Sort of like the Biden people said his presidency would work.

THIS is ‘Build back better”.   

We need to all stay off the swings………what’s the best way to do that?


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30 Responses to THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION….have a seat?

  1. bocopro says:

    I donno . . . maybe one day I’ll finally grow up and understand how MAGA was such a disaster and how great things will be when we finally implement the Green New Deal. Or, maybe the moon will fall into the Pacific.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. My only suggestion for Schmucky, MaligNancy, Camelho, and Basement Joe is what my grandmother told people during times of stress: Take 10 deep breaths and drink a glass of cold water.

    One modification, tho . . . I’d make the water a bucket of chilled brine and the 10 deep breaths while their heads are submerged in it.


  2. kidme37 says:

    Standard democrat stuff. Destroy America. LBJ, Carter, Clinton, obama, and now the cardboard cutout with a bad playback mechanism. They’re at war with America. Been for decades. Nothing going to change.

    Hey, did you notice jen psakis eyes and biden’s eyes.. Black eyes. Lifeless eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. Or maybe satan’s eyes. I have a whole skit for that but it’s a little too early and I’m not that awake yet.

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  3. Stay off the swings.
    Whatever Trump did Biden does opposite.
    Whatever Biden says to do. do the opposite.
    Starts with the shot.


  4. Kid,
    Hey, did you notice jen psakis eyes and biden’s eyes.. Black eyes. Lifeless eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. Or maybe satan’s eyes.

    I’ve noticed! With Biden, it could be that “nobody’s home.” But with Psaki? Those eyes and that condescending smile? We’re seeing sociopathy, IMO.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    AOW, You gotta be a real piece of work to do what jen does.


  6. Mustang says:

    @ AOW & Kid

    Is there anything more dangerous to a free society than an ideologue?

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO “…maybe one day I’ll finally grow up and understand how MAGA was such a disaster ”
    You and me both. Everything was going SO WELL. We constantly hear about the “Mess we inherited” (on the boarder, in Afghanistan, etc.) from Jen Psaki and Biden and you want to yell “You mean that all was going WELL? It’s amazing.

    KID: I agree and I HOPE you DO a skit for your blog on it!!! Dark, mean eyes.

    AOW’s right…that condescending smirk of Psaki’s mostly to Doocy (who I WISH would question some of her responses to him)…. I have lately thought of sociopathy, too, AOW. Psaki can barely say ‘Conservatives’ and I doubt she’s said TRUMP maybe ever…it’s the ‘past administration’ ‘the last president’…..she’s so obvious.

    ED…if ONLY Biden actually would go back to the STAY IN MEXICO:> news says he is but…

    MUSTANG: I’m not sure we’re fanatics but I think some of us are ideological on some things;
    I could say I’m ideologically against Biden’s ridiculous plans for our country……Ed certainly is about the vaccine, Kid stays away from News… I think we’re mostly somewhat fanatical!!!

    A lot of Americans are ideologically TRUMP FANS, no?
    I think it IS best to at least entertain other input from experts…to weigh……… remain open somewhat, but………..?

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  8. I think the term ideologue that Mustang refers to is where someone ignores reality for the sake of the idea.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    I think some of us do ignore reality because we feel so strongly about the idea we believe, Ed.

    ALL OF YOU: I WISH you were listening to Biden talk right now. I have (and this is huge) NEVER HEARD a president tout his GREATNESS, even saying “This is because WE DID THIS”
    And how about “…we can’t base our opinions on FOX!…”
    And “This is far stronger economy than last year at this time”

    I have NEVER HEARD such lies…never heard such CRAP……….

    “THIS is the beginning of the moment America won the 21st century” and , if Biden is to believed, it’s all because of HIM.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    “Do you think the former president put you at risk when it turned out Trump had the virus during your first debate?” just asked after his ‘talk’ by a reporter.

    “I don’t think about the former president.” was Biden’s answer.

    Except he mentioned LAST YEAR about every 2 minutes in his speech 🙂

    I LOVE Sandra Smith’s smile when Tom Cotton reminds America on FOX what rubbish Biden’s speech was 🙂 she’s the best Conservative~!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    GOOD NEWS: I’m not thinking all teens are stupid anymore (Smile)….in that awful Michigan school shooting, the shooter tried to lure more kids out for killing by saying “It’s the sheriff, come out now” One responded “We’re not coming out quite yet..” (I paraphrase) The killer again repeated something like “Ya, you need to come out now, BRO”
    The kids in hiding said “He said BRO…this is no sheriff!” 🙂
    I love that ….

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    Inflation started during BIDEN, not Trump

    Kudrow has the facts….The BLAME GAME sounded SO STUPID on Biden’s part !!!

    He even said AMerican families have MORE in their pockets today than last year 🙂


  13. geeez2014 says:

    First OMICRON case found in California………..they’ll blame California; wait for it.

    So, putting aside that even Israel is saying it’s not very strong, people aren’t getting that sick, wait till the liberal news and Biden hear this………….”O HAPPY DAY….”

    Ever notice how S Africa, though perfectly open and honest about Omicron, is being punished more than China which was anything but honest?

    Couldn’t be better timing; Fauci about to make HIS presser……….:-)
    AND he opens with OMICRON in CALIFORNIA….!! SURPRISE!


  14. geeez2014 says:

    I believe Fauci is THE biggest WORM I have ever known of.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    ED, I was just at the doc’s and we talked about Fauci….I had no idea he is one of the six or so writers of the quintessential book on INTERNAL MEDICINE! GeeeZ!! But I STILL think he’s a total worm.
    I know he hasn’t been wrong on some of this but I just can’t STAND the man’s demeanor…this morning at his presser you’d have thought he was KING OF THE WORLD.


  16. bocopro says:

    Wrote a rant for my e-mail group tomorrow focusing on Faux Chi. Want me to post it here?


  17. MAL says:

    Have you noticed each time they find a new strain, they say its much worse and more easily contacted than the original? How do they know that when they just discovered it? The lying just continues……………

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  18. “I know he hasn’t been wrong on some of this”
    He’s flip flopped so many times that by definition he’d have to be wrong 50% of the time.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    ED..what many don’t understand COVID was a new virus, something we didn’t have all the information about……..It’s so easy to criticize when nobody knew what was happening…. I can’t STAND the man and frankly believe a lot of CDC ., etc., should be fired….but I do understand this.

    We love to call it FLIP FLOP because the ideology forces us to believe he’s always WRONG because we were fearful and can’t stand the guy….but mostly it’s not knowing and, instead of risking many of our population, trying whatever they could to keep people safe.

    NOBODY could have been right 100% of the time…nobody.

    Having said that, I wish SO MUCH that we’d treated this the way the Spanish Flu disappeared….people got it, many (MANY) died, but the virus mutates weaker and weaker until everybody gets it, suffers very minimally, and is immunized naturally and nobody dies anymore………….


  20. kidme37 says:

    “Having said that, I wish SO MUCH that we’d treated this the way the Spanish Flu disappeared….people got it, many (MANY) died, but the virus mutates weaker and weaker until everybody gets it, suffers very minimally, and is immunized naturally and nobody dies anymore………….”

    There ya go.

    Many including fauci as a main character are unindicted felons over this. Like I did with obama for 9 1/2 years, I’m not going to watch them, listen to them, and avoid hearing about them as much as possible. No value in paying any attention to such lying criminals. Not for me.


  21. Baysider says:

    For starters, I’m with Ed. Whatever Biden says to do, do the opposite. That’s been a good policy here in Soviet Monica for years – if you want to know what’s right, look at what the city does and you know the opposite is right. REFUSE to use the language of the pit – woke, homeless, gender, and not to even have to mention meaningless pronouns. So that’s some of what NOT to do.

    Opposition to the Biden/Pelosi agenda is a positive thing to do as well. It just must be expressed in POSITIVE terms. Easy to do since every oppositional stance is one for freedom, liberty, peace, safety or better opportunities for all.
    “Build back better.” Better than what? Than the roaring economy, and highest minority employment in our lifetime? Etc.

    Mal +1. And Z + 1 especially on Faux Chi (Dr. False Life).

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  22. MAL says:

    Z, you said Covid was a new virus. Actually, its a new STRAIN of the same virus (COVID) so developing a vaccine was a whole lot easier because of how it was approached in the past. Thats what enable WARP-SPEED to succeed. However, there were still a lot of possible unknowns to be dealt with so it Was still a bit risky and one reason we passed on it for the first few months.


  23. MAL says:

    Incidentally, Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, et al must be very happy with Wo-Han (or WHO-HOO as Ron calls ’em) for developing it. That should enable ’em to give good dividends net year to their stockholders.


  24. bocopro says:

    Faux Chi. Grease Us Twice ! What an arrogant ass.


    He has completely negated what little remaining credibility the government, the health-care industries, and the media had in my mind about the sinogleep. I don’t believe anything that comes from any of ‘em any more. Period.

    I am absolutely convinced that the US death-toll figures are not simply suspicious or misleading but outright lies. Last time I looked the number was around ¾ million deaths from covid.

    Based on what I’m reading in a growing number of sources, that’s not only inflated but grossly overdramatized . . . for what, I’m not quite sure – I know it’s related to the obscene amounts of money big pharm is dragging in, and I’m reasonably confident it’s involved in a political plan for establishing some kind of “new normal” for US society.

    Instead of somewhere just shy of 800,000, I’m gonna estimate the death count directly attributable to covid-19 (not just seasonal flu or other respiratory disorders) at somewhere below HALF that number, maybe closer to the figure libs have come up with as reward for trespassers coming here and forcing their children on US taxpayers.

    The way I see it is that if you’re in fairly decent health, your chances of dying from covid itself are less than 1% overall, and in most cases that would be because whoever’s treating people refuse to use time-tested drugs such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine with basic common-sense stuff such as vitamins C and D.

    Those most at risk are the obese, aged, and badly nourished who have pulmonary or cardiac problems. What it boils down to for everyone else, especially teenagers, healthy young adults, athletes, and most health-care workers is that NOT getting the vax gives you 100% immunity from the long-term side effects of the improperly tested mRNA invasion into your immune system and a 99.7% chance of recovering from the covid if you DO get it.

    I’m in the greatest risk category, since I’m 81, smoked for 30 years, have a damaged heart, chronic hypertension, and am in 3rd stage kidney failure. Hell, I know SOMEthin’s gonna take me out one day, and if it’s quick, I really don’t much care which one does.

    That little shit Faux Chi has changed his position on what’s going on and what we should do about it more times than a cottontail being chased by a beagle in a corn-stubble field will change direction.

    His latest rant has him declaring that anyone who disagrees with him, even fully qualified doctors and other health-care workers, is denying science. He said, “I represent science, so when they refute me, they’re denying science.” Hey, some of those guys are real doctors actually treating real patients, not bureaucrats making half a mil per annum playing “technical advisor” and media whore.


    Hard to believe an 80-yr-old twit who stands less than 5 ½ feet tall could tote that much arrogance and chutzpah. Of course he has to be in fairly good shape to be able to carry home that nearly half-million/annum salary he gets for spreading instantly stale bullshit around the capitol and the mainstream media.

    He’s a puny little overpaid and out-of-touch bureaucrat in a lab coat who’s made a career out of destroying the careers of others in his field after stealing or vilifying their research. And then for over a year he luxuriated in the adoration of politicians and news organizations who genuflected every time he cleared his throat, so now he fully expects that treatment from everyone all the time.

    He simply doesn’t get the truth of it all that he was elevated to stardom to be a burr under Trump’s saddle, but now Orangeman is gone and he sounds like Forest Gump explaining string theory to Lt. Dan.

    I think he needs to re-read the stories of Oedipus, Icarus, Polonius, and Fredo Corleone, not to mention a Cuomo or two. He needs a double shot of humility followed by a nice tall glass of STFU.

    As for Joey B, Kamelho, MaligNancy, and Schmucky, I prescribe 10 deep breaths in a bucket of chilled brine at the end of a pier overlooking Playa de los Muertos, Mexico. That’ll make ‘em right as rain again.



  25. kidme37 says:

    Based on a conversation with my doc last checkup and my question – “what should I have on hand or do if I think I’ve contracted Covid”. He said One thing only – get a monoclonal-antibody-infusion

    I believe him. His patient list is mostly people older than me and he said he was involved in 22 patients who died from it since this started and he had it himself and was just getting over it when we had our tele-health appt a few weeks ago.

    This whole thing is pure evil. The dems are using it from everything to grossly frauding an election to grossly abusing people in democrat areas. Australia is putting people in Camps for suspecting people of having it or being in contact with people suspected of having it. For a virus with 95.5 ++ % survival rate. After the idiots turned in their guns of course.

    This problem is not going to go away by itself.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I forgot to respond to you…you normally post stuff here …glad you do!! I agree with most of what you wrote but got to admit I know far far too many conscientious, excellent doctors who know for sure the covid death numbers are at least VERY close to reality. Sadly. I myself have lost two healthy friends both in their early Sixties. Two men. It’s awful, they died terribly tough deaths. I DESPISE Fauci but still can’t criticize them all as some do because what we forget is that nobody really knew about this virus from the start.

    I believe CHINA did it ON PURPOSE…they wouldn’t care a bit if their own people died and they care very much about ours dying…..why else are they responsible for the HIDEOUS drug situation!? I have a cuz who lives in S Carolina now…says drugs are totally epidemic there……….it’s a disgusting thing.
    I see pictures of young people in the Fifties, when only beatniks smoked a little weed and clicked their fingers! Suddenly, the Sixties come, the rockers come and say drugs are cool, and we destroyed generations…………WHY are they doing drugs is my question; What’s so bad about their lives…? But, I digress………

    MAL: Trust me, we haven’t had THIS COVID with so many people dying no matter what it’s a strain of…but yes, it’s part of the MERS, I think it is” SARS, etc…all the same

    I’ve kind of stopped criticizing the drug companies who’re saving so many lives….I like profit and I don’t believe anybody’s killing people just so Pfizer gets richer. Sorry, I know I’m not in the majority here, but that’s how I feel about it.

    KID: THis is what my doc says, too…monoclonal-antibody-infusion,….but he is very sure vaccines are important. I know people hate that, but I trust this man I call my doc 100%.


  27. Baysider says:

    @Mal – especially Moderna. Rescued from near bankruptcy by a stroke of “luck as one of the “chosen few.”

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  28. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…..I’m just grateful a company was ready to gear up and save so many people. “Luck”, maybe.


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