Important CLIMATE question

Do you all still believe there IS no such thing as CRITICAL CLIMATE CHANGE? (Any thinking person knows there can be change across the globe caused by typical cycles, etc., and I’ve always felt that was something that the environmental wackos ignore)

When I lived four years in Paris, I had about 3 days of snow….the whole four years.  Coming from California, I was devastated as I so badly wanted to experience snow in a city more than I did.   Almost every French painter of only 75 years ago painted image upon image of snowy Paris, snowy France, etc.    It just DID snow more, no matter how we’d like to interpret that.

Hot climates are getting hotter and dryer….The Nile river is apparently the mainstream of WATER for Egyptians.   According to a friend who saw this from her swanky (as swank as Cairo allows, anyway) hotel about 30 years ago, dead bodies float down the Nile….it’s FILTHY, as is the Ganges of India, so how the heck they depend on that water is way beyond me but they apparently do.   That water level is going down, down, down, due to little precipitation and tons of SUN.

That could live sixty million people in Egypt alone needing water, needing food from fields in their areas, needing fish, etc.  

Even here in California, where we’ve never got TONS of rain, we DID GET RAIN during ‘the rainy season’ during my lifetime, but not much anymore!   VERY dry here……Thankfully, Northern California’s getting quite a storm (supposedly) this weekend and into next week from which we Southern Californians sometimes benefit, including one rainfall day next week, hopefully)…but this is ODD for us in the last 10 years or so.

Having said all that, and there is plenty more……….WHAT HAPPENS WHEN IT GETS WORSE, BECAUSE WHILE SOME SCIENTISTS SAY “AH, POOH!  THE GLACIERS AREN’T MELTING, THEY’RE GROWING!”, THEY ARE MELTING IN MANY PLACES.  Did I hear the water level in some coastal towns on our East Coast is going UP due to rising waters??   


JUST CURIOUS.    And hopeful for a positive response!!

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26 Responses to Important CLIMATE question

  1. kidme37 says:

    Natural Cycles. Embrace the change. Antarctica was once a tropical rainforest. The Earth will not stop changing. Best to learn to live with the change.

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  2. bocopro says:

    Well . . . first of all, having flown across the US a few times, across the Atlantic twice, and across the Pacific at least 5 times (once in a DC-3), I can tell ya that this li’l blue marble we live on is purty damned big. It feels even bigger when you ride across oceans in a big ol’ Navy ship built in 1941.

    AND . . . there’s this hot shiny thing that blasts us with energy 24/7 – and there ain’t a damned thing we can do to stop or influence that, any more than we can control the numero UNO greenhouse gas – water vapor – from doin its thing, which includes holding in natural heat.

    O.K. All that said, there’s absolutely no doubt that the planet’s climate will change over time. But to say that SUVs cause directly global warming is a bit of a stretch. Hey, how ‘bout jet airplanes? And to basically shut down a continental economy because of hysteria about CO2 emissions is beyond common sense.

    Carbon dioxide comprises less than .05% of earth’s atmospheric bubble, and there’s nothing the US can do, even by shutting down its entire infrastructure and economy, to reduce the atmospheric CO2 unless China, India, Russia, and several other nations entirely dependent upon fossil fuels do the same.

    And even THEN, the sun is gonna do what it wants, and so is the planet we’re riding on. See . . . the problem is that all of the climatologists’ calculations are based on a starting point which was at perhaps the lowest mean global temp in the past 10,000 years – I don’t remember the exact date, but it was over 150 years ago when record keeping began on such things.

    So . . . since all readings and calculations are referenced to the year with the lowest mean temp since the Medieval Warming period, it simply stands to reason that average temps appear to be rising.

    This rock will cool and warm as the sun dictates. And one day that rather average star will run out of fuel and expand into a red giant, absorbing Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the asteroid belt, and everything all the way out to Jupiter.

    Now THAT will be global warming. But in the meantime I wanna know how eliminating internal-combustion engines in the US will help “save” the planet if the power to run their replacements is still coming from coal and oil and natural gas.

    And if you live in a small town with minimal charging stations with harsh winters where you might have to drive long distances and believe an EV is the way to go, rotsa ruck, peepo.


  3. Baysider says:

    What Kid and BP said. No. We had viniculture in areas bathed in ice now, along with corn and barley (the Vikings DID like their beer!). Then a little ice age. Then warm. The year Sweden invaded Russia was the most severe winter of the 18th century. Birds froze in flight. The port of Venice froze. One century is the coldest in Europe. A different century is the coldest in North America. You’re right about “any thinking person.”

    When we record a snapshot in time it “looks” like it was always that way. E.g., the great teeming herds of buffalo in the plains. That’s what we first saw. But archeology tells a different story. Before the smallpox epidemic roared up out of Mexico in the mid 1500’s and wiped out up to 80% of the Plains Indians (yes, there are REAL epidemics), there was a very different balance between man and beast as they culled the herds seasonally.

    The fact that ‘record keepers’ felt the need to move monitoring stations into heat islands to then proclaim “ta-da! it’s REALLY warming” does make one suspect.

    I keep records of local rain (are you surprised!). It is still light and heavy. 4.5″ last year, 13.87″ prior year, and 20.23″ year before that. We’re drawing too much out of our aquifers, so even in the heaviest of rainy years satellite imagery shows they are still retreating. THIS is a problem. Taking all gasoline engines out of existence won’t change it. Biodynamic farming practices that allow soil to retain and use less water will.

    Desertification does impact climate. Think of Egypt before the Sahara Desert! They believe it was a very livable savannah 10,000 years ago. The gasoline engine did not turn it into a desert.

    Allan Savory has demonstrated practices that increase soil carbon retention, soil biota, water retention, and nutrient density, as have many after him. They have proven how to reclaim deserts for grasslands and productive livability. How to not only sequester carbon but make farm herds “carbon neutral” or better. Spraying nanoparticles as cloud dust over the earth to “cool” it may not work out so well in the long view.


  4. ACUCHUCK says:

    There is little we can do to control our climate. Things change all the time and this push for green is not gonna change a thing until the whole world does it, including China and the other gross polluters. Even then the change to this globe will be very little at best.
    What would make a difference is right under our noses. We should make a major effort to clean up the streets. The big cities have so much trash and pollution around every corner, and the left wants to worry about stuff it will never be able to change.
    Spend time and efforts to actually clean some of the dirtiest places on earth, our big cities. Start with that and then worry about how many C02’s there are.


  5. bunkerville says:

    Be careful what you wish for:
    43-day storm that began in December 1861 put central and southern California underwater for up to six months, and it could happen again so goes the headline story from a 2013 Scientific American article. We knew sooner of later the Oroville Dam problem would be laid at the feet of Global Warming, if not George Bush. It turns out California has a long history of major drought followed by massive flooding. It is a great read and well worth the time.

    Now I hear the Dam is about dry… yesterday’s news was it needed repairs or people would die..
    California has a history of abruptly switching from drought conditions to torrential rain.

    Brewer describes a great sheet of brown rippling water extending from the Coast Range to the Sierra Nevada. One-quarter of the state’s estimated 800,000 cattle drowned in the flood, marking the beginning of the end of the cattle-based ranchero society in California. One-third of the state’s property was destroyed, and one home in eight was destroyed completely or carried away by the floodwaters.


  6. Baysider says:

    Bunk: it’s hard when there’s so much water. The soil eventually turns to pudding. I did not know the intensity of this one. Now we see why California built out a massive water management infrastructure in the first half of the 20th century. (It wasn’t only to steal the sheepherders’ water for LA.) My aunt was in California in the great 1938 LA-Long Beach flood. Rowboats and all through the cities – like a southeastern hurricane.

    But nope to the climate bunk. It’s just a lever to impose controls and limit mobility. Takes advantage of people who lack context in their thinking. They found the plandemic was better at that. They’ll use ’em both.

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  7. kidme37 says:

    It is simple when you look at it in another way. This way in fact.

    If the powers that be really believe there is a Climate Crisis, then they should be pounding on the table for building nuke plants to replace the CO2 generating plants.

    That’s step one.

    To say nothing of making an issue out of the real polluters such China who say they will continue polluting more and more for the next 40 years – 30 years beyond when AOC tells us the entire planet will be up in flames. Anyone hear the word CHINA or Nuke out of these ——— ———– ——————- ———————–s ?

    All we get from the government is bullshit. Constant, insulting, child level bullshit for the purpose of stealing the money, property and controlling the activities of us dirt people. They don’t even bother to come up with something halfway believable. But, same as it ever was.

    But no problem, I’ve given up on the human race. I Don’t Care.

    Everyone should tend to their business best they can, care for those they care about, and have some damn fun. That’s all there is.

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  8. Baysider says:

    Kid + 1 – “they should be pounding on the table for building nuke plants”

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  9. MAL says:

    Baysider, I don’t remember the L.A. to Long Beach flood in ’38 and I turned 10 that year. However, I DO remember the one Bunk mentioned in 1861. ;o)

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  10. geeez2014 says:

    I disagree with all of you a little…. I know the climate’s changing fairly significantly and I also believe it’s mostly cyclical. I also don’t believe that, if it’s man made, it would turn such a corner in only a few years… made generally means BUILDING UP TO something.


    Because the Left and Right are so divided on this, NOTHING is getting done at all. I know that environment/ecology isn’t climate, necessarily, but I fear we ignore things we COULD ‘fix’ …like we’ve done some good work in air and water quality in S. California (during high school, we couldn’t take a deeeeep breath without a SHARP pain in our chests due to smog, believe me…that’s GONE.) There ARE things we are improving on. We could do more….

    If ALL the scientists who say CLIMATE CHANGE CAUSED BY HUMANS IS BUNK (many of whom had believed differently for years but have changed their minds, like Lomborg ) and all those who believe THE SKY IS FALLING AND IT’S ONLY THOSE ROTTEN REPUBLICANS LETTING IT HAPPEN, would STOP IT and come together, we could really further our environment without destroying our economies (what the Left IS doing)…etc etc. Do SMART things, not LEFTWING CRAP.

    It shouldn’t surprise any of us (it scares me, quite frankly) that Biden has apparently told the politicos we MUST PASS MY BILL so I can go to Glasgow and show them we mean business… So, wait….YOUR BILL has SOME climate junk in it, but MUST we destroy our economy with the rest of it so YOU feel good about what you say in Glasgow?

    My favorite line when I hear the Republicans are RESPONSIBLE crap is “Ya, I know a lot of Republicans who want to breathe dirty air and swim in and drink bad water….don’t you?”

    Got to add that it’s the SAME with COVID…if the Left and Right had come together, maybe we could have avoided many deaths?

    Just texted my sis just S of San Francisco, she responded that they had non stop torrential rain from Saturday late afternoon till this morning…36-40 hours straight, non stop….never eased up even a little. But, family is safe…..that’s a TON of rain.


  11. geeez2014 says:



  12. The Laki Volcano erupted shortly before the French Revolution.
    Some say it caused the French Revolution because the “climate” changed so severely due to reduced solar energy reaching the farms, it led to famine and revolt. They didn’t have cars to blame it on. They were dependent on solar energy.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed….I don’t know…not sure if you’re pulling our legs….Clearly, we know what caused the French Revolution, which was many years coming…but this IS an interesting, if not ODD, reason!!!
    That’s really interesting, though.


  14. bocopro says:

    How’s come my comment went into moderation?


  15. Not pulling your leg. I can see why you might think so.
    In June 1783, Laki volcano in Iceland erupted sending volcanic ash high into the atmosphere in Europe. This led to a severe winter in Europe in 1784 and the following summers included extreme droughts that caused poor harvests and famine. France then experienced another series of poor harvests in 1787 and 1788 with extreme winters. A decade of extreme weather conditions and poor harvests took a toll on the poor peasants of France, who were struggling to survive day to day. The frustration of the peasants angered them to revolt

    Which led to #7, and “Let them eat bread!” which she may or may not have said.

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  16. Baysider says:

    A funny man, Mal. 🙂
    This was 1938:

    Yes to Ed. That Icelandic volcano eruption lasted a long time. It contaminated everything it fell on with a lot of fluorine. Killed most of the livestock who ate the tainted grass, and people starved. At least in Iceland. Had not thought about the effects downwind. Just read up on it in Wiki. Wow – yes, a lot of effects I had never thought of, including a failed harvest in France.

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  17. Baysider says:

    Well, to the extent that record keepers move temperature record stations into heat islands – yes, one could say it’s man made. 🙂

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  18. MAL says:

    Dunno, BP, it must be the little gremlin in your PC.
    Did ya try kicking’ it?


  19. Our climate change is man made.
    Man made a bad decision when he ate the fruit and nothing’s been the same since.

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  20. Baysider says:

    Touche Ed!

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  21. geeez2014 says:,popular%20discontent%20and%20disorders%20caused%20by%20food%20shortages.

    Really good stuff about the Revolution…all solutions were monetary or social, political, etc….Odd that a volcano’s effects are blamed, though not having enough food will get people riled up….We might have that here ourselves soon, frankly. God forbid.

    I read Fraser’s book on Marie Antoinette while living in Paris, soon after which Mr. Z asked if I wanted to go a museum there which had her things in it….. There were bits of fabric from her gowns, earrings, the Dauphin’s desk for his little ‘homework’, the King’s shaving mug, SO much from their lives….I suddenly felt SO overcome, I told Mr. Z I had to leave…and practically ran out….it was really astonishing to know her story so well, then be surrounded by her REAL things….overwhelming!! We had a coffee downstairs on the street and I still looked at the people on the street and felt they were crowded with Revolutionaries, too!…Very odd feeling!!

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  22. Baysider says:

    After seeing toilet paper tugs of war in the lockdowns, it’s easier to understand the impact lack of food can have on a society breaking at the seams. That was a very interesting piece. I read it aloud to Mr. B after dinner. We just finished a course on the Vikings, so I knew more about Iceland. But I had not thought of the ultimate worldwide effects of the volcano. It was 6X bigger than Mt. Pinatubo! Our forefathers studied revolutions throughout history in the 1760’s. Everything that gave them pause in revolt happened in France.

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  23. geeez2014 says:

    I thought it was interesting, too, and while impact of food is huge, we all know the Revolution was largely over noblesse oblige……and all that led up to it. People were already hyped up to being poor and seeing the royalty spend like there’s no tomorrow…THEN you throw in loss of food due to some volcano somewhere, and that’s a bad mix. It certainly wasn’t good for Marie Antoinette 🙂


  24. Baysider says:

    Yeah, it’s the match.


  25. Well the insane government spending raised taxes to the degree that people couldn’t afford to buy what food there was.
    Thank God that can’t happen here.

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  26. Mustang says:

    @ Z

    “NOTHING is getting done at all.”

    What is it you want to see done? Climate change is a fact of earth. It’s been part of earth’s story from the very beginning. Since earth is moving closer to the sun, then we’re bound to have a warmer climate, and we’re bound to lose our ice caps and water reservoirs due to evaporation. But as scary as that sounds, I don’t see what anyone can do about it. Do you?

    I’d like to know your top ten priorities in saving the earth if you have time.

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