SO much to talk about!!!

Just had to share some observations;

As you know, anything about the ROYAL FAMILY in the UK is BIG headlines….
CNN is suddenly showing a ‘viewer special’ on DIANA!!!!  They are SO slipping in viewership, you have to know that’s why!!

Commercials now have WOMEN ON THE TOILET POOPING…Yes,  2 or 3 women sitting on the toilet on a TV commercial…I suppose it’s for something that ‘helps’ you ‘go’…I don’t even know!   What hit me is it’s so disgusting and takes us down such an ugly, stupid path that even their horrid producers have to add the line by one woman, cozily sitting on her toilet, “I think by now most people know women POOP”   AHA, so now that’s a great excuse to SHOW her pooping, huh?  I don’t think so!  I know there are rape murderers but I hope nobody does that on TV.   TYPICAL LEFTWING CRAP (pardon the expression!)

There’s a TV commercial on lately which advises you to call a law firm if you’ve had any sexual harassment, etc.  It says many people have been helped…then it finally gets down to “If you or anyone you know has been molested by a PRIEST or any other staff member in the CATHOLIC CHURCH, please call..”    WHAT?  There are rabbis, too, who’ve been found to molest!  There are all sorts of people who molest.  But this firm deals only in CATHOLIC molesters?  Seems odd to me.   Also, I love to watch ID (Investigative Discovery) which has true murder stories on 24/7….only THE worst killer wears a CROSS ….many…only the worst.  And the worst the killer is, the bigger the cross.  WHY?

John Berman of CNN  had two kids in their teens on yesterday…their 45 yr old father just died of covid….Berman prompted them and cajoled them and finally they said “Dad wasn’t THAT rightwing (seriously…!!) but he did watch TV discussions about it and wasn’t going to have the vaccine until the FDA approved it”…  Berman then REALLY pulled it out of them “Who did HE WATCH?”   “Tucker Carlson”      AHA, so TUCKER KILLED THEIR FATHER, right? 🙂

Any of you ever hear of CONSTITUTION COUNTIES?  Check into it…fascinating.

So…those are just a very few of what I had on my mind as I wrote this last night….

HOW ABOUT YOU?  Any comments about the above, or anything new you’d like to rant about?



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14 Responses to SO much to talk about!!!

  1. bocopro says:

    Awww . . . ya shouldna hadna oughtna opened that door —

    Today’s news media aren’t interested in reporting what’s happening in the “real” world to the people. In fact, they consider themselves the real world and it’s their job to rewrite and reshape what once WAS the real world. What they put out is mostly propaganda for the purpose of behavior modification.

    The driving force behind news stations is the same as what used to drive newspapers – be the first to get out there with the story and make it as sensational as possible – we can print corrections and retractions on page 34 later – and the point it to push the narrative, promote the agenda, sell the product.

    Simply put, it’s “publish or perish” and the bloodier the better, and don’t forget that the more interesting they make things, the more often you watch their channel, which means you’re bombarded with their sponsors’ messages.

    In other words, “news” and “truth” are definitely not the same thing any more . . . truth is, the relationship is so distant that calling them “cousins” might be inaccurate.

    They spice, flavor, mask, alter, disguise, and even create the “news” they want us to hear, forcing us to either accept what they shovel out or find other sources. What people have to do is read a leftist rag, then find a conservative one, compare them, and find a median, a middle, something that’s not disgusting to swallow and see if they can swallow it.

    Basically what happens is that editors and producers select which events or items they want us to hear or see and then edit them to control the way we interpret and feel about our world.

    The point is to stir the pot and engage our emotions of suspicion and fear while implying that the politician or policy or product they endorse is the only viable solution and other sources are either lying or hiding something or just out of touch.

    Most of the time the media report only the bad, bloody, prurient, spectacular stuff because they know we consider most GOOD news to be boring by comparison to rape, murder, muggings, riots, disasters, human trafficking, child molestation, immigrants in cages . . . .

    Editors and managers deliberately and carefully choose the stories which promote the message they want us to hear, blocking or censoring or minimizing those which don’t promote their agenda.

    In today’s America, the agenda is to inundate us with carefully selected, repetitive, biased fabrications demonstrating how white people are bigots, racists, and oppressors, that penniless and potentially contagious trespassers coming across the southern border are GOOD for the country and its culture, that white rage and climate change are more dangerous than China, Iran, Russia, and Rocketman Kim.

    Most intelligent mature adults don’t believe much of what they hear or see on mass news media, and millennials prefer to get their information from social media or late-nite “comedy” shows where it’s already digested and distilled into amusing one-liners for them, eliminating the need for that troublesome process of actually thinking about things.

    What we’ve come to is that the news media have redefined themselves as that shop vac we have in the basement – something we use only during crises, but we’re glad it’s there to see if Saturday would be a good day for the beach, or a cookout, or just hanging out watching 12 minutes of athletic activities expanded into 3 hours of replays, discussion, commercials, and discussions of why people of color get a raw deal in the US.

    I say that much of the bad stuff – the rioting, the shooting, the property damage – is basically monkey-see/monkey-do, and if we turned the TV and internet off for about a year, we’d see a dramatic drop in violence, hatred, racism, and even obesity . . . I mean, is there anyone in North American who doesn’t know where to find a cheeseburger or a pizza or a sugary soft drink if he wants one?

    As for the royals, there is no known instrument to measure the depth of my indifference to the ginger prince and his presumptuous princess. And Charles . . . if ever there were a poster boy for getting rid of royalty, he’s the guy.

    See . . . around 250 years ago, western European pioneers on the eastern shores of North America told the king and his nobles, “Look, it should be perfectly obvious to you jerks that all men are created equal . . . not the SAME, but looking back to the Magna Charta, laws and rules should apply equally to everyone, whether farmer or aristocrat, chimneysweep or noble, soldier or suck-up.”

    And a lotta people in North America today seem to have forgotten that principle and expect us rednecks and John Q.s to bend and the knee, take the jab as we’re told, put totally ineffective diapers on our faces, and surrender our freedoms while they do it only when on camera. I could name some for ya, but it’d take hours, and I got yard work to do.


  2. Mustang says:

    We’ve been talking about this for quite some time. Television, cinema, and the commercial music industry have destroyed the human spirit. There is nothing about Neanderthal society to recommend it, but we’ve somehow taken that turn, and rather than seeking enlightenment, spiritual chastity, tolerance, mutual respect, western societies seek to debase the human condition. We choose not to listen to soothing, spiritually healing music, opting instead for gutter poetry that glorifies rape, murder, drugs, and hate. Television producers call it entertainment, but in reality, what you’re seeing on television and listening to on too many radio stations is brainwashing. Nothing is off the table — even advertising sequencing, which places ads for incontinence, menstrual cycles, problems with urination, and toilet paper at the dinner hour. People watch these ads while they’re eating dinner. The TV keeps them from having to talk to one another, no one says a word, and little eight-year-old Tommy, in case he hasn’t figured it out yet, can learn how to insert a tampon.

    It isn’t only in the United States. I saw an explicit “how-to” television ad in France for condoms. In the 1980s, the sitcom “Friends” would have been pornography, but ten years later it was all the rage and people began mimicking Joey and Chandler. The cherry on top of this salacious sundae is the news channels, where everything goes. I read recently that a large number of people no longer watch television; I’m one of those. I hope this trend catches on, but I’m not holding my breath. Apparently, most people prefer living in filth.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO, thanks…..yes, we’ve talked a lot here about the media……
    I don’t like Charlie AT ALL but am a fan of the newer Royals, who I find somehow defy the hideous way Andrew and Fergie and Diana and the others have acted. Somehow William and Kate exemplify dignity and beauty while still maintaining honor …I hope they continue on because the Royals bring a big amount of money to the UK….and I’m a UK FAN!!!

    MUSTANG, I think TV Commercials haven’t been discussed enough here….this pooping thing really gets to me…or 16 yr old girls exposing their pregnant belly in PREGNANT TEEN MOMES or something …I’m not even sure of the title. How about the mom trying to get her little one to eat dinner but the kid keeps screaming at Mom “I will NOT EAT THAT” and the poor mommy so exasperated. Mine wasn’t….My mom put us in our room. Done. But the kids today rule the roost and the media LOVES honoring THAT horrible truth…….etc etc etc.

    In Germany and France, people sunbathe without tops on outside their office buildings…it’s weird when I SAW IT but Europeans generally don’t really give it a big whoop……’s not everywhere, but you will see it. French and German TV also will have nudity in the shower for a soap commercial, etc…..We are more puritanical and always have been so it only shocks us…it’s not MEANT to shock or disgust like ours are…or do, anyway……….they’re normal there…gotta say.
    I like puritanical, but it was fascinating to see pretty conservative people watching sunbathers or tv nudity and not blink an eye. It was a kind of lesson for me…WHO KNOW!???

    A funny-ish story I like to share was one night late in Paris, Mr. Z was on a business trip so there I am alone and awake around 1 am……I put TV on and I don’t know WHAT I’m looking at! Turns out it was a porn channel that I’d come upon and what I was looking at was SUCH close-up sex I literally couldn’t tell what I was seeing….!! I swear! That was SO far less truly sexy than I’m sure the producers intended 🙂


  4. Well, speaking of foreign porn, I just read that there is a shortage (no pun intended) of male porn actors in Japan.


  5. Constitutional Counties is a real thing. I wish mine was, and it would be if not for AnnArbor.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    ED, of course it’s a real thing…I’m fascinated..but when you mention Ann Arbor I realize that this concept, too, needs those who support the Constitution…and that’s hard to find in towns like L.A., Ann Arbor, etc….maybe if enough more conservative cities start groups?

    Are Japanese men more fearful of COVID? Maybe that’s why so many are out of porn… that, and their blow up dolls 🙂


  7. Mustang says:

    Geez Ed, why did you have to tell us that? You know Kid reads these comments. Whatever happens now is your fault.

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  8. MAL says:



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  9. Baysider says:

    Agree about royals. The qualities of the queen have skipped a generation – except at least her daughter is very hard working and probably a better candidate for the throne than her brother. I am reminded of something Diana told her son. “William, when you marry, marry for friendship.” I think he did. And it shows. She seems like a quality woman. He was quite ‘careful’ about committing, but challenged by his grandfather to sh*t or get off the pot, he did. I never thought of Diana as wise, but this is a wise perspective. It’s one that’s carried me through a living nightmare at times.

    I know about constitution counties, and I KNOW I don’t live in one. 🙂


  10. MAL says:

    Z, it’s true they keep pushing the envelope on what they show on T.V. We see the backs of men standing at urinals; men or women in stalls with their pants down around their ankles, and anything else they can get away with ’cause they are no longer being censored. And language? Topics of discussion? Nothings is verboten anymore.

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, Will got ‘accidentally’ lucky in that the girl he decided on is beautiful, confident (Very), pretty bright, a friend…but QUEEN MATERIAL.
    I believe Diana could have been given a better chance and if she’d been a bit older when she married….and if Charles hadn’t been in love with Camilla…!!!

    The only Royal I’m not fond of is Charles and I hope and pray he does not become King but gives it to WIlliam. I, too, believe his sister would be a better Queen than he would be King. She works FAR harder and more often for the Royals than most people know.

    I admire how the Middletons raised their children, particularly Catherine…everywhere she is, she exudes CONFIDENCE. That’s a very tough thing to give a kid…….no conceit, just confidence.

    I really admire her.


  12. Mustang says:

    @ Baysider, my wife has met Princess Anne; in her opinion, Anne is the brightest of the lot. We both met Prince Charles and Prince William in Edinburgh at the Tattoo in 2018. William is light years smarter than his father.


  13. Baysider says:

    YOU WERE AT THE TATOO!? Wow. I play excerpts for Mr. B to give him his bagpipe fix. Would love it. 🥰 Interesting insights about William. I hope he’s smart enough to not go woke.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, he is a bit WOKE over climate change and some hints of race guil; not sure if he has to display that from time to time or really does ‘mea culpa’ himself needlessly through life like so many of the woke do!
    I’ve noticed Catherine wears a cross fairly often…interesting…just a side note.

    MUSTANG: I would bet there’s no doubt Princess Anne is the brighter of them all…..How did you get to meet Charles and William? SO you did get the impression William is pretty smart, huh? I HOPE SO!! 🙂 I think his father’s a DOLT!


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