My friend who worked for Reagan at the White House is about 85 now and has more energy than most of us ever had…….. She lives in L.A. half the year and Virginia the other half, where she is now.  She’s now working hard for the election of Glenn Youngkin, who you know is running against Terry McAwful!    Here is part of the email I got from her yesterday when I asked how the Youngkin race was going:

We are doing all we can!!!  Had a rally on Tuesday night where we hoped for 250 to attend.  The place held 250 and was filled. And there were 800 more outside!!!!

This early voting hurts us since it makes it so easy for the Dems to vote.   Have been trained and am now authorized to be an Official Poll Watcher in the Polls, and on Sunday I go to my first Early Voting Poll.  They better not try any fraud on me!!!!

And she’s right…nobody had better try any fraud on HER!!

Of course she’s right….early voting is a nightmare….whether it makes it easier for Dems to vote or not, it’s just a really bad idea.

Do you think we could get to one-day voting like we had it for so many, many years?

How important do you think defeating Terry McAuliffe is?





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23 Responses to FROM VIRGINIA’S RACE

  1. peter3nj says:

    How different than lemmings will Virginia’s democrat voters prove to be? Not much different I would venture to say. If recent history is any indicator surely they will go over the cliff and drown for their candidate or candidates at the expense of their children’s education, their future. Results in the Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial elections may tell the tale of the tape for 2024. If $4-$5 p/gal gasoline, partially empty store shelves, automobiles unaffordable, illegals swarming over what was once our southern border along with the free flow of drugs and gang members, shortage of workers living off the government dole, selling out to China, military debacles like Afghanistan, our military going woke, masks for the foreseeable future if not in perpetuity along with vaccine mandates etc etc. The morning of the first Wednesday this November will tell us all we need to know. I for one see the light at the end of the tunnel as the proverbial oncoming train.


  2. bocopro says:

    Elections are a fraud, an illusion, a fata morgana, a fairy tale, just popularity events. The only way to have anything close to a fair election in a nation of over 200 million eligible voters is for everyone to line up – preferably on the day after income taxes are due – and vote in person, then be painted green so that they can’t sneak into another precinct and vote again with a fake i.d.

    Yes, I realize that eliminates absentee and mail-in ballots, but I’d bet that the few million people who do use them legitimately would more or less cancel each other out, and we simply cannot afford the fraud and deception made so easy by mail-ins. Besides, in virtually every election in the past 50 years, less than half the eligible voters bothered to cast a legitimate ballot.

    And even then we can’t trust the people COUNTING the damned ballots, as proven in the 2020 election.

    Joey B isn’t in charge of anything. He’s a figurehead for the liberals and merely repeats what he’s told by his advisors such as Jill, Susan Rice, Austin, Yellen, Fauci, Klain, and very likely Hussein Obama.

    Plain truth is that there’s no such thing as a clean election which accurately reflects the people’s will. Can’t remember who said it, but if elections really had any impact on how things happen in America, they’d have been outlawed decades ago.

    It’s all just a side show to give people the delusion of believing they have some measure of control over their own lives. There is no way I would run for high public office in this country. In fact, it’s hard for me to believe that any self-respecting individual who’s ever been in a management position would even consider the idea of being PotUS.

    King . . . maybe . . . emperor, yeah, o.k. – — president . . . no way.


  3. peter3nj says:

    Biden would command more respect if he were a peanut farmer and his brother had a beer named after him. Ad for faux Dr Jill…any woman willing to sleep with Joe …


  4. Peter3nj typed in: they will go over the cliff and drown for their candidate or candidates at the expense of their children’s education, their future


    The only vague possibility is that Loudoun County parents will not vote for the Dems this time around. Loudoun County is Ground Zero for the parents’ rebellion against the Dems’ education agenda.

    A gubernatorial candidate in Virginia needs to carry all of Northern Virginia, including Loudoun. Once out of Northern Virginia, elections almost always never go to the Dems. Of course, it is Northern Virginia with the huge brain-dead population.

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  5. bunkerville says:

    If VA goes GOP it will give a lot of House Dems second thoughts about walking the plank for Biden. It is a mystery even now why so many prior to VA are still on board. I have read that Pelosi threatens them with being primaried, re-districting in those states that are controlled by Dems, losing committee appointments . Figures

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  6. peter3nj says:

    If there was a true American patriot among them he/she/it would go public at the possible expense of losing that seat and expose this Hitlerite/Stalinist/mafioso in a skirt for what she is. We shouldn’t hold our collective breath though. There’s a better chance of Joe having the mental acuity to order a sno-cone on his own.


  7. geeez2014 says:


    “If there was a true American patriot among them he/she/it would go public at the possible expense of losing that seat and expose this Hitlerite/Stalinist/mafioso in a skirt for what she is.”

    PETER, I often think that about even media journalists “It’s SO apparent they’re ALL in on progressing the Socialist agenda and don’t tell the truth of what’s really going on……..maybe ONE of them will come forward and expose the WHOLE house of cards!” They can’t ALL be brain dead and SOME must have families who they have to know will suffer under the new American nightmare.

    Not ALL Democrats can put up with threats and not expose them!

    Yes, I’m sure this is how governments work; people are threatened to do what the leaders want, but this is about: SAVING OUR COUNTRY NOW……………I SO OFTEN wish SOMEONE would break through the liberal MOUNTAIN of disinformation, lies, stories that never include what Americans must hear….

    “If there was a true American patriot…” Peter,you’re so right.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO!! YOU are incredible said “The only way to have anything close to a fair election in a nation of over 200 million eligible voters is for everyone to line up – preferably on the day after income taxes are due – and vote in person, then be painted green so that they can’t sneak into another precinct and vote again with a fake i.d.”

    I’d love to be the PAINTER 🙂

    No, Joe is not in charge….he appeared to be trying to remember what he’d been told on that stage for CNN…and so OFTEN he talks about how he’s “IN TROUBLE” for saying this or that…

    But your list isn’t my list…..mine can’t include Susan Rice because I find her not smart…. I believe it;s

    OBAMA, VALERIE JARRETT, Jill, Pelosi, Schumer, SOROS’s people….$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    I believe Yellen and Klain are doing THEIR bidding…not their own. Everybody’s a puppet…of Obama and friends.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE, I think we’re right…if it goes GOP, it’s a very big indication to Biden …maybe FINALLY he’ll realize…how badly he’s doing for the American people.

    AOW, You know VA, so I’m especially glad you came by today….I’ve heard that Loudoun is HUGELY important but not the ONLY important part of Northern Virginia…. I do think Youngkin is doing well….and we all know McAuliffe isn’t….but people still considered his running after a pretty awful last gubernatorial stint, so who knows?


  10. MAL says:



  11. geeez2014 says:

    MAL; But don’t forget, for the LEFT, ‘SH*T CAN’T HAPPEN!” If you’re out of town, you can’t NOT vote, that wouldn’t be NICE…Nobody says “You should have planned ahead and got an absentee ballot on your own…” anymore! NO NO NO! It’s change the whole COUNTRY’S rules because of YOU, so SH*T never happens!
    DEFINITELY should be exceptions for our military….I agree.


  12. You say Obama is in charge.
    Obama did not install himself as president.
    He was prepped and maneuvered by someone(s) else.
    On my blog, I posited that it was a person or combine that is interested in huge financial gain by currency manipulation. To recognize their gain, they must short American Currency.
    Borrow American dollars, use those dollars to buy another currency or real estate an/or other tangibles, crash the economy and pay back the lenders with the valueless American dollars that they borrowed.
    That this works to the goals of a foreign power (China?) that helps them with their effort (supply a pandemic to empower their puppets to put in place policies that crash our economy), is synergetic for them. Everyone else (Biden, Harris, Schumer, McConnell) are useful tools to be blamed and discarded later.
    Like they say. Follow the money.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    ED…lots of trouble for the truly rich, who are the only ones who COULD do what you describe…

    Of course Obama is in charge…..that’s why they despise Trump so much;. he delayed the plan by four years.

    Could be the Bilderburg Group, I don’t know…I’ve mentioned them 300 times here and don’t get much response when I do. The Bushes are involved in some odd goings-on if you check around big financial groups.

    As much as I don’t respect the living Bush, I don’t for a second believe his father would short change America in any way.

    In my opinion, it’s more than money, though that’s certainly part of what’s going on…Gates, Soros, China, etc…..It’s POWER and SOCIALISM and GLOBALIZATION………ONE WORLD ORDER. One currency….ONE BIG HIDEOUS MESS the Left loves to dream about.


  14. Baysider says:

    One day voting? Who benefits? Who hates who benefits? They will fight tooth and nail to keep it. I think no. Glad to hear how well our friend is doing. Wish them luck. Now that they know they can get away with flipping votes in the middle of the night the Dems always have that in their pocket.

    Biden doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the America people. He knows how to butter the bread of those who feed him. And it ain’t the American people.

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  15. Baysider says:

    Catherine Austin Fitts was the Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing under the elder Bush. She “saw” plenty. Then, and after, investigating trillions of ‘missing’ dollars in the federal budget.

    Sitting in church after 9/11 her pastor exclaimed “George Bush was anointed by God for a time such as this.” She winced and put her head in her hands. She loved her community, didn’t want to ‘mouth off’, but prayed for divine intervention. Then ‘out of the blue’ her pastor asked her in front of the whole congregation “Austin, what do you think? You worked in Washington.” She felt she had been given her divine intervention, and answered “well, Brother Keith, in my experience the Bush family is anointed by financial fraud, narcotics trafficking and pedophilia.”

    He was stunned. Then said “if that’s the case we’re lost. It’s hopeless.” She said “don’t be ridiculous. We have a governor. His name is God. We don’t need the Bushes. People like the Bushes and Clintons come and go. We don’t need them.” Something WE need to remember now.

    It IS more than money. It’s power and control. I posted on this at Ed’s recently. They’re using a convenient or manufactured crisis as the opportunity for the gateway to CCP-style data storage and tracking (the vax ‘passport’ is just the entry drug), to create a 2-prong consolidation: 1) enhanced commercial value for the “players” (especially after helpfully shutting down the little guy competitors), and 2) political and personal control. Revelation 13-style consolidated control.

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  16. peter3nj says:

    Speaking before a packed house of pediatric urologists a tearful Dr Jane declared
    “My Husband Wet the Bed Again… Please Help!”


  17. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, I will always think nothing of George, Jr. but stand by what I think of George, Sr……
    Wendy adored him and she was NO push over…and knew knew him very well, and socially, too.

    Odd I’ve been the only one to mention Soros here……..(for years)…..I believe Bilderberg Group is behind most of this and SOROS and it’s, as I said above, mostly about POWER…….GLOBALIZATION………..

    PETER….You mean Dr Jill, or am I confusing something! (as usual!)? XXX


  18. Do you think I did not mean Soros when I spoke of currency manipulators?
    Soros is about money. And money brings power. And power brings money.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    ED, don’t worry….but no, there are plenty of manipulators and I believe SOROS is the king of it….so I’d mention him.


  20. Mustang says:

    I stand with Baysider at 4:11 p.m. Bush the Elder was as corrupt as his son, as corrupt as every other president we’ve had since Reagan. Want proof of the Elder’s disgusting corruption? How many American servicemen died in the first gulf war, or as a result of it? Who paid for the Bush library at Texas A&M?

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  21. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG….Don’t know how many….some thought that war was righteous, some didn’t. I hate when one soldier dies.
    And donations brought in the $500 million they got for the library, though all of that was not spent on the library.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t think ANY president since Reagan hasn’t been corrupt………not one.
    And I believe , in comparison, George Sr was not as corrupt as Junior is. Do I have some kind of ‘scale’ by which to weigh corruption!? Nope! And I wouldn’t trust Barbara Bush as far as I could throw her, but I believe she was more cunning and stealthy than her husband was!!


  23. peter3nj says:

    Oops Dr Jill


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