DC Cops Dying………..




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  1. bocopro says:

    Truthfully . . . I don’t know their reasons – just as I don’t know the specifics of the CAUSES of their deaths. The MANNER is listed as “suicide,” but so was Epstein’s, and Vince Foster’s, and you’ll have a helluva time finding great numbers of people who believe that.

    First of all, where was Hillary in all this? Did Smith or Liebengood or Hashida pick up some damning evidence on her . . . or maybe Pelosi . . . or even Gropey Joe and his “smartest man on the planet” son, Coke Hunter?

    Seriously, tho . . . my guess is that most of the Kapitol Kops are poorly trained, out of shape, and unprepared for actual riot control or physicality in a real-world situation. They have a cushy job protecting millionaire “legislators” from Bible-quoting, pickup-driving, gun-toting patriots who believe in free speech and the 2nd Amendment.

    I gotta wonder if any of ’em ever slaughtered an animal or served in a war zone. I’ve actually seen people die, one of them all over my shirt in a bar brawl in Olongapo. I once helped a Navy Corpsman hold a guy’s guts in after he’d been stabbed in a fight. I really don’t have a whole lotta patience for a whole lotta this PTSD stuff in people who’ve never been shot at for real.

    Many of the people there were agitprops, lefties trying to discredit Trump supporters and contaminate the legitimate protest. Cops knew all that, and there HAD to be a strong thread of shame in them for quashing what started out as a simple demonstration, MUCH less violent than the dozens organized by BLM and Antifa.

    Now, see . . . the bottom line is that DJT left the White House peacefully and without incident – and the “insurrection” lasted what . . . 3 hours, max?

    Hey, an “insurrection” to which the insurgents brought no weapons and basically just wandered around inside offices and buildings that members of Congress considered their private domain?

    Basically what they did was sightsee, talk with Capitol Cops (probably asking where certain things are located), make some noise, break a window, scuff up a door, and annoy Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who wasn’t even there.

    The Capitol was open for business the next day, so the damage was apparently miminal, and there was never any planned or coordinated effort to keep Usurper Joe from being sworn in, however much illegitimate his administration is.

    One person was killed, an unarmed woman who was a military veteran and a Trump supporter. And DJT never encouraged any manner of riot, and especially not an “insurrection.” More people died from cardiovascular disease and drug abuse than from injuries sustained in the “riot.” How many cops have been seriously injured or killed across the country in mau-mau riots in the past year?

    If DJT had urged his supporters to actually storm the capitol and prevent Basement Joe from taking the oath of office, Joey would STILL be in hiding somewhere and uniformed troops would be asking themselves if they really want to fire on American citizens carrying guns, riding hogs, and driving F-150s and Silverados.

    So . . . apparently what we have here is a matter of semantics and terms definition. Conservatives tend to believe that they have the right, guaranteed by the Constitution, to have personal weapons and express their opinions publicly.

    Liberals, especially Democrats, seem to believe that anyone disappointed in the way any Democrat government is doing things is at best an insurrectionist and at worst a traitor.

    Yeah, if the causes of death were self-inflicted, I’m gonna go with shame and “pussification” as a starting point and ask when the “investigations” into the BLM riots will get under way.

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  2. kidme37 says:

    What boco said, plus, I make no claim to know anything of course, but maybe these 3 cops were going to testify against the incredibly false dem narrative of a capitol riot. They would kill you for less and have.

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  3. Mustang says:

    I have to say that for one incident (6 Jan), it is an unusually high number of police suicides. Strange, in fact. Most cops go through an entire career without having to use their firearm in the line of duty, and this was no “shoot out at the OK Corral.” As part of induction into law enforcement, police departments are supposed to administer a battery of psychological tests to measure how the candidate handles/manages stress. Rambo may be good at managing his stress “on the street,” but PDs may not want a Rambo running around on their city streets with a gun and a badge. Still, police officers, as a profession, have the third-highest suicide rates in the USA — one suicide for every 87 active officers.

    So, here’s the problem we have whenever we get to a point where no one “trusts” the government. We don’t want to believe such rulings as “suicide,” or the reason used as justification for a special prosecutor, or even that Ashli Babbitt presented a clear and present danger to the safety of members of Congress — and this lack of trust leads some to develop “conspiracy theories.” It’s easy to laugh and ridicule a conspiracy theorist, especially if you believe everything the government tells you — or you don’t want to know the truth.

    So, like Ron, I don’t know what happened; we leave it up to the investigating agencies to determine the facts and issue final determinations. No matter what these official outcomes, they won’t affect you or me. And here’s another tidbit you can take to the bank: John Q. Public will never find out what actually happened to these cops because it isn’t in the interests of the DC police force to reveal any relevant facts, especially (for example) if the police department could be blamed in any way (ex. other police officers harassed or shunned these men for their 6 Jan actions). I’m also betting that their wives and children are screwed since most insurance companies have a suicide clause and won’t “payout” when the official determination is self-inflicted death.

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  4. Just imagine (as I have) that you are a conscientious cop.
    One who thought he was on the side of law and order, and righteousness.
    Your slf image was built on that.
    And you found you were serving the devil.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    Let me take the opportunity to add that if you (cop or someone testifying in Congress and crying your little eyes out) over an event no more serious than a roller coaster ride, adn 6 MONTHS after the fact, then you better be heading to the shrink quicklike because your brain is defective.

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  6. Mustang says:

    Concerning the pix added by Bocopro: “And the winner for the best performance as a mentally defective police officer in a manufactured crime drama performed impromptu in front of the US Congress goes to …”

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  7. kidme37 says:

    The more I think about 3 dead Capitol Police and these others going Way Overboard to try to sell the “capitol riot Trump Supporters are the biggest threat to America BS”, the more I suspect foul play rather than suicide. Very much so.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…these are 3 of the best things I’ve heard from the whole mess…great thinking, as usual:

    “They have a cushy job protecting millionaire “legislators” from Bible-quoting, pickup-driving, gun-toting patriots who believe in free speech and the 2nd Amendment.

    The Capitol was open for business the next day, so the damage was apparently miminal, and there was never any planned or coordinated effort to keep Usurper Joe from being sworn in, however much illegitimate his administration is.

    Liberals, especially Democrats, seem to believe that anyone disappointed in the way any Democrat government is doing things is at best an insurrectionist and at worst a traitor.”

    And yes, as I wrote on a private group at Face book last night…”Let’s wait till they start investigating the real insurrection of BLM and ANTIFA last year” Good luck with that. Says a LOT.
    We’ve got people still in solitary confinement for 1/6…….BLMs were let go after processing…IF they were even processed.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I hadn’t thought of that. NONE of these guys was asked for testimony in that hearing, that’s for sure. Could be.

    MUSTANG, you’re right about life insurance; suicides don’t usually apply! OH, my gosh!

    But I think we ARE affected by all of this IF these men had truths they were threatened not to share, etc…….and I think you’d agree; If they knew things that would disclaim the Dems’ CONSTANT 1/6 whining, and they died because they either saw what’s happening to our country or were threatened of being killed (or their children), anyway………WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY HAVE WE? Sadly, we’ve all been answering that in pretty negative terms for a while now, haven’t we 😦

    THOSE TEARS worried me, too……..I understand people get emotional…….but we’ve all seen Vietnam vets and Afghan war vets,e tc., whose friends were blown to hideous BITS in front of them and I’m not sure any have wept in public.

    KID, it hadn’t crossed my mind as I saw them LIVE weeping…….BUT I THINK YOU ARE RIGHT. And, nobody will look into it because it’s probably Christopher Wray who threatened them…our own FBI


  10. kidme37 says:

    If my suspicion is true then the FBI is not a bad guess. If they weren’t physically involved, they (I’m making a guess here) won’t find anything in any investigation if they even do one. Maybe suicide is already the conclusion.

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  11. peter3nj says:

    My my how times have changed. This crap has so desensitized me to anything and everything political that I have more fun just comparing our world of the past to the world of today.
    Sometime, 1962-64, when we were building superintendents living in the basement apartment I came in around 7:00 am after delivering my morning paper route, shut the door and made my way through the basement to get to our apartment door. Upon hearing several human sleeping sounds I saw a naked guy sleeping beneath a water heater. I walked silently past, opened our apartment door, went inside and told my father what I had seen. He went into the boiler room woke him up and called the police. The officers came, gave the man one of their jackets and escorted him out. No harm -no foul. Fast forward to today: Two cruisers, emergency fire department vehicles, ambulances, attorneys for the drunken vagrant and interviews with my father and I facing untold reams of forms to fill out, our apartment searched for weapons, the children escorted out of the apartment by family services and yellow do not enter police emergency tape on all the doors. The trespasser would never have to work another day in his life, not due to a long prison sentence but owing to the huge settlement he received from the real estate company because their employee, the super, left a door unlocked allowing the attorneys client to put himself in harms way should that water heater have sprung a leak and he had suffered life threatening burns. That’s all folks…

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  12. -FJ says:

    Suicide is what Lacan calls a passage a l’acte… a “throwing one’s self off the stage.

    It is only later in Seminar X that Lacan returns to the above matrix when discussing what he describes as the passage a l’acte in the case of Freud’s patient known by the unfortunate moniker of ‘the female homosexual’. She takes a walk with the woman she loves in the neighbourhood where her father works; he sees them and shoots her a menacing glare. It is at this point that she experiences what Lacan describes as a “moment of greatest embarrassment… with the behavioural addition of emotion as disorder of movement”, as per the matrix (Seminar X, 23.01.63.) This emotion, coupled with a disorder of movement, realises what Lacan calls the two conditions for the passage a l’acte which takes the form of the jump onto the railway line. For Lacan, this passage a l’acte reduces the patient to the status of object a:

    “What comes at this moment to the subject, is her absolute identification to this a [object a], to which she is reduced. Confrontation with this desire of the father upon which all her behaviour is constructed, with this law which is presentified in the look of the father, it is through this that she feels herself identified and at the same moment, rejected, ejected off the stage” (Seminar X, 16.01.63.).

    The desire of the father, in other words, is condensed into the gaze, his scornful glare which precipitates her suicide attempt. Unlike acting out, the passage a l’acte of which this scene is an example is not simply demonstrative. It does not make an appeal to the Other like acting out does.

    Nancy Pelosi’s scornful gaze… caused them to “jump out of the way/off the stage”

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    PETER…fascinating observation….
    KID hates lawyers and this is an excellent example of WHY… It’s all about LAWYERS who’ll sue because “Nobody called the cops” “the heater was in the wrong place” etc etc….
    Great example of what’s wrong with our country!!!!!

    FJ, you have to be one of the best read people I KNOW…yes, it’s NANCY’S GAZE…evil.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    ANDREW CUOMO on right now dislaiming the 11 women who said he came onto them.
    “They’re all lying… I welcome the opportunity for a fair and full review in front of a judge and jury”

    This guy has IRON NERVES and THE biggest ego he makes Trump look humble.


  15. kidme37 says:

    The Cuomo sex assault stuff may just be cover to take the attention off him murdering thousands of elderly in nursing homes by sending in people with Covid. Meaning the women are being paid or otherwise coerced into making the accusations which will go nowhere and/or have no consequence.


  16. geeez2014 says:


    BUt I have to say that if all he did was kiss women on the cheek at a wedding, or touch their shoulder as they’re laughing about something, my dad should have been jailed, too.
    Dad was always affectionate with women AND his close male friends who always hugged him.

    BUt, yes, there are FAR less innocent accusations to Cuomo…..NOBODY thought Daddy was coming on to them; he was adored and revered and admired.



  17. geeez2014 says:

    Oh , now the CREEP is standing up for WOMEN IN BUSINESS…………….he REALLY knows how to try to get out of things….

    How repulsive he is.


  18. peter3nj says:

    Cuomo is repulsive in a charming sort of way just ask the over regulated taxed to death New Yorkers who will gladly vote him in for a third term. He won’t even need the dead votes of all those he killed in 2020.

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  19. kidme37 says:

    Officer Kyle deFreytag is now the 4th Capitol Officer to have his July 10 death ruled as suicide. Took that long huh…

    Four of em. Statistically absurd.

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  20. MAL says:

    Its reminiscent of the one about the1963 L.A. Watts Riot when they found a Black man stuffed in a manhole with a dozen bullets in his back, and their saying it was the worse case of suicide they’d ever seen!

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  21. Baysider says:

    When I read that news my mind went in the direction of Mustang’s. “whenever we get to a point where no one “trusts” the government”…. Police suicide rate is about 25% higher than the civilian population. I have no facts to suspect foul play, but this does not look right. More like Kid at 6:56 am. We are living in an age of extreme censorship. “Who knows” what’s not known?

    Excellent point Peter.

    I wondered what their expectations were for their job, e.g. “Capitol Police has the primary responsibility for protecting life and property, preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal acts, and enforcing traffic regulations throughout a complex of congressional buildings, parks, and thoroughfares.” Is this harder or easier than being a beat cop in Chicago or Omaha, e.g.?

    How many on the force? 1,500.
    Suicide rate in a 7-month period: 0.003%
    Expected suicide rate of law enforcement in 7-month period: 0.0001% (17 per 100,000 annually)
    That works out to 30 TIMES the expected rate. It’s a small sample, but it sure rings bells.

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  22. geeez2014 says:

    TO ALL:

    The supposition is, something nobody’s addressed here including me, JANUARY 6’S INSURRECTION WAS SOOO BAD THESE POOR COPS COULDN’T TAKE IT! There is NO DOUBT IN MY MIND that is the message I got reading EVERY account of these suicides, individual, then together after the last one happened.

    NO DOUBT…nada. Cops don’t generally cry much, either………..to cry in testimony knowing it’s being seen by millions on TV is just ………….O D D

    And if cops can’t take that kind of ‘uprising’ after 20-30 years on the force, something’s up….Let’s face it, the BLM D.C. riots were worse and I’m sure they participated………

    I have no doubt these suicides are suspect….questionable….sad, but just not believable…. One left 3 small children………AND no reason AT ALL is given …no ‘a letter was left,’ or ‘Officer jones had been suffering with depression…” I saw nothing like that.

    I think these are like Weinstein’s suicide.


  23. Mustang says:

    All I am able to say is that it is an extraordinary coincidence —
    Victor Raiser
    Mary Mohane
    Vince Foster
    Seth Rich
    Jeffrey Epstein
    Christopher Sign
    Jovenel Moise
    Jim McDougal
    John F. Kennedy Jr.
    Edward Willey (husband of Kathleen Willey)
    Ron Brown
    Jerry Parks
    Kathy Ferguson

    Oh, I suppose I could also say that it would be wise not to get on the bad side of the Clintons, and then it only stands to reason that IF those heavy hitters could resort to murder made to look like suicide (nothing personal, just business), and IF Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful woman in the United States, well then — what are four cops who knew too much about the 6 January narrative?

    My name is Kid, and I approved of this comment.


  24. MAL says:

    W.H. cops probably aren’t subjected to the same elements as the city cops might be a logical conclusion one could draw.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG! Had to giggle at your last line there 🙂

    YOu know, Mustang…..I remember reading PRIMARY COLORS about the Clintons….showing how ruthless they were and how MANY folks in areas of ‘suicides’ and other ‘accidental deaths’ saw the same very nondescript car; odd, I thought, as I read it many years ago.

    I only remember about six of the names you cited but….yup! COINCIDENCES? How the HECK can we believe they’re coincidences???

    Those cops very well might have known too much……

    I honestly will never forget the Hispanic American cop who testified first in the hearing last week….he had a very thick accent so English isn’t easy for him but ‘his’ testimony included words that popped out at me and got me thinking; I started thinking “WHO WROTE THIS?” I’m not in any way saying he was stupid, I’m just saying, as one who kind of speaks 4 languages or at least has studied them pretty extensively, ‘big words’ aren’t words one comes up with easily….”My fellow officers and I were punched, pushed, kicked, shoved, sprayed with chemical irritants and even blinded with eye-damaging lasers by a violent mob who apparently saw us law enforcement officers, dedicated to ironically protecting them as U.S. citizens, as an impediment in their attempted insurrection,” Gonell said.”

    IRRITANTS! IRONICALLY…….IMPEDIMENT.. There are ways of saying ALL those things which would be more commonly used. Again, he probably is quite a bright guy but it really got me curious about WHO WROTE THAT?

    Here is his testimony text: https://www.npr.org/2021/07/27/1021161550/this-is-how-im-going-to-die-police-sergeant-recalls-the-terror-of-jan-6

    “For the first time, I was more afraid to work at the Capitol than during my entire Army deployment to Iraq,” he said.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, you might have a point, probably do, but I’d have thought they do ‘regular’ street/city duty before going to Capitol Hill. I can’t imagine their CRYING in the hearing like they did….

    The video shown at the hearing was quite upsetting……The Right has video, too, which shows other stories but we can’t apparently see that.


  27. kidme37 says:

    There are at least 47 deaths (concluded suicides) associated with people who were associated with the clintons. I did a quick search and not a lot comes up so I’m not going to put a lot of effort into it.
    There used to be a site with name and pictures and a description of each individual’s connection to the clintons. Over the few years since I last read that one, more have been added. At least two former high ups from Haiti right off the top of my head.

    Maybe it could be found on the way-back-machine, an internet archive. Not going to bother for this discussion though.


  28. kidme37 says:

    We’ve seen at least a couple instances of Many people on the right/republicans/conservatives marching on DC. Not only do they not leave trash, they pick up and dispose of all they encounter compete with pics and videos of them laughing and scratching with the cops they encountered.

    If there was any hyjinx going on it was done by imposters from antifa/blm/the-left.

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  29. Baysider says:

    That is obviously the hay the left will make of these deaths – those awful Trump rioters. I’m sure there are many leftie strategists who are either saying “why didn’t I think of that” or “good job.” Awful to even think that.

    And to Mustang’s list, indirectly:
    Don Henry
    Kevin Ives


  30. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I remember cops saying the Tea Party events left parks and streets cleaner than they found them…you’re right. There are at least 2 I can think of who were posing as Conservatives…one was a black videographer with known connections to BLM or ANtifa and who urged people on….

    But Republicans can NEVER EVER present their truth strongly enough to DO anything about all this….idiots.

    BAY..OH, yes….absolutely ” they’re killing themselves because those TRUMP PEOPLE were SO TERRIBLE!”

    OFF TOPIC: I just saw a clip of THE VIEW…Joy Behar and the others all agree that the reason Kamala Harris is being looked down upon is because she’s a black woman……Not because you can’t find ONE THING she’s handled WELL, of course.


  31. Mustang says:

    @ Baysider

    Susan McDougal, who as you recall was wise enough to keep her trap shut, has changed her name and is living in Germany. She’s probably safe for as long as she (a) stays in Germany and (b) keep’s quiet. Otherwise … Pfffft Pfffft. Also known as suicide by Pfffft.


  32. I still maintain they killed themselves out of remorse for having served Pelosi’s purpose.
    Prove me wrong.


  33. kidme37 says:

    All 4 Ed? Why not just find a new place to work?

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  34. Baysider says:

    Wow – Mustang. Did not know that. Yes, I do recall that she went to prison instead of suicide by the Clinton family.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    I didn’t know Susan is living in Germany! (I would, too, frankly, if I could!)

    ED…I think being whistle blowers would have worked as well as suicide…WE NEED people to tell the truth….some day, FINALLY.


  36. Well, you and I make rational decisions.
    People who commit suicide are often depressed and don’t.


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