The Left WINS

As most of you know, we have a recall election coming up here in California to get rid of Gavin Newsom.  The Left is fighting to keep him in…. no matter that he’s doing a really terrible job on crime, homelessness, COVID, etc.  And they’re fighting HARD:

First, the Left tried to keep Larry Elder, Black Conservative, off the ballot but a judge ruled for Larry, surprisingly enough.

Second, and here’s the rub:  I had ABC on for a few minutes last night and saw a commercial I see quite often;  it’s a very well produced TV commercial PRO Newsom and how “those Republicans” are trying to get rid of him.   The rest of the commentary is mostly how Republicans have been bad for America, difficult in California, and they need not be listened to.  GAVIN NEWSOM has to keep his seat for the sake of California!

I haven’t seen many Conservative ads for the long list of those running to unseat him.  And, I almost never watch ABC, NBC, CBS, etc., but I’ve seen this Dem add a few times now…’s REALLY strong and it’s SO EFFECTIVE to be on networks.  MORE people see it that way.


(EXPLANATION:  We’re voting to recall Newsom or not…..that’s ONE VOTE.  The SECOND VOTE is FOR A REPLACEMENT GOVERNOR.   The winner needs only win 20% of that vote and he/she is in.  )

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57 Responses to The Left WINS

  1. bocopro says:

    To the faithful Left, as well as young, impressionable minds in high schools and universities, the idea of socialism as presented by persuasive politicians and professors is a lot like the thrill of skydiving – great fun until that sudden stop at the end because the parachute made by Bangladeshi child-slave laborers failed.

    As for Nuisance Newsom, he comes across to me as just too damned slick, too oily, too slippery . . . a slip-sliding glad-handing, two-faced, forked-tongued twit who if deposed will be equally happy either starring in or producing and distributing hard-core porn.

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  2. kidme37 says:

    There are two problems I see.
    The first is Newsom is trying real hard to buy the election. Paying back rent for people, etc,
    and It sounds as if the vote for governor is so diluted he can win with a small percentage of the vote which is what McConnell has done for decades to stay in Kentucky.

    Good luck.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Well, to the point of your post, you’re right, you’re right of course. Repubs campaign on “Vote for America !” using very uninspiring visuals, and the dems campaign on – Hopey Changey, Here’s some money for you, Save the Planet, a vote for a repub is a vote for slavery, bla bla bla, – and all the other stuff people with dust bunnies for brains are attracted to. Plus their sets look like fantasy island which is another thing idiots love.

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  4. Mustang says:

    Most of us “have lives” beyond the entertainment industry laughingly called “news media.” Most people get up in the morning and go about their normal tasks. They go to work, they take the kids to school in the morning, they pick them up in the afternoon, they grocery shop, putter around in the yard … just all kinds of things with little time left over for much else.

    This normal activity produces a perfect environment for the political class because it means that busy people do not have the inclination or interest in becoming involved in the business of politics. All the political class does, from their waking hour to the time they retire, is politics.

    Comparatively speaking, the political class is a small group of people (activists really), from which most politicians emerge. They not only live for politics, but it’s also who they are at the core of their being. They make a living from it, and it feeds their fragile egos. I think that if suddenly politics wasn’t there anymore, these activists would simply waste away. They are either running for office, managing the campaigns for those who are, or appearing on news channels bragging about how much they know.

    The political class bill themselves as “policy experts.” You name it, and they know all about it. In fact, no one knows more about (fill in the blank) than they do. Well, except, such a proposition is only true in their own minds.

    This might be a good time to reflect on this fact: all of our problems (emphasis on all) are caused by the political class. As it turns out, they aren’t experts on anything. No, what they are is incompetent, so what we “normal” people are left with is choosing the least incompetent from among them. All we can say about them is that they usually get their way. Pick almost any war in modern history, and period of economic chaos, any severe interference with social tranquility, and the political class caused it or made it worse. Ahem: inflation right now is over 5% and it’s getting worse. Who caused that? Not you, not me, not anyone we know. The political class did that.

    Here’s another fact: truly good and decent men or women, the people with deeply held religious values, the people who truly are “experts” in their chosen fields, the people who should be leading our country (men or women with the same personal attributes as Ronald Reagan, for example, who only pop up every sixty or so years) — want nothing to do with the sinful slime that has become the foundation for the political class. So, we are left to choose the least dangerous slimeball to “lead” us.

    Newsome is a slimeball, as are all of those who are putting together “Hollywood” quality advertisements. Remember, it’s what they do. Sort of like snake oil salesmen or people who sell bars of soap for a dollar, offering the chance to win a $100 bill inside one of the bars of soap.

    So, let’s suppose Newsome gets canned … and let’s pretend Elder gets elected. How is that good man (Elder) going to deal (effectively) with California’s legislature? I’d have to ask Mr. Elder, “What are you thinking?” You see, any state’s legislature (or the US Congress) is no more than a place to store members of the political class in between elections until something “better” comes along. What are these people doing in the legislature? Are they making the world a better place? Yeah, right. Well, Newsome is just the figurehead of California’s problems; he’s who you recall. The problem is the legislature … and they didn’t “get there” through miraculous conception.

    Well, I guess I am part of the problem because I actually don’t see a solution. I only know that I won’t become part of the slimeball group. We’ve seen “good people” enter politics for all the right reasons, and we’ve seen them lured to the dark side because that’s how toxic politics is. I’d rather walk down the beach hand in hand with my sweetie, give her lots of hugs, smell the roses, and find reasons to laugh or smile. Life’s too short to waste it on politics.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: No doubt about it “No, what they are is incompetent, so what we “normal” people are left with is choosing the least incompetent from among them.”

    Californians I speak to aren’t concerned about what Larry can do….most of us just want GAVIN OUT. And Larry’s a pretty powerful, persuasive guy; I’ve listened to him on LA radio for about 30 years…something like that…long time! He used to have his folks on..before they died (obviously)…so sweet to hear his father and mother’s stories about supporting their family here…
    I know Larry a bit…we recognize each other, anyway, when we see each other at functions….and he’s a very strong man and I believe he might do some good.
    BUT, you certainly make a point; he’ll be battling UPHILL with our legislature…

    I’d rather never feel that I don’t see a solution….I’m trying HARD not to feel that way. And it helps me to keep up on FOX, etc., and see SOOOO many good people fighting CRT, the border problems, crime, etc.
    It did me GOOD to see Black upscale Washingtonians CRYING on the shoulder of their BLack police chief who, after the recent shootings in that upscale neighborhood, says he’s tired of not \getting support and letting criminals out early, etc. That stuff means people are OVER this.
    \etc etc. Wish me luck in staying positive!
    I miss my sweetie, that’s for sure.

    KID; I THINK that problem isn’t one. SHOULD Gavin lose, and I believe he could…SHOULD he lose, on the same ballot are all those others, and ONE of them needs 20%. Period. SO as desperate as I felt when I saw Republicans were splintering our side so badly nobody but a Dem could replace him, I think this way works.
    Am I not understanding it correctly? I COULD BE!!!

    BOCOPRO…love your skydiving analogy…because then I read your Newsom paragraph and see HIM, instead of SOARING, sliding in grease on one of those long plastic things kids slide on…face first…miserably greasy…..i really despise Newsom

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: When Larry was suddenly told by the Dems he couldn’t run because he hadn’t filled some form out, that made Californians even MORE ANGRY ….I believe that worked for him!!


  7. kidme37 says:

    Z, so if One of the others get 20%, and Newsom gets 21% he wins? That would describe how McChuckles continues to stay in Congress.
    Or maybe it’s one vote to oust him or not, then a vote for new Gov takes place. Newsom won’t be ousted so the other vote will not matter.

    Maybe I’m not understanding the California details, which is entirely possible. 🙂

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  8. peter3nj says:

    Geeez sorry for you and yours but:
    This recall election will be a replay of the Seinfeld episode of in which Kramer spills out his guts to the others how he’s done with his current miscreant girlfriend leaving out none of her voluminous character flaws while declaring in no uncertain terms he is going to can her ass. The next scene has Kramer crying alligator tears while apologizing to the aforementioned beast, and woefully lamenting that he can’t live without her while begging her not to leave.
    Give the people what they want; it would seem what they want is Newsome,

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    PETER….I don’t have a ton of Lib friends but NOBODY I KNOW WANTS NEWSOM. NOBODY.

    KID, Your second suggestion is the one….TWO VOTES…one RECALL OR NO RECALL? second, VOTE FOR YOUR CHOICE….

    if Newsom wins…I guess that’s IT…no others needed matter who scored bigger????? If he loses, the one who scores 20% of the vote wins..


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Talk about WOKENESS starting to be seen for what it is, have you seen that a founder of Wikipedia (clearly a leftist) is now saying it leans too far left? I like that stuff SO much.


  11. peter3nj says:

    Sorry to say but I’m still betting on the self-immolation crowd out there to prevail. From what I’m seeing and hearing around here Biden good Trump bad. Echoes of Obama good Bush bad.


  12. peter3nj says:

    Best I could come up with……


  13. geeez2014 says:

    PETER…we’ll see! Seems like everybody knows California better than I……!! ??? Hoping you’re wrong but we’re not counting on fair ballots either, considering what they tried to do to Elder. Of course, they also won’t publish DEMOCRAT by Newsom’s name (did you hear that, that his people didn’t fill out the form or something?) but I figure that’s just said so people THINK the ballot printers are truthful and fair. …who doesn’t know Newsom is a Democrat!?

    OF COURSE DEMOCRAT GOOD REPUBLICAN BAD, but it’s not BAD for the Reps, it’s EVIL.

    Dems good, Reps EVIL is more the saying, isn’t it. And, by the way, that’s EVERY State, not just California or New York.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    JUST got another Caitlyn Jenner money request…NEWSOM DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU!!

    They’re almost as frequent (not quite) and almost as pushy and demanding as Trump’s have been lately. ‘Don’t you WANT to be on my side?” “Do I have to see you leave me?”
    I’m not kidding about the feel of Trump’s emails…do you get those desperate, personal-sounding ones, too?


  15. peter3nj says:

    Haven’t received a one. Guess NJ’s USPS is doing it’s job. The first, last and only time I responded was a fundraising letter for candidate Reagan in 1980. What would Mr peanut have given back next Alaska to the Russians and Hawaii to the Polynesians? That $100 check($325+- in today’s dollars) was worth every penny!


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Peter….not sure but I suppose I sent Trump a very little money in the early days….not for at least five years, that’s for sure.

    EVERYBODY: I just got a video from a very rightwing neighbor telling me the military is being told to get their houses in order because the Left’s taking over the whole country…stores with no food, no gasoline, ships stuck in canals and other waterways, nobody unloading ships, nobody driving trucks anymore, etc etc.

    I texted back that since even the leftwing media would be affected, even THEY’d tell the truth about anything like this… I’m thinking this isn’t too much to worry about. There’s fear mongering on both sides…. Plus, I believe our military’s so leftwing they’d let us rot before admitting the Left was taking over, too.


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  17. Mustang says:

    Thoughts: Once upon a time there was a little shepherd boy who thought he saw a wolf …

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  18. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: I think that’s the case….the military (retired) guy on the vid makes sense but it’s NUTS….

    LOTS of fear mongering going on on both sides….


  19. geeez2014 says:





  20. peter3nj says:

    Let’s wit for the Biden Youth Camps to open before jumping out of the basement window.
    And here’s a little to cheer up all you right wing alarmists out there on this gorgeous Saturday afternoon in the Peoples republic wherever you are:


  21. geeez2014 says:

    PETER…ya, that helped ME cheer up :-)!!!!! Now I AM going to jump out my window!!!

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  22. Baysider says:

    Kid, that’s how I viewed the rent paybacks, too. Even in communist Santa Monica there is strong sentiment against Newsom. Peter, I fear that is painfully prescient.

    The Dems always have slimeballs in waiting (well, so do Reps) cuz there is just so many more of them than men of character. And who wants to be assassinated in the press when you can offer value in places people appreciate it?

    I keep calling my town ‘communist’ but honestly the official Commies did not sanction this:

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  23. peter3nj says:

    For your sidewalk surfing buddy-

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  24. Mustang says:

    @ Z … I agree with you. Peter should become the Geeez Blog Morale Officer. Ever since I watched 30 seconds of Peter’s video, I’ve been trying to cut my wrist with a safety razor. All I have to show for it is a filleted wrist. Wait a minute … wasn’t the little boy who cried “Wolf” named Peter?

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  25. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG! Not sure PETER was that boy’s name but it COULD be the same guy as PETER AND THE WOLF!!!


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  26. peter3nj says:

    Mustang…I resemble that remark!

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  27. bocopro says:

    FWIW, I consider myself a “stay-the-hell-outta-my-house” libertarian with a deep, DEEP suspicion of ALL politicians, liberal and conservative. In fact, of the 535 “legislators” in our Congress, you’d have trouble finding two dozen who actually give a Romeo Alpha what happens to John Q.

    IMO, we NEVER get the straight skinny, whether it be on national security, the economy, health care, plannedemics, infrastructure, taxes, aliens, price controls, racism, Russia, China, Islam, UFOs, global warming, global cooling, or Ishkabibble.

    I trust NOTHING originating in Congress, the White House, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the CDC, the SS system, the EPA, DHS, CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, the NYSlimes, Sacramento, or that monstrosity on the East River infested with anti-American agents from 190 other nations.

    If ever there was irrefutable proof of the wisdom of the 2nd Amendment, the 2020 general election and the resulting 46* unministration comprises People’s Exhibit # 1.

    The current SotH is People’s 2, and the Senate Majority Leader is # 3. The complete list is approaching 7 figures, including the Military Joint Chiefs Chairman, any member of Congress who supports CRT, and every person associated with the Obama and/or Clinton crime families still drawing government salary.

    And now I’m going to eat about half a bag of garlic & vinegar flavored chips and wash ‘em down with a nice glass of Jameson’s with an ice-water back. I’d light up a Robert Burns Black Watch if I had one, which I haven’t done since 1985.

    W. A. S. F., mes amis, that words fail me . . . and that in itself says one helluva lot.

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  28. peter3nj says:

    Why I’m a happy camper today:
    This morning’s baseball doubleheader was cancelled as I was on my way and due to the late cancellation my fellow umpires and I are being paid for both games. The baseball god’s have shone down on me today so that my friends is why I am spreading so much cheer!

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  29. kidme37 says:

    Z, Will it ever stop? No. It will get much worse.

    I like redheads but they can be fiery.


  30. Mustang says:

    The Tucson Kid told me Peter was a union man, but I didn’t believe it. Sorry, Kid.


  31. kidme37 says:

    And he’s collecting tax money from hard working people for not even showing up for a baseball game… Dang, I’m losing my faith. We need Peter as governor of NJ. Then we need to give him our deposit account numbers.


  32. MAL says:

    A few months back we read for the first time in California history they were losing population. That should say volumes about how the people there feel. My take is, the majority hate what has happened and continues to happen but are stuck because of their employment, their family, and love for California. I see a good possibility of an upset of the Dems! People see the results of the Democratic control when they go to pump gas, pay their property taxes, state income tax, etc. Of course, my glass is typically 1/2 full, not 1/2 empty.


  33. peter3nj says:

    Mustang, Kid:
    Cha Ching cha Ching. While that may appear to be number #7 on a Chinese menu its actually the sound of my unearned coins dropping in my piggy bank…cha Ching cha Ching…


  34. kidme37 says:

    Nuthin wrong with the concept of if ya can’t beat em join em. Again, I’m just hoping you’ll find it in your heart to cut Mustang and I in when you hit the big time. Z too I guess. And all the other commenters here. And…


  35. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…what the H is W.S.A.F.? I hate acronyms because they make me feel STUPID!!!
    I have to say that, my whole life, I’ve IDOLIZED the FBI, thought they were our saving grace…and I’m probably more upset about that leadership and what Obama and Comey did to it than I am over much anything else.
    I still do trust SOME politicians but not many.
    What the H (that stands for Hell, by the way!! HA!) is this country going to do? WE all know there are really good conservative people here…

    MAL; I swear it’s Dems leaving California. Seriously! When I SAID what you just said people here didn’t buy it but I BELIEVE WE ARE RIGHT…even Dems have to buy gas and food…and they, too, aren’t liking these high prices!!!
    You have ALWAYS been a HALF FULL guy….I like that!

    PETER…way to go!!!!!


  36. Baysider says:

    🙂 Peter
    Reminds me. I have to go paint a doorframe! No lazin’ this afternoon

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  37. bocopro says:

    W. A. S. F. — We Are So F (oiled) (orced) (arkled) — use your imagination. I do not use the word itself in mixed company even tho it’s become downright ubiquitous in our “culture.”


  38. peter3nj says:

    Sure you’re all cut in for a piece of my indfall. What were those three greatest lies again: Black is beautiful, I won’t put it all the way in and …and…. Oh yeah the checks in the mail.


  39. kidme37 says:

    That’s OK Peter. I figure by the time you pay off all the people who get you that far, I’d be lucky to get 10% of Mustang’s 5% of Z’s 20%. Probably buy me a candy bar.


  40. Mustang says:

    The English language makes no sense. Drive in the parkway, park in the driveway, and “colored people.” Why did anyone call blacks “colored?” Black is the absence of color. If anyone’s colored, it’s whitey. Plus, crackers go good with cheese. Dey be call’in us Cheeseheads?


  41. kidme37 says:

    What will Mad and I do as Conservatives…. We are going to look for a place with low taxes, good medical care, low crime, decent neighbors, fairly convenient shopping for necessities (rest can be online shipped in), low living costs, not too hot, too cold, not in a tornado zone. No grizzly bears. Single story house w/hardwood and ceramic, oversize garage and detached workshop. Guess that’s the basics.


  42. kidme37 says:

    Mustang, you don’t want to know what AOC calls me.


  43. peter3nj says:

    AOC-with her body and my brains we can clean up…cha Ching

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  44. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: In Wisconsin, YES!!! 🙂

    BOCOPRO…thank you…..I GET IT! I figured the F stood for something we both feel is definitely ubiquitous, but…!! 🙂

    ALL your comments here are so funny…thanks!


  45. MAL says:

    Z, “I swear, its the Dems leaving California”. HEY! We don’t want ’em! I take the attitude
    “IF YOU GREW IT; YOU CHEW IT”. But thats typical, isn’t it? We got ’em right across the street from us here in Vegas!

    It reminded me of one about two little toddlers:
    Little boy: I’d sure like to get into your pants!
    Little girl: You would? Why?
    Little boy: ‘Cause mine’s full of s—!


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  46. geeez2014 says:

    Vegas is getting a lot of Californians, isn’t it, Mal?
    I just can’t wait till the traffic’s better cuz so many have left…it actually IS a bit lighter but I fear that’s “only” Covid………

    I’ll say one thing, for a State that’s supposed to be poor and going nowhere, there haven’t BEEN more tall new buildings built….I hate it.


  47. Baysider says:

    Yes, Mustang, the English language is such a polyglot from so many sources. I had a Swiss (German) friend who remarked how EASY English is to learn (for a German – no declensions!). He said “we were reading simple children’s stories in a few weeks – BUT NOT OUTLOUD” with those pesky irregular pronunciations.

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  48. Mustang says:

    @ Baysider

    One of my favorite Bob Newhart skits is when he does a German accent and asks, “Vy you call him Curly? He has no hair. Und vy you call him tiny? He weis 350 pounds!”

    You’ll notice (I hope) that I get most of my wisdom from Mal. I really love listening to Mal’s stories, about what it was like inside Noah’s ark & stuff. I used to get my wisdom and understanding from Kid, but he’s now a confessed boy toy for AOC, so I don’t listen to anything he says.

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  49. peter3nj says:

    Mustang make it your business to stay out of Jersey. You will not do well in a place where foil is pronounced ferl , oil pronounced earl and Earl pronounced oil, where one goes to the terlit not the toilet. If however you can pull off a Spanish accent you may never need terl…I mean toil again.

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  50. MAL says:

    Yeah, Mustang. Noah’s ark. Some cruise that turned out to be! All it did was rain, rain, rain!

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  51. MAL says:

    And all the noise from those darned animals!

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  52. Peter did not cry “wolf”. Peter SHOT the wolf.

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  53. Mustang says:

    @ Mal … I suspect the ark must have smelled like a DD’s crew’s birth on a Mediterranean cruise. Phew! Now, remember, I did warn you about that. Maybe now, you’ll stop threatening me about “coming after me.” Let’s be friends, Mal. Believe me, those negatives I have of you when you were 30 are more or less safe.

    @ Ed … seriously, my friend. You’ve got to stop that. Otherwise, you’ll be joining the progressive movement in the “upper hand.” Da Blade won’t like that. Da Blade has lots of friends.

    @ Peter … please believe me when I tell you, truthfully, I won’t be in Jersey any time in the time I have left on this earth. I spent my first six weeks in Jersey and that was enough for me. But your veiled threat makes me think that your in some way associated with the Sopranos. Just remember, Mal and Kid have my back. I have “negatives” on both of them.


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  54. Mustang says:

    Meanwhile, Baysider is still painting her door. Bummer. Darn capitalists.


  55. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER and MUSTANG…..As you both know, I’ve lived in France and Germany and I’ve taken language classes nearly every day for five years over there…
    Both my French and German teachers said English is the easiest language to speak BADLY…and the most difficult to speak well (idioms, etc…”She doesn’t hold a candle to…” That stuff blows their minds!)


  56. Baysider says:

    How does one explain “inside baseball” to a non-American speaker?

    Mustang! – the door is DRYING now. Tenant moves in 12 days hence. Last minute stuff. Heh, heh.

    Don’t go to Boston either. You’ll never get off the train at the right stop. We visited and needed “Park Street.” That would be PARK, as in lark, hark, mark, and dark. Mr. B went to college in Boston, so he understands Boston-ese. When the conductor sang out “Pack Street” he nudged me – “pull the cord!” I said, “why, we’re getting off at Park?”

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  57. Bay: When you said you were going to “paint a door jamb” I thought maybe you were doing hit jobs on the side. I know you are a lady of many talents.


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