Border Agents whipping migrants????

You’ve all heard by now that Biden has forbidden horses to be ridden by border agents on the Southern border because the agents were apparently WHIPPING Black Haitian migrants which gave him and Kamala and Maxine Waters and others a great chance to scream RACISM!! again.

But it isn’t true.   The photographer who took the pictures says nobody was whipping anybody…they weren’t whips, they were reins and used to direct the horses, as most people know.   Still, true or not, horses are now forbidden.

SO…here’s my thinking:   Didn’t Biden and Harris and Waters and the rest of those so happily eager to yell RACISM see, in those pictures, the continuing long line of illegals crossing the river?     WOULD YOU WALK IN LINE TOWARD A WHIPPING?

No.  Nobody’s mentioned that.   This administration is just too very, very happy for another excuse to lie and create division about RACISM!  Harris very stupidly reminded us this morning that THAT’S WHAT HAPPENED DURING SLAVERY!   This whole situation reminds me of the stupid Obama Beer Summit, where Obama jumped the gun and thought the cops were bullying Prof Gates but Gates said “No, they were nice guys!”    !!!

You want to talk RACISM?  How’s about allowing 250K Hispanics into our country ...but 15,000 BLACK Haitians  HAVE TO GO!   Why isn’t THAT being called RACIST by our media?!!  (by the way, all of those Haitians haven’t lived in Haiti for years, the little ones have never been in Haiti…they’ve been living in Chile and Brazil, etc.   But they’re apparently (a  few of them) being sent “back” to Haiti…??)

what a joke this whole hideous situation is.

Typical Biden Administration idiocy.   So, WOULD you keep walking toward people if you knew you’d be whipped?  I wouldn’t!   If that doesn’t show there was no whipping, I’m not sure what else would.


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14 Responses to Border Agents whipping migrants????

  1. bocopro says:

    “So, WOULD you keep walking toward people if you knew you’d be whipped?”

    Hmm . . . . that’s an interesting question —

    I sure walked into a lotta bars all over east asia fulla Aussies, Limeys, Kiwis, jarheads, and swabbies with bellies fulla beer, knowin full well that one wrong word or one askance glance would precipitate a monsoon of fists and shoe leather.

    In fact, I did a whole LOTta things back when I was immortal that I wouldn’t even consider today.

    Gotta give our “leaders” credit, tho, for comin up with new and exciting ways to disparage and shackle the very people who protect us . . . cops, border patrol, soldiers, Trump —

    There for a while I thought we’d come to the end of the list of things to call racist . . . never occurred to me that horses might be.

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  2. bunkerville says:

    Here is a fun map… coming to your town soon! Now we only have to figure out where the Haitians are ending up…lots of luck with that.
    A map of the upcoming placement of 37,000 Afghan nationals in 46 U.S. states was prepared by Axios news on September 16.

    These nationals were among the group of some 100,000 “Afghans at risk” who were evacuated from Afghanistan by the U.S. government under the “Operation Allies Refuge” (July-August 2021). Around 60,000 have arrived on U.S. soil and the rest are still being processed at U.S. bases abroad. Canada has agreed to resettle 5,000; other countries might follow suit, but the remainder will likely end up in American cities.

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  3. Mustang says:

    @ Bunkerville …

    One would think that doing the right thing not only makes one feel good but is easy to do. Anyone thinking that, apparently, would be wrong. Still, who doesn’t know that every decision we make has its consequences, and for the most part (although not in every instance), we can easily anticipate the likely consequences of a decision.

    Of course, in arriving at the right decision, we should probably have some information that allows us to arrive at a correct decision. Who, in our government’s highest inner circle (given all the money we spend in the process of acquiring information) didn’t know that the Taliban was a Sunni (Wahhabist) Islamic group, funded and supplied by Wahhabist Saudi princes through their surrogate, the Wahhabist Pakistani government? Therefore, who was most responsible for the attack on 9/11? Was it really the Taliban? Or was it some others making it look like the Taliban was behind those attacks? Decision time: who do we punish for the 9/11 attacks?

    My point: once a wrong decision is made — a course charted based on faulty information, everything that follows that decision will have unhappy consequences.

    Welcome to modern America.

    Oh, and anyone who thought that either Bush I or Bush II were true conservatives, I have a bridge for sale.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCO; Yes, I’d thought the same thing…now HORSES are racist……why not?
    And I think most people would at least cower a bit were they faced with whippings ahead and our president can look at pictures like we’ve seen (and “Que Mal.-a Harris”) and others and not understand that truth…..
    Did you hear the yelling at Sharpton when he was down on the border “GO HOME WITH YOUR RACISM….YOU are the RACIST” I loved it…he just kept talking at a regular decibel…insulting the screaming Texans even more as if what they were saying wasn’t even HEARD.

    BUNKERVILLE…Yes, so now it will be AT RISK AMERICANS from the crime violence we’re bringing to our country.
    Nobody ever asks “If we have soldiers so broke and ill they’re on the streets, how can we honor and support illegal non Americans?” That, today, is a Democrat’s idea of AMERICAN VALUES.
    I laugh every time I heard VALUES… every discussion, WE come last.

    MUSTANG: Experience shows doing the right thing is often the most difficult thing to do.

    WHat gets me is that DOING THE RIGHT THING absolutely SHOULD Include helping AMERICA…and AMERICANS, not foreign illegals….or foreign legal refugees.
    We saw already violence by Haitians who were shipped out.

    As my sister said, and I published it yesterday, could it be CARTELS are paying us off to ignore the 250K illegals who mostly snuck in all summer…..I guess the Haitians have no chips to play. Cartels have Fentenyl to make money with…they mean business. And have probably threatened the lives of many politicians…..SO, even I know someone who died from Fentenyl…2 months ago…And MANY MANY more have and WILL. Maybe if the Haitians can import HEROIN into our country, they’d have a better chance of being welcomed by the Biden monsters, too!??


  5. geeez2014 says:

    ANYWAY…AGAIN!! My point was that IF the agents truly were WHIPPING anyone, you wouldn’t see people just waiting in line moving forward as we do……….they’d at least be cringing or running in directions where they can get through between horse riders or something.

    Nope. But Biden doesn’t understand human nature. Clearly. Seems like that TRUTH might have kept Biden, Harris, Waters and others from lying to support their racist claims but……….


  6. bocopro says:

    Well, on the bottom line . . . or at the end of the day . . . or when the dust settles – or whatever cliché you like, what we have here is another generous dollop of anti-whitism stirred into the “RACIST!!” stew.

    It’s an updated Tawana Brawley, another “Hands-up/Don’t-shoot” exaggeration, one more in the unending procession of Jussie-Smollet-like race-hate fakes to ramp up black unrest and satisfy the 2% of radical leftists who do 90% of the Twittering.

    Neither Gropey Joe nor Horizontal Harris has a clue about real life beyond D.C. and Oprah. All they’re concerned about is the Twitterverse and how to keep Murkan blacks on the plantation.

    And both have an uncanny knack for leaping enthusiastically on passing bandwagons constructed by trolls out of dried cow chips and saccharine with wheels of bubblewrap and axles made of silly putty.

    Gotta wonder how Circle-Back Psaki sleeps at nite, and what she’s gonna tell her grandchildren about what she did in the Build Back Better crusade after the Great MAGA Fiasco.

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  7. Mustang says:

    MUSTANG: Experience shows doing the right thing is often the most difficult thing to do.

    I don’t think that’s necessarily true. Should any person of principle struggle with doing the right thing? It would seem to me that it would be a greater struggle doing something you know in your heart and mind is wrong. That said, if we’re talking about honesty, being candid is not always best. Sometimes, polite society expects something less. Would it be wise or polite to say to your boss,
    “Thank you for inviting me to dinner. That was absolutely the worst roast beef I ever had.” Easy to say it, of course, if it’s true — but perhaps not a wise thing to say. What might follow is your boss telling you, “I admire that you’re someone of undiminished character. And also, you’re fired.”

    PS. I never said Ron had carnal knowledge with Psaki. It was Kid that said it.


  8. bocopro says:

    Nah . . . wasn’t me. People who go to post-secondary ivy-league schools for the sole purpose of learning to recite “Would you like fries with that?” (i.e., English and MFA students) bore me.

    And I oughta know — my BA is in English and my MA is in English lit, so I sat in a lotta classrooms with ’em. And not only that, she’s a Sagittarius and I’m an OBE (Old Barrio Explorer), which means we don’t even speak the same dialect.


  9. Mustang, I remember seeing a play, and there was a Bob Hope movie loosely based on it.
    A junior partner stockbroker must tell the truth the entire weekend at his bosses estate or lose a bet.
    Nothing but the Truth


  10. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG!! Yes, DOING the right thing may not be difficult but VERY OFTEN, particularly today, the RIGHT THING is against the ‘grain’…not “WISE” as you suggest….and makes it FAR more difficult than it’s been before.
    I will never call as woman “THEY” if she’s alone….I’m doing the right thing but I could get thrown out of my college for it.can be a very difficult situation.
    You are right…DOING it may not be difficult…..but the reactions can be VERY VERY difficult for many who can’t stand by their principles very easily….and that’s what I meant.

    THis kind of turned my tummy! “PS. I never said Ron had carnal knowledge with Psaki. It was Kid that said it.” eeeeoooo! 🙂

    BOCOPRO…”no…not me” is addressing what above??? I’m sorry!! and “SHE”?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    WOW, someone on Facebook talked about how THE VIEW’s two hosts suddenly tested COVID positive just before Kamala was coming on yesterday…………….they were escorted off set. The confusion left Kamala only 10 minutes to talk at the end of their hour.
    They have now TESTED FALSE POSITIVE……..ha, so they DIDN’T have COVID.

    BUt Kamala was on Zoom when interviewed those last 10 minutes…WAS SHE EVEN THERE in the building? Or was that all , as the FB smarty suggests, just to make sure she didn’t have TIME to be questioned?

    The ONLY thing Kamala said in those 10 minutes was how that awful whipping by border agents reminded her of slavery…………..And, of course, it didn’t happen!

    Pretty smart FBer.


  12. Baysider says:

    Of course not! So stupid. So fake. Just like the crying toddler in detention at the border. Time showed her on the cover with “mean” Trump having her separated from her mother. No such thing happened. The photographer that licensed the image to the news spilled the beans. They just cut mom out of the picture. It was the middle of the night and she had been awake all that time, so very tired and fussy.

    Truth is the casualty in these battles with the left. Our republic is the casualty in the war.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    CORRECTION! I had seen a very quick video and THOUGHT I saw the back of Kamala as she was coming on set then apparently was walked quickly away…. then I thought I must have imagined it because of the FB comment I talked of above.

    Kamala WAS there….’in studio’…but was told to leave before she even made it out…very odd.

    I still think this was to protect her….everything else just doesn’t add up…but she WAS there in studio…almost!


  14. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…do you agree that it was pretty clear there was no whipping if for no other reason than because some of the pictures SHOWED MIGRANTS STILL WALKING TOWARD THE HORSES? Who’d DO that if you’re going to be beaten by whips?

    I think the whole thing is NUTS and the lie is SO TYPICAL….


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