Sunday Faith Blog

There  is the story of a pastor who got up one Sunday and  announced to his congregation: “I have good news  and bad news. The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program. The bad  news is, it’s still out there in your pockets.”

Does America have enough money to cover the HUUUUGE BILL that Biden and Pelosi (“Capitalism hasn’t served Americans”) want to force on us?

Have you noticed the Leftwing media is hiding the facts about the bill by talking only about discussions about the cost and not WHAT’S IN IT?

Since it’s Sunday, please pray that Biden and his horrid bill will not destroy our economy…...  He is just so stupid.  Look!  I had a cartoon sent to me which echoes what I’ve been saying for months and hadn’t heard anywhere else!:

But he keeps insisting it DOES!! 

Have a great Sunday!!


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7 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. Baysider says:

    In order for Biden and his horrid bill to not destroy our economy there needs to be a suspension of the laws of economics akin to the suspension of the laws of gravity. Lord, only you can do this. You parted the Red Sea and brought a million people through it on DRY LAND.

    If only we were living in the 2nd Newhart show where we could look forward to the final episode when he wakes up back in The Bob Newhart Show, to find it was all a dream. And Donald Trump was in the White House with Joe Biden in the memory care facility where he belongs. Make us people deserving of such a miracle.

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  2. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…exactly! Which is why we need prayer “Lord, only you…” and “…such a miracle”
    Exactly right!!!!! Thanks. Funny, someone I read doubted the Red Sea parting was anything really faith-building because there is a phenomenon which can cause the water to do that….
    My response to that was “but at exactly the moment they NEEDED it?” 🙂
    Yup..prayer is needed.

    EVERYBODY: I watched MediaBuzz this morning and the loathsome Chris Wallace was preening and prancing his ‘ever so open’ mind with Howie, who bought all Wallace’s crap.

    What struck me as fascinating and probably meaningful?, was that they talked $$$ Wallace’s book for a whole segment (SURPRISE!) and talked of how Chris spoke to many people about the incident when Bin Laden was finally killed..He didn’t speak Rob O’Neill’s name. Then they talked of the Navy Seals who were all certain they’d die in this mission …and how ONE NAVY SEAL had promised his mother before all this that he’d never put himself in harm’s way. Finally, they said “He was the one who killed Bin Laden”

    “HE”? Hasn’t he a name? Then they mentioned again about the killing and how ‘the one who killed him….” and still NO NAME of Rob O’Neill. On purpose? It was absolutely amazing as I listened thinking “Why not say the GUY’s name?!” TOO CONSERVATIVE?



  3. MAL says:

    The most sickening part of the bill is it funds the huge deficits created by the liberal Democratic states. Honestly, prior to Trump taking office we were already in deep trouble financially, patriotically and militarily so all he accomplished was delaying the inevitable and we got an extra 4 years of good times. Realistically, how are we suppose to come out of this mess? We still haven’t learned anything. Even if we could somehow erase the $30 trillion deficit, we still can’t balance a budget. I had hoped having a non-lawyer or politician as president, we could some how devise a plan that could work, but I’m afraid it was too late and China is gonna eat our lunch.

    Our friends moving to Panama are beginning to look wiser every day.

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  4. geeez2014 says:


    MAL, I’ll never honor people who leave America when things get rough, but I can’t condemn them, that’s for sure.

    ED…I’m afraid to watch! 🙂 I’m MAD ENOUGH!!


  5. Baysider says:

    I’ll save you the trouble. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….What was I THINKING? 🙂 Thanks xx


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