Christmas…a few thoughts:

Just had to share that FOX’s viewership numbers are SO high that poor, struggling Smerconish on CNN actually said to a guest “Merry Christmas!”….that has NEVER happened on CNN (Got to be PC)!   Cracked me up!  Maybe it’s because he was a Republican most of his life?!  UPDATE:  I’d just finished this post last night, I had FOX on and heard a Democrat on Shannon Bream’s show say “Merry Christmas!” as his segment was over.   Nice….very unusual, folks.!  They really have got the memo!

-For the first time in my life, I’ll be here alone on Christmas Eve and Day.  May go to church on Christmas Day.  Will watch It’s a Wonderful Life and maybe another film, too.  Not sure what I’ll cook; probably will pick something yummy up from the local Deli!  Family will be dispersed and I’m welcome at all dispersal locations (Smile) but don’t want to drive that far in the coming rain.

-This isn’t the case in my family, but this latest COVID scare is keeping families separated again…..I believe most of us who celebrate Christmas know it’s not really about decorated trees and Santa Claus…and being by oneself kind of points us back in the proper direction:  The birth of Jesus.  I keep hearing ‘Biden threatens to cancel Christmas!”  Hardly.  Even that jerk hasn’t the capability to do that.

RAIN is a Christmas gift to California.  Snow in N. California has already greatly helped the drought our media loves to moan about.  Rain down here in L.A. has helped, too.

FOX sometimes has uplifting shows on about Christmas lately and I encourage you to scroll by FOX with your remote during the weekend………

-Biden says he’s running again.  I say “Run as FAR as you can…….out of D.C.”

-Some say “How is it that Americans are spending more when they’re not working as much?”  I say “They’re spending more because everything’s more expensive” (Smile)

SO…just some thoughts today;  Not in the mood to get ugly with politics……….

What’s on YOUR mind about Christmas?  Or, OKAY, anything else you’ve got on your mind?

Please continue to pray for Reggie, Bocopro’s wonderful wife…and for peace at their house.

Please also pray for my very dear friend Gwen whose husband suddenly died Tuesday night.  Thanks so much.

And now for some humor…!!!!


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  1. peter3nj says:

    Christmas week or no Christmas week the malls here in Northern New Jersey are packed from mid-morning till closing time with unrelenting bumper to bumper traffic on the tributary highways and bi-ways. The Biden-Bucks just keep on flowing. When the crash comes where will these erstwhile shoppers hang out?


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Peter!! Those Biden Bucks were to have stopped in September…..but, while they’re rarely as much as a person’s salary, they must be holding people together.
    Ed, here on my blog, spoke to a waitress recently and asked her how people weren’t working…how they’re living…and she said they’re still getting $$$.

    What’s going ON?


  3. bunkerville says:

    Tax free money from the government goes a long way. Christmas will be quiet here. Too far for me to travel and frankly, the next generation plus has taken the reins and my generation has taken over sitting in the “corners.” Long ago the kids tables were no more.. 🙂 They don’t seem to be prolific producers of offspring, so who knows when those tables will start again.


  4. bocopro says:

    La Regina had her follow-up with the surgeon this mornin. No drips, no leaks, no tears. Staples have to stay in for a while, along with a couple of the drains, but things are on track for full recovery.

    A few restrictions, of course, such as not being able to lift the 75lb Monsterdawg into the deep sink for his bath, no Wrecko-Groanan wrestling, pole vaulting, skydiving, or falling off bicycles.

    She’s in full-face grin now, full of confidence that her Wonder-Woman powers have returned, so we’ll hafta closely monitor her activities for a while since she clearly has superior medical knowledge to that of her doctor and nurses.

    No bleeding, no seeping, no fever, no discoloration, and she even has permission to venture beyond the cave entrance for trips to get stuff or her hair treated or whatever.

    I’d say shopping and visiting are not particularly good ideas with the highly contagious strain of sinogleep ricocheting through the landscape . . . coughing and all that might not be good for her thorax right now.

    Anyway, it’s downhill now for the most part with another follow-up next week to see when the staples can come out and discussion of vanity prostheses can begin.

    Muchisimas gracias por sus apoyos, amigos mios.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO! Muchas Gracias! I know we all appreciate knowing how Reggie is…..I’m hoping for a good prognosis, as well. This all sounds VERY GOOD!! OPTIMISTIC! I’m so happy.
    thank you for letting us know.
    I’m with you on the variant; keep her home as much as possible. This one is CON TAG IOUS~! Not too rough on the system unless you’ve just had cancer surgery!!


  6. kidme37 says:

    Well, Mad, who works at Costco tells me the people buying all the high priced stuff like king crab and prime meat are using EBT cards. Then they pull out a roll of hunerds to pay for what the EBT doesn’t cover. One angle on this story which I’m sure has many variations but is in the theme of Free Money.

    Good deal on your wife boco.

    Just Mad and I for Christmas and we don’t do much. Probably do a small prime rib with some trimmings.

    Z, I hope you have great days through to next year at least.

    Well, I like lizzards. Not big on the Gila Monster or Monitor though. Bad attitudes.


  7. MAL says:

    BP, I’m so happy things are going in a positive direction with Reggie. Christmas is a good time for a positive outcome, isn’t it? We all pray she gets back to 100%.

    Z the Lizzard one cracked me up! The nickname of one of my tenants is Lizzard (why, I don’t know) so I copied it to send to him and his wife.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    KID! what FREE MONEY!? We were told by this administration that the checks were stopping in September. But ED, too, asked a waitress how so many others aren’t working and she said “They’re getting the checks!” ???
    And where the heck do the HUNDRED DOLLAR BILLS come from? Gad. I’ve gotten checks (I’m ashamed to admit) and it’s a lousy $600, which I resent getting, anyway! How do people LIVE on that ? Or even a THOUSAND? I did get 2 checks , I think. But someone told me some people still working are getting amounts like mine every week, is that right?

    Anyway, I just don’t get it.

    Thanks, Kid….Ya, I’d honestly rather NOT be alone, though I felt fine with it when I was being filled in on what my family was all doing…any of which I could attend. Just too far away and we’re getting a LOT of rain here today and tomorrow and freeways are bad enough without being wet.
    Plus, this virus is so catchy, I feel safer just staying here, anyway……….I will visit Jewish neighbors I really like, upstairs, if I get too lonely! 🙂 I say Jewish because I’d clearly not be butting in on their christmas plans 🙂
    But, as you know, my family is big and fun and musical and good-cooking…so I’m going to miss all that a lot! PLUS seeing my nephews, nieces, and their kids………I really miss them all since COVID.

    MAL: I’m glad you found the LIZZARDS thing funny, too! Loved it!!!


  9. kidme37 says:

    You don’t believe anything the government says do ya? 🙂

    I don’t rightly know what is responsible for All the free money. I’m sure it’s a many splendored thing 🙂

    Resent getting checks?? Not me Senoritas. The government can send me All the money they want to and they’d still owe me.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I even resent needing Medicare………I hate using YOUR money on ME!

    And yes, I do believe some of the things government says…Or I DID 🙂

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    I AM VERY VERY SAD about the MANSLAUGHTER VERDICT of Kimberly Potter.
    I believe she didn’t mean to kill him and have heard taser v gun is a pretty easy error to make in times of excitement and adrenalin.
    I’m no expert….but I hope MANSLAUGHTER doesn’t necessarily bring a horrid long sentence.

    If the poor man who was killed was White, I wonder……..


  12. geeez2014 says:

    “Are you going to stop this from happening by giving a guilty verdict and big punishment?”
    Jonathan Turley on FOX asks…..he says ‘NO”….this is a civil matter, it should not be a criminal matter.
    It was a total accident; she’d never shot a taser before…..
    Big cheering outside the courtroom…………If the poor dead man had been White..?? naaa


  13. kidme37 says:

    Well.. I’ve been sending money to uncle sammy since I’m 15. I will never get it all back, and that’s without adjusting for inflation, interest, capital gains, dividend, and interest.

    Potter? If she killed a friend or loved one of mine, I’d want her put away for a good long while. This is the responsibility she took on.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    “The jury spent a message to the whole country….that if you make a mistake in a non split second decision, you will suffer.”
    I had no idea a taser is far lighter than a gun………and the dead guy hadn’t made any threats, etc.
    Well, clearly I don’t know enough to weigh in but still believe she didn’t mean to murder the guy….

    I believe our cops need more training in ‘split second’ ‘scary’ situations………..except we’ll have more dead cops because of that, probably.

    She was highly trained, handling weapons a long time…….but if she’d never shot a taser, that’s WRONG training. :-(..


  15. kidme37 says:

    Then there was the 70 year old reserve officer who pulled a gun instead of a taser and killed someone. Put him away too if they didn’t.

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  16. kidme37 says:

    “still believe she didn’t mean to murder the guy….”

    So what.


  17. MAL says:

    Z, while I agree I hate Medicare, I never feel I’m using someone else’s money because I contributed to it, too. But you’re right about having it in the first place because it was so much cheaper before LBJ and his “Great Society” in 1965, even allowing for inflation.


  18. MAL says:

    As for the shooting, lets consider the fact if the guy had only obeyed the cop’s command, he’d still be alive. THATS what needs to be stressed in these instances.
    Cooperative folks don’t usually get shot.

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  19. geeez2014 says:

    KID ‘So what’ is right, particularly if you are the guy…but INTENT is important. ALL people make mistakes; but people with guns can make bigger mistakes, no?

    I’m not disagreeing or challenging you; I’d love further discussion on this…it fascinates me.

    MAL: Ya, we contributed, but one REALLY bad hospital stay that costs a fortune uses that up pretty quick… I was IN the hospital industry, as I worked for my uncle’s billion dollar medical company, so I KNOW the costs involved in good medical care, but yes….they’re over the top. How we can fix that now is beyond me!!! 🙂


  20. kidme37 says:

    Well, she took someone’s life. If she was a non-policeman she wouldn’t get to say Oopsie. As a cop she should not get to say Oopsie under any circumstance even more so.

    How many days, weeks, and years was the guy deprived of. How many other lives in his circle present and future will that affect for the rest of Their lives that are deprived.


  21. MAL says:

    Kid, I rarely disagree with you but I have to challenge you on this one. Put yourself in the cop’s shoes, especially today with all the anti-police crap going around. Day in and day out, you are being exposed to being shot at or killed almost 24/7, even when sitting in a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee. It’s not like it use to be years ago when everyone respected and obeyed the cops. Delaying firing your weapon for even a split second can kill you. For 20-30 years?
    I see it as worse than being at war. At least there, you know who your enemy is.

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  22. kidme37 says:

    We may have to disagree Mal. The weight of a taser is between 0.5 and 1 lb. A loaded 9mm is around 2 lb on average. I’ll concede adrenaline can make 1 and 2 lbs hard to discern.
    But add in that the taser and pistol are in different holsters, at least 5 inches away from each other.

    Given that the taser was the chosen weapon, I have to assume it wasn’t a life or death situation so how much adrenaline was there. Given that and the different positions of taser vs pistol, I can’t give her a pss on picking the wrong item. I know I’m playing armchair quarterback but if I’m on that jury, I’m doing the same thing and I can’t see my way to giving her a pass on taking a life in a non-life threatening situation.

    I couldn’t agree more it’s a tough job, especially in this absurd environment, and no way would I become a cop even if I was in the right age group, but she took the job.


  23. MAL says:

    I agree, Kid, she should’ve realized the difference between the two, but he disobeyed her command and tried to run away, causing her to make the hasty wrong decision. They always seem to pass over the fact they were trying to escape. Thats what cause her to make the unfortunate mistake.
    And yeah. I wouldn’t make policing my career either, especially in today’s environment, but I’m glad there still are those that do, right?


  24. kidme37 says:

    MAL, yea this is part of what I categorize as the major breakdown of society we are living in. Area specific of course. Portland is a long way activity wise from Cincinnati.

    I have no knowledge of the details of this case. I agree the perp has to take some of the responsibility for non compliance. But I don’t buy non compliance = death, rather a good whacking instead. A Chris Rock says in his cop video “If the police have to chase you down, they’re bringing a butt whoopin with em.”

    I don’t see any reason for it to get better, especially where police have no support from their local government officials. Between obama getting the natives Very restless and CNN actually saying that black people may as well try to kill any cop that stops them because the cop is probably going to kill them, we are light years away from how we grew up where if you got in trouble, your parents would beat you harder when you got home, and no one was encouraging violence against cops.


  25. Baysider says:

    I say “Run as FAR as you can…….out of D.C.” – V. good!

    Brandon Tatum had quite a rant about that police officer. His opinion: a virtually impossible mistake to make. I think he said they are carried on opposite sides of the holster. Maybe your comment about wrong training is spot on. I can’t know, but it IS a true tragedy.

    No particular Christmas plans. Although our friend Barbara G gave me a lovely creche – my first!! I love it, and her when I look at it. Still, I was feeling sorry for myself. Then the news about Gwen. I did not get my letters out, but I did get a card to her. Then my SIL dropped off a gift and a tin of her fabulous Nanaimo bars (which I LOVE!) when I was at the doctor. I came home 45 minutes later to a plant on my porch that I only identified by her distinctive ribbon, a card inside the house, and an empty cookie tin on the table. I got a jumble of stories about that, none approximating reality. He found and ate the WHOLE tin of those rich bars in 45 minutes. Sigh. Then today I had to call the administrator at our HOA in Carlsbad. I know she’s taking care of a mom with dementia while working full-time. Her situation has become untenable in a way different from ours, but she so desperately needed to unload. I could give her an ear without unloading back. She knows and felt better talking to someone who understands what her own siblings do not. I remember that God saves our tears in His bottle. Love the rain. But a very quiet holiday.

    BP – so glad to hear your wife is on a good trajectory to healing. It’s a gift. I hope you have a blessed Christmas together.

    Kid, if only that Rock video were required watching! I read it was in one police department, and they were criticized for it! But I meant for perps, of course.


  26. MAL says:

    Amen to that, Kid! (did I say I’m glad Im 93?)

    Z, yes. The costs today for hospital stays are staggering, but it wasn’t always so. As I mentioned awhile back, pre-Medicare, the hospital stay was only $35/day. Recently, when Joni was in one, I was told if we ran over Medicare’s stay, it would cost me a staggering $1,900/day! WHY???
    Remember when I mentioned when we had our four kids and no insurance, thats what it cost? $35/day. And the doc was only $250 for the entire 9 months including delivery. The Anesthesiologist was $80, and all would take payments with no interest. Who do we think is paying for all those working for Medicare and all the insurance companies salaries, benefits,, retirement, building expenses, CEO and management salaries, corporation profits, etc. etc. etc? We’re lucky if we get 10% back toward coverage. I hate all insurances!

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  27. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER! I’m So sorry Mr. Baysider ate all your favorite bars 😦 ​OY.
    Lovely Barbara G gave you a nativity…and yes, Gwen was here Monday night, told me Troy was in the hospital and hadn’t been well, and I awoke Wed. AM with the news he’d passed the night before. Heartbroken…he was a terrific guy.

    Omicron being as catchy as it is, I’m sure most of us staying home isn’t a bad idea……particularly if not vax’d. THOUSANDS are getting it every day in L.A. alone. THankfully, while I’m hearing the chills, fever, etc., are rough, it shouldn’t last long…
    “nuff said on a covid subject…but just sayin’…..

    KID< some of the details are in my comments, about the shooting……..Apparently, the guy didn't really resist too much, either.

    I still know she didn't do it on purpose ("know" as well as I can…!) and accidents happen…….All ANY of us has to do is look down for a split second while driving and we can kill a pedestrian……..Should we go to jail for years? Not sure………..

    This is a VERY interesting subject to me; I'm ALL for proportionate punishment……..I hesitate on NO INTENT, ACCIDENT. But "No Intent" and "Accident" are surely no consolation to the dead or their loved ones.
    At least all these loved ones get VERY VERY rich from these deaths, as does their lawyer…Bernard Crump, who has an estimated net worth of $5 MILLION dollars, and I'm sure that'll be going WAY up in the near future.


  28. MAL says:

    I hate lawyers! There oughta be a bounty on the whole bunch!


  29. kidme37 says:

    Bay, that Should be required watching for all arrested. I once knew a guy who got a DUI and in the required AA meetings, they taught you how to avoid the cops/stay under the radar when you’re drinking.


  30. MAL says:

    ……and I’ll bet Britney Spears does, too!


  31. kidme37 says:

    MAL, SO I’ve got another 24 years of this stuff? Just kidding, I have lots to do yet -master some instruments, olympics, build some log cabins, etc. etc.


  32. kidme37 says:

    MAL, Lawyers have screwed up so much in this country it is beyond description.


  33. MAL says:

    Right, Kid. Drive 20 mph, both hands on the steering wheel, look straight ahead!


  34. There was a day cops didn’t have tazers.
    They still shouldn’t have tazers.
    That guy resisted arrest. Maybe the threat of a real gun would have stopped him.
    She did not murder that guy. She killed him. He put her in that position.
    I pray she wins on appeal.


  35. MAL says:

    Kid, dats ’cause yer still a puppy!


  36. MAL says:

    I’m with ya on that, Ed!

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  37. Our plans for Christmas got totally canceled by our contracting ChiVi.


  38. kidme37 says:

    Mal, you sure don’t want to drive fast with Led Zeppelin at full volume :). May as well put a flashing light on the car. I don’t drink anyway.
    PS – arf


  39. MAL says:

    Yep! That certainly will do it, Ed! Take care of yourselves!


  40. MAL says:

    Yeah, Kid. Thats like driving a bright red convertible and trying to keep unnoticed.


  41. MAL says:

    ………..with the top down!


  42. geeez2014 says:

    ED…you AND Scherie got it!? is it Omicron or Delta, or? And you said you took some stuff and are better…how’re you both doing today? So sorry!!!

    Also, I heard today re the guy who was killed that he had not resisted arrest but you are CORRECT: He did run because he had a warrant out for him.

    I found this, which I had suggested above based on my instincts:
    “It is unusual for police officers to be convicted in accidental shootings, and jurors heard testimony from several current and former police officers — including two put on the stand by prosecutors — who said that Ms. Potter had been justified in trying to use her Taser, or even firing her gun

    Fascinating stuff…at least it is to me.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    KID…you don’t drink?


  44. geeez2014 says:


    I have new HVAC as of about nine months ago…AC is great…Heat isn’t as warm as I’d like. The guys were to come and fix but haven’t returned my calls; VERY not like them so I think one or both have COvid……I hope not.

    So I keep mine around 75 but….? How’s about you people? I still don’t feel warm 😦


  45. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: Tell Joni tomorrow’s line up on Turner Classic Movies is very Christmassy with terrific films….just thought I’d mention it 🙂


  46. kidme37 says:

    Mal, And an attractive woman inside.


  47. Usually 71. Today, 72.

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  48. kidme37 says:

    Z, No, quit drinking a couple years ago. Didn’t miss it at all starting the following day. Then it became Why spend the money? Same way I quit smoking July 2005. Never looked back, never missed smoking a single day after smoking 42 years. If I’m in a social situation which is almost never, I’ll have a drink, but I can take it or leave it. Wouldn’t have more than one if I’m away from the house and that goes back a Good ways. Knew a couple guys that got DUIs and decided I didn’t want any of that action. That was back in the 80’s.

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  49. kidme37 says:

    I have heat set on 71. It goes to 67 at night, back up next day when I’m up. Is it a certain place you’re cold? Maybe get a space heater. Or a bunch more cats.

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  50. kidme37 says:

    Hey folks, I never do this but I gotta tell you I’ve been using this free service for several months now and have saved lots of money. Biggest item was a generator that will run most of the house and runs on gas or propane. It was going for 1400 for months and I had it on this price watch. Few weeks ago, I got an email from them that there was a deal. Clicked on it which took me to Amazon and it was $956. I ordered it immediately. Save 450 bucks. Couple days later it’s back up to 1400.

    Here is the link, you sign up, and add it to your Chrome browser. It’s a browser extension, not an Amazon thing. It works on a variety of retail outlets – Lowes, Home Depot, Target, etc. I will say form using it that often times price drops don’t last a long time.

    It’s too easy to use. Very intuitive. Doesn’t bother you with anything, only tells you about stuff you put on price watch.


  51. kidme37 says:

    Z, We’ve got one of these in the bedroom. Not the same one but functionally the same.

    Note the price just went up 18% in last 30 days. (Honey tells you about recent price changes and history when you’re looking at things also). If I wanted one, I’d put it on watch at least until after Christmas.


  52. kidme37 says:

    Looks like link didn’t work. Just go to Amazon and search Oil Filled Space Heater. This one is 89.95


  53. MAL says:

    We keep ours at around 75-76 pretty much year round. This time of year we turn everything off at night so it can get down in the high 60’s by morning. We got a few sprinkles today, with more possible over the coming week. Very light sprinkles. We are about 2″ short for the year, but thats huge when your annual average is only around 4 1/2″. Lake Mead keeps dropping and they just constructed a 3rd straw to draw water from the very bottom, but they are still building thousands of new homes and condos. Go figure! They said it will be fine so long as we all conserve! ????

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  54. geeez2014 says:

    KID, thanks…I have marvelous DYSON heaters and one that’s AC, too……..but I feel I shouldn’t HAVE to use them after having spent about $7k for the whole new system this year. 😦 Maybe tonight I’ll pull the heater one out …. 😦 REALLY really nice of you to take the time with these links for me, etc. THANK YOU.
    I have a cocktail nearly every night and look forward to sitting with it, Tucker, and some cheese and crackers or something!
    I smoked, too, but stopped and didn’t look back, too. They say some people have a gene that prevents them from addiction. Must be me and you!

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  55. geeez2014 says:

    THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER is starting in a few minutes…SO SO SO GOOD!!


  56. Baysider says:

    Well, Mal, they’re gonna ban grass in the front yards of new homes. I haven’t seen many with grass anyway. Those wonderful ground springs that allowed life there in the first place were a tad oversubscribed 100 years ago. They made a law here several years ago that nothing could be built on a site that exceeded the water usage of the structure it replaced. The cha-ching of developer dollars drowned out any voice that law had. Suspect it’s the same where you live.

    Kid: California will only allow electric generators going forward. You know how many solar panels that takes? (I’m not kidding – MANY are solar, but they just run your computer and coffee pot unless you fork over enough for part of a college education.)


  57. kidme37 says:

    @MAL, Geez when I was at Lake Mead in the 80’s it was full to the brim. I’ve seen pictures of it way down and it sounds even more down. What do they do when it runs dry?

    @Bay, I keep wondering when California is going to hit a wall from shutting off current technologies. Wind and solar isn’t going to do it.


  58. geeez2014 says:

    If the rain keeps up a few more hours, Lake Mead’s going to be full to the brim again!!


  59. Baysider says:

    Right Kid. The only thing more power dense than petroleum is uranium! California has only one nuclear plant left, and that’s set to close in 2025. So the electric car fairies can leave their dead steeds plugged into lifeless outlets and ride unicorns. 🦄🦄🦄

    I DO LOVE this rain. We had 1.7″ this season up to today.


  60. kidme37 says:

    LFTR – Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor. 100% safe, doesn’t even need water for coolant.
    now if “They” were serious about their CO2 story, we’d be building these on every corner. Thorium will never run out.

    Or at least regular reactors.

    So, they’re not serious.

    5 minutes


  61. bocopro says:

    In the 20 or so years I’ve been on this partic’lar cardiac cocktail, I’ve had to endure a side effect of feeling cold in temps below about 75 or so, ‘specially if there’s any air movement.

    Asked my docs about it, and they all say the same thing: “circulatory issues . . . just put on another layer of clothes when you feel chilled.”

    So before she passed, my mother got me an oil-filled electric space heater one year for my birthday. It sits under my computer desk (a corner design with a huge space under the table flat).

    Takes about 5 full minutes to heat up, but then I can unplug it and get warmth on my legs for at least half an hour since it’s sitting in a nearly closed space with no way for the heat to get out except past my body.

    Design is similar to this, but deeper, with the well it forms being about 30 inches:


  62. MAL says:

    Thats interesting, Kid. So…..why do you think we aren’t using it?


  63. kidme37 says:

    Mal, I’d say possible corporate interests, meaning whether there is more money to be made with these or perpetuating the idea that wind and solar can be solutions, and also, derivatives of elements produced during the operation of uranium reactors is used in nuclear weapons. I think mostly the money.

    We had one of these test running in the 60’s and the uranium reactor won out – I’m guessing because of the nuclear weapon production.

    China is supposedly building a test LFTR reactor.


  64. MAL says:

    KID, I also remember Lake Mead when it was full. We can see the “bathtub ring” way up on the walls of the lake where it use to be. ALSO….We have to consider the dam was built by L.A. back during the depression (you know, my era!) so the lake has to keep high enough to keep providing power not only for us but for So. Cal.
    Here’s the way it works: Our water is released from Lake Powell, Utah, who gets it from melting snowfall from the western side of the Rocky Mtns. If that snowfall is low, so will be the runoff to both lakes. Powell has seen a huge decrease, too. What they are considering is some kind of arrangement for a desalination plant in So. Calif. in exchange for keeping their water here. We don’t have that option here in the desert.


  65. kidme37 says:

    MAL, I saw pictures of lake Powell being down also. I have also seen reports of an expected lasting drought in the western states. I haven’t looked into that drought scenario as I’m not all that big on weather predictions. But could happen. For now it is keeping us from serious plans of moving back to the Southwest, at least in the really drought affected areas. We noticed Arizona is under much tighter water controls that when we moved away in 2000.

    It could sure get challenging in the Vegas area.

    Hmm. We”d like to get back there somewhere in the SW soon, meaning 3-5 years.


  66. MAL says:

    Kid, we have a HUGE acquirer that lies under almost entire Clark County, which is a huge county. My guess is it might be fed via the mountains on the west side of Vegas, not sure, but a couple of years ago they said there was enough water there to cover our needs for at least 10 years without taking a drop from Lake Mead or any additional rainfall, and includes projected growth, so I don’t know. They also said 100% of our water is reprocessed and recycled back into the river with the exception of what goes into gardens (trees, lawns, and plants).


  67. kidme37 says:

    Well that’s comforting then Mal


  68. MAL says:

    Another perk for living in the desert, Kid: No lawns = no mowing, trimming, fertilizing and weeding, etc.


  69. kidme37 says:

    Oh, I remember that Mal. No weeds, not bugs, Heaven compared to this weed and bug invasion we get. We had grass in Tempe but I wouldn’t have it again out there.


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