Sunday Faith Blog

I hope that all of you pray for our friend BAYSIDER today and when you think of it in the future.

Baysider is caring for a husband with dementia and who broke his arm 7 weeks ago, which has made things nearly impossible for her.   She is his sole caretaker and she needs our help.

Prayer does help…….Please join me in holding her up, encouraging her, praying for her.

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did it for Me.”  Matthew 25:40

“I lift my eyes to the hills – where does my help come from?  My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121: 1-2

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28

Thanks.  God bless you all………and GOD BLESS BAYSIDER.


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30 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. Praying for Baysider right now. I know from experience how difficult caregiving is.

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  2. Father, please help Baysider. Please take her under your wings and bear her up.
    Please send her help and strength.
    Please deliver her through this time of trial.
    Please encourage her.
    In the mighty Name of Jesus!

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  3. kidme37 says:



  4. geeez2014 says:

    WAY OFF TOPIC but had to post this here;
    Just got an email from “TRUMP POLLING”….it warns me that …..

    “⚠️You’re at risk of accidentally being labeled an ANTI-TRUMP LIBERAL! ⚠️”

    This is the kind of idiotic email Trump’s folks would be better off not sending….

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  5. Mustang says:

    @ Z

    One of the more positive aspects of a Trump candidacy in 2016 was the fact that he wasn’t a politician. We know that the political class did not welcome him into their fold; he was the target of all sorts of vitriol from both the DNC and GOP. Well, he’s a politician now and although I think he did a lot of good things for our country (that most people aren’t aware of), I don’t think he has the support now that he had back then.

    IMO, Mr. Trump poisoned his own well. He made lousy choices in his cabinet and advisory selections and I have to say that it did his administration no good to appoint someone to his cabinet, fire them, and then castigate them on Twitter. He painted himself as childish and mean.

    At this point, we cannot really make the argument that America’s future rests on a second Trump presidency. We need someone with the attributes of Ronald Reagan, but I honestly do not see anyone from the conservative side that even comes close to Reagan’s aplomb. What makes this next go-around tense, I think, is that there is no longer a possibility of “mending fences” with the Democratic Party. No one in the progressive movement is interested in preserving our Constitutional Republic, and no one who loves America wants another communist government. My guess is that 2024 will be another very polarizing campaign no matter who becomes involved in it.

    The issue is trust. Who can conservatives trust to lead us out of this awful place we find ourselves in? As we found out with Trump, four years isn’t long enough to right the ship, and the most Trump would have, even if he were elected, is four years. It will take an exceptional conservative president eight years to get us back to where we were in December 2020.

    So, I’m not hanging my hopes on Trump. My question for you is, If not Trump, then who do you think the “front runners” will be?

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG…not sure if you’re disagreeing with me? because I’ve said everything you said here quite a few times here….
    Sadly, I’ve banged that TRUMP POISONED HIS OWN WELL meme too many times here….importantly…because HE DID.
    As WONDERFUL as the things he DID were, he made mistakes and he sounds like an overbearing dope….His language at the rally yesterday was disgusting………
    This is a man whose ego is SO big he needs to CONSTANTLY remind us people call him “SIR”… “They said ‘SIR….what you did is GREAT'” ” ‘SIR, we need your signature, SIR;'” GAd.

    I would say Trump did a LOT for our nation that we all DO know of…energy independence, the border, kicking back at China, out of the Paris Accords, patriotism was becoming popular again, SO many good things…..and they’re ALL GONE now….China’s even hired Tony Podesta to lobby here for Huawei, didyou hear? And we let go the Chinese spies who admitted lying on their paperwork…I guess Biden doesn’t care..

    Ya, Trump came close but he could NEVER BE A REAGAN, sadly.

    And yes, I’ve said too many times REAGAN or bust.

    I guess the media is very afraid of DeSantis because they’re ALL OVER HIM in negative ways…so I guess they figure he’s the one who could win, though it would be best he stop bragging about Florida’s COVID procedures because their numbers have always been higher than most other states, …so were Kristi Noems, but she still says how well they did during COVID. No, they didn’t.

    WHOEVER the Republicans pick next time must be well spoken, deplore EVERYTHING Biden’s done and have good reason he can talk about to SHOW why they’re ALL deplorable…(though most Americans will be seeing that themselves in a matter of months if they haven’t already), …have a lot of name recognition, and have Trump on his side because Trump has a ton of sycophants who’ll never back anybody he doesn’t back.

    Thoughts? And you’re right, if half the country doesn’t want to right the ship and bring America back, then what? Will the horrible results of all Biden’s doing show them differently? THAT is what the next Republican candidate must be conversant about.


  7. Mustang says:

    Listed as potential candidates for the presidency in 2024 (Source: Ballotpedia)
    • Greg Abbot, Governor of Texas
    • Tom Cotton, Senator from Arkansas
    • Daniel Crenshaw, Congressman from Texas (Note 1)
    • Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas (Note 2)
    • Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida (Note 3)
    • Doug Ducey, Governor of Arizona
    • Mike DeWine, Governor of Ohio
    • Nikki Haley, former governor of SC/US Ambassador
    • Mike Lee, Senator from Utah
    • Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State (Note 4)
    • Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida (Note 2)
    • Tim Scott, Senator from SC
    • Mike Pence, former Vice President (Note 5)

    1. No one has ever been elected to the presidency from the House of Representatives
    2. Both of these potential candidates might have come up with the idea for Waffle House
    3. He’s been an excellent governor but as a public speaker, he needs professional training in elocution. He pushes back against the press, which is not a bad thing; it only means that the press knows how to sucker him into a windmill. Maybe in the future; not now.
    4. Pompeo would no doubt make an excellent president; I simply don’t think we’ve ever elected someone to the presidency from the State Department.
    5. Mike Pence is qualified, but I don’t think most people see him as a “take charge” executive.


  8. kidme37 says:

    I will just say that the ‘they’ hated Trump because he worked for America/Americans. This includes education, media, entertainment, and most importantly, the government’ intel and DOJ agencies who were originally set up to protect America and protecting the president -a president who works for America and works against America’s enemies (least of all China, Iran) is first on their list. They did not protect,they worked illegally to get him removed from office. Impeachment plans were in place and intel agencies working against him before he even took office.

    This is why W.A.S.F.

    As Mustang queries – who are the people who are going to stand in front of a bullseye to work for America – An America who increasingly stands and shouts – Take Our Liberties Please !


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Pompeo could never win….nor Pence. NEVER. I have heard Pence will be testing the waters. Don’t know about Pompeo but I highly respect Pompeo; tough and smart.

    I wish I could write more but I’m gone most of today.

    Talk among yourselves 🙂

    MUSTANG: Can’t argue with the list. DeSantis’ VOICE bugs me…I find nothing wrong with the words.
    ABBOTT ‘s wife was roomates in college with my cousin….great guy, apparently.

    I do like SCOTT and COTTON (Cotton couldn’t win…we MUST pay attention to personality though it’s abhorrent to think an American president has to be a kind of glad hander…they do these days)

    I believe Scott could win.

    DeSantis, I beileve, is considered the front runner or the media wouldn’t be ALL over him as they are….

    See you all this afternoon around dinner time your time xxx have a good one.


  10. Mustang says:

    Most political campaigns are based on promises. It helps if a candidate can demonstrate, through past accomplishments, that their promises are credible — and I think intelligent voters will respond to someone who can demonstrate quality leadership (or at least give the perception of it). Of course, there is bad leadership and good leadership. Trump reminds me of the corporal in charge of a fire team who was a good field leader, but who in garrison was a petty shit … and, as a consequence, never quite made the grade for promotion to sergeant.

    The kid is right. It’s one thing to be elected, and another thing entirely to govern well. When you have a wholesale infestation of communists in DOJ, DHS, DoS, DoD, CIA, and FBI … who work overtime to undermine the president, then at best the president is marginalized if not outright destroyed. In Trump’s case, he did a poor job selecting his Cabinet. Rather than leading his subordinates, he pushed them in a direction they didn’t want to go. That tells us that few of his appointees were the right men/women for the job.

    What the Democrats have learned over the past 60 years is that success comes from working quietly in the background, where most people don’t know what’s going on until it’s too late. It will take an extraordinary person to turn that around. I like Haley, but I don’t think she has what it takes to deal with the almost total infestation of the departments and agencies of the government. Pence equals Meh. So, I’m thinking that unless a miracle is in the works, Kid is right about W.A.S.F.

    BTW, Biden has already said he’ll run for a second term. My guess is that if he does, it will be after he’s been stuffed and placed in a corner somewhere.

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  11. “I simply don’t think we’ve ever elected someone to the presidency from the State Department.”
    But Pompeo was CIA chief and so was Bush Sr. and he went on to be president.
    He was also the only appointee that Trump supported thoroughly, and vice versa.
    That means something to the Trump base.
    I hope Trump continues to rally the base and then nominate Pompeo.
    Or name him VP..

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  12. MAL says:

    DeSantis has been put to the forefront as the likely candidate, but whoever they select will then be targeted by the left. Thats inevitable. Even Pence, despite how they pretty much laid off of him when selected as V.P.
    I believe DeSantis became popular due to his tough attitude, akin to Trump. People like that in a candidate so he would get their support.

    Baysider, may God give you strength during these difficult times you are experiencing.

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  13. I think Baysider is amazing. All she is going through and she paints houses to boot.


  14. peter3nj says:

    Let’s recap now, they’ve already used the Tulsa Massacre of 1921, then they have their 1619, Juneteenth, Jackie Robinson and the squad vote (had to throw that in)so what can they trot out next, hmmm, how about the Know Nothing Party?Which best describes the Know-Nothing Party of the mid-1800s? “They believed native-born Americans were superior to immigrants and should be protected from immigration. … Faced with an increase in immigration during the first half of the 1800s, some Americans adopted a policy that favored people born in the United States.” Theirs your racism tied up nicely with a red bow. Translated into Spanish that should help secure the illegal Hispanics vote.
    So they have the women, the negroes, the illegal and legal South and Central America vote,,the Lgtbuvwxyz, the college vote, the Armed Forces vote, corporate America, Tech America, unemployment America, and the no cash bail vote while the republicans have the Trump rally vote along with the Cubans yearning to be free stuck on their island. Sorry kids but no contest…. But then what do I know?

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  15. Mustang says:

    @ Ed … Bush the Elder was VP before he was elected president. Pompeo hasn’t held an elective office that I’m aware of. Pompeo would be good, though.

    @ Mal … you’re right about the left ganging up on DeSantis, and he does have spunk. I just don’t think he’s matured enough in politics to run a pro-active (vs. reactive) campaign. He’s my governor, and I like the guy … I just don’t think he’s ready for prime time. Right now, though, I think it’s a toss-up between DeSantis, Abbot, and Scott. But what do I know?

    The Democrats/communists don’t have electoral problems: they recently elected a ham sandwich to the presidency by throwing in extra mustard.

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  16. MAL says:

    Mustang, think Reagan. Who was he prior to running for Gov. of Calif? A second rate actor at best (think “Bedtime for Bozo” or whatever the title was). But look what he did for both Calif. and the U.S. I remember my dad saying at the time what is a President but an actor anyway? His ability to joke and reach across the isle was classic. I remember him joking around and laughing with “Tip” O’Neal, who was the leading Democrat. I’m not suggesting DeSantis is another Reagan. Just that we can’t always tell how things will work out. That said, it’s much different today and makes one wonder how Reagan would’ve fared now.

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  17. Mustang says:

    There is a film titled Ride with the Devil (1998) that was based on a book titled Woe to Live On (Daniel Woodrell). The opening scenes depict the tragedy of Missouri in the opening days of the Civil War. Worthwhile to watch and think about where we are headed today in this country. God help us if we ever return to those terrible times. The determining factor, I fear, is one of two possibilities: good presidential leadership, or a lack of it. I think what we are all talking about here today is a coin toss. I feel great sorrow for future generations of Americans; they never learn any lessons from history.

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  18. kidme37 says:

    The problem with a Reagan candidate is that these are not the dems of the 1980’s. Mr Nice guy won’t have a chance in 2024 even if he got elected. The best we can hope for is to get someone in who will shore up “America” which includes everything from Natl Security to actually rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure. And some important parts of it actually are crumbling. They’ll hammer him into the ground even if he is Mr Rogers. You saw it with Trump, They just made stuff up when they didn’t have something that actually happened to hammer him with. Be happy with what you get if it’s doing stuff for America.

    Forget the rest. Forget getting people on board who are not on board today. It’s communism versus us, and the odds are slim to none. The Machine (education, media, entertainment, globalists, the entire federal government) ain’t going anywhere.

    Assuming such an impossible thing happens and we get someone who will actually do those things, and believe me, it ain’t gonna be your standard issue repub like Pence, then the evil will get another turn at the bat in 4 or 8 years to continue the destruction. And they’ll be starting from wherever these two imbeciles leave off. DeSantis, Abbott, maybe Pompeo seem the best options.

    AND, I don’t see any states making changes to their election processes that will avoid another massive fraud operation.

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  19. ACUCHUCK says:

    without Trump at the helm , there will never be a Red Wave in the upcommomg elections. Lose Trump and rely on McConnell, how scarry of a thought, that how millions of Patriots view this.
    Anyone but Trump and the Dems will win by a landslide, most of us will just stop voting and giving a shit about our political class. We are tired of the bullshit and Trump won’t take any of it.
    I’m ashamed for all of you even considering anyone else than Trump. 75 million will never vote for anyone else, END OF STORY, PERIOD, FINI!!!

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  20. kidme37 says:

    I”m almost with you Chuck, but being a true Trump fan, I would vote for DeSantis, Abbott, or Pompeo, though i’d be more optimistic with Abbott or DeSantis in terms of domestic policy.

    All moot imo anyway.

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  21. MAL says:

    Chuck, your point is well taken; however it would be even harder for the left to bash a different candidate with the same old line. It wouldn’t stop them, of course; just make it harder to believe all the Repubs. are bad. They’d probably say he’s in it for the glory and the $$$$$, something they couldn’t say about Trump ’cause he’d already had those things.
    Another thought is it would be easier for them to cheat during the next election, saying we didn’t learn from 2020 that he’s a loser. Plus a different candidate would definitely pull votes back from those on the right that couldn’t stand Trump’s demeanor and didn’t vote.


  22. Baysider says:

    Thank you all. I just now opened this up, and I am deeply moved. “We” had a bad night, slept in finally, and got up late. I listened to church online then did movement and exercise outside in the sunshine. I could feel energy coming back to hold my legs up, and a peace of mind beyond what I could expect. As Z know, I completely cratered several times. I could not get out of the last one until the following Sunday, taking communion online as I fixed Mr. B’s breakfast. The peace of the Lord and prayers is more powerful than we know … until we know. Thank you again.

    @Mustang: “I simply don’t think we’ve ever elected someone to the presidency from the State Department.” AMEN and AMEN to that! At least in recent days. 🙂 One of our finest Sec State did move into the presidency – John Quincy Adams. The Monroe Doctrine was all his and came at an extremely critical time which kept away powerful old world influences in the Americas. His father took him on important diplomatic missions since he was a teen. He was the man for the hour.

    I agree “Mr. Trump poisoned his own well” and won’t be a good candidate for president again. Reagan was a unique person. He was as imperfect as Trump in many ways (better character on display but less agenda done), got played by Tip O’Neill, and so on. And he was plenty vilified in the press. We’re all a package.

    What do we really want in leadership? Righteousness, truth, justice and love.

    Whaddya know? It’s coming our way! Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne; Lovingkindness and truth go before your face. Ps. 89:14

    “Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven. Yea, the Lord shall give that which is good;” Ps 85:10-12


  23. Baysider says:

    also @ Mustang: ” it will be after he’s been stuffed and placed in a corner somewhere.”

    I thought that had already happened.

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  24. Baysider says:

    “Paint houses.” That is funny, Ed!

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  25. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….I thought that had already happened, too! VERY funny line, my friend.

    We will ALL CONTINUE to pray for you, dear friend (WON’T we, guys!!)
    We love you, we admire you and we pray for calm and good decisions.

    I CAN’T RESPOND TO EVERYONE ELSE…I agree with everything said!! MAN!!!


  26. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, if you can get away and jump into my pool, please know you can ANY time! XXX


  27. kidme37 says:

    Bay, I’m sure you’ve got everyone here putting out their good thoughts for you. Surely elsewhere too. That’s something I guess.


  28. Baysider says:

    It’s more than something. Thanks, Kid.

    Z, thanks! I don’t quite know what to do in a pool (can’t swim), but we should go for a beach walk. 🙂


  29. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…my pool is all ‘walkable’…I honestly don’t remember if it’s deep anywhere enough to need to swim, but I do understand. I have trouble on long walks because of my hips. Aren’t WE a pair? 🙂 let’s just get together when you can get away xxx


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