KID’s Favorite People

Kid (and most of us…all of us?) has no use for DEMOCRATS.   We all feel they’re unAmerican, hateful, uncompromising, and greedy.   And way more, but….

So, I’m watching FOX the other night and they had Sarah Carter interviewing Democrats in Virginia, I think when Biden was speaking there?

She said “Does it worry you about how what McAuliffe said about parents and education is being taken by many Virginia parents?”

Big fat guy grimaces behind his mask and says “Rubbish!…”

Another voter is asked “Are you worried about Youngkin winning?”

Guy does the raspberry sound in her face… “don’t be ridiculous!!”

Then she asks other things like “Do you realize that they’re neck and neck now?  You worried?”

“They’re not neck and neck….Everything’s fine!”

Honestly, my responses (based on what I heard but I paraphrase) are smarter than theirs.

What I got out of those interviews was this:  WE have known Democrats are pro hand-outs than pro America, and they don’t seem to grasp truths, but this REALLY GOT TO ME!

If they had a huge purple DONKEY standing behind Sarah’s microphone, they’d have NOT NOTICED.  THey just insist on WHAT THEY THINK.   And THAT is THAT.

Honestly, you all know I can’t stand most Democrats but this went a step farther……….These are DUMB, NASTY people, folks………….more than even I THOUGHT!




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22 Responses to KID’s Favorite People

  1. bocopro says:

    Well, officially the US has well over 200 political parties; the Democrat and Republican parties are simply the biggest and most influential.

    There is the communist party, the socialist party, the independent, the green, the libertarian, progressive, and so on. A little over 40% of eligible voters register as Democrats, about 38% as Republicans, and about 12% as independent or uncommitted. After that the percentages are quite small.

    Basically what happens in the least corrupt genelecs is that 45% of voters go D jut out of habit, and a similar number go R, mostly to vote against the Democrat candidate. Now, considering that a 50% overall turnout is considered YUGE, and the 10% of independents or anti D/anti R actually determine who wins, arithmetically speaking about 5% of the voters “choose” our “leaders.”

    But, it’s all mox nix anyhow, ‘cuz the reality is there’s only one political party in the United States, the Lust For Power Party, and it has two branches – the left and the right. It’s all about the money, the power, the benefits of being a pezzonovante.

    Today’s crop of Democrats have made it as certain as death and taxes that I’ll never vote for a Democrat running for anything more important than janitor. And Hussein Obama, Maxine Waters, Al Green, and BLM pretty much set my mind against ever voting for a black person for PotUS. I watched ethnic loyalty (identity politics) almost destroy the country under DingleBarry. Is that racist of me? I don’t really give a damn if it is.

    About half of my first cousins are liberals and will have nothing whatever to do with me, so the question of my dealing with them is moot. They simply cannot comprehend why I made the military a career, but upon retirement became an English and literature teacher in the university level. Just does not compute in their universe: how could someone who teaches literature not vote for the magic negro?

    I don’t think any of my grandchildren voted in the last election, and I doubt any of ‘em will bother next time. They believe that the counting is corrupt and fraudulent, so what difference does their individual ballot make.

    My wife sez it’s a massive waster of money, paper, and time . . . a charade, a ruse, a game to make people think they actually have some power over who runs their lives when it really doesn’t because once in office they all become liars, thieves, and millionaires.

    All of our 4 children are convinced that all politicians are hypocrites looking forward only to the next election, not what’s good for the country, and they generally vote against the liberal just for the helluvit even though they doubt their ballot is even counted.


  2. peter3nj says:

    You are right on the money. The under-educated pessimist in me cannot concede for a milli-second that the Republican candidates in either VA or NJ have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning their respective gubernatorial races. Tuesday we will know whether or not a majority of democrat voters will fall on the sword for a corrupt anti-american anti-school child leftist Clintonista. The holds true in NJ a state while still in mourning over the 2016 presidential election is building luxury condo projects on every open square inch of real estate to accommodate the continuing invasion of NYC’s upper class flotsam and jetsam even as our roads and bridges are in visible disrepair where the voters have been told to move if they don’t like high taxes. Simply put, bottom line all kidding aside should VA and NJ governorships go democrat the end is closer than we think.


  3. kidme37 says:

    Once I find someone is liberal (by today’s common definition) l have no more to do with them. I put them below decks on the good ship Ignoramus. If they’re family members, I do it for their benefit as I’m convinced exposing them to reality is very painful for them. I let them be.


  4. peter3nj says:

    Conversely when I find a republican voter wandering about aimlessly I treat them like the left treats the homeless giving them a cot and three hots. But I don’t allow them to defecate or urinate on my sidewalk or steal $950 of my stuff.


  5. kidme37 says:

    Peter, I don’t buy their books either.

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  6. kidme37 says:

    Quick, someone point out a human being in this pic (or any other image of congressional democrats);0,0&resize=1200:*


  7. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I think there are SO few GOOD Conservative-written books that I totally agree with you.

    Not kidding: I have always felt ANY of us could write what they write…………….there are a few exceptions but,in general, no buying of their books!!

    PETER “…. should VA and NJ governorships go democrat the end is closer than we think.”
    I couldn’t agree more and I have to admit I’m putting too much hope in wins….Got to calm down and realize I’m being naive 😦

    BOCOPRO…fascinating overview of the family voting background!! WOW. SO you have hardcore liberals enough that even back when you enlisted they thought you were wrong? WOWZA! And their kids have more libs and their kids have MORE libs………..

    Glad your kids are smarter than that! Never doubted they would be!! 🙂


  8. kidme37 says:

    Z, even if there were good conservative books, what would their value be? It’s all echo chamber stuff and moreso, just talk.

    Orwell, Rand, Buckley, Sowell, and many many many others have fired their word canons at the problem, and things only get worse.

    Why? Becuase the people that need to undesrand that stuff aren’t the slightest bit interested in digesting it. If anyone thinks a liberal is going to expose themself to any of that I have a bridge in slight disrepair in the bargain basement, on sale at a huge discount.


  9. Mustang says:

    I won’t mingle with a communist POS. Talking to them has been off my table for a long time. You know, having a conversation with a leftist is like playing chess with a pigeon: a waste of time. I simply regard those idiots as a form of perverse entertainment, kind of like paying to go to a circus to watch a bearded man swallow a broad sword. Yeah, it makes you want to puke, but it’s better than sitting home watching sexually perverted sitcom’s on television. But, you know, if it weren’t for progressives, Joe wouldn’t be in the White House where someone can keep an eye on him and all the 12-year old girls in America would be in much greater danger. So one has to conclude, if it weren’t for ants, there wouldn’t be any ant-eaters. If it weren’t for Democrats, what would we write about?

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  10. bocopro says:

    “SO you have hardcore liberals enough that even back when you enlisted they thought you were wrong?”

    No, you gotta remember that back in ’59 we still had a military draft. I left Ball State in my sophomore year with a very respectable GPA and some romantic notion that I wasn’t learning anything useful. I needed a trade, a marketable skill, for my own self-respect. All the jobs I did in adolescence you could train a chimpanzee to do.

    But a guy who was 1-A for the draft would never get any upwardly-mobile job with decent pay and especially no sophisticated training ‘cuz employers figured they’d lose him in a year or two, so why waste time and money on him.

    I piddled around for a while, and finally Mother said, “O.K., Bub . . . you’re comin up on 21 and don’t seem to have any real plan for your future, so let me lay it out for you: thirty days . . . then you either start payin rent or you get the hell out.”

    Took all the appropriate tests for Navy and Air Force . . . both of whom recruited me enthusiastically after I aced the 100-question general knowledge/adaptability test they used in those days. All my elders applauded my decision to go Navy because of the training offered. Cousins (who all were younger than I except for one) were more or less ambivalent but considered it a respectable work/study program to get the 1-A sticker removed from my forehead so I could grow up and be a high-school teacher, which is what most of my relatives saw as my calling.

    Military service was considered a duty in those days, an honorable chore which hale & hearty guys did to cut the apron strings and get all that wild-oat sowing out of their systems. In fact, a few years after I went in, some of my cousins joined various branches (for reasons similar to mine). We sensed that the ship was about to hit the sand in Southeast Asia, and I sure as hell didn’t wanna be ground-pounding cannon fodder, so it was not gonna be Marines or Army.

    Navy gave me what was then called the “basic battery” of tests (today’s ASVAB), and decided I was going to prep school and then the Naval Academy. I told ’em, “No, I just left one college — why would I want to go to another one?”

    That rustled their feathers, so they sent me to sea on a rustbucket for 6 months and then to electronics school. I had asked to be an air controller . . . took all the tests and came out like a champ . . . but they said they had more than enuffathose and needed technicians — so they turned me into one.

    Just hadda do it MY way.


  11. MAL says:

    Kid, that picture you showed should be next to the word “ugly” in the dictionary!
    M’God! What a motley lookin’ group!


  12. MAL says:

    Z, how do I cope with friends or relatives who are Dems? I just tell ’em they’ve been gaslighted (then tell ’em to look it up).


  13. kidme37 says:

    Mal, The dem voters likes em ugly. Interesting psychological study maybe.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    KID, that’s my point; THere isn’t almost ANYTHING in those conservative books WE DON’T KNOW already, anyway…..When I THINK of the damn money I have in books on one of my shelves, all stupid ANn Coulter books, etc etc……….I get so mad…although I bought/read them when I was first getting REALLY into politics so maybe they helped.
    I heard Levin’s book is excellent and does have WAYS TO EXPOSE MARXISTS….page after page….at least there’s THAT.

    BOCOPRO, I just came from a Neuro Retinal Surgeon’s office (I’m fine, thank GOD…just a bit of easy eye stuff and I’ll be okay despite the symptoms I’m having)….He was BRILLIANT not only in what he DOES< from what I've heard from two excellent doctors, but BRIGHT AS HELL in conversation……You and he would have liked each other.
    I absolutely thought he was WEIRD when he first walked in…I'm not big on men dying their hair, HUGE belly, NOT ATTRACTIVE, let me put it that way, then we got to talking and , as often happens, he got handsome, if you know what I mean? I could tell he enjoyed our banter, too, so when I said "I had fun, I'll miss conversation like we had!" and he said "Send me a post card!" and I said "But then only YOU hear from ME!" 🙂
    I really did think of you…he knew literary analogies, lots of vocabulary interesting stuff, is MAD for his wife of 47 years….I loved him!!! (almost as much as YOU!) 🙂


  15. geeez2014 says:

    MUJSTANG! A terrific bunch of stuff in your comment I loved “You know, having a conversation with a leftist is like playing chess with a pigeon:” and that 12 yr old girls are safer with Joe under secret service watch! THANKS FOR THE LAUGH.
    THough you’re SO right about it all it’s really NOT funny.

    KID, compare that picture with the FOX hosts… BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL.
    I HONESTLY think I’d barf if I ever ran into Schiff…..beady eyed bas*ard!!
    And, I believe Maxine can frown uglier and deeper than ANY human being…awful people.

    MAL..GASLIGHTED is right.

    EVERYBODY: I forgot…the eye doc today is from The Bronx…H. Krauss…UNBELIEVABLY brilliaNT… HIS WIFE was a school psychologist, his two sons are lawyers and his daughter is a social worker…..I said (ready?) “OH, your family’s so WOKE! “…then, while he had his eyes on MY eye with this big machine, I said “did you go to BERKELEY!”? HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!

    He was still nice to me….but I KNOW HE GOT WHAT I WAS SAYING!! I’d HATE to talk politics with HIM!! :0


  16. Baysider says:

    Gasp – I live in the Peoples’ Republic for goodness sake! Yes, full of Dems. And crazy Dems. The neighbor I’m closest to is the son of Cuban escapees. Noooooo Dem there! I took them tangerines after Castro died – “Happy Dead Dictator Day!” They loved it. He consciously counters the mush his young daughter gets in school, too, with real life examples.


  17. geeez2014 says:


    Cubans are Such reliable Conservatives….THEY GET IT!! xxx


  18. Baysider says:

    My neighbor was one of the very few in the Cuban refugee community who had intact parents. Most of them lost fathers to Castro’s henchmen and were being raised by their mothers. He makes sure his daughter KNOWS those stories. They recently remodeled their house under the greedy eye of the regime that squeezed tens of thousands of dollars out of him AFTER the ‘final’ approvals. Really nasty and extra legal. More stories for what’s wrong with authoritarians.

    I found some of the conservative books helped early on in formulating a bigger picture. I have a few. I occasionally talked with another neighbor I liked about these ideas. She was on board. But she voted Democrat no matter what – for reasons long buried in traditions as dead as their current ideas. “We always voted Democrat.” When you’re engaging someone’s feelings the mind is long out the door. That’s why you can’t talk to Dems!!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER< as I said above, I believe some of my Conservative books helped my early formulation….I agree with you.

    I also heard of one tonight on FOX GREEN FRAUD It's about the ridiculous inaccuracies of climate change, etc., and why it could destroy us:

    I loved when the author told Hannity (I think it was?) that he agreed with Greta Thunberg when she says "Global climate change symposium…blah blah blah" supposedly representing her feelings that it's NOT ENOUGH!
    He said he agreed with her saying, he found it amusing to agree with a TEEN ACTIVIST because she is right on this…that symposium is BLAH BLAH BLAH 🙂


  20. kidme37 says:

    Biden actually took a video of a teenager “climate activist” who lives in India blabbering about climate to The United Nations when he went there to embarrass himself and the country over this BS. Had another vid also of some teenager blabbering.

    Scientific method core statement says when your forecasts don’t come true your theory is BS. Number of climate forecasts that came true since 1970 – Zero. Since 2000 is in negative numbers the forecasts were so wrong.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    KID, YES YES, they LOVE the teenagers who speak of THEIR DESTROYED FUTURES, unless we do CLIMATE WORK! This WORKS for Dems……They can CRY alongside them, ‘blabbering’ is GOOD for them….BLUBBERING is better!!!

    The book I posted is supposedly marvelous and FULL of those NONTRUE climate forecasts you mention…”ZERO”.. OF course, when I posted the link, I had no idea we all had to be subjected to AOC’s picture on the cover. GAD


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