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  1. bocopro says:

    Oh, cheeez ‘n’ crackers . . . picking one favorite from my list would be psychologically dangerous . . . and it prob’ly depends largely on what year or decade one focuses on.

    I’m kinda torn between the fact that when I was in high school we could easily and quickly recognize a person’s gender and understand the words to pop music.

    It was SO-O-O much easier when the girls wore skirts and ponytails and the music didn’t sound like spaced-out wackos attempting to reproduce the noise of a thermonuclear detonation by abusing electric guitars and their own vocal cords.

    And in those days, late 40s to late 50s, Hollywood was still on the side of America, promoting personal accountability, patriotism, self-sufficiency, and interpersonal relationships without blood, high-speed chases, spectacular explosions, and gratuitous frontal nudity.

    But by far the best thing about my adolescent years was the total absence of social media platforms bombarding us with spin, lies, propaganda, bad advice, and anonymity for predators and exploiters.

    We actually sat and talked WITH each other, face-to-face, sans profanity, sans political agenda, sans worry . . . and there’s just something reassuring, something wholesome, something atavistic which triggers the teenage boy’s limbic system in the composite aroma of Lifebuoy soap, bubblegum, cheap perfume, and honest fresh perspiration emanating from a healthy 17-yr-old girl in saddle oxfords, a plaid skirt, and a sweater at a Saturday-nite sock hop.

    In other words . . . . innocence – pure, natural, unaffected, blissfully ignorant, bulletproof, immortal, drive-like-a -maniac and sleep-like-a-baby youth.

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  2. Mustang says:

    It isn’t my favorite memory, but one I remember almost as well as when Ron and I used to push Kid out of the climbing tree (what great times we had, eh boys?). Anyway, when I was around 10 years old, I was kidnapped and held for ransom. It wasn’t a long ordeal — only five or six days. The kidnappers wanted $5,000, but my parents wouldn’t go any higher than $25, so for most of that time it was a series of demands and counter offers. The kidnappers finally agreed to pay my parents $150 to take me back and I was returned unharmed.

    I remember the pony tails and skirts, and the embroidered sweaters the girls wore with their names over their left breast. I thought it was odd that the girls would go through the effort of naming their left breast but never their right one. I used to ask the girls about that — you know, as an ice breaker preliminary to asking for a date, but all I got was a slap in the face. Come to think of it, it was Ron that put me up to it.

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  3. JG says:

    I am from a city in Southern California that was split equally white, Mexican-American, and Asian and we got along with no problems. I grew up in the 60s and graduated HS in 75. My sister and brother were 8 and 6 years older than me. I spent summers from the time I was 4 to 13 in Tucson, AZ working with my Grandfather who was a gardener because the smog in LA bother me.

    When I started elementary school I walked to school, which was about quarter mile away. Today that does not happen. I went to High School and it was under a mile away and I had to get myself to school as we were not bused.

    I played with friends outside and after I stopped working with my Grandfather I worked around the area to earn money. I did lawns and various jobs I could pick up. People would talk to you and be friendly. When I was 16, I bought a motorcycle and I got a job at a restaurant. This gave me money to spend on a car and girls.

    Gas for cars was 18-22 cents a gallon back then. Reagan was our Governor and he had water reserves built and expanded, and logging companies work in Forest Areas to keep old growth removed so large fires were limited, and built more energy. Once Reagan left all this stopped as the state increased double in people. The change was 15 miles east of my city when I grew up was orange groves, but now it is all housing for 100 miles.


  4. bocopro says:

    O.K., Mustang . . . ya made me laff — but even more fun than the trees and sweaters were the atomic wedgies when some jock was tryna make time with a cheerleader . . .

    And on the subject of atomics ‘n’ jocks — ‘member the Atomic Balm trick? Learned some nifty neologisms pullin that’n on guys.


  5. kidme37 says:

    Oh man we sure had lots of ‘poor kids fun’ most days but I wouldn’t call them the good old days. Unlike some people looking for food everyday, we had food, but were looking for quarters everyday, then dollars when we were old enough to drive and date. Always a struggle, but again, Fun!

    What I miss the most is taken from boco’s comment. Ignorance. Ignorance is bliss. I had no idea how much the world sucks. I had no idea about a lot of things. I sometimes wonder if things would be better if I was still as dumb.

    Ignorance and social media. Now when some dipstick does or says something that makes us want to go bird watching instead of seeing or hearing about it, we all see/hear about it within 24 hours. I suppose retards and evil ones were always doing the evil but it wasn’t blasted on TV screens and computer monitors and regardless of anything, t wasn’t being done in heaping helpings like it is today.

    Just walked through the kitchen where Mad has the radio on and the guys were talking about how if they’d have shown up for school in a skirt, their friends would have beat the hell out of them. This is something we are missing today. If some dude wants to do that do it in a house with the blinds pulled down, None of the rest of us needs to know about your kinks. Dipsticks need to understand early that society at large considers them a dipstick. Guys with man buns need to know they don’t look like some Chinese martial arts master but just some ugly girl – as an example

    So, I’m talking with a beautiful 26 yr old server at the restaurant I go to for lunch. ªFlirting actually but hey she started it !). She’s very intelligent, very liberty loving, and unfortunately for her, knows and sees too much of. the evil going on out there. As she said yesterday, “God the world sucks”.
    We were talking about how she wants to marry her boyfriend and have kids and like anyone with a brain wonders if she should subject her future kids to ‘this’. I offered that every generation has its challenges – my grandparents had the depression, WW1, WWII, and finally some halfway decent economic times in their twilight years. My parents had some of the depression, WWII, and the hard economic times most – probably all, of their lives

    I said if I were to have kids today, I’d keep them out of public school, and teach them as much as I could about dealing with the retards we are surrounded by. I’d also keep them active with outdoor stuff and off the mind controlling pocket computers as much as possible. We have some good kids out there today, many of them chanting “F Joe Biden” at a variety sporting events. Though this is pretty much only about joey’s illegal vax mandate rather than how evil the democrats are, it’s a start.

    The good old days were not so good really but I’d do them again without the knowledge I have today as that would make them not fun, and pretty boring as well if I always knew the outcomes of my death defying adventures.

    We’re never going back. You can’t go home again as someone once said. The dems are going to keep tripling down until we’re like Communist China, or the spirit of man once again breaks through and puts the evil back in the box for a while. No idea the timing or the outcome.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….yes yes yes!!!! Loved all you wrote, particularly “…and there’s just something reassuring, something wholesome, something atavistic which triggers the teenage boy’s limbic system in the composite aroma of Lifebuoy soap, bubblegum, cheap perfume, and honest fresh perspiration emanating from a healthy 17-yr-old girl in saddle oxfords, a plaid skirt, and a sweater at a Saturday-nite sock hop.”

    WHOLESOME being the operative word…anybody hear WHOLESOME much? I’m thinking it’s so unused teens today don’t know what that word MEANS.!!!

    MUSTANG:! The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band came to our high school once and did a shtick about girls with sweatshirts washing cars…and how they had LINDA on their left breast…their line I never forgot because I found it so funny, was “I always wondered what the OTHER one was called!” You’re in good company!!! 🙂
    VERY funny comment!!!!! THANKS 🙂

    JG…I’m here in West LA and your wonderful words almost got me teary! YES, remember the SMOG!!! We almost have none these days, so there’s ONE thing that went well in this state!!!! Of course, I still love it here….but I’m 3 miles from the beaches and that does make a difference….I feel very blessed when Idrive around Santa Monica, Brentwood, Palisades…….beyond blessed, it’s SO gorgeous. And the people I know are SO wonderful….but, not everywhere in California…not everywhere ANYWHERE! 🙂 THanks for commenting!

    Kid “….guys were talking about how if they’d have shown up for school in a skirt, their friends would have beat the hell out of them. This is something we are missing today.”

    THat’s an ENORMOUS and important metaphor………Their friends were allowed to be mean, the guy in skirts was allowed to be really stupid and then learn to understand YOU DON’T DO THAT IN PUBLIC. AND a little girl would have been on alert and run ..not been raped in a school bathrm.

    There are MANY things I WISH people could keep to themselves…Two men kissing is one of them, sorry if that offends anyone here (I doubt that!)….AND I see more of that NOW on TV Commercials than I’ve EVER seen in public (I think I only saw two men kissing in Paris, frankly…you guys should have seen Mr. Z’s eyes!! OY!!)

    I got slammed here a few years back pretty hard for having said I am tired of seeing 9 month pregnant women with shrink wrap-like tops on…huuuge belly and you can see EVERYTHING….distended belly button, etc ……I don’t WANT TO. It should be a lovely, very nice thing for her and her husband. And she might want to wear a very pretty smock-like top that women wore for YEARS… What’s prettier than that, right? Sweet!!
    Please, I’m happy you’re expecting…just LEAVE ME OUT OF IT. It’s NOT PRETTY if it’s not your own baby.
    I still feel that way. Because she does that doesn’t mean I need to be subjected……..nothing more lovely than a pregnant woman but not like this.

    BUt I digress…..Hard to narrow down a GOOD OL’ DAYS event…there are thousands. Just the five of us sisters around the dinner table every night with Dad and Mom and a delicious dinner cooked BY Mom is a great one…the conversaTion, the laughter…….

    No computer, no FB, no girls sitting on the toilet in TV Ads…not hearing EVERY single nasty news story in the smallest of towns in Alabama….

    I LONG for “News at 5, Film at 11”

    I LONG for Johnny Carson type humor

    I LONG for not being offered meatless meat

    I LONG for no more cell phones or texting

    MOSTLY: I LONG FOR AN HONEST AMERICA-LOVING MEDIA….that actually told ALL the truth….

    I miss my grandparents and my amazing DAD…THEY were my GOOD OL’ DAYS 🙂 And my husband of course, though he wasn’t part of the “Too old” Days!


  7. kidme37 says:

    Speaking of which what is with the ‘gender reveal’ parties. Folks, No One is interested in your kids, not even your extended family. Plus these days, you don’t know what gender it is until it tells you at age 5 or so right? :). G Carlin has some bits on other people kids and how no one is interested, Always language with George but he’s right. We don’t care.

    Now your cats, that’s a different story.

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  8. Baysider says:

    The general adherence to or at least value of Judeo Christian principles of personal conduct. When you behaved like a crazy freak you didn’t get ‘affirmed.’ It was understood it was shameful.

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  9. MAL says:

    The thing I miss most is we all loved our country and hated communism/socialism. BOTH parties.
    Your gender wasn’t questioned or up for debate. That was determined long before medical science. Folks didn’t have a problem with places named Aunt Jemima or Little Black Sambo, or sports teams with Indian names, or saluting the flag and singing the national anthem. No one tore down statues that have been up for hundreds of years. The world respected our laws and our borders by applying for citizenship as they had since the beginning because WE required them to do so and held to it.
    Schools didn’t teach students to rebel or hate our country. We took vaccines and never worried whether or not they were safe.
    The good news is we’re beginning to see a back-lash from the people. I only hope it grows.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    KID, so true! I LOVED not knowing what the gender was till it was born! And yes, nobody else REALLY cares!!!!!!!

    BAYSIDER…isn’t that the point, honestly? You’re so right.
    I often use the metaphor of young teenaged boys in the Forties, Fifties, driving around…radio too loud? See that it’s bothering the car next to them? Turn it down a bit.
    Today? Radio too loud? See it’s bothering the driver next door? TURN IT UP and don’t forget the ONE FINGER SALUTE while you’re AT it.!!
    SO SO sad……..they just DON’T CARE………..WHO is going to hold them to decency and respect? Certainly not GOD. 😦

    MAL!! BRAVO! What a terrific bunch of stuff in your comment. Could NOT agree with you more!!!! Excellent!!


  11. geeez2014 says:



    HONESTLY, I believe if Trump had shown empathy for twenty minutes in his four years, he’d have had ALL Americans suggesting we decide presidents can lead for 3 terms!!!

    BIDEN was DISGUSTING!! Of course, he named the names of fallen officers…talked about them….said he’d had flags lowered to half staff…..mentioned his own dead kids….On and ON and on…………SO empathetic, SO personal, SO sweet and kind…yet…………..YET:

    HE DOES NOTHING AT ALL TO HELP STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST THE POLICE!!! EVER!!! In fact, he’s not really supported defunding but he’s not said much about how important it is NOT to!

    Oh, sure….he said he is going to “take guns away from PEOPLE”….which PEOPLE I’m not sure…

    I cry for the young wife with 3 kids who doesn’t give a damn about flags lowered but sure wish her husband had had someone who had his back 😦


  12. kidme37 says:

    Another interesting point Z. I Never Ever hear the sound system in anyone else’s car driving in Cincinnati. Ever. Which seems odd. I know they can hear mine.

    Occasionally, as I’m navigating my car through what seems like a herd of cow or zombie on the freeway, it seems like I will hear someone shout “Maniac!” as I carefully speed by them at the posted speed limit. Sometimes I’ll return the greeting with “Moron!”. If I’m especially cheerful at the moment I’ll add “Get off the road!”


  13. geeez2014 says:

    KID!! HAAA!!! That IS odd you don’t hear music. I do at red lights…some punk will be cranked up enough to bug me a bit….I figure the way to really tick him off is move to his music like he’s doing me a favor so I start my little White chic head bob 🙂

    Keep yelling MORON… it’s good for them 🙂


  14. geeez2014 says:

    happens rarely, but it does happen!!


  15. kidme37 says:

    How about Kyle Rittenhouse still in jail for defending his life in Kenosha. (We can question the wisdom of walking into some stupid protest armed but that’s an aside). Or how about people who walked into the Capitol Bldg, invited to by the Capitol Police, who are now in jail. Then balance that against the mop headed negro who got into a squabble at a school, left and came back armed and shot 3 or more people, and who is now out on bond..

    Not an isolated concept in the current USA.

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  16. MAL says:

    Kid, do you also give them the the victory sign but with the index finger down?


  17. kidme37 says:

    Actually I don’t Mal. I actually don’t even suffer from road rage since morons on the road here are too many and too frequent to bother getting excited over. Like when I rode motorcycle, I just pretend everyone is out to kill me.


  18. I don’t pretend. I assume. and I have a plan.


  19. I don’t long for the old days.
    I’ve got a good life, good kids and nephews and nieces. A good job.
    I long for America.
    But we’ll get it back.


  20. bocopro says:

    In the 50s, the people I knew were mostly rural, law-abiding, capitalistic, Christians who liked nice things and believed that the government was on their side, working for them, protecting them against both foreign and domestic threats, and generally trustworthy. Hollywood still made movies which promoted patriotism, which dealt with issues that affected and frightened average people, which almost universally demonstrated the triumph of good over evil.

    Civic events, ball games, parades, and celebrations normally began with a prayer which offended no one in the audience. People put their hands on Bibles and swore to tell the truth at trials and hearings. Children trusted policemen and firemen and teachers and priests and ministers and doctors. Only the coarsest people used words which today are commonplace on TV, and most homes either had no TV in those days or didn’t pay much attention to it except during the evening news and sometimes when major events from Washington or other world capitals were on. In fact, many areas could receive only two or three stations, and those went off the air between 11 o’clock at night and 1 o’clock in the morning until breakfast time.

    Kids played outside, and adults who didn’t even know them might correct them for naughty or mischievous behavior. A complete stranger would stop and look after a child who appeared lost or hurt, usually making sure the proper authority — doctor, policeman, or parent – could take care of the child before moving on. People rarely locked their cars at night, and most slept with bedroom windows open because air conditioning was considered an extravagance. If the weather was just too hot to tolerate, people got in their cars and drove with the fly window (a term I haven’t heard in 30 years or more) open. The only places I remember with central air in those days were the movie (which most of us called the “picture show” in those days) house, the more expensive restaurants, and the really classy shops.

    Teenagers discussed such innocuous pastimes as sock hops, school events, duck tails, sports, and members of the opposite sex. Sex wasn’t discussed in public or on radio or TV. Women became “in a family way” or “expecting.” I can’t remember ever once hearing about anyone hooked on smack or horse or meth or nose candy or even weed. The harshest substances most people developed addictions to were alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. Occasionally a rumor might circulate that somebody or other had been using too many bennies or reds, but that was quite rare.

    We also talked about flathead Fords, and fender skirts, and spinner hubcaps, and steering knobs . . . things we just don’t hear discussed these days. Glass packs were a hot item, as were continental kits. Cars had emergency brakes instead of parking brakes, and some even had foot feeds; some of the older ones even had hand feeds. Cars had vibrators, and generators, and real bumpers which kept a 15 mph collision with ANYthing from costing more to repair than what the vehicle was worth.

    Under the hood, the engine was very straightforward and required only the most rudimentary tools and devices for trouble diagnosis and repair. In fact, many people actually knew what all that stuff under there actually did, and could repair or replace it without having to draw a detailed diagram so they could remember where to put back all the wires and hoses. The engine air filter could be found and cleaned or replaced in about 60 seconds flat, whereas today, many owners need a manual to find the thing and figure out how to remove it. A triple E degree wasn’t necessary to look around under the dash and fix most problems.

    Older people and kids who lived out in the country spoke proudly of having store-bought candy or store-bought clothes. The term “coast-to-coast” got everybody’s attention, and the idea of anything being world-wide was just too awesome to contemplate. “Wall-to-wall” was big and complex enough for the average citizen.

    Yes, it was nice back then . . . simpler, slower, safer. But . . . we can’t go back.

    To be perfectly honest, I LIKE central air. Last week was here in Pensacola, with humidity somewhere just short of steam. Typing doesn’t require that I bang on the keys until my fingers ache, and I can get up-to-date news at any moment from a variety of TV channels. I can research anything I like on the Internet, from my medications to the meaning of the drawings on the Plains of Nazca or rewiring my e-go battery-operated mower.

    If I choose, I can see obscenities and gratuitous sex. I don’t have to if I don’t want to, but it’s available. I can hear the most profane and objectionable language imaginable if I like. The chases are dizzying, the explosions spectacular, and the dismemberments gruesome. Public figures with credentials based on nothing more than box-office wealth criticize our government from the depths of their ignorance with complete impunity. Elected officials squander public funds as if the taxpayers’ pockets were bottomless caverns lined with cash. Children are safe from no one, even their own parents.

    But we can’t go back. Why? Because we can’t live without our e-mail, without our microwaves, without our cell-fones, without our Facebook and Twitter. We simply must have our daily fix of satire and sarcasm and innuendo and gossip and slander and libel and treachery and danger. Our economy would sputter and die in days without the automobile, the airplane, the computer, the ATM.

    We are completely locked into the jaded, materialistic, superficial lifestyle the Islamic fundamentalists accuse us of promoting. They call us corrupt and say that we are contaminating the entire world with our free-wheeling decadence, our prurient addictions, our spare-no-expense fads and flesh-oriented depravities. Maybe so.

    But I don’t want to go all the way back to the 9th century caliphate that they dream of in their brainwashed delusions. I just want to go back to around 1955, a pre-covid and still well-organized world where you could get only 3 channels on the TV and most were in black and white, BUT you had time to think, and you actually COULD find some peace and quiet if you wanted to. Popular music still wasn’t quite raucous and trying to resemble a group of vagabonds trying to imitate a thermonuclear detonation with electric guitars and overdriven amplifiers. Your innards didn’t keep time to the beat when you went into a night club, and your knick-knacks didn’t fall off the shelves when a pimped-out Chevelle drove by with its windows open.

    I want to live in a small town where I can sleep with a window open and not worry about meth freaks breaking in or militant homosexuals living next door or uneducated performers spewing their limited world view omnidirectionally simply because publish-or-perish media whores keep thrusting microphones under their chins.

    I want to see children playing outside and teenagers whose gender I can determine by hair and clothing. I want to need only one fone line coming into my house, and I don’t want people able to find me if I don’t want them to, and I want to be able to call some professional idiot up and read him the riot act and not have his fone identify me for him.

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  21. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….your comment is SO SO reminiscent of the REAL GOOD OLD DAYS!! I LONG for them.
    Do you remember when pregnancy in public was referred to as “expecting” “the blessed event that’s coming”? So genteel.
    Today, we have ads showing women sitting on the toilet…..yesterday, we had nobody in any bathroom on ads or any sitcom. Until Archie flushed his toilet for the first time in Sitcom history and we had to HEAR IT. HIlarious??? REALLY? Or just the shock of it was funny, apparently..!!!
    We didn’t have little kids at the dinner table say I’M NOT EATING THAT and the parents acquiescing……
    “If I choose, I can see obscenities and gratuitous sex. I don’t have to if I don’t want to, but it’s available”! YES, if we WANT to, we can…..but we shouldn’t HAVE to see what we don’t want to!

    ED, you say you’re happy today; I think we all are; and seeing the culture dissolve, and faith dwindling across the country, and all the truly horrid, pivotal types of things crucial to a healthy society really does bother most of us…..which is why I posted my question. I am blessed to have THE greatest nieces and nephews, too. Actually, they’re all dinosaurs. They’re all exceptionally good looking and bright (great universities, etc., and they’ve stayed relatively conservative) and nobody’s lived with anybody or had a child out of wedlock, or done drugs that have affected them (Probably tried some pot once or twice? I don’t know!~) , have terrific careers, most attend church, have married GORGEOUS people….one’s wife is, as I have often said “The prettiest girl I’ve ever seen off the big screen!” 🙂
    Lots of blessings……….and yet I grieve for our country. And I’m not 100% certain we’re getting anything good ‘back’.

    I LOVE most of my life ..always have, frankly…but I DO long for SUCH good old days like so many above have described…as BOCOPRO included “I want to live in a small town where I can sleep with a window open and not worry about meth freaks breaking in or militant homosexuals living next door or uneducated performers spewing their limited world view omnidirectionally simply because publish-or-perish media whores keep thrusting microphones under their chins.”

    Nothing wrong with wishing for THOSE good ol’ days!!!

    KID: SO true about Kyle….it’s a total nightmare for him……..meanwhile, really REALLY nasty law breakers are getting out on little or no bail. But HE is in …who knows how long?

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  22. geeez2014 says:


    How much are the Afghans going to pay us for our having lost 3000 Americans fighting FOR Afghanistan’s people?

    I am NOT HEARTLESS (usually)…that attack WE did killed SEVEN children!! A nightmare!
    But do we PAY? Is it the Taliban demanding we pay?

    ??? Thoughts?!


  23. kidme37 says:

    Saudi Arabia needs to pay for 9-11. For starters.

    I haven’t seen where they put this garbage back in jail. Have they?


  24. geeez2014 says:

    KID, that’s the situation I was trying to remember…I just googled and I see nothing that says he’s back in Jail… gee, did Kyle shoot many kids and a teacher at a school? 🙂 WHY’S HE IN? 🙂


  25. Because they want him in.


  26. kidme37 says:

    That sounds like a rhetorical question Z, but just in case, Kyle is in because he killed three felons who tried to kill him on the street in Kenosha. He also represents ‘the right’, just like some people who went into the Capitol building.

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  27. geeez2014 says:

    KID, yep, that ‘question’ doesn’t need an answer…. rhetorical… He represents the right is just a given.

    What’s with the cops inviting some IN ? There’s more and more info coming out but the media won’t discuss it so nobody really knows.


  28. kidme37 says:

    I saw videos of Cap police opening street barriers, opening doors to the bldg. Trap by the dems.

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