those at the gallery parties………….I’ve been to enough gallery parties to know it’s the attendees who do most of the buying.
    What a NIGHTMARE OF LIES these BIDENS are.


  18. MAL says:

    @ Mustang…..Shooting the veteran woman gave the left fuel. It was a big mistake, but remember, it was a WH Security guard that did it, not one of the mob. But some good came out of it. It scared the living’ crap outta Nancy! ;o)


  19. Mustang says:

    @ Baysider

    Your Marines have been to Mexico on official business — twice — and US diplomats ended up giving it back on both occasions. It might have been better for us to keep it back when it was still manageable. Our problem in this country isn’t that our ideology is flawed, it’s that morons lead our country. It’s been this way for a long time. Now honestly, I don’t understand this, but we keep calling people our friends who would just as soon cut our throats as look at us. Mexico is one of these friends. Then we have the Pakistanis and the Saudis. I believe the British are our friends, but they mostly feel sorry for us … and they did warn us about all that revolution talk.

    So, I think that we should dispense with all this “friendship” crap and just “get real.” We could start by ceasing all “foreign aid” to Pakistan. Step two is to make a solemn promise to both the Saudis and Pakis that the next act of terrorism in any way attached to any Moslem country will result in a massive explosion 2,000 feet above Mecca and Islamabad. Third, a public announcement: we don’t have anything against Mexicans … so long as they stay home until invited. If they continue to “invade our country,” we will treat them as invaders, whether they’re armed or not. And it won’t be pretty. But that’s just me. Of course, this is all possible, but only after the American people (voters, mostly) grow a pair. It could happen — but not on my watch.


  20. Baysider says:

    “Our problem in this country isn’t that our ideology is flawed, it’s that morons [sinners] lead our country.” AMEN!! Yes, friendships are ‘earned’ and countries don’t have them, only interests.


  21. If it was an insurrection, what government were they trying to overthrow?
    Donald J Trump still president.


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