Doesn’t Joe get ANYTHING??

When I made the mistake of watching some of Joe Biden’s at some Police Memorial Service on the Capitol Steps Saturday morning, he said this:

“The American people don’t understand how difficult it is to be a policeman.” (or something close to that)

I’m sitting there stunned….Doesn’t he GET that it’s HIS PEOPLE, HIS PARTY which is making it so difficult on law enforcement today?

Low Bails aren’t OUR idea.

Letting people out of jail quickly is not OUR idea.

Defunding the police is certainly not OUR idea.

Some might say most Democrats don’t feel that way, either….maybe Joe doesn’t back those things….but WHAT IS HE DOING AGAINST THEM?  The only thing he mentioned that he thought was a good step toward peace was “taking away the guns of people.”   WHAT?

YES, Mr. BIDEN, it IS more difficult because Democrat politicians aren’t supporting law enforcement!

And, by the way, raise those flags up from being half mast as you ordered;  STOP with the symbols you think are important.   DO SOMETHING.  STOP COMPLIMENTING THE COPS and DO SOMETHING TO HELP THEM!


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13 Responses to Doesn’t Joe get ANYTHING??

  1. The only thing he mentioned that he thought was a good step toward peace was “taking away the guns of people.”

    Typical Democrat! And typical utopian. “Utopias” never work, of course, because it is not in every man’s nature to “be good.”

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  2. Many police, including the former Chief in Detroit, James Craig, encourage gun ownership.
    When seconds matter, police will be there in minutes.
    It is the socialist agenda to disarm the population. See Australia, Venezuela, Canada.


  3. Where is Bocopro?


  4. geeez2014 says:

    AOW..;it IS typical, isn’t it….just stupid.

    ED…James Craig is a good guy.

    Bocopro is, too, and he isn’t always the first commenter! But I always worry when he’s late!!


  5. Z: James Craig “appears” to be a good guy. There are a number of us here who are concerned that he has not rescinded comments he made in the past about abortion or magazine capacity.
    He is hiding (or being hidden) from certain media outlets so he doesn’t have to answer certain questions. And he is being promoted by the GOP elite in this state who have undercut everything the grass roots are calling for, like election audits.


  6. bocopro says:

    Well . . . I got up early and whipped up a rant today, then I seared $25 worth of chuck roast in a big ol’ roaster. Sliced holes in the meat and injected a w-h-o-l-e lotta smashed garlic into ’em. Put it back in, covered it with water, put in two yaller onions, and scraped 10lbs of very large carrots to steep in there with ’em.

    As soon as the temp came up, I raked two bags of leaves and set ’em out by the curb for pickup, had a very nice lemon poppy muffin with a second cuppa, and took a li’l nap.

    Anyway, here’s the rant — it’s a pro pos to the topic du jour, methinks:

    Few days ago I read a poll reporting that 38% of Americans approve of the job Gropey Joe is doing . . . Really? REALLY?? What I can’t figure out is what exactly he IS doing that they could possibly approve of – I mean, it can’t be the border, or the economy, or foreign affairs, or the pandemic, and it’s certainly not availability of stuff in stores.

    The problem with Joey B is that if you told him how far the President’s approval rating has dropped in the past coupla months, he’d say, “Boy, I’d hate to be that guy.”
    professional plagiarist, concept chameleon, and integrity infidel.

    He’s like the average 2-yr-old in several ways, ain’t he? Unaware, forgetful, ignorant, destructive, self-centered, non-productive. Each morning Joey B hangs around the bedroom for a few minutes thinking about what to do that day before finally deciding on illogical chaos.

    Biden is at best a decrepit failed plagiarist in the latter stages of mental decomp, a racist gaffemeister and career bullshitter who never was, even on his best day, worthy of the time and energy it would take to complete his transformation into dried cat food.

    I was just thinkin . . . if the legislature hasn’t passed a law and the faux potus hasn’t issued a clearly worded EO on it, is there any authority at all for mandating vaccinations on the federal level? Ditto for resettling millions of uninvited trespassers and “refugees” in towns and cities that really don’t want ‘em.

    Can’t quite put my finger on the endgame. I mean, watching CNN and the other alphabet networks to get the facts on what’s going on in the country and the world is like watching M*A*S*H to get advice on how to run a war managed by non-binary vegans wearing lipstick and face diapers and searching for white privilege and climate change.

    The way ABCNNBCBS and MSNBC look at a news story is that there might be two sides to it, but we’re not gonna report on the conservative one ‘cause . . . ‘cause . . . well, because f- -k conservatives.

    J.R.B.’s administration is devolving into a farce, with trannies and gays and various ignoranti whose approach to each new problem focuses on fiscal incontinence, managerial incompetence, monumental ignorance, and political arrogance.

    It has become a metastasized cancer, a travesty, a classic case study in the conundrum, the trap of “socialism has never worked in the past because the right people weren’t in charge, but now we have the right ones running things.”

    Well, lemme tell y’all, guys . . . open borders, pie-in-the-sky idealism, face diapers, mandatory chemical injections, culture cancelling, monument disassembly, $6-trillion pork sandwiches, double-digit inflation, emasculated defense forces, and belief that white privilege and climate change are bigger threats than China, NorKor, Russia, and Iran ain’t no way to run a country of 333 million people.

    It’s the classic example of “I toldja so.” Makes me wonder just exactly what part of MAGA the left was so dead set against.

    Biden has been a plagiarist all his life, and now he’s in charge of the whole shebang and is stealing his ideas from Moe Howard. Everything he’s touched so far has discombobulated into a nightmarish conglomeration of bad decisions leading to more bad decisions in a torrent of political, economic, health-care, and security collapses.

    Y’know . . . it might not be fair to say that our ruling elite are engaged in destroying small businesses, controlling the middle class, concentrating all the world’s capital to select families and large corporations, and setting people against each other with fear, confusion, and hatred . . . but, if they really were, what would they be doing differently?

    And West Coast liberals . . . odd, I think, that the people who promote sanctuary cities, open borders, unrestricted drug use, no jail time for crimes under $1000, and defecating on the streets are SO concerned about the spread of disease that they’re willing to fire doctors, nurses, and law-enforcement personnel who are suspicious of a hastily concocted vaccine which doesn’t really work very well made by huge corporations with no culpability for unintended and unforeseen side effects.

    I betcha that if you ask an investment counselor for advice on what stocks to buy, he’ll say canned goods, batteries, and ammo, and learn to speak Mandarin.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    ED…thanks. I hope someday some candidate is perfection…truly do. We need it.

    BOCOPRO….good to see you! I want some of that roast 🙂

    Funny that you’d mention CNN today because I’ve been flipping back and forth from FOX to CNN some of this morning and , again, CNN hasn’t covered the midnight flights of illegal kids to NY and FLorida and other states…..and when Jen Psaki was asked by Doocy “Why late-night flights?” She said “First, they’re not late night flights”…He said “OK…very early flights like 4:20 arrivals, 2:30 AM arrivals…” And still she deflected really well…all lies, of course, but believable if you’re really not curious. Doocy dropped the ball this morning and I get that he can’t push very hard or she won’t play ball with him. Sad.

    CNN hasn’t mentioned the border nightmare………hasn’t mentioned this newish nightmare of delivering 17 year olds (many are NOT little children) to ‘vetted people’ (who vetted thousands?), non COVID tested, non vax’d, many of whom (if history repeats itself) are gang members and sex traffickers, hasn’t mentioned that more children in Chicago have died than from covid in the whole COUNTRY, hasn’t mentioned much other than STeve Bannon and Trump’s refusing to produce his tax papers…………..
    it’s TRUMP LEADS still, while our country’s falling apart because of BIDEN.

    I also want to include something I found fascinating this morning watching that awful Psaki deflect, deflect, give sarcastic grimaces, deflect………..she always says THE PRESIDENT and I believe she says that so she doesn’t slip up with ‘OBAMA’ instead of Mr. Biden………I believe Obama’s running the WH with Valerie Jarrett…not Susan Rice like some people think…Rice isn’t smart enough. Jarrett IS.

    As far as “West Coast Libs” you perfectly describe San Francisco.

    Did you hear we have the first TRANNIE ADMIRAL in the navy? They showed the picture first and I SWEAR I thought reflexively “is that a man or a woman?” and THEN I heard the news person say “First transgender admiral.!!” OMG.

    thanks for the rant…depressing but realistic and, as always, cleverly put .


  8. Baysider says:

    Taking away the guns of the people DOES lead to one type of peace: the totalitarian impulse always goes that direction. Peace on the terms of a boot on the neck. No thanks!

    Z, you are a glutton for punishment – listening to that hopeless old fool. He can’t even read the marketing and PR with conviction. Sad, sad

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  9. Baysider says:

    “stealing his ideas from Moe Howard.” That’s rich BP!

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  10. The Biden administration has announced that Rachel Levine, assistant secretary of health, is the “first-ever female four-star admiral” of the U.S. Public Health Services Commissioned Corps.


  11. Baysider says:

    Re: midnight flights of illegal kids to NY and FLorida
    Deadhead runs when carriers are rarely active … and the media is in bed or some form of asleep. How convenient. If you’re proud of your work, you trumpet it all over.

    Yeah, Ed, I just saw that. Another sad, sad. When I first heard him it was audio only. The announcer said “Dr. Rachel …” and I went “huh? that’s a man’s voice!” Looked “him” up – and looked like a man in drag. What’s worse – that, or secretary Pete’s picture on a swing looking like a giddy 7 year old with his boyfriend, telegraphing a very no-serious person. I recall this guy got his mom out of harm’s way before imposing nursing home rules that may have harmed her in Pennsylvania. Victor/Victoria.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, that NASTY Jen Psaki today mentioned how “The Republicans are standing in the way of the fundamental right to vote, started because of THE BIG LIE”..

    what kind of press secretary does THAT? The other day she openly supported a candidate, which is against press secretary decorum, and today she talks of THE BIG LIE as if it’s a FACT??? and she doesn’t understand that the fundamental right to vote means LEGAL VOTING?

    awful woman.


  13. Baysider says:

    It’s not only against decorum. It may be a violation of the Hatch Act.

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