I was thinking the other day……(I do sometimes, you know!!)….

When 20 year old Central American males come in alone and can’t speak English and don’t have family here and have no hope for a job, and they get absorbed into America as Biden is allowing to happen for SO many, what does he DO?  Are we importing burglars and rapists and those who’ll work so cheap Americans in construction, etc., won’t work again?

Also, FOX showed a place where illegals had gathered in Texas recently and there were McDonald’s bags left behind, etc…trash, what do they care?     Who paid for the food?  Do poor Mexicans or all the Africans come with American dollars?  VISA cards?   Who buys their babies food, who buys all that people who brought nothing NEED to LIVE?

And who pays for Africans to fly to South America so they can sneak into our border if they’re lucky.    Actually, you can have bad luck and still get in under Biden…

Just CURIOUS….aren’t YOU?


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19 Responses to ILLEGALS and the AMERICAN DOLLAR

  1. bocopro says:

    Oh, I donno . . . the word “curious” falls considerably short of the target in my analysis. And “disappointed” might hit the paper, but not in the scoring rings. No, perhaps “disgusted” comes closer to the mark . . . or “offended” . . . maybe even “bitter.”

    What I know is that anyone encouraging and welcoming unskilled, possibly contagious aliens who have nothing constructive to offer and then relocating them in communities which neither asked for nor wants them would not have happened in the America I grew up in unless they were legitimate war or disaster victims.

    And Simone Biles would not be receiving the empathetic coddling the press is heaping upon her after her Roberto Duran “No Mas! No Mas!” imitation. I can only imagine the scorn, the ridicule, the rancor were she white and a close relative of Donald Trump.

    As I’ve said many times before, the American mindset today resembles the personality and determination of the Founders’ in much the same way that a 3rd-millennium tofu sandwich resembles a cheeseburger from Dairy Queen in 1958.


  2. And why do the Cubans get turned away?
    You and I are under attack by our own government. Prove me wrong.
    You get a jab or lose your job and get locked in your house.
    But foreigners with no jabs get welcomed and shipped on Air Force planes across the country, given debit cards and released.
    Then rates of illness increase. SURPRISE!
    And no one knows how to strike back.

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  3. bunkerville says:

    It costs them thousands to get here and for most it appears it is not by shoe leather.. they appear in sandals most looking spruced up and fit…… the money came from somewhere…. follow the money.
    At the least its drug money….. NGO’s who. make a killing in resettlements is my hunch.

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  4. kidme37 says:

    We pay for it all. We pay for them to get here and we pay them to live here. Well, “we” don’t really pay. It’s all part of the expanding Natl Debt.
    10 trillion when the radical moslem was elected, now 28.6 trillion. (I don’t care about the natl debt btw)

    Personally, I don’t care about the illegals either. ICE said a couple years ago, that it would take over a hundred years to deport all the illegals. Not hard to understand given all the processes involved – mainly courts and lawyers that we also pay for. We are in a satanic feeding frenzy. So, I don’t care. Absolutely, positively could not care less. Mad wanted to go to a Chinese buffet place last night. Place was chock full of illegal mexicans and ‘others’. Don’t care although I hope they drive around and smash into democrats with their no covid infected and insurance coverage required self.

    I must check with Lindsey Graham and see what the repubs have in mind to deal with this. Just for laughs of course.

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  5. Mustang says:

    If everyone in the United States was against murder, assault, rape, child abuse, robbery, burglary, kidnapping, home violence, sexual depravity, public intoxication, and drunk driving (and not everyone is against these things), but we refused to punish anyone for committing these violations against the peace and security of our people, their homes, their communities — their country, would there be more, or less, of such violations? Answer: There would be more.

    If no one in the United States cares about an invasion of two million illegal aliens, if none of these people are punished for violating the sovereignty of the United States, none are punished for committing crimes against the American people, will there be an increase or a decrease of the illegal alien invasion?

    If someone broke into your home and threatened your wife/husband and children with violence, if they brought drugs into your home, if they stole your car, killed your dog, slapped your wife or children in the face, would you turn your cheek, or would you defend your loved ones and your property? If it came to that, would you give up your life defending your spouse and children?

    Some things in life offer difficult decisions; other things are pig simple. This is one of the pig simple challenges. And if that’s true, then why is everyone sitting around with their thumb up their wazoo doing nothing about an invasion of two million people? Hey, middle America … where do you think these people go after they leave Del Rio, Texas?

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    KID….Cuellar, Graham doing press conference now about border…At this moment. Graham is finally pushing and MAYBE a presser will help at least bring the truth to those who don’t watch FOX so have no idea what’s happening at the border.
    CNN is not covering it. As usual.

    CUellar and Graham are sending some letter to Biden and Graham had spoken about it last night; it’s pretty strong and he says they’re not giving up till they get answers….Let’s see.

    FOX”s Peter Doocey asking WH press assist sec why Americans have to wear masks and illegals don’t………..the answer was a COMPLETE lie….. They’re being put in hotels and able to walk around freely without masks…unlike those Americans IN those small towns.


  7. kidme37 says:

    Z, Graham. LOL !

    If people don’t know what’s happening at the border, believe me, they don’t care.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….SO SO well said….The AMERICAN MINDSET of our founding fathers is surely gone…in MOST people. Thanks, you describe it all so well, including the Biles thing… I agree.

    ED, I thought Mayorkas saying CUBANS STAY HOME! was literally INSANE……these are proud people REALLY seeking asylum but THEY can’t come? UNREAL.
    You say “And no one knows how to strike back.”

    ED, I agree….that’s the worst part; what would YOU DO?

    BUNKERVILLE….thinking drug money gets sent to Africa for airline tickets? Maybe…..I’m not sure this is all quite as well planned by the Left as that, but I couldn’t put it past them.
    What ‘resettlements’?

    KID, You go to that Chinese buffet often…..were there MORE MEXICANS than normal and did they look like citizens or refugee-types?

    MUSTANG…worse “Hey, middle America … where do you think these people go after they leave Del Rio, Texas?” It is in conservative news but nowhere else, except now that enough are making a stink about the hotel full of COVID illegals and how they’re allowed to wander around a town, there has been SOME news on it.

    As you all know, I put CNN on from time to time to see if they’re covering a presser FOX is, for example. Today,they did NOT cover the Cuellar (D) and Graham presser on a letter they sent Biden saying if he doesn’t respond, they’re pushing harder…….
    Liberals LITERALLY do not KNOW what’s going on.

    THAT is what I’m seeing constantly…..


  9. kidme37 says:

    Z, We don’t go often, but there were more than usual imo. In fact, we are seeing more in all the lower priced places. The people I see and tag as illegals clearly look like “Mexican nationals”. They don’t speak English for one thing.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    KID…and that’s in OHIO…..quite some distance from the borders… they MUST be coming in recently or why else would you see an uptick of non -English speakers?

    And they’re looking for CHINESE food 🙂


  11. bocopro says:

    Frankfort, Indiana, was a typical midwestern American small city when I grew up in Lebanon, about 15 miles south of it, in the 40s and 50s. We played them in all sports and had fun rivalries. My bio-father was born and raised in that little town, a bastion of Irish/English/Scottish/German caucasians.

    I have cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends who live or work there. Last time I looked, the population is around 17,000 or so, and for some reason it’s nearly a third latino/hispanic.

    Central Indiana — just 40 or so miles north of Indianapolis. Odd.


  12. kidme37 says:

    They’re looking for cheap food. Hard to put into simple terms but I can tell a Mexican national when I see one, and yes, I’m seeing more and more all the time. 11 or even 20 million illegals here??? pffffft. Please. At least 40.


  13. kidme37 says:

    Why would anyone “Celebrate” a growing latino population. ?? Who gives a damn about a growing anything population. Yeaaaa, we have more latino’s. See we are surrounded and drowing in these nonsensical concepts.


  14. Baysider says:

    Telling Cubans to stay home was, to me, a completely rational decision because it aligns with the ‘real’ agenda for packing the country with illegals – Democrat hegemony. And it has the added benefit of shining the light of truth on their hypocrisy.

    I also ask “where do people get the money to get to Mexico?” I saw a news item of a swarm of African-looking illegals being let in. Many were. Interviewer talked to man from Ghana and elsewhere. For some this could be like a year’s wage or more to pay to get here. Could the same folks who put up illegals with Covid in a local hotel be footing the bills? At least for Catholics, as it’s kept diminishing parishes alive.


  15. Baysider says:

    BP – love that analogy. Pitch perfect.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, the thinking is the left doesn’t need Cubans because they often vote Republican….so who wants THEM here, right?
    I’d be very surprised if Catholics are funding any of this to bring people into church (I don’t know that Hispanics are attending church these days any more than Protestants, etc…actually, I hear of more Hispanics IN Protestant non-denominational churches)
    I believe it’s a Soros/Gates/Tech/Democrats $$$ push…….

    KID…I’m with you….celebrating Hispanic presence? I have ZERO problem with Hispanics here who’ve learned our language, gone to school to make good livings, support US (like Hispanic border agents lamenting the huge number of their ethnicity destroying our border and our futures), etc…
    I have a BIG Problem CELEBRATING, like Indiana does, people on the dole arriving in droves… education, taking cheaper labor jobs than Americans, crowding our schools and hospitals. YIPPEEE, LET’S CELEBRATE????




  17. kidme37 says:

    “Soros/Gates/Tech/Democrats $$$ push”

    Close enough. I’d open it up and just say Globalists, of which there are many who’s entire agenda is to stick a straw into the USA and suck all the money out. Supported by the left for a variety of reasons.

    Yea, Celebrate… hahaa pick any subject. Pride month. Let’s go celebrate the homos ! Who are these people? Who Cares !

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  18. Baysider says:

    Yes, exactly why ‘no Cubanos’ – Democratic hegemony.

    Catholics do push to bring in ‘churchgoers’ who have that habit in their native culture, I supposed because so many are drifting away here. It’s sure an impetus. Then they fund groups who ‘succor’ (and encourage) “refugees.” With our money! Catholic Charities have gotten over a billion dollars from Uncle Sam for doing charity work in the last decade. How much goes specifically to refugees? Well, they employ thousands of people to work in resettlement of illegals here. It’s too bad. Catholic Charities has done really good work, along with many spiritually-based organizations. But they are definitely profiting from the arrival and distribution of co-religionists who ain’t gonna be Republicans or ever have any idea of what makes this nation special and great. (They sure won’t get that in public schools either – doomed.)

    The end result is the expansion of the base for liberation theologians and at least a 1st generation re-filling of empty Catholic pews. At least that’s the charge of more than one conservative Catholic churchman I’ve heard interviewed on Prager.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…I can’t imagine..I don’t know immigrant Mexicans who can give much to the Catholic church and I know none who actually attend, not personally, anyway….house cleaners, restaurant servers, etc., and the women mostly have children from one or two men and don’t marry. But, I suppose you’re right based on what you’ve heard… I don’t see the point $$$ of bringing them here hoping they’ll attend.

    aND YES..Catholic churches I know actually outright preach against conservatism; (St Monica’s, for one example alone) after all, JESUS IS LOVE, right? And LOVE means ANYTHING GOES! (unlike the love of the Bible which protects us with guidelines to keep us healthy and safe)… You know the drill! (also, there is pro lib doxology in Methodists and Episcopalians….whose conservative members now attend, or have changed the name of their church, to ANGLICAN …In England, the Anglicans are nutty lefties…here in AMerica Anglicans are RIGHT of Episcopalians.)


    BY THE WAY, FOLKS…I’ve had a couple quick chats, mentioning the awful immigration influx to some lib neighbors , etc., and all of them say “I don’t see a down side to bringing them in….they deserve to….we need the laborers..”


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