Mike LINDELL….Pillow Talk!


so YOU SAY IT!!!

Mike Lindell…….opinion?

Lindell fighting for Trump’s election claims (every few months now Lindell says he has REAL INFORMATION and it never pans out, obviously)…opinion?

Stores taking Lindell (or anybody’s) product out of their stores for the owner’s political beliefs!!….opinion?

Lindell burning his bridge to FOX which is about the only channel willing to show his ads…opinion?



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30 Responses to Mike LINDELL….Pillow Talk!

  1. bocopro says:

    Well, taking a cue from the Bard of Avon . . .

    “That he is mad, ‘tis true; ‘tis true ‘tis pity;
    and pity ‘tis ‘tis true: a foolish figure; […]
    Though [it] be madness, yet there’s method in it. . . .”

    Basically, I’d like the guy to stay outta my face . . . . and Joe Namath along with him.

    And they can take that damned gecko when they go . . . and the LiMu emu.

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  2. Mike Lindell is almost single handedly propping up the conservative podcast industry.
    There are things Fox won’t say and news they don’t talk about.
    Election Fraud is noticeably one.
    Is this due to a settlement with Dominion? I suspect so.
    If so, they are coloring their news coverage.
    Why nothing about Maricopa Audits?

    However, not so long ago, Harris Faulkner stopped Newt from talking about Soros and it was said that he broke a Fox rule on the subject.
    Shortly after, Tucker attacked Soros repeatedly.

    When I read the comments on your linked article, I was saddened by the number of people there who supported the current administration.

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  3. bunkerville says:

    Just how many pillows et cetera can America buy?? I would think he was getting to the end of his advertising budget and product by now… 50 million bucks or so? His ego has been getting ahead of his intention.


  4. Mustang says:

    This is the first I’ve heard that the children are fighting again. Well, yes, how many pillows does America need? Expanding to mattress covers seems to have pushed Mr. Lindell’s net worth over the $100/million mark and I’m glad for him. He’s turned his life around in a big way. But Mr. Lindell is a member of a club of people whose voices I find irritating, and I sure wouldn’t tune in to watch him beat the dead horse of Trump’s stolen election. Do I think the election was stolen? Yes … in the same way Democrats have been stealing elections since Moby Dick was a minnow and Republicans have been happy to let them get away with it; but even Republicans know that once an election is over, it’s over. Those loud voices, by the way, belong to people who, much like Al Sharpton, have made themselves extremely rich by keeping people pissed off with sometimes not-so-clever suppositions, innuendo, and their unabated rantings: Glen Beck, Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Greg Gutfeld, and Mike Lindell.

    The Kid introduced me to comedian Bill Burr yesterday. He’s the owner of some funny stuff, not at all politically correct, and he’s made a lot of money with “angry comedy.” Unlike most of us, wealthy people can have expensive hobbies and toys. Burr owns and flies a helicopter. There’s humor in that, too, if you know helicopters. Lindell’s hobby is politics. We’ve often wondered, beyond the Koch Brothers (always excoriated in the press), where are the behind-the-scenes conservative organizations to help push the conservative message? The communists have Soros, and we have … no one nearly as clever?

    Even if what Lindell and others say is true, about everything, what are any of these very wealthy talkers doing to counter the Alinsky playbook? I ask because it seems to me that they’re simply using Alinsky’s playbook — and doing a poor job of it. Keeping the masses angry isn’t enough to win elections. Where are these “concerned” Americans one or two years before an election? What are they doing behind the scenes to win back the blue states? If Mark Levin is a constitutional lawyer, why isn’t he using that “expertise” to help prevent crooked elections from taking place? What is Glen Beck, other than a former disk-jockey who learned how to feed off other people’s anger? Crumbs. None of these guys measure up to Sowell, Elder, Williams, Harvey, Bennett, Prager, or Arnn. It’s not even entertaining.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: I agree..you say “Even if what Lindell and others say is true, about everything, what are any of these very wealthy talkers doing to counter the Alinsky playbook?”

    I get SO SO many different requests for money from Trump and the irony doesn’t escape me. YOU are asking ME for MONEY? Yes, where are they? WHY CAN’T THEY GET HEARD ON OTHER THAN CONSERVATIVE NEWS? WHY ARE THEY ONLY PREACHING TO THE CHOIR?

    But to throw Levin into that bunch isn’t fair…his new book has list upon list of what to DO against the Marxism creeping into our country..;hone numbers, addresses, Bills explained, how to stop them, etc….it’s apparently an excellent how-to, not just an exposee….and his one-hour TV show is invaluable…and his radio show is great.


    ELDER IS NOTHING COMPARED TO LEVIN. I’ve been an Elder listener for at least 30 years and he’s good but LEVIN has HOW-TOs on how to attack the Left in meaningful ways.


    .BOCOPRO!! IF I SEE JOE NAMATH ONE MORE TIME…! Now they have changed to Jimmy Walker ….two millionaires so happy they got an extra $100 of Medicare coverage and a free ride to their doctor because “THEY EARNED IT!” OH MY GOD>!!!

    ED…if it’s a “FOX RULE”, it’s interesting they allow Tucker to attack Soros…
    I agree about how many people support this admin…it’s almost astonishing but the only other side they see is that FOX CHANNEL THEIR SIDE MALIGNS ALL DAY LONG and the mischaracterizing of everything the Republicans do and say…..

    THANK GOD FOR FOX’s Martha MacCallum, Smith, Greg Gutfeld, Watters, Bream, Baier, Hume, Faulkner, etc etc etc…ALL conservatives and working every day to get AMericans the news.
    Now FOX has to figure out how to reach other than Conservatives with their important and excellent lineup. You’re right; who’d be HAPPY we lost the energy independence Trump brought? Or who’d like the idea of COVID-laden illegals being taken allll over our country? on and ON and on….all the good things Trump did but it’s all lumped under the HATEFUL ORANGE HAIR MAN and that’s why I KNOW had his mouth reflected his actions, no amount of fraud would have ‘lost’ him the election.

    BUNKERVILLE; I’m not sure it’s ego with Lindell, though I don’t think that’s totally not the case. I DO think he loves this country, might even know things that supports Trump (or just believes every word Trump says to him)on the election ‘loss’, BUT:




  6. kidme37 says:

    Lindell strikes me as a guy who loves America on the one hand, but is your typical shyster on the other. Pillows full of shopped up foam selling for 80 a piece and now that all the dummies have bought you can get them for 29 bucks with the special coupon code.

    I of course think it’s stupid for anyone trying to sell something to take a political position of any sort cause you’re going to lose half your customers. Guess who won’t be buying Goodyear, Gillette, Panera, Starbucks, Coke, etc. Me. Cause it is too easy to just buy something else, and in a lot of cases getting a better product anyway. Then again maybe he has something there. When Chick Fil-A came out against gay marriage, their drive thru lines exploded. Enough that I even noticed. I drive past one on the way home from work and the double wide drive thru lanes are always around the building.


  7. kidme37 says:

    Z, begging for money. Yea, I started getting the RNC begging for money stuff again after not getting it for 10 or more years. I figure they’re really hard up now after the repubs told the Trump voters in no uncertain terms to go ‘take a hike’ shall we say in mixed company.

    I print that pic on the internet of people sitting around in Congress with clown suits on, stuff it in and mail it back. I do that to tell them what I think of them and also because the envelope the thing arrives in has “OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS DO NOT DESTROY” under penalty of death of some stupid BS. I guess that’s for the post office people – who are more than happy to make sure junk mail with pictures of satan on it, arrive safe and sound to your mail box, and I think the Arrogance of that statement is too much for me. Like mail from Politicians is more important that Everything else that slithers through the mail ?


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  8. geeez2014 says:

    KID: I thought that about LINDELL, too…………”selling cheaper now that stores won’t carry you?” Could be; he certainly doesn’t need money. And in his commercials he does include “Since stores won’t carry me, I’m lowering prices to you who are still know how good this product is and support it”…I remember the first time I saw that, sitting here and thinking “You MORON (no offense!!!), MENTION THAT THE STORES NOT CARRYING YOU ARE PRACTICING CENSORSHIP BECAUSE THEY DON’T AGREE WITH YOUR POLITICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TV COMMERCIALS AREN’T ONLY WATCHED BY REPUBLICANS…THE ONE TIME YOU HAVE A MULTI-SIDED AUDIENCE TO ALERT TO THIS CENSORSHIP AND YOU MISS IT?”

    I think all that crack he admits to almost dying from has got to him.

    KID…I seriously see more CLOWNS among the GOP, you’re right. We all know the LEFT would should be represented not by clown suits but SATAN suits…holding pitchforks.

    HERE in California, our Chick Fil-A grew, too……..believe it or not. SO many good conservatives here…just not enough who VOTE.


  9. kidme37 says:

    Dunno Z, but it is a typical marketing/selling technique. Sell to dumb people at a high price, and when you run out of dumb people, put the price at where it should have started at and you’re still making money. I guess production costs come down with volume so that may also be a part of it.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    KID….all the other reasons probably apply but it’s absolutely true that the stores dropped him……….he has to sell somewhere! He employs a LOT of people who need jobs.

    Could be decreased costs due to volume but he’s been doing volume a LONG time!!
    I have 3 My Pillows….they are very good. Not that they help me sleep. When I see that commercial of the blonde laying her head down on one saying “And I just fall right to sleep!”, I want to pinch her head off her neck 🙂


  11. kidme37 says:

    Well, his demeanor turns me off too. Any product that has to have some whiny guy beg you to buy it just turns me away. RIght the chick fully dressed saying I fell asleep immediately ! hahaaa. Can you pack more BS into a commercial. (answer: yes)

    I buy as much as I can online so I don’t need stores for much. Can’t tell ya the number of times Mad wants to go shopping, can’t find it at the store or you can get it 25% less on line. Can’t pay me to walk into a walmart looking for something I can get on line and do something more valuable with my time and not even burn any gas doing it.

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  12. Mustang says:

    @ Z …

    I’m not looking for another one of our now-famous spats :-), but I’d just like to say, in response to your statement about how great Levin is, and I’m fine with you having that opinion (of course), but my opinion is this: if adult “conservatives” need a shyster like Levin to sort them out about Marxism, etc., then perhaps it shouldn’t be difficult to understand how Biden/Harris won the White House in 2020. Moreover, maybe we should just resign ourselves to the fact that it will never “get better” for America.

    PS. Pinching off her head? LOL.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG….Can you tell me about Levin’s shyter-ism? Examples? I’ve listened to him for years on radio and watch his show every chance I can get; true blue Conservatism, terrific books. This new Marxism book talks not only about how it’s happening but who to contact, what to do about it.

    KID, I haven’t been in a store, other than groceries occasionally (mostly have it del’d since covid but have gone back recently…) in years. I buy nearly EVERYTHING on QVC! Even some very special foods…!!!!


  14. Mustang says:

    Thank you for giving me a voice, Z.

    I do appreciate the fact that Mr. Levin has an opinion (most of us do), but what makes an opinion interesting is its presentation. Not everyone is experienced in debate, which is offering a persuasive argument with clearly relevant examples to enhance one’s point, so when we don’t experience that in talking to most of the people we know or meet, we are inclined to listen politely to their point of view and within fifteen or so minutes, it disappears into a black hole somewhere. Levin’s writing is like that, but that’s just my opinion.

    Levin graduated from law school in 1980, worked for less than a few months as an attorney for Texas Instruments before getting his next gig with the government. After leaving the Regan administration, he worked as a lobbyist … although I’m not sure where he picked up the moniker “constitutional attorney,” but of course we expect people to pad their resumes somewhat.

    In his book Liberty and Tyranny, he wrote, “For much of American history, the balance between government authority and individual liberty was understood and accepted, [but] in the 1930s, during the Great Depression, the Statists successfully launched a counterrevolution that radically and fundamentally altered the nature of American society.”

    I can only suppose that he completely forgot about the struggle Americans have had with their government since its very first day. He omitted, for example, the Alien and Sedition Acts, the treatment of Native Americans (with which many whites opposed), and America’s deadly opposition to slavery, the Civil War, segregation, draft riots, labor riots, suffrage, and prohibition. So, once more, while I appreciate that the man has an opinion, why was it necessary to mislead his readers by claiming there was no clash between statists and liberty-loving Americans before 1930? Was it dishonesty, willful ignorance, or merely his political opinion billed as history? Whatever it was, it wasn’t scholarly.

    The way I see it, if you want people to form an honest opinion, then as a writer and a constitutional attorney, Mr. Levin should be striving for honesty. I think I resent his arrogance which gives an impression that only he knows the answers to perplexing problems, predicated of course, on misinformation. Plus, I do not like listening to his voice.



  15. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, I disagree about Levin, but I respect your opinion, of course. it’s never opinions I disrespect. Except Ducky’s 🙂
    I’m so glad he gives an hour’s format to people like Sowell and Steele and Barr and most senators, etc….it’s rare we get to hear discussions that don’t last just between commercials.

    His voice is the male equivalent to Jessica Tarlov; NOT good!


  16. geeez2014 says:

    OFF TOPIC: I have NEVER realized how powerful Google is and how information can be skewed even by those who you can research …it’s SO CLEAR they have had input in the search results.

    I dated for a year a man who owned a VERY VERY big employment company…I was about 26, he was probably 20 years older, maybe 25… Just as we were calling it off, he met a lovely business woman and they finally got married a few years later.
    When I Google HIM, from whom she made it from his $$$ support (she is VERY strong and smart but had almost no money but was kind of wanting to get into employment, too…she’s now worth something like $650 million and some sources say she’s the first Black woman to do a billion dollar company), I can barely find anything on HIM. I can’t even find the year he was born!!! Or WHERE (he’s not American) There are nice homages to him…she refers to him as her ‘darling husband’ in one article …he was handsome and brilliant….and SMART, made a ton of dough from nothing…..but she’s REALLY skewed the sources to highlight her. I could find he’d died of Alzheimers in 2020………that’s IT. VERY odd.
    Tells me a LOT about GOogle and its power to………..um……………….MISINFORM. LIE.


  17. Mustang says:

    Google owns the web. The question I have is, who owns Google? I suspect that it’s Kid. The reason I think this is because (a) he never gets kicked off any social media, and (b) I’ve been to his house and Bill Gates’ place would be Kid’s dog house.

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  18. Baysider says:

    I was very sorry to see the ‘stolen election’ discussion become a circus. But honestly, a lot of provable, suspicious truths were swatted off when presented in a calm, factual way. And time was of the essence. This style has the appearance of selling. I wonder. But it makes him look bad. I never did like a circus.

    As for Levin, I can read what he writes but cannot stand the voice. It’s that punctuated old timey newsman quality that comes off as a yell that I don’t like it. Fortunately, my introduction to him was via his book Men in Black. Excellent. Pieces he’s written. Excellent! So I stick to reading him. Disappointed to hear he narrated the audio book of American Marxism when I went to buy it – so didn’t.

    Google’s power? Great example. When their parent company launched pharmaceutical firms, Google’s search results changed markedly. Shaping what we see while giving the appearance that there isn’t much else to see is not a recipe for an informed citizenry. (Not that Walter Cronkite didn’t do the same thing.) The San Diego professor demonstrated that after the 2016 election. Wikipedia does same, of course, in both a left lean and not crossing the pharma line either. This soft censorship on pharma stuff went into high gear in the spring of 2019 – so it’s not a Covid thing. It’s profit. The politics is activism.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, I think it IS Kid………AND I think he’s really sleeping with FANG FANG!!!!! , come to think of it!!

    BAYSIDER, you put that well…it IS such a circus and never should have… The talk of the election makes EVERYBODY involved look bad………

    Yes, on Levin’s voice but I became used to it and what he SAID matters more than how he SOUNDS to me………I can imagine you were disappointed he read the Marxism book; I hear it’s excellent but if you can’t take his voice, that’s not the one to ‘hear’….I’m surprised he did becuase I’m sure plenty don’t like his voice.

    If you ask Americans today about the good ol’ days of a fairly honest media, they’ll all talk about Cronkite as if he was. Ya, SURE.


  20. Baysider says:

    Yeah, Cronkite, “the most trusted man in America.” Talk about writing your own PR!

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  21. kidme37 says:

    Well, Fang and I don’t actually Sleep Z, though I do pass out on occasion and she throws water in my face and slaps me around to get me purring again At some point she gets a text from someone named XI Piningpanangpanong and she is off until the next rendezvous.

    As far as Google, I read not long ago that it is literally impossible to do much of anything that google isn’t involved in on and of the net. Don’t know the details and nothing much comes up when I google it.


  22. MAL says:

    We originally got 2 My Pillows when it first came out on QVC, slept on ’em only one night, then returned them. We both thought they were too lumpy!

    FANG! I hadn’t heard that expression since Phillis Diller!
    Fang. I love it.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I hope you didn’t mind my teasing like that….. Ya, for affairs, I’m not sure why anybody ever came up with ‘we SLEPT together”…..I wouldn’t/couldn’t know this, of course, but I don’t BELIEVE there’s a lot of SLEEPING when they mean what we know they mean 🙂 HA!!!

    MAL, you need to fluff and wash/dry them and they’re terrific. But you’re not the only person who hasn’t liked them. The ‘lumpiness’ is later what helps you position the pillow exactly right around your neck, etc.!!

    FANG FANG was my reference to that jerk Swalwell’s CHinese spy chippy…
    but you'[re right! PHylllis Diller’s husband was referred to as FANG…!! I’d forgotten that 🙂


  24. kidme37 says:

    Don’t mind at all 🙂

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  25. Mustang says:

    @ Baysider

    More than a few years back, one of the networks did a survey asking respondents, who are the top two most trusted people in America. The overwhelming response: #1 Walter Cronkite (a newsreader) and (are you sitting down?) #2 Betty Crocker (a fictional person). I’m so proud of my fellow Americans.


  26. Baysider says:

    Betty Crocker – yikes, yikes, yikes.

    So the No. 1 problem today is fictitious racism, being magnified by a movement around a fictitious theory, CRT, by riders that sprinkle fairy dust as they fly by on their unicorns.

    Thomas Sowell – live forever. The Republic needs you!


  27. geeez2014 says:


    Thanks, KID!!!


  28. Mustang says:

    @ Baysider

    The politics is activism.

    Sure, and there’s nothing wrong with activism, but it would be refreshing if the “Gen Whatever” activists knew what they were talking about (or Tweeting about). So many voices and so few who understand a tenth of what they think they know.


  29. Baysider says:

    Z, if you haven’t seen this, you will like. Jason Riley discusses the life and work of Tom Sowell with Glenn Loury and John McWhorter, mostly.


  30. Baysider says:

    @Mustang. Circling around to the Sowell quote again. People who think they know everything are particularly annoying to those of us who do. 🙂 You’ve given the classic definition of astroturfing – run shallow and broad. Not confused with the facts.


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