One Ringy-Dingy….Two Ringy-Dingy….


What do you think Biden and Xi’s conversation will include?

Give us some dialogue!!!   How DINGY will Biden be?  Let’s hear a little ‘He said, Xi said!” 🙂





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18 Responses to One Ringy-Dingy….Two Ringy-Dingy….

  1. I wouldn’t put it past Joe to order takeout.

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  2. bocopro says:

    Dialogue, huh? O.K.

    F = Biden
    K = Putin

    K: Dobroye Utro, Iosif . . .
    F: What?
    K: Good morning, Joe
    F: Das Vedanya, Okypok . . .
    K: Okypok? Where did you get that?
    F: Bill Clinton said it was your nickname . .
    K: Have you any idea what it means?
    F: No, not really, but it’s fun to say . .
    K: How would you like it if I called you “Lyin Biden”?
    F: Let’s not get into that . . . So, how can I talk you out of that Crane thing?
    K: Crane?
    F: You know . . . where you want to send your troops to invade Muslims . . .
    K: What the hell are you babbling about?
    F: Chicken Kiev . . . I like it – gotta watch the butter, tho . . . bad for the cholesterol
    K: Look, марионетка, you just leave my pipeline alone, O.K.?
    F: Pipeline . . . that reminds me, did you know I used to drive a tanker truck?
    K: What?
    F: In Egypt, with Golda Meir, we were hauling crude to the Allies in ’43.
    K: Your gears have slipped, Joe.
    F: No, it’s true . . . and somebody shot Sadat, or was it Kennedy . . . can’t remember.
    K: Good Lord!
    F: Yes, Nancy and I are both true Catholics.
    K: Don’t meddle in our affairs over here, Joe. You’ll regret it. Even your own party is weary of your weakness.
    F: That’s O.K. My wife’s a doctor, you know.
    K: You can’t even get an infrastructure bill through your legislature.
    F: Well, I was hoping we could achieve some pedestroking today?
    K: Pede-what?
    F: You know . . . restraint, agreement in principle, pedefolia.
    K: Perestroika?
    F: Gesundheit!
    K: Look . . . Ukraine has always been part of Russia. I’m simply re-establishing traditional and historical boundaries by reclaiming it. Just like China is doing with Taiwan.
    F: Yeah, Chinese is O.K., but I still like the chicken kiev, especially with asparagus braised in butter and garlic.
    K: I don’t have time for this, придурок . Just tell your Senate that what we do over here is none of America’s concern, and leave my pipeline alone.
    F: None of our concern? Why, of course it is. I have investments over there.
    K: Not any more, идиот . Go back and play in your own sandbox.
    F: Well, it’s been fun, Vl . . . Vul . . . how DO you pronounce that name, anyway?
    K: I have fish to fry. Go to hell, Dopey Joe.
    F: Dopey? I thought I was Sleepy?
    K: Oh, for God’s sake!
    F: Mary had a little lamb, you know, because Texas and Louisiana wouldn’t let her get an abortion.
    K: Stick with mask and jab mandates, Joe, because negotiation isn’t your strong suit.
    F: Two diamonds . . . .
    K: Click —


  3. Ed.
    LOL to your comment above.

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  4. Biden will channel Neville Chamberlain.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    Well, lets just say that during the call, Joe tries to remember who the president of the USA is and then Xi hooks Joe up with on demand access to webcams located in Chinese grammer school gym shower facillities for girls and Joe gives Xi whatever he wants in return.

    Also, Mad had the radio on this morning and when I walked within hearing distance, they were reporting something to the effect that Joe has told Putin that he must not invade Ukraine. Or else. I laughed out loud.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO: I KNEW we’d get something marvelous from you!!!
    Pedestroking? Perestroika?!! “TWO DIAMONDS” how COULD you have ended it better than with THAT? THANK YOU!!! HIlarious! Probably a bit too true, too 😦

    ED…GOOD ONE! 🙂

    AOW…yes….Biden WILL be the GREATEST APPEASER….God forbid.


    As KID reminds us…Biden is going to tell Putin “You MUST not invade Ukrains!” 🙂 🙂
    Gad,you think the whole WORLD thinks we’re that stupid?

    KID…can you give us just six lines of dialogue? You’re so good at it, too! (no pressure!) 🙂


  7. kidme37 says:

    Xi, Herro Mr Biden, it’s good to talk to the USA  president today
    B, Oh, you’re calling for the president, let me get him for you…wait, maybe it’s a she. Hang on…B, Herro, I mean Hello Exii, this is President Biden.  I sometimes forget I’m the president. ha ha. How can I help you.
    Xi, I’d like you to send all those aircraft carriers you have near Taiwan back to Norfolk, the mothers of the commanders are all calling them home for dinner.
    B, Oh Ok Exxi, we’ll do that right away.  Btw, today is December 7, isn’t this when you wanted me to hand Hawaii over to you as a gift for the 9-11 attacks?
    Xi, Yes, this is the other reason I was calling.
    B, I’m wondering if the country will get mad at me over…Xi, Good friend in whole why whirl Joe Biden, let me give you website address to 24 hour video service to webcams in girls gym shower rooms at grammar schools all over China.
    B, passes out…
    Xi, President Biden?  President Biden?Xto translate staff, “Guess call over”. click

    This would have been a longer call, but you know Joe doesn’t last very long when having to talk and think at the same time.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    KID!! Good one! You’re right…Joe seems to get wiped out by thinking AND talking….!!!
    Great dialogue!
    “We’ll do that right away,” I’m afraid, is what Xi would be hearing on any Biden conversation….acquiesce, appease, don’t let the Left hear you get TOUGH. Liberals like LOVE!!!

    OY!! Thanks, Kid!!!


  9. bunkerville says:

    Joe refers Putin to President Fauci….

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  10. geeez2014 says:

    BUNK!! “president Fauci!” 🙂 oH, MY GOSH…SO TRUE!

    KID…I haven’t watched much news this morning but I swear what they’re saying is “Biden TELLS PUTIN to STOP THAT” (or variations on that theme)
    You are SO right…you just want to burst out laughing!

    SO EVERYBODY: Having heard that “STOP THAT!” tough talk !(HAA) from Biden….let’s hear what YOU’d say were YOU PUTIN!!!

    I’d have Putin respond “Thank GOD Trump’s not in charge anymore….we pretended he was a jerk, playing into the hands of America’s media…but, really, he was a master negotiator and scared the living S*** out of me…”


  11. kidme37 says:

    If I were Putin, I’d say – Joe! It was China that invaded Ukraine. Then Xi called me and told me he was giving it to Russia as a gift. How can I refuse it ? The Chinese hate to lose face more than anything else. I have to keep it to avoid nuclear war. What can I do. Btw – here is the website to 24 hour on demand video of Russian school girl gym shower rooms.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    So Jake Sullivan, National Sec Advisor, is doing a presser where he says we’re prepared for any contingency in re to Putin….diplomacy is the key.

    The reporters were fairly tough on him, surprisingly so….switched subject to Iran nuclear deals…..

    He says “Since Trump pulled us out of Iran nuke thing, Hezbollah has been acting all over the Middle East, so ‘not being in the nuclear thing is hardly a solution’.,..
    Sorry, JAKE…I think it was…….Hezbollah wasn’t HERE…
    It’s still more important to this administration to malign Trump than actually GET TOUGH with our enemies. Sorry, they wouldn’t use the word ‘enemies’, that’s not ‘nice’….


  13. geeez2014 says:

    KID…GOOD ONE! and this is hilarious “website to 24 hour on demand video of Russian school girl gym shower rooms.”


  14. geeez2014 says:

    When asked how the meeting actually went, he says it was “A USEFUL meeting…allowed Biden to lay out where the US stands on this issue…..and to talk about a way forward”

    Bite me, Jake.


  15. kidme37 says:


    Well, diplomacy is not even a word without the threat of real consequences. Sanctions are a complete waste of time so hearing either word in relation to Biden and what he might do about anything would be painful if I actually cared one way or the other.

    Talk about baffling with BS. We’re drowning in it, buried 2 miles under and covered with bunker buster proof concrete.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    ‘This White House is bringing talking points to a gun fight”…said by Congressman Waltz….excellent.


    KID: I believe sanctions were what Trump used A LOT…I believe they do work… WHy do you think they don’t?

    And yes, you can’t have diplomacy without the threat of REAL consequences…….Well said, KID.


    I have a REALLY dear friend from Ukraine……it’s the first time I’ve heard her voice much concern of what’s going on; she’s kind of stayed quiet on the subject before, is an American citizen now with a family…………(by the way, she MIGHT be the most beautiful young woman I know in person, next to my nephew’s wife!! HAAA!)


  17. Baysider says:

    X:You never gave us a change of address for the Big Man’s check.
    B: Czech? Czech? You mean Zlochevsky? He’s Ukrainain.

    X: Wrong country, but glad you mentioned that. We want same deal, but a new bag man.
    B: You want a hag, man?

    X: Yes, yes, anyone but Hunter. He can’t even hang on to his laptop.
    B: Gotcha! A new hag, man. [turning away from the receiver] Hey, Kamala, come here a minute!

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  18. Baysider says:

    and Ed, Kid, and AOW + 1


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