Good News is hard to find…please do!

The parents of 170,000 children in California have not enrolled their children in public school this year.  That’s a lot of kids and I don’t think it’s because they don’t like the hot lunches.

Gutfeld! is the Number One Late Night Show for weeks….

FOX’s The Five has been the most watched cable show all week……….

Can you think of ANY other good news?  I can’t do ALL the heavy lifting around here!!! 🙂

As an aside…hours after I wrote this blog post, I spoke to my sister and we were talking about the border and I said “So Biden is sending Haitians out but he allowed 250,000 from Mexico, Salvador, etc etc..  Does that make sense?”   She said “Ya, if the cartels are paying our government off!”    OH MY GOSH, that hadn’t occurred to me.   YA THINK?  Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it???

Have a great Friday, Z




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9 Responses to Good News is hard to find…please do!

  1. Governess Gretchen Whitmer is so afraid of her poll numbers she signed a law the Republican legislature sent her that forbids mask mandates and ChiVi Injection Passports.
    Joe Biden polls at 39%.
    It’s up to us to get the primaries right.

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  2. bocopro says:

    No, tho I consider myself basically an optimist and the weather here on the Guff Khost is perfect for a change, nothing good has happened recently that I can think of.

    Lotta bad stuff, however . . . and in that regard I updated a line from McCartney’s “Michelle, Ma Belle” . . .

    Harris PotUS . . . sont les mots qui vont tres mal ensemble, tres mal ensemble.

    ‘Course that would work for Joey, too —

    PotUS Biden … sont deux mots qui vont tres mal ensemble . . . .

    Damned tune won’t exit my head —


  3. kidme37 says:

    Good news. Republicans snuck a bill through making it illegal for ugly POSs to be elected or re-elected meaning we’ll only get screwed by good looking people now.

    The phrase Tax The Rich has been replaced with Tax The Government.

    My neighbor cut up a fallen tree for me after my chain saw quit working.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    ED, that IS good news, seriously!! Thanks…….

    BOCOPRO! I heard a talk radio host the other day call Kamala Harris “Que Mal-A Harris!” LOVED IT!!! Isn’t that a good one.
    AND it’s not like you not to have SOMETHING positive to say…so you’ve got me even MORE worried now 🙂

    KID, I that means we don’t have to look at Maxine Waters or Pelosi or Blumenthal or SO SO many others, that might be a start 🙂
    And yes, TAX THE GOV”T but they’re just including that with TAX THE RICH, according to what Biden whispered the other day “…you have to be taxed like our middle class…” As if the rich aren’t? I’m for closing loopholes but if we tax the rich to oblivion, we’re DONE.
    And I’m GLAD your neighbor helped you with the tree!!! GOOD NEWS!!!


  5. kidme37 says:

    On the way to work, I actually saw a small plane trailing a fabric sign that said Tax The Rich……

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  6. Mustang says:

    @ Kid … did you shoot it down? If the answer is “no,” then guess what? You’re part of the problem. Well, at least that’s what Peter said.

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  7. Baysider says:

    That is good news, Ed! Sometimes, they can be coerced by re-election fears. Bill Clinton did a lot with the congress he would never have done with a Democrat congress.

    Z, your sister’s comment – a perfect example of Occam’s Razor. I had not thought of it either.

    Good news? The 22-month income drought and pedal-to-the-metal exertions with vacancies will be over in another month. The rat is dead. And the spam call blocker box works. All personal victories this year.

    On the political scene, FINALLY we had this headline in our local news: “Santa Monica Could Join in Challenge to State Housing Mandates.” You all cannot imagine what this means coming out of the People’s Republic. Under the State allocation, Southern California must plan to build 1,341,827 new housing units by October 2029. Santa Monica’s quota is 8,895 new units, 6,168 of them affordable. We elected some sensibles to the city council, which is now considering joining Orange County’s lawsuit against the state in conjunction with the Westside Cities Council of Governments – Beverly Hills, Culver City, West Hollywood, the City of Los Angeles Council Districts 5 and 11 and the County of Los Angeles.

    Hallelujah!!! For YEARS they allowed NO building. Used water scarcity as an excuse. You could not replace a structure with one that used more water. Now a fabric store has a 5-story apartment in its place, and so one. Sounds like more water to me! It’s non-stop (that’s why I’ve had 11 solid years of major construction within a one block radius of me, and it’s FAR from over). Our former city council just rolled over when the state forced this mandate – not a peep!

    The fight comes from the 3 “change” candidates elected last fall. Elections still matter.


  8. kidme37 says:

    Mustang, I thought about it, but then I realized, that we as taxpayers, paid for that sign, and we also paid for the pilot time and plane rental. If I were to shoot it down, we’d just have to pay more for:
    -a new sign
    -a new plane
    -damage on the ground, possibly involving personal injury of Conservatives
    -pilot funeral

    I decided against.

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  9. MAL says:


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