Are you POSITIVE? (Smile)



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18 Responses to LET’S BE POSITIVE!

  1. bocopro says:

    Other than Newsom’s surviving a vote of no confidence, you mean?

    Then it’d have to be ABCNNBCBS, MSNBC, and Joy Reidiot.

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  2. peter3nj says:

    Elder hints at running for Governor in 2022. Last night’s recall may be a window into elections to come with big tech and big money leading the way California is going to get or continue to get what it deserves. But while the issue of election fraud has yet to and probably will not become an issue in this election voter fraud will remain one of the Democrat’s big guns, their insurance policy in the upcoming 2022 and 2024 national elections.

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  3. You mean the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff being a traitor?

    Today. This morning. So far.

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  4. kidme37 says:

    Tough one. I’ll contemplate on the drive in.

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  5. peter3nj says:

    By the time there is at best an outside chance of a republican administration taking power in DC Millie will be retired and another American traitor will have skated. From a personal perspective my biggest disappointment is my son and daughter in law trying for another baby. I am in a state of perpetual concern for my seven year old grandson growing up in this country, no, in this world.

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  6. JG says:

    Hearing of the DC coup against Trump. It was more than Milley and Joint Chiefs as NSA had to know, and as such CIA, DIA, FBI, and others in Congress. This shows treason by all and they are tied to China. We must vote out all existing in Congress except the few that are outcasts, like Republican Marjorie Green of GA. None have been arrested and will be. If they are not voted out it will likely be due to vote fraud and then the next step is CW2.

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  7. kidme37 says:

    I have zero confidence that a ‘republican administration’ will do jack for America.

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  8. bocopro says:

    I’m tellin ya, mes amis . . . the only administration that can fix what’s wrong with Ol’ Swampy is one headed by a retired MGySgt with a silver star, a purple heart, a peptic ulcer, a permanent headache, and an Irish wife with an eagle tramp stamp just above her gluteal crease.

    He’ll also need a carpenter, an electrician, a stack of good-quality lumber, a roofer’s heater pot, an unlimited supply of chickens, and a good bullwhip.

    His VP should be a retired sheriff from a large Midwestern city; his SecState a former Navy destroyer CO; his SecDef a retired F-18 pilot with 5 confirmed kills; interstate commerce czar a 230-lb 6’ 5” long-haul trucker called “Bear”; his AttyGen a 35-year NYC criminal prosecutor named Padraig; the Treasury Secretary a retired Wharton professor of economics named Schlomo; and his Commerce secretary a guy named Vito who grew up in Newark.

    His first executive order should be establishment of term and/or age limits for members of the US House and Senate, his second a dismantling of the EPA, and his third an eviction order for all illegal (Yes, ILLEGAL is the right word) aliens.

    After lunch, he should establish a committee to register civil and criminal charges against Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Omar, Swalwell, Schiff, Hirono, Blumenthal, Mikulski, DiBlasio, Cuomo, Newsom, and Fauci.

    In the morning of day 2 he would direct the relocation of the UN from North America to somewhere more comfortable for them, such as Chad, or Syria, or Libya. After lunch that day, he would withdraw the US once again from all climate-agreement accords and notify Xi that the South China Sea is international waters and that Taiwan is an ally in good standing of the US.

    Along with 2 or 3 million other honorably discharged military people, I would be available to give advice and counsel to him and his cabinet on a variety of issues, such as taking names and kicking ass of certain officials in the VA, the education system, and health care institutions.

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  9. markone1blog says:

    I am positive that Joe Biden’s OSHA (you know — the same OSHA that Joe told to stop tracking reactions to COVID-19 vaccinations in April) doesn’t have the authority to tell unvaccinated people that they must be vaccinated.

    What’s next? Take the mark or you can’t be employed?

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  10. markone1blog says:

    While the Milley news is terrible, it comes at a time that supports the issuance of Woodward’s newest book. If the news about Thoroughly Modern Milley turns out to be true, the people who look into it should dig up everyone else involved (alive or dead) and line them up against the wall with Milley. That would include any member of the Senate who is married into a family of shipping interests, any member of the House who facilitated information to Fang-Fang, and the list goes on.

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  11. kidme37 says:

    Happened to overhear part of a dog and pony FOX played as I walked past the TV last night….

    Ted Cruz: Mr Blinkin Did you or not send a list of all Americans, and Afghan individuals that were helpful to our military, that the Biden administration marooned in Afghanistan, to the Taliban.

    Blinkey: Yes Senator. We sent them names, addresses, photos, fingerprint and DNA data of all of these individuals to our Taliban friends.

    Ted Cruz: Be advised I’ll be sending a Criminal Referral to Biden’s useless commie DOJ tool, the AG Merrick Garland.

    Blinkey: Ok dude. Pffffffffft.

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  12. peter3nj says:

    Surely the Blinkmeister was quaking in his Nike wingtips.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    YA, I think MILLEY is THE WORST……..have any of you heard ONE good thing about General Milley since the Trump/Bible walk during the riots to that little church? (which was SUCH a huge mistake)

    What some politicians don’t understand is no matter how right something might be, it isn’t the right thing to DO.

    MARK: I wish I could discuss COVID here…We just don’t … I have learned that what each “side” thinks is RIGHT trumps the TRUTH, or even listening or investigating/researching any truth, so it goes nowhere…..sorry. And I’d like to..but…….thanks, anyway. Glad you’re here.
    AND MARK…YES! Drag them ALL out to the firing line…and let’s get RID OF THEM.

    KID: I watched a fair part of the hearings and I thought that Blinkin was smarter than I’d hoped; Conservatives can say all they want but even the tougher Republican questioners didn’t get too far, in my opinion. As usual (you know how I feel about these useless hearings), nothing will happen….even to their having given names………..and they did. Where DID that subject finish?

    TALK ABOUT HEARINGS: FOX is covering the GIRL GYMNAST HEARING NOW…..The girls talked…and now the Senators get a chance to tell them how COURAGEOUS they are and THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN! Showing how SENSITIVE each senator TRULY IS! (Smile) Now Christopher Wrey is reminding everyone HE WASN’T THERE THEN………..he’ll get out of this nightmare of the FBI ignoring the girls’ previous words…he was “HORRIFIED! HEARTSICK!!” and “CALLED ANOTHER REVIEW..”

    Ya, so he’s clearing HIS BUTT….He’s cleared himself and now is pissing on his FBI employees who ‘let the girls down’….. which is probably proper.

    ALL the senators LOVE these appearances to show their FEELINGS………totally a waste of time, in my opinion. HaVE the girls speak, have relevant questions asked…leave the drama out of it, folks.

    JG…I think you’re right…..that DC COUP AGAINST TRUMP is enormous…
    As you know, what DC is doing NOW is digging up ANY possible anti-Trump thing and putting it in the news….BIG , the headline ABOVE the dead Marines…
    Heck, Trump didn’t even back Larry Elder, but we heard TRUMP’S name more than the ELDER NAME….. Biden’s last words on Newsom’s stump were slowly whispered “YOU…DON’T….WANT…TRUMP IN >>CALIFORNIA!!”

    So, apparently, ANY REPUBLICAN is now TRUMP, who the Left has held up as TOTAL EVIL.

    BOCOPRO…nowhere in ANY news has the fact that 1/3 of Californians (who voted) wanted Newsom gone. We know there was fraud because there are videos of women using USPS keys to open apartment boxes and get ballots out…one guy was caught with 100 ballots………it’s never Democrat votes, of course… But nobody but the Right cares and they’re totally helpless because the NEWSOM/DC Lefties set it up that if ELDER once mentioned any fraud, HE WAS TRUMP!!!!

    See? WOrked VERY well for them. ALways does.


  14. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9993455/Prince-Harry-Meghan-Markle-Times-worlds-100-influential-people.h

    Harry & Meghan are influential? Naomi Osaka is influential? This world is just too much to bear!


  15. geeez2014 says:

    FW, I couldn’t agree with you more…the types of people some think are influential are amazing….Did you ever notice (as if you hadn’t!) that all the INFLUENTIALS are usually leftwingers? You don’t hear INFLUENTIAL people being honored, like anti-abortion workers, CRT adversaries, etc….EVER.

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  16. geeez2014 says:

    EVERYBODY: Re this General Milley thing; Have you noticed that all Jen PSaki has to do is say “it’s not verified” and all is well with Milley World?
    And Jennifer Griffin of FOX says it’s basically untrue………

    Interesting that K.T. MacFarland says Admiral Kelly (now spokesman for Pentagon) never spoke highly of Milley. THEN.

    PELOSI, too, had apparently called Milley in TEARS to see if they could GET THE NUKE CODE AWAY FROM TRUMP (or something like that)

    You all see this: ? This may have NO TRUTH in it , but THE LEFT IS WINNING AGAIN.



    UNREAL, this CRAP


  17. bocopro says:

    A snippet from my notes for tomorrow’s rant:

    Sometimes I wonder, usually just for a moment, if after living with the catastrophic bungling of the past 6 months by their candidate, the people who voted Basement Joe into office still hate Trump as much as they did last November . . . . .


  18. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO: You know, we have to wonder …how COULD they?

    There’s a bitchy awful girl on Facebook who posts on the MediaBuzz site, a FOX show I like to watch SUnday mornings…she’s about the only leftie and i believe she’s paid to disrupt and be plain ugly. I am very reserved there but get my points across; from her I get “Get your ass out of your butt” and “It’s sad you must only watch FOX and are so uninformed…does it bother you to be so uninformed?”

    yup…I could reach thru the screen and pinch her head off her neck but I remain composed….I do say things like “I wish I lived in your leftwing bubble…it would be so much easier to only read what pleases you, true or not” 🙂 But I do NOT call her names or speak like she does otherwise.

    SO, there are still morons who don’t get it!

    I’ve said things like “I don’t really care what personality Trump has…I LIKED being energy independent, I liked our southern border getting cared for, I liked enemies afraid of us, I liked his patriotism….” She doesn’t hear. They DO NOT HEAR it.

    As you probably know, here inCalifornia, Newsom and his buddies (Biden , harris, warren) never said ONE SINGLE THING that he did well…NOT ONE. it was all about TRUMP…”Vote against Gavin, you get a Republican LIKE TRUMP” and Gavin won. But one third of Californians voted against him and almost half of Californians voted for Larry.
    Larry talked about what he’d do against homelessness, the economy, etc etc………never insulted Newsom…
    Newsom was ALL about HATE THE EVIL REPUBLICAN ‘You can’t let THAT happen to California!”..

    and he won.

    It’s OUR MERCHANDISING, BOCO…we merchandise BADLY…we are THE WORST….so yes, you’d THINK Biden voters today would be SO SO SORRY! But not yet.

    Wait till these taxes hit them.

    BY THE WAY, you notice how it’s all about HOW MUCH IT COSTS and not WHAT CRAP IS IN THIS BILL? VERY clever on the part of the Left…keep ’em off the silliness inside, just TALK MONEY.


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