Kamala has lunch with Z

So, friends and I (friends in foreground, of course!) had a 1:00 lunch at El Chollo yesterday.   Suddenly, a couple comes and sits behind my friends, directly in my line of view..(see them against the wall?) ..this couple keeps looking over at ME, so I ask my friend “Am I talking too loud or something?  That couple keeps looking over at me!”  “No, not at all, “ she says.

Then it dawns on me….why, that’s Kamala Harris and her husband….I’m sure of it.  I google the husband’s picture and see I’m 100% right.   She is prettier in person, and  more petite.   Then we realize the two guys lunching to my left, with white ear pieces, are her Secret Service, along with people throughout the restaurant.  When they left, our two guys left and about 8 others left, it was like a parade.   When she hit the outdoor patio, there was a huge applause and cheering. FOR HER?   Welcome to liberal Santa Monica.   (the paintings on the wall are by my dear friend Sally, by the way!!)  (I remembered that Kamala has a house in Brentwood, probably 10 minutes from me and this restaurant.)

My friends I lunched with are strong Conservatives and I told them I was surprised to be a little excited to see this woman I find so awful.  Joe said “Ya, but you’re a true patriot, and she IS the Vice President of the United States, whether we like it or not…”   I guess I am!  I was kind of glad I’m not too cool to still get a kick out of this even if it IS her 🙂

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13 Responses to Kamala has lunch with Z

  1. peter3nj says:

    If Kamelho is anything like British Royalty she gave the wait staff framed pictures of herself in lieu of cash gratuities.

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  2. You’re a kinder person than I am, Z.

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  3. ACUCHUCK says:

    You can tell even here, by the unbelievable amount of comments, how popular she is. We are all falling all over ourselves, just to state our amazement and wonder, about this woman.
    She is just as invisible in real life as she is in the public arena–THANK GOD!!


  4. bocopro says:

    Here’s how I see her:

    If Joey B gets 25ed or strokes out, putting Kamalho in his place, when she takes the oath of office she won’t say “I swear” but “I’ll see what I can do when I get around to it.”


  5. That’s the problem with celebrity.
    We get a thrill from being near petty dictators, leftist media stars and traitors.
    There would be no chance with her SS men protecting her of telling her the words she should hear.
    That was once not a thing in America until we elevated them to royalty.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    WOW!! I’m leaving my post up because it’s a good record on my blog….I’ll always be excited for the experience, thank goodness!! … No matter who it is, I believe sitting near a sitting VP of the United States is a rarity and a fun one to be surrounded by Secret Service, etc……And I hope I NEVER lose that feeling of excitement ….

    I have always slammed her here…there is literally NOTHING I agree with which she’s done…actually, she’s done NOTHING, and that’s probably a very good thing, so this is not a ‘thrill’ from seeing her, but a ‘thrill’!! of seeing a Vice President. And Secret Service…..so professional, so careful…………….



  7. MAL says:

    That experience would leave me feeling the same way as winning a new garbage disposal with a 5 year supply of garbage!


  8. MAL says:

    The closest I’ve come to a POTUS was FDR in the mid 1930’s very briefly in a motorcade in L.A.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    MAL…I sure hope you weren’t too ‘excited’!

    My friends and family, 90% Conservatives, happily, really do get that while we may not AT ALL like someone, a VP is a VP and having secret service all around, and feeling that ‘energy’ is fun…believe me.
    It was a pleasure to tell my liberal computer guru something like “I don’t agree with anything Kamala has done…which isn’t much, anyway….but it was a very new thing for ME to be 10′ away from a sitting Vice President and I don’t mind saying it was a little amazing…”

    Ya, good stuff. But I STILL want to know why she and her husband kept looking over at ME when they first sat down…….very odd feeling…that’s just before I realized who they were. I actually only even noticed them because they were staring at me and talking… 🙂


  10. Well, compare that with waving to GW Bush in a motorcade and having him wave back, and then years later realizing what a chump he played you for. 😀


  11. “But I STILL want to know why she and her husband kept looking over at ME when they first sat down”
    That was their demons. You troubled them with your presence.


  12. Baysider says:

    What a change from the ‘get in their face and tell them they’re not welcome here’ attitude promoted by Maxine Waters and thousands who agreed with her and disrupted peaceful diners with chants, assaults and even batteries. Somebody posted this on NextDoor last night, asking “why all the special forces (dummy!) at El Cholo today? I’m sure she’s happier at El Cholo than at la frontera!

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    ED…maybe they knew what I was thinking!!

    BAYSIDER….ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! My friends I was with are STAUNCH Conservatives…good friends with Sebastian Gorka, as an aside!, have a meal with him every time he’s in LA and like him very much.

    They said if this was a Republican VP, they’d have had angry Lefties all over the place spitting and demeaning and all of that…and I actually added “Per Maxine Waters’ orders!” You are SO RIGHT.
    Another friend told me NextDoor had that question….Since I got there earlier than she did, and left later, we saw NO indication of anyone famous inside, no large amount of limos, cars, etc……but apparently it was quite a scene outside.

    And, OH, the WILD CHEERING as she stepped into the patio of diners………..puke.


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