This ‘poster’ below is an interesting juxtaposition, isn’t it?     Biden is now said to have rather secretly routed approximately 78 planes full of illegal aliens into FLORIDA.   Know what that must cost?
We’re in a pandemic, none of those illegals are tested;  we’re taxed to death to pay for this.

DeSantis says he’s considering rounding up folks and paying to get them to Delaware.    Can we blame him?


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37 Responses to OUR MONEY GOES TO…………

  1. We are under attack by the very government that was selected for us.
    They force us to take a “vaccine” that kills and injures many.
    They lock us up in our own homes and shut down our businesses.
    They abandon us in foreign countries.
    They choke off our sources of energy.
    They encourage an invasion across our border.
    They devalue our currency effectively stealing our life savings.
    I hope Desantis does exactly that. And to Marth’s Vineyard also.
    There is a common swear word that no longer represents sexual penetration only, but signals complete and visceral disgust and contempt for someone.
    Let’s go Brandon!

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  2. kidme37 says:

    This is all Ed’s fault. I kept telling him. But No.

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  3. peter3nj says:

    Line up garbage trucks on all the runways. Of course as an unintended consequence the New York City commie snowbirds will have to drive down.


  4. Mustang says:

    The powers of the federal government are “enumerated” in the US Constitution. The powers of state governors are enumerated in their constitutions. If a state’s laws address the question of illegal immigration, if those laws declare all such persons as non-citizens who are not entitled to the rights of citizens within those states, and if it is the sworn duty of governors to uphold the laws of their states, then what I would like to see is governors of states growing a set of balls the size of basketballs and actually do their jobs.

    I would advise Abbott and DeSantis to arrest all illegal aliens — including those in “federal custody,” and also arrest anyone who attempts to interfere with such arrests and charge them with illegal interference with sworn law officers. I’d send state lawmen and county sheriffs to arrest anyone and everyone who has a hand in the trafficking of illegal aliens, including every federal officer so involved, whether FBI, DHS, CIS, ICE, Border Patrol, or BLM. I’d disarm those people, charge them, book them, and haul them before state judges with recommendations for high amounts of bail. If bailed out of jail, I might even ask the state courts to require ankle bracelets to ensure their presence at trial. I might even order the arrest of federal judges and magistrates who attempt to circumvent state laws.

    Such actions would, of course, end up at the US Supreme Court, but what great entertainment it would be, not to mention send an important signal to border thugs and Washington thugs that we the people have had our fill with this crap. Will this ever happen? Probably not. But we can dream, can’t we?

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  5. kidme37 says:

    Mustang, you send my heart and spirits on a trip to the moon, powered by silken Gossamer wings.

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  6. Mustang, America started as a dream.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    OH, brother. Just lost a long comment………..disappeared…hit a wrong key or something.

    I did find this and laugh at the term “undocumented immigrants”..as if they’re not ILLEGAL ALIENS?

    Undocumented Immigrants’ Rights to Defense Against Removal
    In most situations, you have the right to a hearing in immigration court and to defend yourself against deportation or removal from the United States.

    There are exceptions, however. One known as “expedited removal” allows arriving aliens to be sent back without seeing an immigration judge, except in narrow circumstances such as if they assert a credible fear of return and wish to apply for asylum. The definition of “arriving aliens” was expanded under the Trump Administration, to include anyone not inspected by an immigration officer at the border who has been continuously present in the U.S. for less than two years.

    Another exception is made if you have returned to the U.S. after a previous order of deportation.

    Too bad so many illegals who have been previously deported are coming back to rape and murder…that’s just a fact. Doesn’t seem to bother a liberal at all!!

    Imagine 78 planes full of illegals del’d to Florida?

    I like Peter’s idea of the trucks!!

    So BIDEN, who had severely limited airplane travel from other countries doesn’t care if they WALK IN, apparently………COVID or not, we MUST let illegals IN, according to him.
    I’m grateful that the vax has kept SO MANY people from death but the very idea of not checking all these thousands of people and delivering them across the country ???? And getting EVERYTHING PAID FOR? What about rent? They don’t speak English, are they going to support themselves? Food? Drugs? ???? And who do we think is paying for their hospitalizations with WHATEVER disease they probably have? Measles is back, TB has been found in some of them….diseases we’d conquered….Does Biden REALLY care if we live or die? Or is it just:

    VOTE LIBERAL and that’s enough for him?


  8. kidme37 says:

    Take anything you find in legal files regards illegals and toss it in the trash. 1) the democrat government will pay attention to none of it and 2) ICE already said back in the Trump days it would take over 100 years to deport the illegals, Imagine how many will come in in the meantime. Once again, bailing out the Titanic with buckets.

    Biden? has nothing to do with Biden. It is the democrat party which has been at war with America, probably since the beginning but Clearly and unquestionably since they killed JFK and put BJ in.

    Here are some relative questions:
    -how many moslem vermin did obama bring in that we paid for between 2009 and 2017. How many of those like the Boston bomber? And his infidel hating spider brained mommy is still here on welfare. How about the San Bernardino shooters. Paid for them too and bought their lunches. how many more of these types are running around stuffing welfare dollars in strippers g-strings.
    -Where are the 1400 illegal children flown to Chattenooga TN months ago and where were and are the large numbers of illegal children that have been brought in and shipped all over America? being “taken care of by professional nanny types?” or being sex trafficked to pedophiles? I’d ut my 5 bucks on the latter.
    -Lots more questions regards the massive invasion of all sorts of halfway decent people looking for a better life and vermin too that we are all paying for.
    As far as paying for, itis probably being paid for through national debt, but no way to be certain of that. Could be coming right out of our income in all sorts of taxes, state, loca, and federal. If you have 2000 illegals who are not working, someone is buying their food and keeping them comfy.

    How much will Americans take? I think they’ll take whatever the gov puts on them.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    KID: How I’d LOVE to argue with you. Can’t, really.
    Even to the point that there ARE halfway decent people coming for a better life…yes. But don’t deserve ASYLUM until they’re in a courthouse getting their story heard. Which, by the way, will take 30 years just to hear all the 250,000 cases who’ve just arrived.

    PAYING FOR IT….probably canceling out our SS and Medicare….the rich don’t give a damn.

    And yes, we count on Republicans……..and yes, ‘good luck with THAT’…


  10. kidme37 says:

    They say 11 million, Yale study says 22 mil as of a couple years ago. I’ll bet there are at least 40 million here including people that just never went back when Visa expired, etc. These aren’t going through the courts, and if they did, we’d just be shoveling good money after bad to slimy, greasy, vermin lawyers. Which is no doubt part of the benefits for the pols and their friends.

    Feeding Frenzy. Forgeddaboudeet


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, I was talking about those most recently here..about 250 K…. They MUST GO.
    But yes, MANY Millions are here.

    I suppose you’d disagree, but for those kids who’ve barely even been in Central America and have served in our military and are supporting themselves here, paying taxes, etc., I’d allow them citizenship….I just would.


  12. kidme37 says:

    If they followed the terms/guidelines for DACA, I’d say, yea, what the heck. But there is no way in hell the government intended to have people conform to these guidelines. Nothing more than feel good BS for idiots “See these are all Good Kids they’re letting in”. Spare me.



  13. geeez2014 says:

    KID….Those guidelines seem pretty simple to me….none of which seem like Nobody has Lived Up To THESE.?
    What am I missing?


  14. kidme37 says:

    It means that the guidelines are BS. Everybody gets in.


  15. kidme37 says:

    Bunch of newly arrived Afghani youths gang raped and murdered a 12 yr old girl recently. Dems care? No. Dem voters care? No. I’m waiting for the story to appear on CNN.


  16. -FJ says:

    We so need a return to sanity…and cherished values.


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  17. geeez2014 says:

    KID…I see what you mean! YES, they are so easy anybody can pass….good point.
    When you said “no way to conform to those guidelines”, I thought you meant they were too tough to conform to anyway, even if the government insisted.
    You’re right…nothing unusual means “y’all come down!” 😦

    And no, CNN, MSNBC, they NEVER EVER cover the true stories of illegal alien MURDERERS and RAPISTS…no WAY..EVER.

    Honestly, I know all of you don’t put CNN on….but it really shows that lefties DON’T EVEN KNOW SO MUCH TRUTH…SO MUCH!
    It’s truly astonishing.



  18. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…Hi. We sure DO. First, we need to all agree on CHERISHED VALUES and I’ll never forget Ducky once, here, asking me “Who are you to think that’s a value?” I don’t remember what it was but it was SO BASIC to our values that that was the first moment I thought what trouble we are in because the Left doesn’t get that…it doesn’t even KNOW cherished values


  19. Baysider says:

    Just ask them to show their ‘papers’ to get in. The authoritarian control device known as the vaccine passport will have many uses. How cum a perfectly healthy citizen can’t enter a concert, but illegal trespassers with and without serious illnesses are free to roam the country? or close

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  20. kidme37 says:

    Not to beat a dead horse, but I don’t think even 1% of the illegals who are here would qualify under those guidelines, even those in the age group. They were never created with the intention of being followed. Like telling a 3 yr old about the tooth fairy so they’ll go back to sleep. Which is what the dems do 24 hours a day.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    BAY: “How cum a perfectly healthy citizen can’t enter a concert, but illegal trespassers with and without serious illnesses are free to roam the country?”
    That is exactly my question……….is Biden serious about COVID or is he not? Does he benefit from it not going away to the point he’d bring it IN? I believe so.

    it’s all disgusting; I keep harping on how the Lefty news makes it so many Americans do NOT KNOW. We need to be more worried about how THEY DON’T CARE. 😦


  22. geeez2014 says:

    READY FOR THIS? The poor guy who had to hold the dying cinematographer on Alec Baldwin’s movie set as she bled to death is SUING BALDWIN because he was so traumatized.

    SO now if we do a kind thing, and it wasn’t easy, WE SUE? WOWZA


  23. MAL says:

    Z, its all about the Benjamins, isn’t it? Sue a wealthy person, then kick back and retire.
    For a lot of people, morality and ethics no longer exists.

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  24. kidme37 says:

    Suing Baldwin… not the worst news that came across )

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  25. peter3nj says:

    There’s a better chance of a celebrity of Ahole Baldwin’s wealth shooting someone rather than paying for a pizza never mind paying to settle a lawsuit. Good luck buddy.

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  26. MAL says:

    Z, something can and should be said about the two pics you posted. Why are any of our citizens living in squalor, esp. when there are jobs looking for people? This isn’t exactly the Great Depression where folks wanted desperately to work, but couldn’t find it. Drug addicts or lazy buggers can’t and shouldn’t be given anything but the opportunity to work and support themselves. No freebees or handouts without earning it.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    MAL…I’m glad you are mentioning them…it’s SO SO true, isn’t it? HORRIBLE ‘housing’ for our American homeless, including VETS….and palatial tents for non Americans who’ve broken our laws. WElcome to BIDENVILLE 😦

    KID, I ABSOLUTELY AGREE…..if ANYBODY needs suing it’s that hideous Baldwin…but it really smacked of something SO LOW to be there for ‘your friend,’ hold her as she DIES, for goodness sake, then SUE because it traumatized you?

    Imagine in WWII if every man who held a friend sued because it traumatized him? GAD…

    PETER’s right…..Baldwin’s lawyers will win every time 😦


  28. MAL says:

    Z, you brought up a good point. I wasn’t thinking about any of the vets that are homeless or on drugs. They need help, no question, and should get it from our government. From what I have gathered, many of them became addicts while being treated at our own hospitals. That is wrong as 2 left shoes!


  29. Baysider says:

    PS – to answer the poster’s question: BECAUSE THEY ALREADY GOT THEIR VOTES!

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  30. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER: BRAVO BRAVO! You are SO RIGHT…THAT is the answer!! Brilliant!!! 🙂 (still SO enjoying those tangerines…thanks again!)

    MAL…I think many vets got stoned in the service…I know many Vietnam Vets who started getting high in Vietnam ….and many came back to so little they turned to drugs……I doubt that becoming addicted in hospitals is the biggest reason for addiction.

    I found some stuff on Google?
    What percentage of the military does drugs?
    Testing positive for an illegal substance on a random drug screen may result in a dishonorable discharge and potential criminal charges. 6 In 2015, less than 1 percent of active-duty military service personnel across all branches reported any illicit drug use.

    Why do veterans become addicted?
    Veterans who have seen combat may have co-occurring disorders, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), in addition to an addiction. Traumatic events such as combat exposure and multiple deployments can trigger drug or alcohol use, which all too often lead to addiction.


  31. kidme37 says:

    -Life is way too easy for many lately and that is a big part of our problem
    -We could take care of every living vet 1000 times over for what $$$ goes into supporting illegals. Welfare, medical, prison, truly staggering.

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  32. MAL says:

    Yep! They got it both ways. I was thinking back to post WW ll and the guys returning with multiple psychological disorders, but don’t recall much about drugs, other than being hooked during treatment. I remember one kid at a party after having a few drinks began screaming and psyching out. His uncle had purposely wanted to bring it out to help cure him, and it apparently worked.
    You may remember an Armenian kid named Leon Chalukian who later became President of the Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (I believe it is called). That was him. I knew him well when we were younger.


  33. MAL says:

    That should be Levon Chalukian, Z. You may know him, too?


  34. geeez2014 says:

    MAL; I knew Levon very well…He actually owned RYDER SOUND, one of THE biggest film sound companies in the business…….His wife Ginny died a year or two ago…she was WONDERFUL. I was very close with their daughter Kimme, who’s become a far leftist I can’t talk with anymore!!

    -We could take care of every living vet 1000 times over for what $$$ goes into supporting illegals. Welfare, medical, prison, truly staggering.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    MAL…I was hugely fond of Levon….great guy.


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