Ben Franklin and more…….


What do you think Benjamin Franklin would say today?


I believe Mark Levin was correct last night in saying there has been no more dangerous president to this Republic than Joe Biden.  Biden’s even making excuses for having gone against the constitution on this eviction thing…lengthening its validity though it’s unconstitutional and he admits it.  But that’s just ONE small thing comparatively.


HAVE YOU EVER EVER SEEN AS MUCH MEDIA HATE TOWARD ANY PAST PRESIDENT AS TRUMP?   Yes, we still are programmed to despise Nixon, but it was NOTHING like this.  There’s even a new Matt Damon movie coming out which deals with us stupid Trump lovers and how our country’s so despicable because of it!  It’s called STILLWATER.





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  1. Mustang says:

    “A Republic, madam, if ye can keep it … “

    We often attribute this quote to Benjamin Franklin. Whether he actually said it is a matter of conjecture, but it does allow us to reflect on the people who lived during and after the American Revolution. The woman Franklin was allegedly talking to may not have known was a republic was and undoubtedly, had no clue about how it would work. I believe this because not even George Washington was sure how the Republic should work. By way of example, he didn’t understand what the term “By and with the advice of the Senate” meant. My point is, we should not give more credit to the founding population of the United States than is due to them. The final test of a homemade pie isn’t the ingredients used to make it but how it tastes. Right now, Miss American Pie doesn’t taste too good, but as Z intimated the other day, even our inalienable rights offer plenty of room for debate.

    Of course, Franklin’s point (shared by Jefferson) was that the United States’ chances of success would rest in considerable measure on “a well-informed (educated) public.” We actually do not have that in the United States — and, perhaps, never did. What we do have is a largely misinformed public. We have voters who react to politicians emotionally and selfishly rather than intellectually. We have today a population that doesn’t understand how the Constitutional Republic is supposed to work. We are plagued today by nearly all the things good men deplore: social division based on race, country of origin, religion, and economic disparities — all of which happen to be the things that divide people up into easily manipulated groups. Amazingly, at least to me, blacks are the group leading the charge in the division by skin color. You can’t make this stuff up.

    It is kind of early in the Biden administration to say that he’s the most dangerous president; we (conservatives) said the same thing about Carter and Obama. There is no doubt that Biden is seriously off-track, constitutionally, but he isn’t the first to set our Constitution aside because he “knew better.” Abraham Lincoln was the first to take us to that dark place; Woodrow Wilson was the second. It has been a continuous chain of political expediency ever since. And it was the US Congress and the Union states that took us to the so-called Civil War amendments. Reconstruction was a disaster for America — and the only way to describe that period was “radical Republicanism.”

    I have not seen as much media hate toward any past president like Trump. Still, Trump is simply the poster-child for the progressive revulsion of traditional enlightened republicanism in our own time. If you asked a leftist why he hates Trump, all you would get in the answer is the approved progressive talking points. If you then begin to speak of Trump’s accomplishments over four years, you’d get that “deer in the headlights” stare. Then the tape would rewind, and the talking points would begin anew.

    Today, Franklin would probably conclude that we cannot maintain the Republic if we shred the Constitution on an almost daily basis by the very people who took an oath to uphold and maintain it. Biden knows, as did Andrew Jackson, that the Supreme Court can offer its opinions (as they did on the issue of eviction moratorium), but they have no mechanism for upholding or enforcing their rulings. So, Biden does what he wants, and we’re stuck with that until it’s time to select another chief executive. See? Elections do have consequences.

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  2. Mustang says:

    Note for Bocopro: Sorry I beat you to the punch this morning; I couldn’t sleep. 🙂


  3. kidme37 says:

    Anyone who can turn the country around. No.


  4. Anyone who can turn the country around: I suspect Desantis has a shot at it. It takes a leader.
    Can you imagine the media outcry if any Republican president ignored the constraints of the SCOTUS?
    Immediate impeachment hearings.

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  5. People are ignorant of what is going on around us.
    I work with a guy that seems OK with everything going on.
    Then I tell him that University of Michigan is demanding work at home employees to get the untested injection of RNA changing chemicals and he registers revulsion at the stupidity.
    But he’s had the shot, so he doesn’t mind if you are forced to. Not his problem.


  6. bocopro says:

    ‘S’okay, Mustang. Gave me time to come up with this . . . touching on some of the same issues from a slightly different angle:

    This country, the Divided States of America, is in the final stages of political idiocy and on life support. The only antidote for SGC (Steady Gummint Creep) is the 10th Amendment, but after gorging themselves on the false nectar of Marxism, libs are too intoxicated with power to ingest it.

    Much of what’s wrong with the nation is that people no longer trust government, OR the media, to inform them of what’s going on. The only way truth can be determined is if Facebook blocks it, Twitter bans it, Google buries it, YouTube deletes it, government obfuscates it, and mainstream media refuses to discuss it . . . then, and ONLY then, when you find a shiny nugget in the rubble at the foot of the mountain of propaganda, you know you’re onto something.

    Back when Hollywood was on America’s side and made movies showcasing honor, integrity, patriotism, loyalty, and well-directed machismo without any gratuitous nudity, profanity, high-speed chases, or spectacular explosions for no particular reason, Run Silent, Run Deep came out; I think it was the mid 50s. Great flick!

    Moviemakers just don’t have it in themselves to make movies like that any more, like The Enemy Below, or Patton, or The Longest Day. Making one about the 46* unministration might have to be titled Run Shallow, Run Daft, or maybe The Idiot Regime, or The Wrongest Way.

    It’s like Pelosi’s calling what happened on 6 Jan an “insurrection”: that makes about as much sense as calling what happened on 3 November a valid election. And the new crop of libs – such as AOC . . . the first waitress in government who brings absolutely nothing to the table . . . what the hell did we do to deserve HER??!!

    Biden told Abbott and DeSantis to either line up with his vax mandates or get out of the way. Hell . . . Biden has no mandate from the voters to do any damned thing . . . he just makes up stuff and then parrots his magic negro by saying “I won, so we’ll do it MY way.” The US Congress spent a lotta time and effort vetting the Keystone pipeline, fully approved it, and then anti-Trump Joey kiboshed it on his first day in office by EO.

    Recently Joey lost his aviator sunglasses and declared it the greatest challenge to our democracy since the Civil War. Then he suggested to Cuba’s leaders that they provide their people with freedom and the necessities of life, and Presidente Bermudez said, “You first.”

    But you gotta sympathize with the snowflakes . . . must be really rough on ‘em now that Orangeman is out of the loop but for some strange reason their problems aren’t getting fixed and are actually getting worse.

    Donald Trump, the permanent poster boy for “His Own Worst Enemy,” made the SwampRats uncomfortable, so they ganged up on him and smothered him with covidification.

    He was the victim of a bloodless political assassination by power-greedy entrenched bureaucrats interested only in self-enrichment . . . so stand by for a mid-term-variant surge in CO-19 lambda or epsilon variant cases to provide safety for libs and give them the numbers necessary to preclude any meaningful audit of 2020 election corruption

    The problem, the elephant in the room, is that even if the GOP regains both the House and the Senate, there’ll be no investigations into BLM and Antifa riots – there’ll be no impeachment of Biden – there’ll be no inquiry into the Hunter corruption.

    No . . . we don’t have an El Cid, no Lancelot, no Siegfried waiting in the wings. Just not gonna happen. Dems play the L-O-N-G game. Conservative resets are only temporary – their tax cuts, their deregulation, their infrastructure improvements are quickly undercut and undone as soon as the pendulum swings back to the left,. which it always does.

    But when Democrats enact legislation, it’s forever. They’ll put up with periodic losses in mid-terms and even the occasional Repuglican PotUS because they know it’s just a bump in the road, actually serving as a credibility factor for gummint growth, and that their entitlement programs and gun restrictions and taxes will endure until the Second Coming, or the asteroid . . . whichever occurs first.

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  7. Mustang says:

    I’m in complete agreement with Kid and Bocopro. Ed commented, “I suspect DeSantis has a shot at it. It takes a leader.” Well, the critical step in leadership is embracing an easily articulated vision, succinctly communicating it to the masses, and developing majority followership toward achieving those goals.

    I do not see that happening in America today. As much as I like DeSantis, I think he is only popular to those who happen to share his views for America. Most don’t.

    Bocopro is 100% correct in observing that the Democrats have the strategic edge. It’s been that way since around 1828. Democrats know how to play the waiting game, as they did with Trump, and while they are waiting, they are working feverishly behind the scenes to make damn sure that they win the next election — by hook or crook.

    We do need national leadership — and we need it badly, but not just someone who’s preaching to the choir. We need someone to lead the GOP out of its malaise, and someone who will appeal to the majority of Americans. The longer it takes to find that person, the more difficult it will be to turn the country around. I’m not taking any bets on when that might happen.

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  8. peter3nj says:

    Even using both cerebral hemispheres I could not have said it better. As a simple kind of guy I write for simple minded people like myself. Not unlike the plantation dwellers whether negroid, Latino, Muslim, sub-continental Indian, Caribbean, white-yes dey be whites picking democrat cotton too, losing 25,000 well paying full benefit- including health care- Amazon jobs at the hands of the aforementioned ex-bartender now congress person for life, unless she (it) displaces Chuckie Cheese Schmucker in the Senate and then runs for POTUS should she each her 35th birthday, what better example of the pretty much total breakdown of a society sanctioned by an electorate led by the nose by the very people with their hob nailed boots on their throats. How are those voters with the power to throw the bums out any different than the women who Ahole Cuomo is purported to have assaulted while playing touchy feeley getting on the witness stand and crying out “four more years.” Forget the dems, forget Biden, Obama, Clinton the anti-americans occupying every governmental office bureau etc, forget Hollywood, forget professional sports, forget the Olympics, forget the corporations, forget the media, forget academia, its the bought and bribed ignorant self hating myopic masses whether making a million per year or getting a government issued check once a month that luxuriate in the exercise, stuffing the corner mailbox for the very politicians enslaving them. At the end of a christian prayer are the words ‘world without end, Amen.’ So is this world on a global scale created by the left without end, Amen.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: Right, I have this quote largely attributed it to Franklin but, to me, it doesn’t really matter… is 100% correct.
    Yes, we have a HUGELY misinformed public…the Left doesn’t get ANY truth that could possibly reflect on their leftie leaders……the Right gets more both-sided news but they’ve ignored, for example, some of the Trump scandal information about how he tried to change the election. It might be right, probably not, but it’s a hot potato to the Rightwing cable channels.
    MUSTANG, I remember ‘man on the street’ interviews where college punks were asked “Who did THIS?” ,and the ‘this’ would be something they’d approve of, so they almost always said OBAMA! Time after time, it was really TRUMP….when corrected, they definitely were dear in the headlights..”REALLY”?
    we are definitely stuck with this jerk.

    ED, I think DeSantis has a good chance because he’s not afraid of telling his truth…not at all.
    And he’s 100% for the people over gov’t. SO far.
    I know left leaning people who say “San Francisco doesn’t have homeless!” and other ridiculous things….and regarding the border? I flip to CNN more and more lately and i have MAYBE once seen a quick piece on it.. THEY DO NOT COVER ANYTHING THEY DON’T LIKE.

    DOES ANYBODY NOT believe or say that DEMOCRATS HAVE THE STRATEGIC EDGE? Look who they got elected to president! As Jesse Watters says about this ridiculous president who slept in his basement during most of the campaign..” HE SLEPT HIS WAY TO THE TOP”!

    I DO believe more and more people are liking DeSantis; I’ve even heard a little of that from more left leaning people………
    TRUMP needs to stop ONLY appealing to Conservatives…even without fraud, that is NOT ENOUGH VOTERS………..He MUST learn that lesson even if only being the Kingmaker and not running himself.

    BOCOPRO…I have Turner Classic Movies on a lot and you are right…you said “Back when Hollywood was on America’s side and made movies showcasing honor, integrity, patriotism, loyalty, and well-directed machismo…” Here’s the problem; I’ll watch a very patriotic WWII film and Mankiewisz after it’s over (a host there) will say “That patriotism wasn’t quite what was happening in that war….” They put down ANYTHING good and beautiful….CONSTANTLY.
    They can’t even let that be.
    YES, DONALD J TRUMP was absolutely his own worst enemy and I’m not sure he learned that lesson……..I hope so because he does have qualities America sorely needs…

    PETER, I think your cerebral hemispheres did very well in that rant…thanks!!
    “Forgetting” all those things you mentioned doesn’t LEAVE us much!
    It leaves us maybe only that beautiful “World without end” we like to say in prayer…..


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  10. geeez2014 says:

    EVERYBODY: TX and FLA are two of the highest covid hospitalizations as of yesterday…maybe the two highest. The amounts of covid aren’t that much more, but hospitalizations are; which follows the warning that being vax’d does keep people out of the hospital, less severe cases IF there are vax breakthru cases……and the media is having a BLAST condemning Republican Governors Abbott and DeSantis for this. Hospitalizations are UP in those states (not only those states, I know)

    Both governors are holding fast to NO MASKS and NOT SHUTTING DOWN………I believe they’re probably right, though the facts look a bit different…..
    Lefties look at this as “Man, they’re doing the wrong thing, they’re knuckle dragging neandrethals who are threatening us ALL” (You’ve all heard that stuff)
    Hard to defend ……………what’s your response to that?

    Please let’s try to get people to realize the Black Community (not Republicans) is one of the highest covid rates…….because they don’t want the vax………….Dems STILL say it’s “those Republicans..” because the governors of TX, FLA and ALabama, Louisiana, etc., (all high hospitalizations) are Conservatives.

    I have studiously avoided vax/masks talk here….I weary of the surety of some when neither sides can be sure (believe me, please) but I do want to point out it’s things like this which the Leftie media AND THIS WHITE HOUSE use to condemn…………

    as we were saying above, how do WE DEFEND, folks?


  11. kidme37 says:

    As always, I don’t believe what the left or the government in general says about anything, but I have to wonder why people who are ‘vaccinated’ give a hoot about people who aren’t.

    If I’ve gotten the flu shot, I could not care less who else either got one or didn’t. If the shot includes protection for the specific flu I might get that season, I’m good, if not and I might get another strain of flu then I might get flu. I don’t consider that it has anything to do with people who get or don’t get the flu shot.

    They are all lying sacks and should be ignored as such. To pay them any attention only serves to validate their BS to some degree.

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  12. Mustang says:

    @ Z … let’s be clear. Texas is the place where (so far) a million unvaccinated people have invaded our borders — a population rife with the COVID-19 virus; Florida is where people from all over the US (and overseas) go for vacation. It is patently unfair to finger either state as the problem. I suppose FL could shut down its vibrant entertainment industry, putting millions out of work (as if that is an option to anyone but a moron), but Texas is locked into the world of stupid by the Biden administration and Congressional democrats.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, I totally get that…undoubtable…and, as DeSantis said to Biden, who is strongly slamming him and Abbott, (and I paraphrase) “Until you stop letting covid-laden migrants in, stop telling us what to do about COVID!” Amen to that.

    Still, the media WILL be ‘patently unfair’ because it’s so easy to with the stats as they are….the media is using it WELL to condemn…are we surprised at THAT?! I wish SO much we’d NEVER had lockdowns….our country might have survived far better….

    Your comment is a perfect example of why I say IT’S THE MEDIA MESSING US UP….they tell half truth on this one…Sure, TX looks bad (Oh, CNN forgot to mention it’s the LEFT allowing thousands of covid patients to walk openly in TX towns!)

    My solution to COVID was this country should have kept humming, nothing closed but some air travel into our country, AND people over a certain age, OR with preexisting conditions, should have been the ones being very careful.(it’s not like we weren’t seeing thousands dying, some people act like covid is some kind of silly over exaggeration)….young people, go about your business, just try to avoid large gatherings. ..Nobody in their right mind could think hanging around big groups during ANY season, even flu season, is a good idea….


  14. bocopro says:

    My grandson came back to the house this mornin around 0130 and dropped somethin in the kitchen (right next to the MBR). Woke me up and I never got back to sleep, so around 0300 to 0400 I whipped up a lengthy rant on the discussion of government’s authority to tell us to do stuff.

    It’s moderately lengthy, about twice what I posted here above, and germane to the discussion. Lemme know if you want me to post it here. Won’t hurt my feelings if you’re not interested. I write ’em for my kids and my e-mail addee group.

    Oh, the grandkritter is here because his mother relocated here from Cleveland (works for the VA as a writer/proofreader), and he’s livin off the fat of the land while she’s house-huntin and he’s finishin up his degree in somethin or other requiring a lotta math, chemistry, and lab stuff.

    Then after he gets the degree he wants to . . . get this — go to Korea and teach English to Koreans. I have 6 adult grandchildren and understand none of ’em.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I guess those who are vax’d care mostly because those unvax’d are at such higher risk of hospitalization and even death…I believe the amount of hospitalizations is something over 90% unvax’d patients…..and the more vax’d, or having had it, the better herd immunity kicks in.

    I wrote on this because I saw the information on TX and FL and realized this hits on my ‘favorite’ subject; the horrible bias of our media. …..
    Mustang and I are correct; all of us know this…Fl has many visitors.(the media’d say KEEP THEM OUT, which is utterly STUPID, of course) and TX has many sick migrants (the media ignores this point, of course)….voila. THe media’s heard……..and TX and FL look bad. TO those who don’t seek all the facts; the truth.

    I’ve never cared who was vaccinatedr against the flu,you’re right…I DO get the flu vax because I trust my own MD 1000% and I haven’t got the flu in years……..But I personally don’t care who isn’t vax’d against it.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I’m sure your pals would like to read it……..but please print it in 2-3 posts…not all on ONE big comment; it sometimes won’t take the really long ones and that sounds VERY LONG.


  17. Baysider says:

    2 more Franklin quotes tell us what he’d say:
    “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”Adding, it looks like a Democracy now!
    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.” Adding, that today’s censorship – unprecedented even in wartime – will roll the ship of state.

    Ed, even the activist mayor of Boston is speaking out against Medical Apartheid, abeit in a narrow comparison. And Mustang great point about the gathering spots of Texas and Florida. CNN are you listening?

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  18. geeez2014 says:


    I did hear Boston’s mayor…kind of surprising!

    And yup….I include the COVID misinformation as CENSORSHIP….I think we all would. Leaving out parts of stories which MAKE THEM TRUE!!!!!!…….is CENSORSHIP!

    What’s really FUN is lefties being censored now and they aren’t enjoying it…some are even speaking out………let’s hope that continues because they seem to be the only ones anybody listens to.


  19. geeez2014 says:



  20. bocopro says:

    O.K. Part I :

    O.K. Now first of all, this CO-19 thing is real. People get sick from it, and some die. Not many in terms of percentages, but big numbers on a global scale.

    Truth is, tho, that people die from ordinary seasonal flu, too, and heart disease, and cancer, and dumbassery . . . . And I’m convinced that a significant fraction, maybe as much as half, of the “covid” cases were nothing more than ordinary flu, and most of the deaths were in victims who had other serious health problems to begin with, such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, obesity, cardiac disease, and weak immune systems.

    Trump had a good approach to it at first – stop allowing people coming into the country without checking them first for contagion, then use common sense in personal hygiene such as washing hands and avoiding crowds, and wear a face mask if you DO have symptoms so as to avoid spreading it around.

    Flip-flop Faux Chi has been a big help in spreading confusion and fear about what doesn’t really affect young healthy people, and media hysteria has gone all “The sky is falling !” “The sky is falling !” to magnify and amplify the panic.

    But keep in mind . . . many of the elderly deaths were in people who smoked for decades or let themselves get out of shape and had one foot in the grave already anyway. As soon as the vaccine became available, health-care workers, teachers, and the elderly should’ve been the first to get it.

    Much of what DID happen, however, was nothing more than a spiteful “Up Yours!” to Trump by opening the southern border and mandating “lockdowns,” which were more harmful than useful in vain attempts to control Mother Nature.

    All this damned virtue signaling and restricting business and “we gotta do SOMEthin, even if it’s wrong” has ruined an entire generation. People lost jobs, lost businesses, lost homes . . . and children lost critical social development skills by being confined to their caves and hiding their faces from one another when they
    WERE allowed to go to school.

    Suicides are up, alcoholism is up, divorce is up, homelessness is up and will continue to increase, and we won’t feel the total impact of this until today’s kids grow up with their bizarre collection of phobias and fears and failures.

    One thing, tho, about all the propaganda and fearmongering and fake news about the plannedemic is that it’s easy to recognize people in the country today who would have complied with Hitler’s policies in 1930s Germany.

    The Donald was simply victim of some really shitty timing. The WuHuFlu hit just in time for Democrats to weaponize it in the general election, and the tech giants and big pharma, clearly on the liberals’ team, blew it completely out of proportion and began spreading misinformation about it.

    Flibbertigibbet Fauci was amongst the worst of those who did more harm than good, beginning with his March 2020 declaration that masks were worthless, except for the N-95.

    Then he said the worst thing people could do was try to use the only mask which DOES work because it would deplete the supply for professionals who actually NEED it, such as surgeons, dentists, nurses, and such. Here’s the article – kinda long, but accurate:

    Now we’re back to mandated face diapers again, based on “science” about as useful as that which said if Americans stopped driving SUVs the polar caps would stop melting and we could – all by ourselves – “save the planet” despite the clear fact that China and India are INCREASING their dependence on fossil fuels.

    “Children of the Mask” – sounds like a horror movie title. Kids deprived of sports, extracurricular activities, parties, and going to school primarily to learn about white privilege, critical race theory, and why America is the source of all the world’s problems, especially for brown-skinned people. They’re gonna grow up to be suspicious, brainwashed, autistic parasites.

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  21. bocopro says:

    Part II . . . where gummit is concerned:

    See . . . here’s the deal, folks:

    In one of those dusty old documents the Dems work so relentlessly to re-write, re-interpret, revise, resist, and repudiate, the idea that governments are established by people to be controlled by the people and to serve the people appears.

    In other words, a bunch of people get together and form a community, or a society, or a culture, or a nation, and set up rules and procedures for making it work to their benefit. President Lincoln expressed ours as “government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

    The Constitution, which is designed to LIMIT the power of central government over its citizens, makes clear the fact that when an issue isn’t directly and specifically covered in the document, it is to be decided by the individual states involved according to their rules and procedures. The wording is this:

    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

    Somebody needs to show that to Convoy Joe Biden . . . and explain it to him, too.

    When disagreements or disputes arise, courts are often involved in settling issues. In cases decided by juries, the process is for a representative cross-section of the community involved to review pertinent facts and testimony and render a decision, very similarly to how the concept of representative democracy works in a republic.

    A group of citizens is chosen, sometimes 6 people, sometimes 12, and in some cases up to 24 to decide how to resolve an issue. They are presented evidence, data, statistics, and whatever reliable information exists to consider in assessing the problem.

    So . . . here’s what we have today: medical “science” cannot make up its mind on the efficacy of face masks, virtually nobody under 50 years old with no pre-existing medical issues dies, nobody knows how long the “immunity” from the vaccine lasts, some forms of the vaccine now require a shot and 2 — that’s TWO — booster shots, several medications have been identified as very effective in treating respiratory distress caused by the virus, probably half the deaths attributed to the covid virus would have happened anyway, several of the testing procedures have been proven unreliable, thousands of people already vaccinated have developed the illness, and much of what has been diagnosed as covid was probably ordinary seasonal flu so that medical providers could rake in federal funding.

    In other words, we can’t trust the data, we certainly can’t trust the media, the government doesn’t have the authority to force people to get injections they don’t want, and my freedoms do NOT end where other people’s fears begin.

    So that kinda leaves it all up to the people to make the decision whether to wear masks or not, whether to get injections or not, whether to carry a vax passport or not, right? I b’lieve Jefferson, TR, Reagan, and a lotta others would agree.

    Or, we could just put it to a vote, state by state, and let the people decide those three issues – masks, shots, cards. I just can’t wait to get back to “normal” . . . whatever the Democrats decide for us what that will be.

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  22. kidme37 says:

    Just in case I need to say this, I am very calm as I write this.

    First off, outside of certain individuals, I don’t believe anymone gives a damn about anyone else. I really don’t think you’d find a single person who cares whether someone in Gary, Indiana gets Covid and dies. The people I most especially am convinced that don’t care about anyone are those on the left. Absoposolutely. Like sociopaths (mostof them are), the only time they say anything that suggests they might care about someone else is when they want something. In this case, there are many examples of them spewing their care BS to push and support the left’s agenda – which is communism when you get down to it. Specifically, they want government in control of all business and very much more involved in people’s personal lives – People Control, something their mental state allows them to think they’ll be immune from.

    This is what we’re dealing with. Giving them ‘the truth’ would be a complete waste of time, outside of some young people who are still receptive to information presented to them, the rest are goners. They don’t want to hear it and if CNN started going all conservative, they’d turn it off and go elsewhere.

    2) I have to reflect on my experiences over the last 68 years. For most of that time, I rememeber and believe it to have been very non-political. Sure, politicians were stealing and laundering money and spouting BS any time they had the chance. Also this was the time of the 6 and 11 O’clock “news”. Only so much BS can be sprayed on the public in 2 out of every 24 hours.

    We morphed into 24/7/365 news and opinion that lots of people like to tune into.

    This has brought a lot more politics into people’s lives. Politicians see this and this has motivated them to spew BS at ever increasing rates and amounts for various reasons, mostly Self-preservation and getting re-elected to.steal and launder more money Honestly, how many times would you have heard – have shoved down your throat in fact, some politician spewing their BS at you in 1980. How many people in 1980 would have even heard what the senate majority leader, let alone individual congress critters had to say about Anything?

    They are afraid of us because they know how evil they are. This is a feedback cycle that motivates them to want to have ever increasing amounts of control over us

    Not many. Americans were going about their lives, mostly unfilled or influenced by this constant political BS spewing environment we find ourselves in for a whiole now, building up to fever pitch over the last 20 years and especially the last 10.

    There is No Where to go to get away from it. Everyone who is talked about in sports is making political statements. DItto, education, entertainment, and any genre that lots of people expose themselves to.

    This is not good. It’s not healthy and I believe it is going to have detrimental long term effects on everyone, most especially young people. Only the individual geniuses who have solid upbringing will have any chance of surviving it. This is why the country is toast. And if that wasn’t enough, it is also clear we have no justice department, or government that must abide by the laws in place. Therefore, what Mechanism do we have in place to keep the government in Check ? This singular concept is the very basis for the foundation of America – keeping the government in check and it no longer exists. It’s gone.

    They’re forcing an experimental vaccine on the entire population against every legal definition of American Freedom and everything from the medical community to private businesses are hopping the wagon. Get vaccinated or you can’t work here.

    If they accomplish this, what next? What will everyone have to do next? We could look like China in two shakes (I’m thinkiing 2 decades but who knows – when civilizations fall, they fall fast)

    Again, Why. If you are vaccinated I’m not threat to you. If I’m not vaccinated, you don’t care if I die or not so what’s the problem. And you (the government pushing this) does not care becuase they are bringing in millions across the border who likely have Covid and shipping them into the population. In fact, while they’re in custody, they being housed in close quarters to the poiint that Covid will almost surely spread to everyone there before the gov ships them out.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. geeez2014 says:

    KID,I WISH LIKE HELL I COULD DISAGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAY….I TRULY do. And I think you know what I mean because it’s so negative but you say much truth.

    Thanks for taking the time……..I think we all must think about our situation in America…and how freakin’ FAST this happened. I don’t care HOW many of you guys think “it’s been coming”. I KNOW it has, but six months to do as much REAL DAMAGE as Biden’s done is an F’ing RECORD.

    I SWEAR I believe Trump would fix the border again in a week……
    I believe he’d solve the inflation in a month.
    A friend texted me warning me yesterday to BUY CANNED FOODS AND FREEZER FOODS… a friend of his imports and says his $400 fee for importing something on the sea is now $1800…tell us, Mr. Biden, how does that HELP US? How is that not going to affect us?


    Liked by 1 person

  24. geeez2014 says:




    Liked by 1 person

  25. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I’m trying to steady myself and REALLY take in your posts but I’m having phone calls like crazy, had to run out to do a few things, and now am STARVING for lunch, then it’s watching THE FIVE.
    THANK YOU…what I’ve seen, I agree with, AS USUAL! And your cleverness in writing blows my mind….
    will be back…and THANK YOU!


  26. Mustang says:

    Prayers for Mal’s Joni.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. kidme37 says:

    I wish I could too Z. Well, I was hoping to get away with “no” 🙂

    Best to you Mal and Joni. Broken legs are no easy thing. Dang.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Baysider says:

    Prayers now!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Mustang says:

    I care about you, Kid … at least until you pay me back that $20,000 you borrowed five years ago. But I think you’re right to say that most people do not have feelings for the plight of others, or if they do it is at best cursory. It isn’t because we lack empathy, it’s because we haven’t walked a mile in their shoes. We simply don’t understand what they’re going through, what each new dawn forces them to endure.

    I am very critical of myself at times, so, when I hear a news report about some gang-banger who got himself shot to death all the way across the country, I wonder (to myself), “Why do I need to hear that?” I didn’t know the person, I don’t identify with gang-banger-ism, and more importantly, that former thug didn’t live in my neighborhood. Then I think, well … he was a human being. After about five seconds, I begin to wonder how much misery he caused to others. Truth be known, I’d probably feel the same way if I learned that John Kerry’s $32-million dollar airplane went down in the Atlantic. [Sigh]

    I do tend to worry about those with whom I’m acquainted — even my virtual acquaintances. There isn’t much I can do to change their circumstances, but I do pray for them, and I always trust in God to lay His protective hand upon them according to His plan. More than this, I’m at a loss.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. MAL says:

    My thanks to everyone! We all thought it was her hip. (incl. the EMT’s from 9-1-1)
    Thank God it wasn’t.

    Liked by 2 people

  31. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, I agree….I often wonder “WHy do I have to know THAT sad thing that happened in Kalamazoo?” And I think about it and finally decide “You don’t….there’s enough awful stuff happening without having to hear everything…and I do hope there are people in Kalamazoo who’ll mourn, or help, or otherwise think about it.”

    It’s just TOO MUCH!!…all the time! Praying IS all we can and should do.

    I do think about gangbangers dying and how futile and horrible any death is….so pointless….and I think about how they either probably didn’t grow up with a father or father figure, or mother, or whatever…nobody CARED.
    I believe most gangs are full of young men needing to fill the hole of a missing father….the gang does that.

    I have an idea you’ll all think IS NUTS……never mind, I’ll save it for a post! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  32. kidme37 says:

    Mustang, i care about people I know including those I haven’t met in person such as people here and elsewhere on the internet I’ve made connections with. How can I care about someone I didn’t know though I save a little grief for kids and animals.

    I think that 20k is money you loaned to deBlasio’s criminal wife and she probably spent it on the 5 dollar slots. You can probably kiss it goodbye. If my ship ever comes in.. well hmmm, nevermind.

    Some of this stuff we hear about today has been always going on, to a lesser degree imo, and now we got a lot more freaks running around and a lot more media telling us about it.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. In general, many if not most Americans are compassionate. They care about victims of hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes and they send money and donate time to help.
    In specifics? You’re on your own.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. “because those unvax’d are at such higher risk of hospitalization and even death…”
    Only because the therapeutics are denied them by the government and complicit medical authorities who care more about their power and profits than their fellow man.

    Liked by 2 people

  35. And the TCM hosts engage in Critical Film Theory.

    Liked by 2 people

  36. Z mentioned the border earlier.


  37. Baysider says:

    Touche! Ed. Kill ’em off by denying effective, cheap treatment in time. Fortunately, my doctor believes in I*v*r*e*t*n.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. Baysider says:

    Aargh! That would be I*e*m*c*i* . 🙂 In stock
    Gads I’ve been on a Nantucket sleigh ride since noon yesterday. Mind is gone.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. geeez2014 says:

    ED…TCM; What brought that up? Have you seen me on Facebook talking about the stupid leftwing interpretations of old classic films?

    KID and ED…got to admit my German husband used to be astonished by the care of Americans for their neighbors and foreign countries…..He said people in Europe do NOT prepare casseroles, send teddy bears, give money, etc….
    I think that’s probably a generalization but it’s true ….

    I will always hope people do care about their fellow man……….but, Kid’s right in suggesting not ALL DO, that’s for SURE.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…text me, please…you OK?


  41. Baysider says:

    I AM POOPED!! Not Mr. B. A tenant caused a flood that will be a mess and 5 figures to repair.

    I just heard Paul Saladino interview Saager Enjeti on his podcast. Enjeti flat stated that everything was thrown out the window with Trump. And called it the most dangerous thing that’s happened in modern American politics. “I blame the center left establishment because they’re cowards. They hated Trump so much they were willing to bring in all this extremism and normalize it around calling other Americans Nazis, calling other Americans racist, making it so the lab leak theory ‘if Trump says it it can’t really be true.’ That’s really damaging. They rule America. They have Hollywood and Silicon Valley and the government now and every major institution in American life.”

    All weaponized against the republic.

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  42. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…thanks for your texts…praying for you, kiddo. FIVE figures? FIVE? OY….

    I think that Enjeti statement is spot on….REALLY smart.
    Fascinating it’s the CENTER left establishment that did this…it’s not typical of centrists to go this far…he’s right; Trump hatred did it.
    But MORE THAN TRUMP HATRED…TRUMP RESENTMENT. The utter shock of his win in 2016 set back their leftwing agenda and they simply couldn’t have that………..he REALLY ROCKED THEIR BOAT and THEY weren’t having it and MAN…they have not forgotten.

    As we talked about yesterday here…it’s ASTONISHING how MUCH the LEfties are still slamming Trump for every slightest thing.

    Today’s idiotic Rose Garden ceremony was ALL about GET TRUMP (and his sycophants)….more that than honoring the cops, for SURE. bastards. oops 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Baysider says:

    it’s the normalizing of extremism. There’s always the loose cannons, but this is completely different. This is pulling the beams out of the house. Interesting how Trump still drives the narrative. It is crazy. Literally.

    Liked by 1 person

  44. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, so true….normalizing extremism; normalizing anger;’ normalizing HATE; normalizing being against our country; …right?

    The Olympians with their protests are all over the news…the MANY Olympicans (Black and White) who’ve cried and hugged the flag around them and said how proud they are to win for America never gets conveyed by this stinkin’ media.


    But, as usual, the Left laughs and mocks. Saul Alinsky…..turn it around so what they hold dear is considered now ridiculous.

    Liked by 1 person

  45. MAL says:

    Baysider, did you check with the insurance company that covers your rental? Last year, I had a pipe leak going from the water heater in the garage into the wall of the house. It raised the laminate floor and went across the room to a closet. My fire insurance covered everything, including treating the mold, so check to be sure.


  46. I was referencing this comment of yours:
    “BOCOPRO…I have Turner Classic Movies on a lot and you are right…you said “Back when Hollywood was on America’s side and made movies showcasing honor, integrity, patriotism, loyalty, and well-directed machismo…” Here’s the problem; I’ll watch a very patriotic WWII film and Mankiewisz after it’s over (a host there) will say “That patriotism wasn’t quite what was happening in that war….” They put down ANYTHING good and beautiful….CONSTANTLY.
    They can’t even let that be.”


  47. peter3nj says:

    While these left leaning hosts pan epics like “Run silent, run deep” and “Patton” et al they must surely drool over films such as “Shaving Ryan’s privates” since it features two of their own namely Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. .

    Liked by 2 people

  48. peter3nj says:

    On a personal note not unlike Mattie D I’m having a hard time living with myself since back in the third grade we sang a song called “The Gay Caballeros Are Riding Today” although in defense I might plead ignorance. As nine year olds how could we know decades later gay would connote queer-oh damn- I mean homosexuals riding…well I’d better stop here since this is a family blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Damon should come out of the closet and admit he’s a conservative at heart.

    Liked by 1 person

  50. geeez2014 says:

    KID! I thought they meant F**K !!! OH, FAG*OT? Who on this planet didn’t know THAT was a slur to gays? WHAT??!!!!!!!!

    ED, DAMON is now starring in STILLWATER, which I read about in the paper the other day….Damon went to talk to Conservatives in the South and was so condescending, as if “Gee, they’re not SO bad”
    The movie is about a good ol’ boy going to Marseille to find his daughter………..He says a guy who’d like Trump and isn’t too flattering about his character.

    What makes you think he might be a Conservative at heart? I wish he would come out, if he is….we need people the lefties admire to start telling THE TRUTH!!!!


  51. Mustang says:

    Heck yeah, Ed. Matt Damon for President. I’m up for that.


  52. I heard a different take on Damon/Stillwater.
    Damon was genuinely surprised at the intelligence and decency of Trump and when he commented on that he got hit.
    He might wake up from being woke.


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