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  1. bocopro says:

    And not only that, but we have a CinC whose son is a drug addict, a deadbeat father, a parasite, and a fraud, but the leftist media refuse to investigate his felonious dealings. Here’s what an art critic named Berges (the guy responsible for discovering Hunter’s “gifts”) says about him:

    “A lawyer by profession, he [Biden] now devotes his energies to the creative arts, bringing innumerable experiences to bear. The results are powerful, impactful paintings ranging from photogenic to mixed media to the abstract. His chosen substrates are canvas, yup paper, wood and metal using oil, acrylic, and ink, creating a unique experience which is his signature.”

    Well, after teaching English at various levels in different applications such as poetry, fiction, business and technical writing, and just plain old freshman comp classes, I couldn’t let that go without correcting its misleading word choices:

    “A criminal by instinct, he now victimizes patrons of the visual arts, exposing them to fractured and kaleidoscopic depictions of his drug-induced hallucinations. The results are puerile, meaningless, and thoroughly devoid of value, ranging from the drunkenly absurd to the schizophrenically bizarre. His preferred techniques are primitive, apelike, and random application of various pigments on whatever material is available, producing completely indecipherable trash unworthy of criticism.”

    There . . . fixed it for ya, Bergie —

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  2. kidme37 says:

    Here’s what I have to say about, and to, the entire media organism.


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  3. bunkerville says:

    Kid nailed it…. and you as well! What is there to add.. 🙂

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  4. I vote for the Forrest Gump graphic. I’ve noticed the shift myself.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    Mad started watching a new show that had ‘Great Reviews’. I kinda saw about the first 5 minutes as I was in the kitchen doing something. White and a black girl sitting around talking, both married. Five minutes into it they are both in a tree (on a bed) K I S S I N G.. Promoting bi-sexual And inter-racial I guess. They probably stuck even more pop culture stuff in there but even Mad couldn’t take it and switched to something else as I headed off.


  6. ACUCHUCK says:

    Along with not having the dumbest lead the pack, nature tells animals, who to and who not to, have sex with, if they want the species to survive. Only humans bend that rule.


  7. None of the above. They are all succinct and self-explanatory.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    AOW..’the shift’…? It’s laughable….!! I discussed it here when it started happening, literally 90% of all TV commercials featuring Black actors….since only 14% of America is Black, it was SO ODD….
    But now I wonder if it doesn’t work in a good way….that those white AMericans who just aren’t around Black families much look at our BLack community more naturally, so to speak. If this continues, it’s an utter joke, but today I’m not so sure it wasn’t a rather positive thing for a while.

    BOCOPRO…PERFECT! Funny that this guy doesn’t mention THE STRAW with which Hunter blows paint onto the canvas (not an unknown method, by the way)….I think they avoid mentioning STRAWS because they’re usually cocaine up inside it and he’s not blowing OUT!!! 🙂

    BUNKERVILLE…I was hoping people would add their thoughts; these being subjects with an opinion….but you’re right,

    KID: As the blogger posted “HUH?” And that’s my question, too………..I can’t even comment except WHAT IS THAT????!!!!!
    And YES, that’s the input I was hoping for…..that ad you describe is just another BS leftwing bunch of junk they want our kids to swallow……”nothing wrong with THAT”!!

    THanks for all your comments, everyone!!


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Just had to share that I flipped to CNN as I’m known to do…it’s actually FUNNY these days!! There was John King actually admitting Biden’s approval numbers are down but NOT THE REAL NUMBERS…!! He said down to 44% approval, but Quinnipiac, one of the actually honest, believable polls, says 37%% 🙂

    On FOX they had a Leftie representing the Dems say that all Biden has to do to get the numbers up is PASS THE BILL!!!!!

    Yup! At least SHE was honest, too….what she basically said was “When he gives goodies away for free, he’ll rise in the ratings!”

    amazing stuff…. OH, and when I switch to CNN, they have NEVER NEVER EVER shown the Border situation, the flights in the night, the Supply CHain problem is almost not mentioned AT ALL, …etc..BUT here is what they lead with :



    It’s still TRUMP…ALLLL the way.!!!

    I’m sure they also mentioned the hideous ‘tribute’ to Powell Trump did ….he will NEVER LEARN that you can tell your truth about Powell and actually not sound like a hateful monster upon a DEATH.. Go figure.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    JUST WANT TO COMMENT on the image I posted on Floyd……he had done awful things, was still into addiction (which I usually believe just means “I still want to do it!”) but had apparently started being a better man ….had actually brought some kids in his ‘hood to staying out of trouble, etc. In spite of a life we know wasn’t lived in a stellar way, he had KIND OF cleaned up his act and, for that, I give anyone (A LITTLE) credit!

    STILL: a STATUE FOR HIM is LUDICROUS! I’d like a statue to go up for every cop some monster KILLS……….


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Dennis Prager and Neil Cavuto have COVID….please pray for them.

    Dennis will be fine,I’m sure…he and his wife.

    But Neil , while we hear he’s doing okay, has had MS for years and that is a tough one with covid.

    Thank, everyone.


  12. Baysider says:

    I am fortunate to never see TV commercials, but I take your word for it. Gotta jump on the latest bandwagon.

    My fave: animals never choose the dumbest to be their pack leader. Neither do many tribal cultures upon whose choices survival depended. We are blind, deaf and dumb, devoid of context and sense.

    Dennis is back on the air. Since he was taking prophylactics they will go a long way to mitigating effects. I’m sure before too many years everyone will have had it.

    BP that is PRICELESS! Yes, I’ve seen some of his ‘works.’ Pffft! But you left one thing out: skilled in the medium of using art as a conduit transfer large sums of unmarked and untraceable cash from un-named sources to un-named benefactors. THAT’S what guys in the art world say is done a LOT to cover up bribes.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER….when did Dennis get it, do you know? I know he had a guest host on recently but I don’t listen that often to know. Those prophylactics sure didn’t keep him safe…. As he apparently said (according to Madelaine) “If I live, nobody in the media will mention I survived COVID, if I die, they’ll be ALL OVER how the Conservative took drugs and he STILL DIED!” He’s right.

    “Fortunate” to not see TV commercials? You don’t watch TV, do you? I LOVE TV! 🙂


  14. kidme37 says:

    Fwiw, this wasn’t a commercial I talked about, it is a new series on disney, or hbo, or something Mad watches. The kids will get to take that in on a regular basis.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    KID!! OH, NO!!!!! AWFUL…just AWFUL.
    Where are parents?

    Or how about the TEEN MOTHER shows….as if babies were just cute little nothings young kids can give birth to and then what?…good care for the child? Oh, ya…AS IF 😦


  16. Baysider says:

    I saw a video clip from his show the other day. I think he was at home broadcasting (which he also did when he had 2 house guests a year ago that had Covid – he quarantined with them). He’s tested negative now. His guests started on October 13, and he was back on the 18th.

    No, I don’t watch TV. If I knew how to turn it on I might see something now and then. When Mr. B’s mind was going I joked “I need to have you show me how to make coffee and set up the TV.” We did the coffee. But not the TV, and I can’t figure it out.

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  17. kidme37 says:

    Well there ya go. Where are parents. A large number of parents of young people today also have crap for brains. They support this Woke nonsense. Can’t offend the homo/trans/illegal/criminal/blablas. Worship all the minority niche people. Me, I’d tell them Don’t like your life? Suck it up. I don’t owe you jack.

    What one generation accepts the next embraces.

    Was talking to a young (26) server at the restaurant, and we were talking about all the people leaving jobs, and I mentioned “too many career baby makers too” to which she said Oh Yea. She knows plenty of em. Then she commented how biden’s free money for kids, much will go to these single ‘mothers’ will keep them at home making more babies.

    Society is broken.

    Read today 4.3 million people quit jobs in August. Some retired of course but that’s still a big number for a 30 day time period. Now how many quit in September, and October and when will that stop? It won’t.


  18. I’ve been listening to Prager the last few days since I’ve been home.
    A lot of talk about covid and there were callers thew other day with their stories.
    His voice sound rough but he seems good.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    KID, it’s sickening…..now they call young women a guy’s BABY MOM…not wife. BABY MOM, I think it is. Means he knocked her up, she had the baby, and …the baby is now on our dole.

    And since we have no shame anymore, because shame is ‘so mean!’, we get THIS ;( We get broken kids.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    BAY…glad to hear Dennis tested negative now.

    Ed…ya, he’s been on…..only missed a few days.

    Am a bit worried for Neil Cavuto, since he’s had MS for years…Covid and MS aren’t a good combo but they ‘say’ he’s doing well.


  21. kidme37 says:

    That’s how your hardcore commie works….


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