HOW MUCH do YOU make?

They spoke yesterday on FOX about this move to have all companies divulge everybody’s salary.   

From the linked article:

“Those supportive of disclosing individuals’ compensation data put forth several arguments. Individual pay transparency would eliminate a source of distraction (Srishti Mehra) and “would do more to eliminate gender and racial pay inequity than any other action,” according to Miki Saxon. Will Quandt added that “the practice of having an open book of compensation data … could lead to a different method in solving certain situations such as pay discrepancy …” As Ali put it, “Why companies find it so difficult to talk salary when our government is so open on what each employee is paid is baffling. The experiment with open salaries has been tried and it works.”

On the other hand, Kamal Gupta cited problems regarding pay transparency in observing that, “Indian law had mandated public sharing of employee compensation for all those drawing above a certain limit… employees resented this (the old saying, never ask a man what he is earning …). It also made poaching easy.” Arun expressed fears that, “people will begin to judge one another by their compensation instead of the value they bring to the company.”   (Z: a rubbish excuse, in my opinion, since IF someone brings extraordinary value to a company they ought to be compensated more)

Chakraborty went on to suggest that “every organization may like to work out the value of transparency in its own case and determine where to draw the line.””

I think it’s a  mistake for private companies to have to tell all salaries.  If they want to, let them.



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29 Responses to HOW MUCH do YOU make?

  1. bocopro says:

    Odd . . . that’s awfully close to yesterday’s rant focus. Here ’tis:

    Y’know . . . based on what I see from the Hidin/Ho administration, it looks as if they’re deliberately tryin to incite an insurrection.   Hairylegs Joey is going pedal-to-the-metal to set up CWII and really get a large bunch of well-armed rednecks really pissed off, and his cackler vice accident is about as useful as Hillary in a relay race.
    I haven’t heard anything useful come out of the White House since January.  And a demented old swamp-rat professional plagiarizer “mandating” me to do ANYthing is about the same as Forrest Gump giving me directions for constructing a T-Rex out of potato peelings and coffee grounds.
    So . . . I got some words of wisdom for Joe, and Ho, and the alphabet news networks, and the Hollywood elite, and libs in general.  Listen up, assholes:
    Basically, I don’t really much give a damn if someone else has a huge mansion with a bunch of expensive cars and state-of-the-art electronic gadgets.
    I mean, yeah . . . it’d be nice to have all those things, I guess, but consider the upkeep, the taxes, the utility bills on a mansion, and the insurance on a fleet of fancy cars, and the threat of theft or damage to fones, laptops, flatscreens, and so on.
    Some people work hard to get what they wind up with . . . some inherit money and stuff from relatives . . . some win it in lotteries or poker games . . . some just outright steal it in one way or another.
    But, so what . . . once they got it, I really don’t care, and I really don’t want to take any of it away from ‘em, or redistribute it to the less fortunate, or donate it in some guilt-trip to somebody who made some stunningly bad decisions or just had a run of really bad luck.
    See . . . I got enough.  Roof, running water, reliable electricity, steady income, big TV screens, functioning iMac, good dog, great life-long partner/wife, no long-term major debts, reasonable health for someone my age.  Am I lucky?  Of course I am, primarily to have been born where I was when I was. 
    But I also worked for what I have today . . . 24 years in the military, a BA and MA re-starting from scratch after a false start 60 years ago and paid for by the G.I. Bill, 16 years teaching in the local college and university.  Income retirements from Navy, Florida state university system, and Social Security, which I paid into for 40 years.
    I don’t have a LOT, but I really don’t NEED anything more than what I have, unless it’d be repair of my shoulder and hip-joint issues that keep me from playin golf.
    So, what am I goin’ on about . . . well, it’s this:  get outta my face with this equality crap.  Life isn’t fair.  Lady Luck can be a bitch sometimes.  Hurricanes happen.  Earthquakes happen.  Disease happens.  It’s not my fault that some people smoke and never get cancer while others never smoke and die from the stuff.
    Stop lecturing me about inequality, about how unfair it is that the 1% have all the wealth and all the power.  I’m not at all certain that any of them are any more content than I am despite their millions, their status, their luxuries.
    Stay away from me with your gender inequities, your systemic racism, your boo-hoo bullshit about the treatment of Muslims and gays and trannies and “refugees.”  Life’s a bitch, and then you die.  Mother Nature really doesn’t care about anybody’s personal problems.
    Lay off me with the divisive crap about money, wage scales, pigmentation, gender confusion, black lives matter, white people being responsible for everything that’s gone wrong in human history since Adam (who was brown, BTW) ate the forbidden fruit.
    And stop trying to convince the country that at least half the population is black and every 5th person is gay or lesbian or trans, or that people of color can’t be racist.  NOTHING is more racist than a black Congressional caucus or a Black Miss America contest or a TV network which uses beautiful African or mixed-race or same-sex families in well over half their commercials.
    Don’t tell me how to live my life, what to eat, what medicines to take, where I can go, what I can wear, what I can or can’t do, when I can do things, and with whom.
    Don’t try to make me feel bad about something somebody else’s grandfather might or might not have done 200 years ago to a black or brown person.  Forget about trying to convince me that I owe somebody I’ve never met a recompense for something that went on 2 centuries ago.  And while you’re at it, do some research on the percentage of slaves in the US who were white . . . you might be surprised.
    If you want a god and have one you like, good for you if it makes you happy.  I honestly believe that a moderate religion is good for society.   But don’t tell me that I have to have the same god and worship it the way you want me to or I’m condemned to hell.
    And don’t waste half a minute telling me how Islam is a religion of peace until you’ve looked at what ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the Taliban have wrought in Afghanistan.
    Don’t even think about asking me for money to support a politician or a political party.  You want to waste your money on professional parasites and thieves?  Fine.  Go ahead.  I really don’t care about your politics, and don’t forget that your right to be happy ends where mine begins if they conflict.
    So if you had in mind doing any of that stuff to or for me, think again.  Go play your holier-than-thou games with your woke snowflake friends.  Or, even simpler, just go away.  I won’t miss you any more than you’d miss me if I disappeared.

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  2. Mustang says:

    The proposal is total rubbish. Since government salaries are a matter of public record, all we’re talking about here is private companies. The salary of someone working in a private industry is the result of private negotiations between the company and employee; no one else has a right to this information. If there is a difference in private-company salaries between two individuals with the same job description, then it has to do with their education/training, experience, and at-work proficiency, dependability, and their innate ability to give their employer more than what they asked for. Unless the nitwits are arguing that someone in the mailroom ought to earn as much as someone with a Ph.D. in quantum physics, which is ludicrous on its face. As to your final point, “If they want to, let them …” no, as a matter of law, compensation is protected information. The only reason the government does it is that salaries come from public revenues where the people have a right to know how it’s being spent.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    I think it’s a good idea.  In fact, I think companies should have on their websites, the profiles of all of their employees for everyone everywhere to see.
    The profiles would include:
    . salary / hourly wage / bonus / other compensation such as non-monetary compensation given to the female/male employee by company executives and reason for compensation such as office sex provided, when where and how
    . 401k or other retirement benefit total(s) by year, updated semi-annually 
    . nude photos from various angles, updated annually
    . medical history
    . criminal history
    . past relationship history
    . likes / dislikes / perversions
    . birth date, place of birth, and all other information valued by identity thieves
    . possessions valued at more than $100
    . all business and personal contact information

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  4. In management, it has always been stressed that employees should not ask each others compensation. It breeds dissatisfaction, especially among those who think they add more value than they actually do.
    A number of years ago, I was hired as an automation engineer, but there was only an hourly maintenance tech position available budgeted.
    So I did the work at an hourly rate. I made 120k that year because of all the hours I worked, typically above 60 a week. The next year they budgeted a salary slot and I was given a salary of about 60k. Not a bad salary at the time, but I still worked the hours I did previously.

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  5. I’m also reminded of the time I was skilled trades at GM. The head (and only) engineer of the department I was in that fabricated the car bodies brought a young guy they had just hired as an engineer to introduce to me.
    Warren then asked me about a robotic vision problem I had solved and how did I do it.
    When we were done talking the new guy asked why I wasn’t an engineer.
    I told him I couldn’t afford the cut in pay. He looked at Warren and warren told me to tell him.
    I asked the new guy what he made. He balked. So I told him. I knew his pay grade and what it paid.
    Just like with enlisted and officers in the military.
    So I told him what I made and his eyes got big.
    I got hourly, but then I also got overtime, and then the suggestion program was so generous (they dropped it since) that I could double my salary for ideas I came up with.
    Coming up with ideas was in his job description.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…if you have all your writings you’ve put on my blog, please send them to me and I’ll get them published!!! Such good stuff….Today’s , to ME, boils down to “Life isn’t fair.”

    You know how many times I’ve talked about that here and how the Left can’t ACCEPT that so they have to legislate everything just in case something bad happens!! (As if it won’t?), they have to let ALL migrants come in to be FAIR and NICE and they think that’ll work (Fair to US doesn’t count, of course), etc etc……..
    And the salary thing I put in my post has to do with that, too, you’re right. Sometimes, there’s going to be some lazy SOB who doesn’t do all his or her work and gets a bit more than that hard working guy down the hall. SO, LIFE ISN”T FAIR, then translates to my choice of describing that phrase: SHIT HAPPENS (sorry, but…)
    GOod stuff, Boco…thanks 🙂

    MUSTANG: Right….gov’t jobs are posted with salaries…makes sense, as you say.
    But you’re right…otherwise? NO WAY…thanks for your comment; good one. There was some terrific senator on TV the other night talking about this…he also owns a couple of restaurants and said some very young kid wanted to make as much as the pizza oven expert………This senator said “Have you worked 25 YEARS perfecting the creation of pizzas? Did you go to culinary school? …” etc etc…………..This guy finally stopped his ridiculous request!!

    KID! NO sarcasm, right? 🙂 🙂 SO TRUE…JUST PUT IT ALL OUT THERE…this is the NEW AMERICA….(God, help us!)

    ED, thanks for sharing those experiences… really all adds up to NO TELLING OF THE SALARIES OF OTHERS and WHY, you are so right. I AM glad they appreciate you at work!!


  7. kidme37 says:

    As for gender pay inequality, it comes down to this. If you’re on a sinking ship, all the women get to get off first. Burning building? Same deal, get those women out. So, we men get a $2 an hour surcharge in our pay to make up for that.
    -Bill Burr


  8. bocopro says:

    Well . . . I write somethin every day, be it an essay, a parody, a poem, a would-be article, a blogment, a rant . . . and sometimes I write little stories. In past years I wrote full-blown novellas and even a coupla plays. I burnt most of those, tho, and don’t have ‘em computer archived.

    Problem is that although I save about half of what I write (including ALL my rants), I just stick ‘em in a catch-all folder without titles or labels, so finding what I wrote to whom and when is entirely impractical. It’s a Fibber McGee’s closet of ramble.

    My 2018 rant folder has 198 entries
    my 2019 rant folder has 245
    my 2020 rant folder has 231
    and 2021 so far has 156

    The parodies folder has over 350
    and my religion folder has 20, some of which are as long as 15 pages or more.

    As I’ve said here before, I’m a compulsive writer who considers the cerebrum to be like a skeletal muscle in that if it’s not used, it atrophies. So I exercise it by stirring nouns and verbs and modifiers and personal neologisms into thick word porridge.

    Much of what’s in my folders might be considered unfit for polite company, and I suspect much of my philosophical stuff concerning various religions and especially the “Holy Land” would be offensive to some people.

    One of my stories has a mysterious mist settling on the planet which puts all living things into stupor. When it dissipates and people awaken, many things are strangely missing, such as churches, temples, mosques, books, statues . . . basically anything related to or referring to religion in any form.

    The premise is that humankind is hard-wired for certain things such as development of language AND belief in greater-than-human entities. The implication is that logic would insist that religion is often anti-God and that more people have died needlessly in the name of religion than for any other cause since humans began living in communities.

    So people re-establish belief systems to satisfy the longing in their heads for supreme authority and answers to the questions they have yet to fully understand.

    The piece is 10 pages and around 3000 words in about 50 paragraphs. Here are the last 4:

    “Other gods are superhuman, but not omnipotent or infallible. Some are omniscient but not powerful, while others are omnipotent but uninterested in anything beyond the regions in which they have chosen to dwell. Various societies throughout west Asia and Africa claim connection with limited-power gods of nature which they believe can affect weather and other forces. They chant and sacrifice various objects to their gods as they deem necessary for their survival.

    “Sites of affection and acknowledgement have been established for numerous gods throughout the world, primarily in central Asia and much of Africa. Japan has developed a cult which reveres both ancestors and indigenous spirits in flora and fauna, remarkably similar to the Shinto tradition that existed in Pre-Mist days.

    “Otherwise, however, very few actual houses of worship of any kind have appeared in Post-Mist societies. Some very secretive, restricted sects have pantheons, and a few have families of gods, but none have prophets, seers, priests, ornate temples, or strict dogma.

    “Man’s brain is apparently pre-programmed for belief in supernatural beings, but not necessarily in established formal religions or churches. The Catholic and Protestant sects, the Buddhist, the Muslim, the Hindu, and all the other major belief systems no longer exist on the planet. Wars still pop up from time to time over economic disputes or cultural aggression, but not in the name of any god.”

    I doubt that be welcome in any Christian or Muslim society. So, although you’re more than welcome to my archives, you might not like what you find in them, and I have no way to easily sort out what you might like to see. And I doubt you’d appreciate wading through several thousand documents to sort out the shiny inoffensive ones.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    KID, as much as I’m not a total feminist by a long shot, THIS I don’t agree with at all.
    Same work; same pay. No man would EVER let a woman off first anywhere, even elevators, anymore!!!!


  10. kidme37 says:

    :). Well, I think it’s a rule on cruise ships and such. but you have to wonder it it would be enforced. how about the sinking ship that the entire crew left first. Your point is valid, and Bill Burr is a stand up so it was meant as humor.


  11. kidme37 says:

    I always let women off first. Like I want to walk in front of one? :). (more humor)

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  12. “No man would EVER let a woman off first anywhere, even elevators, anymore!!!!”
    I take umbrage at that.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    ED and KID, you should take umbrage…because what I said is not 100% true….many men have stepped aside for me out of an elevator…..not so many hold doors open if they’re there first anymore, though.
    I remember once at a Baker’s Square in Orlando where I’d gone to get some food and a man opened the door and waited till I got there…a Black man in the South…….he was amazing….It felt so good I still remember him….so it DOES exist in true gentlemen!!
    but NOT MUCH


  14. geeez2014 says:

    I had no idea who BILL BURR was till I just googled him.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    KID…I thought you meant “he’s a stand up guy” not “stand up comedian!” 🙂

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  16. geeez2014 says:

    Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton is an acquaintance of my Aunt and Uncle….Brent Bozell is very good friends with a dear friend of mine; I keep getting emails for contributions …they are “So on the media and exposing stories”……
    Ya…and has ANYTHING happened due to their diligence?

    nope. I just unsubscribed to both and feel good about it… sad, but true.

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  17. peter3nj says:

    True story:
    My best friends Mike and Mary, husband and wife worked together for 27 years still making under $30,000 apiece making dyes( for pulling copper wire). In 1997 they were both let go in an effort to cut expenses and load their work onto honorable hard working Hispanics i.e. cheap labor. At 47 years old with no other work experience or college behind them were understandably figuratively pooping in their pants about their future and prospects since salaries in their industry were undergoing tremendous cuts: thanks to the God fearing South and Central American and Sub Continental Indians labor pool. While far from being a philosopher or psychologist I sat with them in their kitchen and simply said to them The Chinese symbol for crisis is composed of two characters: danger and opportunity.You recognize the danger now recognize the opportunity.
    They then cancelled the pity party, set up a sole proprietorship and using contacts made in those 27 years in the industry getting to work drawing copper wires and repairing dyes for other companies. began their business in their basement.
    Today they own three homes-no mortgages-new autos every couple of years, traveled the world, put both children through college (both successfully professionals today) and have close to two million in IRAs.
    While not all stories turn out to be success stories this country almost always gave its sons and daughters the opportunity for success. How long that holds true resins to be seen.
    P.S. Born in Cuba along with their parents, she and her three brothers came to Miami penniless in 1968 before moving on to
    Hudson County, NJ. While still in their teens her three brothers started delivering meats eventually buying the one store one truck business, expanding it to three north Jersey wholesale meat packing and distribution companies sold one location for $7 million in 2012, Both parents when they died in 2007 and 2012 were collectively worth several million in cash along with real estate holdings leaving behind successful children and grandchildren. …never a penny of entitlements; none needed or wanted. God Bless America!🇺🇸

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  18. kidme37 says:

    Peter, I have to say (and I tell people) that every time I’ve lost a job I ended up with a better one. I’m not the business owner type but being a HS grad (barely) I’ve done Ok. I may have even done better since once school stopped so did the BS being pumped into my head. Exceptions for people who go to college and actually learn something useful.
    At this point, I’ve got about a year to go and will be very interested in whatever retirement I can afford. Given everything, I’m happy to be moving on. I’m very fortunate to really enjoy my job but I won’t miss it either. Had enough.

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  19. Kid, I just had that conversation with a guy I met last Sunday.
    Being fired often means you’re in the wrong place with the wrong people.
    I insisted on getting fired once.
    But often, it was God getting me out of a bad place I was willing to simmer in, and into a better place.

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  20. I enjoy getting ahead of women at an automatic door and pretending I’m opening it for them.
    Always gets a laugh.


  21. MAL says:

    When someone lost a job, I referred to it as getting fired up! With that attitude, one often ends up with an even better job.
    I love Bocopro’s post today, too, Z.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    ED…that’s funny!!! “after you, Madame!” 🙂
    I like how we feel God in times like you describe….good one!

    KID…I’d like to see you as a college PROF…..straightening out the idiotic minds of SO many of our indoctrinated little dopes!!!! Oh, I’d LOVE to hear you lecture ….some subject which would include politics, of course….history? Political Science? OH, I’d LOVE to hear you pin their ears back with THE TRUTH!!!!!! With your humor…it might work!!

    PETER, that is THE greatest migrant success story I maybe ever heard! Good for them and good for YOU for leading them in the positive direction!! GREAT JOB!!!!


  23. Baysider says:

    Agree. A perfect recipe to sow dissension.

    Love that story, Peter. And Ed, I had a friend in same situation. Stepped down from management (and its dress code and lower pay) to do what he LOVED and did best – make rocket engines – at better pay.

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  24. MAL says:

    Ed, I like that automatic door bit. I like walking into an elevator with a few people in it, facing me, and say “I guess you’re all wondering why I called this meeting”. I’ve even done that where I’ve seen a few folks standing outside somewhere. It always gets a laugh.

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  25. geeez2014 says:

    I just heard that an Afghan father whose 10 month old was accidentally killed in Afghanistan is asking for compensation. It was a HORRID hit and NOBODY wants babies dead!

    And I don’t like young American soldiers dying for Afghanistan…and I wonder if we could ever demand compensation?

    And yes, I know that sounds heartless…..



  26. geeez2014 says:

    I also do NOT understand why FOX will NOT include how Biden’s dopes are going to start flying Haitian migrants at our border HOME….flight after flight is SUPPOSEDLY going to start flying them home…the WSJ and other sources are reporting it. But NOT FOX.

    FOX just has host after host saying how horrible it is that about 15,000 Haitians have gathered at our border to come in (and they’re right, of course)


  27. geeez2014 says:

    Del Rio residents are being told to close their restaurants and just cook for the 15,000 illegal migrants from Haiti and others…..
    American employees can’t go to work because they use a bridge to get to work and it’s too full of illegals.

    What the heck are those Texas towns supposed to DO with this enormous influx of people many of whom apparently are carrying covid? From Ghana, Angola, Haiti…..thousands of families….all just strolling through the river, changing clothes and sauntering into our country.

    I’m not saying this has been an easy trip for them but they can afford the planes and ships that got them to Brazil, etc., and then walk (some say for 15 months) into OUR country so we can cook and help them?


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  28. Baysider says:

    Judicial Watch has levered a lot of information out with FOIA requests. That may drive some ‘offshore’ to use private, not government, email accounts for sure. But they have published a lot of egg on Democrat faces and shed much light in the hidden shadows of the current WuFlu crisis. Their lawsuits have forced voter roll cleanups, shed light on fetal organ trafficking and many actions – like the civil rights lawsuit against Lori Lightfoot – which remind misbehaving officials that ‘someone’ with a lawyer in their holster is looking over their shoulder to incentivize good behavior in those on the margins of duplicity. I support them for all that.

    But … I too detest begging emails. If I could just find an email version of the new phone spam blocker I have! Losing all my email boxes and having to start from scratch took care of that for awhile.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER… Great….sad that nobody in the public has seen the ‘egg on any Democrat’s faces’…which is my point. Sure, behind the scenes, maybe, and I’m delighted that you found all this info…but we haven’t seen a bit of good from any forced voter roll call cleanups…>Fraud existed this time in California, too. Shedding light’s fine….But I’m talking REAL ACTION…. Lori Lightfoot is still mayor.
    I guess I’m saying I TOTALLY get what you’re saying…Obviously, they’d not exist if they weren’t doing some good, but NOTHING Conservatives do seems to TRULY make change, fix things….. I hope I’m wrong.


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