BUT I would NEVER defend this awful man………..for nothing else because of how he killed 15,000 people just to make sure he got that $5 million book deal.

One of his staff said Cuomo looked over at his Emmy statue and said “She’s so BUXOM!”   WHAT?

THOUGHTS!??   (BY THE WAY:  Everyone on the L and R is saying how courageous the women are who came forward.  I will never understand NOT coming forward and would not consider myself courageous for doing so unless I was a mother of 3 with no husband and needed the salary badly and spoke up anyway…)


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33 Responses to ANDREW CUOMO….

  1. bocopro says:

    Hey, the guy’s worth millions, and he could fight it out and prob’ly even get re-elected by dead, or brain-dead, libs. After all, he’s a Dem. And they hate to see a crisis go to waste.

    What surprised me was Joey B’s saying “I think he should resign.” Wow! Didn’t see that coming. After all, he didn’t get the title “Gropey Joe” for nothin. One dirty old man callin another one a pervert.

    He webbled a bit with it, saying that first of all he hasn’t read the AttyGen report and that some of the accusations might be exaggerated, but using the “R” word . . . that’s perilously close to an actual commitment.

    And then . . . and THEN . . . MaligNancy joined the chorus, kinda sorta imitating Lori Light-weight-foot who recently said to black people in Chi-town – “C’mon, y’all . . . stop shootin each uthuh – you be makin me look bad.”

    MadNan apparently believes Cuomo taints the D brand by thinking with his gonads instead of his cerebrum. And I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Bro Chris has told him, “Hey, gimme a break here, pal. You’re messin up MY numbers.”

    If I hadda guess, I’d say there’ll be some kind of convenient health problem, or a non-life-threatening family crisis as a sympathy/deflection maneuver, then a slow but steady withdrawal from center stage and your basic political fade to black.

    Point is . . . he’s become addicted to power, intoxicated with it, forgot that he’s a servant of the people, not vice versa – the bane of fame and high office. Lost sight of his purpose, lost perspective on his ethics, lost faith from his compadres. Time to go, IMO . . . and please take Joey B with you, figlio mio.

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  2. BoCoPro said “One dirty old man callin another one a pervert.”
    Diversion from his own behavior.

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  3. Mustang says:

    Most of us men do not know what it feels like to be sexually harassed. Well, Kid does, and it has kept him in therapy for years — and bless his heart, he keeps getting up and going back for more. You have to admire that kind of stamina.

    Cuomo, however, is not a sexy man, he’s not sophisticated, suave, or debonair. He is arrogant, mean, and vindictive. He’s a slug with legs. His sexual harassment of women (or maybe even men, too) is certainly something I would expect from him. A Michael Corleone kind of guy.

    My guess is that Cuomo got it from his father, who had the same kind of personality. If he’s going to face punishment for putting others through terrible stress (for no other reason than to satisfy his own ego), then I think NY’ers should begin with impeachment proceedings. But I have to say, my guess would be that 85% of New York men would see nothing wrong with “playing with the dollies.” That’s how they see it, anyway. As for any conviction in a court of law — come on man, he’s a Democrat.

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  4. bocopro says:


    My system won’t allow me the “like” response to comments . . . just hauls me back to the home page for some reason.

    So, just lemme say this: I generally agree with a great lot of what you share here, and often purloin bits of it for spice and dressing for tidbits in other fora. You have the eye of an elder, the skill of a teacher, and the voice of a solon. And I HATE when you spot somethin I missed.

    After all, plagiarism IS the sincerest form of flattery, n’est ce-pas?

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  5. peter3nj says:

    The back story here may be the political aspirations of NY State AG Latitia (La tit ia or La teeshia-not sure of the pronunciation)
    From Politico:
    Suddenly, one of the state’s most underestimated politicians may be holding the future of New York politics in her hands, even while she herself gets mentioned as a possible gubernatorial candidate. Meanwhile, Empire State pols are scrambling to reassess a woman who’s a mystery to many outside of her willingness to take on the former president.

    “I’m running for attorney general because I will never be afraid to challenge this illegitimate president when our fundamental rights are at stake,” James declared in an eye-catching 2018 campaign video. “He should be charged with obstructing justice. I believe that the president of these United States can be indicted for criminal offenses and we would join with law enforcement and other attorneys general across the nation in removing this president from office.”

    Regardless of how this plays out the over educated cerebral voters of New York who gave us people like the arrogant late Gov Mario Cuomo, the current touchy fee-lee Gov Andrew Cuomo, the current commie NYC Mayor de Blasio, the list is endless in recent years, New Yorkers will keep their one party system headed by either a toucher or a hater neither of whom, by appearances have a problem twisting and interpreting the law to fit their personal agenda.
    !Que lastima!…


  6. Mustang says:

    You’re very kind, Ron. Thank you. Should I expect a series of royalty checks in the mail? Hot damn! Now, maybe, I can afford What-a-burger more than once a month! I also tell the stories of our armed forces personnel (although mostly about Marines and Sailors) at Fix Bayonets and our old west characters at Tales of the Old West (thoughts from afar). You’ll find the links on the Geez sidebar. Thanks again for your kind comment, sir.

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  7. peter3nj says:

    I can leave comments on my laptop but not on my cell. Today, at this time, I’m on my laptop so I can express my undying admiration for comments from y’all.


  8. kidme37 says:

    Resign? Only if it’s to his benefit somehow. To the other questions? Nothing of consequence will occur however the ieces shuffle across teh playing field.

    I’ll tell ya Mustang, the continual advances from women and men don’t bother me, in fact I’m sometimes flattered. It’s those damn cats with their incessant purring and leaving cat fur on the end of my nose and elsewhere. But how can onen chase away affection in todays world where I wake up and before I’m even attacked by cat fur I read that “the CDC has banned evictions of renters country wide”. The CDC…. What next, the FAA bans the sale of pork in Chinese restaurants?

    I must now get ready for today’s love fest.

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  9. peter3nj says:

    Kid & Mustang:
    Not being the lecherous type my problem is that at my advanced age I still have all of my hair so whether in the supermercado (spanish lingo for supermarket) Lowe’s, Home Depot etc I’m constantly fighting off advances from the young ladies in their 50’s, 60’s. What’s a dude to do?

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  10. Mustang says:

    It’s nice to see that some “younger ladies” take time out of their day to help you find the electric cart, Peter. Your little vignette gives me hope for the future of our country. Kid, on the other hand, is listed as a chick-magnet in the Who’s Who in America.

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  11. kidme37 says:

    Peter, If they’re chasing you in Lowes and Home Depot, there isn’t much you can do. Almost anything you could imagine saying would just get them more excited. Otherwise, talking about your fetish for reptiles, the bigger the better, usually cools them off. If that doesn’t work, tell them your last wife took your house, car, and all your money. If they’re still interested, then what the heck, go for it.

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  12. peter3nj says:

    If the ladies knew having lost my left handed screwdriver I’m unable to “fix” things in the home they would stop pestering me.


  13. kidme37 says:

    Probably not helful Peter. All women have left handed extra screwdrivers that they can’t use because they’e right handed.

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  14. geeez2014 says:

    GOOD STUFF HERE, guys!!!

    PETER…they were talking about LATICIA yesterday on FOX, saying she is THE most liberal politician in NY….
    I believe Cuomo must go……….his fault; too many witnesses.
    I also believe Laticia is doing this for POWER and to ADVANCE. They say her dream is to be gov of NY. GOod luck, NY


  15. geeez2014 says:

    KID< we want a report on today's LOVE FEST, please!

    BOCOPRO…disgusting to see ol' Joe chastising Cuomo; Surprising that Andrew Weiner isn't commenting!

    MUSTANG: I think it's sad for young women today that they can't have a nice compliment from a guy…even that's considered harassment in the workplace today, isn't it! SAD. A little flirtation is nice! One witness said when he hugged her her breasts were against him….."that's HUGGING, honey….it maybe have been just a hug, nothing sexual" When we HUG, that can happen.
    I believe this man is a sleaze and I believe some women are uptight prigs.!!!

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  16. bocopro says:

    My question in all this Cuomo commotion is whether it’ll ever come to “Cuomo didn’t kill himself.”


  17. geeez2014 says:




  18. geeez2014 says:

    PETER…is there much talk in the region about the COVID deaths of the elderly at his hand?


  19. geeez2014 says:

    I saw Schumer this morning saying CUOMO MUST GO! …and I’m thinking of all the deals he’s probably worked with him to screw New Yorkers………..ALL the people who were (pardon the expression) in BED with him for years, getting goodies ……


  20. kidme37 says:

    If they want him gone, it’s for a reason(s) other than sex hararassment. Dems and their voters couldn’t care less about stuff like that.

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  21. peter3nj says:

    Sad to say but most people around here, while saying next to nothing, will do their duty and enter that electronic X next to any candidate in the “D” column. Meanwhile my family and most if my friends will continue with our exercise in futility by voting the “R” line.

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  22. geeez2014 says:

    KID, there’s something VERY fishy about this, isn’t there…..that guy (D) Kim who’s one of those leading the cause against Cuomo, the ULTRA Lib Leticia, the AG, who is said will die to become governor (And, guess what! if he’s out, SHE IS IN!!), and all those cronies of Cuomo’s like Schumer, etc., suddenly turning because of this? …looking like such caring, ‘woke’ people…what utter BS.
    I agree with you. Something else….Sure, you can’t really over ride or ignore the testimonies of these women (and they’re not new, these accusations have apparently been rumored for many years) but this is huge.


    LOVING how FOX is showing that jerk Joe Scarborough and MANY OTHERS saying how AMAZINGLY wonderful Cuomo was in handling COVID, … Just a LITTLE egg on their faces, that’s for sure.

    PETER….GOOD ON YOUR FAMILY! I truly do think that most wouldn’t vote for Cuomo again more because of the elderly dying than the sex thing…but you’re probably right…they’d vote for Leticia in a heartbeat…she checks all the boxes needed for incompetence to thrive: Of Color, FEMALE…if she’s a lesbian, SHE WINS! (Smile)


  23. Mustang says:

    @ Peter

    A qualified IT dude can program a computer to do anything he wants. Sort by value where R=D; tally only D. Boom! Democrats win. Those voting dead people and overpass bums do get free booze, but that stuff is only window dressing.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, so true….and look at the computer searches…you type in any subject and you’ll get 30 pro-left viewpoints…and maybe, finally, a rightwing take on it. Rather like our evening news, come to think of it!


    A pretty savvy neighbor of mine who’s more a centrist…at least open to Conservative thought (kind of surprisingly, since he’s a really handsome 36 yr old who fits the ‘cool leftie’ qualifications!), told me yesterday that he didn’t know about the covid-laden immigrants and how they’re allowed to walk free in unsuspecting towns throughout our country.
    A lib friend said she didn’t believe there’s homelessness in San Francisco.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

    Many on the Left who don’t watch any FOX or other Con channels/news venues, or they just scan the Yahoo stories on their home pages, simply don’t get THE TRUTH. Literally do not KNOW.
    My German friend over there knows and respects Republican beliefs far more than many of the Americans I talk with…

    When we say BLAME THE MEDIA, we have GOOD REASON TO………and that is largely why I say if we don’t fix that, we’re NOWHERE.
    I do believe much of the righteous America-supporting Republican voice in Congress gets SAID but not HEARD…


  25. Mustang says:

    @ Z

    I agree with you Z … but I’d like to know how you would fix the media without impacting the First Amendment. I look at this, by the way, similar to the way in which the Supreme Court addressed “term limitations.” Ruling one state’s legislative action to limit terms of members of the House, the court states (paraphrasing): we already have term limitations; it’s called voting. In the case of the media, people can decide for themselves what, if anything, to believe from the print and televised media. The media have long known this, of course … which goes a long way in explaining why public schools are brainwashing our children. Of course, by now, the far left infests every state education system and most school boards. Once more, we have to look with a jaundiced eye toward John & Mary Citizen who vote stupidly, who accept only “one” media point of view, and who never demand quality education vs. leftist propaganda in our public schools.


  26. Baysider says:

    I saw my roommate destroyed in court by her assailant’s attorney in an attempted rape case (the guy was GUILTY – captured on the spot in the attempt). And he got off. The higher the profile the harder it is to get your name out there and take heat, especially when it’s a darling of the left. No problem if it’s a conservative supreme court nominee. Look what happened to all the women Clinton assaulted. But courageous is a word oft over-used and misapplied nowadays. I’d like to hear “strong” or “gutsy” once in awhile.

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  27. markone1blog says:

    As Baysider noted, rich and high-profile guys can afford lawyers to get them off even when caught in the act.
    However, Cuomo’s political life might be at an end (unless New Yorkers are really as brain-dead and pro-Democrat as rumored).
    If Cuomo’s political life is finished, he may be a liability to the mob that has worked its way into the political machine of New York. Therefore, what money he does have, he should spend on a security system, guns, and shooting lessons.


  28. Mustang says:

    Remember Greg Kelly from Fox News? He’s an attorney who now works at Newsmax. According to Kelly, the facts in the Cuomo situation don’t add up to criminal behavior.

    Here’s what he said:

    “I’ve been through the report. It’s a couple hundred pages long, but the meat of it — I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s there. I don’t, and the Attorney General made it clear today. This is not a criminal matter — this is a political matter.”

    After running a few news clips from Cuomo’s statement disputing the allegations, Kelly said, “I believe him. I do. It would be very easy for me to jump on the bandwagon right now and say, ‘Bad guy. Oh, he had it coming to him.’ He was anti-Kavanaugh, by the way, another man who was treated horrifically. I’m not going to do it because I believe him. I’ve been around long enough, and I know stuff that happens, and I can see a freakin’ witch hunt when it happens, and that’s what’s happening here.”

    Okay … another “He’s just being Cuomo” meme. Kelly admits there are a few disturbing facts in the AG’s report, but thinks Cuomo is being railroaded — adding, “And we got a guy in the White House, Joe Biden” who can’t control himself. “Joe? There’s a problem. I don’t see a problem with Andrew Cuomo. I see a political witch hunt and I don’t know who exactly is behind it. Yet I have my theories. Take a look at the report. Read it, don’t let the media summarize it for you.”

    Okay — thanks, Greg. Now my problem is that we’ve seen so many liars “coming forward” to tell their story, we don’t know who to believe anymore. If you were to ask me for my gut feeling, Cuomo is a slime, and I wouldn’t be willing to give him a pass. I’d be happy for the man to have his day in court, and that will force his accusers to prove their truth. The difference between John Citizen who stands accused of sexual misconduct and Andrew Cuomo (pointed out by Mark) is that Cuomo can afford attorney’s fees. Most people can’t — and that’s the unfairness in our system of justice.


  29. Baysider says:

    As you noted, Z, I also consider “who gains by him being gone.” E.g., when Bill Clinton should have resigned in disgrace Al Gore would have become the president and pretty much a shoe in winner in the upcoming election. I half thought they’d go for that. You’re suggesting something similar, and I agree. If they can lever Cuomo out to give an advantage to a Dem they will if they need to. Does a Rep have any chance in NY now? If so, maybe that’s the play.


  30. Mustang says:

    Here’s an interesting question: What do Andrew Cuomo, Eric Schneiderman, and Eliot Spitzer have in common. Well, a few things, actually: all Democrats, all were former State Attorney’s General, all accused of sexual misconduct. Spitzer and Cuomo were/are governors. Dunno … see a trend developing here?

    One article claims that Spitzer paid out more than $80,000 for prostitutes. He could have purchased a Corvette for that kind of money, and he’d still be governor. Now, after his wife took everything he owned, rumor has it that he’s living in the maids quarters of the Albert Gore Jr. estate, which, as everyone knows, is a place with the most significant carbon footprint on the planet. It’s enough to make one think that there’s something seriously wrong with Democrats.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG…Right! But the thought that getting an honest, ‘tell all the news’ media is a problem with the First Amendment is scary, isn’t it? That IS the First Amendment. …in a way.

    If we’ve come to the point that telling the truth is an infringement of people having freedom of speech…WOWZA!!!!
    Yes, I see Greg Kelly on Newsmax sometimes…. I don’t know what to think.
    I’d kind of like that this was NOT considered ‘criminal’….I think I said yesterday or above, can’t remember, that I long for the days when a guy hit on a girl and she could smack him, say something really harsh to him, and he’d STOP! I think bringing it all out in public FOR THE IMPACT, is more political ORRRR, as I’ve already said, they’d have come out with these accusations when they happened sometimes a few years ago.

    On FOX, someone also mentioned that Biden and others, Schumer, etc., are avoiding using IMPEACH (I think it is? ) or RESIGN because there’s a big difference there…. I wish I’d caught what the difference was but I’d come in late to the discussion!! Did you hear any comparison?

    That’s VERY interesting about Spitzer’s end, so to speak. But we didn’t need that news to know Dems have something ‘seriously wrong’ with them, do we 🙂

    BAYSIDER….if he was captured ON THE SPOT, that’s more than an excellent assailant’s attorney…….In her case, it wouldn’t seem courageous if he was CAUGHT right there, it was a slam dunk! Would love to hear how it wasn’t.
    If I was raped or some guy hugged ME and Ididn’t want to be hugged (Like I’d care?), I wouldn’t think I was courageous for telling someone who would take it public. Or strong OR gutsy. Just factual!!
    What IS so damned courageous about it? I mean, if the guy’s a serial murderer and coming forward could get you killed, I’d call THAT courageous….

    Maybe I’m off the mark here….I’d like to hear other opinions.

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  32. Baysider says:

    They attempted to humiliate her in court. She’s a plucky gal and didn’t take the humiliation. But it takes courage for a 19-year old to stand up to an insulting lawyer who is cutting you to ribbons. I could never have done what she did -THEN. I could now!

    One day I’ll tell you the story. He had a long line of character witnesses (but no admission of his juvenile record) and they impugned her character constantly. He broke into her dorm room off an adjacent alley and lay in wait. Her luck? Her roommates forgot something and came back to get it and walked in on the assault.

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