Here’s a guy I cannot STAND!!!


Oh my gosh……..Sadly, he’s one of the three assigned/hired to be “liberals” taking turns on THE FIVE now.  Of course, he calls himself a Republican, but there he is posing.  And posing he’s Definitely doing….suddenly protecting his new job at The Five table acting more liberal than ever.$$$$$

It’s always been fun to watch Watters and Gutfeld with him….it’s pretty clear they can barely stand anything that comes out of Geraldo’s mouth……..And Judge Jeanine (also a new ‘regular’ which doesn’t make me too happy, but…) really gives it to Geraldo, too.  Dana Perino’s too polite to show feelings about anybody.  Except Biden!  She’s finally starting to break out!

I’m pretty sure and very sorry most of you probably don’t watch it….It’s really good……but I’ll take real liberals Harold Ford, Jr. and Jessica Tarlov ANY day over……….GERALDO, the  conceited, self-aggrandizing, bare chested, poseur.

Anyway…….that’s how I FEEL 🙂




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27 Responses to Here’s a guy I cannot STAND!!!

  1. bocopro says:

    Every family has a flibbertigibbet who intrudes into discussions with jarring idiocy and bizarre illogic. Our family schizo was Aunt Mary. Her compulsion was to interject and pontificate on EVERYthing. Her problem was that she’d never finished school and wound up with a kid out of wedlock before she came even close to self-sufficiency . . . not a good plan in the early 1930s.

    Mary was the oldest of Mom and Dad’s brood, and no matter the topic, the problem, the prevailing opinions, she was suddenly and dogmatically an instant expert on the situation and a fountain of free advice on how to resolve the issue. Of course anyone throwing as much word salad against the wall as she did is bound to have some of it stick from time to time.

    That’s the way I see Geraldo . . . a compulsive sermonizer who eventually comes up with a good idea, kinda like a novice hitting golf balls to a green from 50 yards out with a baseball bat – sooner or later one will go in the hole.

    He does come up with reasonable suggestions now and then, but most of the time he’s nothing more than a pompous, tedious, self-righteous demagogue who fires from the hip in an automatic hail of half-vast suggestions and half-baked ideas from his half-wit philosophies.

    Mary did that, too, and to compound the confusion, each time she told the same story, the outcome changed . . . along with the characters in it. And the problem was that each time she rewrote history, the new version became reality for her.

    On the twilight tour of my Navy career, we were stationed in Pearl Harbor. My kids were teenagers, suspicious of the school system there. My wife and I had raised them as we were raised, to respect adults and teachers and not contradict or dispute them. But being kids and not thrilled by what they were learning in school, they were vulnerable to persuasive tales, exempla, metaphors, and exaggerations from family elders.

    Mary came over from California to visit with us, a bit of an imposition since she took over one bedroom and insisted on particular types of meals, considering her age (she was already in her early 80s). She told my kids some of the most outrageous fabrications imaginable about her life, including some uncomplimentary things about MY mother, whom my children were quite fond of.

    This woman, who had never finished anything worthwhile in her life, had raised a derelict son, had smoked and drank to excess for years, told my children that her son was an Air Force veteran (he was in a VA hospital for long-term rehabilitation after a traffic accident during his second year of active duty), she had never smoked in her life, never used profanity, and rarely drank alcoholic beverages except at social functions where it was customary.

    Now, my wife didn’t know the background of the various stories, and finally the overt lies and exaggerations came to my attention, so I called Mary on her BS and basically threw her out of the house. From what my kids told me she had told them, she was a saint who was the main reason I turned out to be a moderately successful adult. Good grief ! She had NOTHING to do with my development other than serving as a bad example.

    She was blonde and female, but put a dark wig and mustache on her and give her a mike . . . you got Geraldo.


  2. kidme37 says:

    Unlike you I have zero use for any liberal. They’re stupid, they employ reverse logic, (proving their stupidity at every breath) and they’re communists. Read that as they are the enemy within.

    I don’t want to censor them, but I don’t want to see them on shows like the Five either. If people want the liberal view they can go turn on one of the communist channels.
    I find it offensive FOX gives them air time and it is another big reason I don’t watch.

    I happened to watch it last night with Mad. I come away from these things wondering if Jerry Rivers is actually that stupid or is he playing the token liberal on Fox, but given his entire career, the bottom line is I believe he is that stupid and he has a lifetime achievement of providing negative value to the world.


  3. peter3nj says:

    In 2003, Rivera was traveling with the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army in Iraq as a war correspondent for Fox News and ended up making a huge tactical error — he drew a map in the sand during a live broadcast pinpointing his exact location and revealing the time and details of an upcoming Operation.
    Today the Puerto Rican American earns $2.5 million per year playing the disaffected devils advocate republican/democrat on The Five at FOX. 👨🏽‍🌾

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  4. Years ago, in the trials for the D.C. Snipers (Malvo and Muhammad), When Malvo’s trial was about to begin in Fairfax, Virginia, the media swarmed in: CNN, MSNBC, Fox, CBS, ABC, etc.) and tied up traffic all over that section of the county.

    I called my best friend, who lives in Texas, and told her, “Even Geraldo has arrived.”

    My friend’s witty reply: “As if things are not bad enough, Geraldo has arrived.”

    My friend’s observation holds — now with Gerald’s various appearances on our television screens.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    Peter, yea forgot about that.


  6. Here’s a little humor about Geraldo: Al Capone’s safe. Remember that one?

    And here’s another factoid about Geraldo: he’s only a few months younger than Joe Biden. Check out that comparison.

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…sounds like Geraldo is a perfect MARY! 🙂

    KID…Yup! We’ve been through this many times! I DO like to watch and appreciate FOX more because they have some Dems on….I like to hear the disagreements…..And I like seeing Conservatives win, it’s reassuring and promising to me!
    As I said in my post, Geraldo is DEFINITELY posturing now as THE BIG LIB … and watching Watters and Gutfeld react, because they GET IT, is hilarious to me!

    PETER..he’s JUST AWFUL…well paid AWFUL.

    AOW “Even Geraldo has arrived” is HILARIOUS…and so true…..
    And yes, who could forget the Capone thing!!! Any other reporter would have gone into hiding in humiliation..NOT GERALDO!!!

    AND YES, Geraldo IS SO much older than he looks and Biden looks like his FATHER!!


  8. Mustang says:

    I haven’t run this by Kid yet, but …

    I think what we have achieved with all 24/7 “news” outlets is one of the largest snake oil operations in the history of the world — not unlike the legal profession. You know, all these guys and gals who attend the same law schools and then spend the rest of their working lives suing each other while charging clients exorbitant fees so that they can live in the nicest neighborhoods, send their kids to the best law schools, and one day run for Congress.

    Only in the news scam, where there is never any news — only opinion not-so-cleverly disguised as factual information — we have people who can read a teleprompter for around a half-million dollars a year, conspiring with one another to blow the kind of smoke that keeps everyone stressed out about crap that doesn’t matter.

    The viewers (or snake oil addicts) are mostly people who only understand about five percent of what they hear but are around 99.9% convinced that whatever they’re listening to is the unvarnished truth. Now, to keep this scam going, newsreaders invite each other to appear as guests on their two or three hour-long shows. The trick is to get invited to at least one “fair and balanced” show per day, but the break-even point is actually one per week. The more one shouts and talks over other guests, the more likely it is that they’ll be invited back for another dose of idiocy in the future, and one cannot help but notice, too, that the broadcasts always end with, “We’ll have to continue this discussion later; we’re out of time.”

    The announcement serves as a warning to viewers that they must never turn off the “news” show; otherwise, they might miss the follow-up “conversation” … and who wants to miss something important?

    Eventually, we all die, never once wondering, as we lie on our deathbed, what we might have accomplished in our lives were it not for the fact that we spent several hours a day pounding on our kitchen tables about stuff that doesn’t matter. Why doesn’t it matter?

    Analysis: Fox News has been on the air for 25 years. CNN, 41 years. MSNBC, 26 years. Has this elixir “changed” anything for the better in America in all those years? Do we have better-informed voters? A more transparent government? A happier, more productive society? Closer ties with family? A more intimate relationship with God? No … but we do have millions is thoroughly pissed off, stressed out folks who are sending millions of crappy “my pillows” to the dust bin, and we’re keeping newsreaders who have no other useful skills gainfully employed.


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  9. peter3nj says:

    My 95 year old Spanish only speaking mother in law should have her own Spanish language network news show. This past Monday she let us know a meteor is headed towards earth. I asked my wife to explain to her that little baby meteorites head towards us on a regular basis burning up in our atmosphere. I’m happy to report her only concern now is the world ending sometime between February 17th and March 15th. That’s about as credible as the crap we’re spoon fed on a daily basis by the major cable outlets. Still she has more common sense than our university educated butterflies and snowflakes.

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  10. kidme37 says:

    Feb 17th !? Great, just great – 2 days after I pay my taxes….


  11. Mustang says:

    @ Peter

    I guess, depending on how well you get along with your mother-in-law, you could help her celebrate the anticipated event with a DVD of either Armageddon or Deep Impact. Just don’t mention my name; I’ve already got enough people angry at me.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    PETER …”That’s about as credible as the crap we’re spoon fed on a daily basis by the major cable outlets” You couldn’t be more wrong, but it did make me laugh! You think Bret Baier is feeding you crap? Or Martha or Sandra or John Roberts (who used to be on CNN and is a total conservative now?)…? Or Britt Hume, or how liberal do you feel Jesse Watters is?!

    MUSTANG… I am pretty sure most people don’t look to FOX or any other secular news/discussion venue for God, or closer ties with family, though watching and discussing the topics isn’t a bad start for family ties.

    This ‘elixir’ for many of us is, as I’ve said here many times…. is how very good it is to see our conservative, patriotic, Godly thoughts reiterated by younger, educated and faithful people in discussions. Excellent!!

    I totally disagree with so much of what you said, as you know from so many times I’ve posted on this, that I’ll leave it at that. I do like to hear differences…I do like to laugh in spite of the awful news, and FOX provides all of that. Good stuff.

    You guys who don’t watch seem to know an AWFUL lot about what you’re not watching

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  13. kidme37 says:

    “You guys who don’t watch seem to know an AWFUL lot about what you’re not watching”

    I will just say calmly that I’m all checked out on liberals and evil politicians. Nothing there for me to ‘learn’. And for me, I just don’t want to expose myself to the daily parade of evil communists on networks like FOX who -at best- think they are, or pretending they are, educating liberals. (Wouldn’t watch the other networks of you tied me down.)

    Libs don’t care or watch. The statistics on who watches bear this out. Beside, the more reality you expose to a liberal, the more upset and active they get. Like feeding Magauis afer midnight.

    I see shows like this as intentionally setup to incite people. Get their blood boiling or motivate them to call in, tweet in, or write in. All that activity is meant to increase ratings which in turn increases ad revenue, the reason they exist in the first place.

    I enjoy some of the pure entertainment segments but things like pelosi audio/video sound bites get the mute button, or relevations of massive crimes by the Biden family or pick a democrat get channel switching. Already know it 1000 times over.

    I’ll try not to be a broken record ! 🙂

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  14. geeez2014 says:

    KID… Seems like we all know how I feel about this here and I think both our opinions matter…
    It’s OKAY for me to feel differently, I THINK!?!!

    I’m trying hard not to be a broken record, too……..I do feel like people don’t quite hang onto FOX or any other channel quite so tightly, or blindly, as some of you here think!
    I enjoy it very much, I consider myself pretty bright and informed by other venues, too….and as I’ve said countless times, it MATTERS TO ME that young, extremely well educated, articulate mostly Godly people feel like I do when I watch those discussions…..Keeps me from bitterness, which I see as poison.

    And I love to laugh! Which is why I sometimes watch CNN….it’s literally hilarious now to see what they’re NOT covering; MAJOR stories!….So obvious………..and so good that their viewership is so bad!


  15. kidme37 says:

    Z, feel differently? Yes, Yes, and Yes.


  16. Baysider says:

    “conceited, self-aggrandizing” is a perfect description. I remember him most for his publicity stunt with Al Capone’s vault. He’s an entertainer. Judge Janine is similar in my book – often agree with opinions but not style. Honestly, I’d rather hear it from Victor Davis Hanson. Lots of people don’t agree with us.

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  17. geeez2014 says:

    KID…ya, you’d think so, wouldn’t you?

    BAYSIDER….I feel the same about Jeanine (Mal’s often questioned my opinions of her!) …can’t stand her style, but Geraldo’s more than style, it’s his new lib opinions now that he’s getting paid to BE a liberal that really bug me. It’s funny to see it bugs Jesse and Gutfeld, too..SO clearly, which makes for great entertainment in the midst of good conversation if you’re onto them. they are terrific. Andrew Breitbart and Orson kind of ‘discovered’ Gutfeld…Gutfeld did an amazing homage to him when he was killed.

    We’d all like to hear it from VDH….ANYTHING from VDH! I had a chance to talk with him once and did tell him I was a huge fan but just hope I relayed that sentiment as much as I mean it! He’s so humble…amazing guy.


  18. Mustang says:

    @ Baysider

    Many years ago when I lived in San Diego (1988), I rather enjoyed watching GR getting smacked in the face by a CA biker, whom GR verbally assaulted on one of his “expose” programs. It was great seeing him with a massive bandage on his nose. So yeah, let’s hear from Hanson and flush all those “others.”

    Sidenote: I have it good authority that Kid has the “hots” for Juan Williams, but I’ll deny I ever mentioned it.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG mentioned Juan Williams….
    He was on the other night somewhere…did anybody else notice he either got hair plugs or dyed his? He’s starting to look like the Rev AL! 🙂


  20. kidme37 says:

    I haven’t seen Juan for a Long time, regardless of what Mustang says.

    I’ve never seen him in his female impersonator garb either.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Houston Police Chief….”…the EVILNESS”…. oh, GOd.

    An observation of mine lately is there are no more White administrative types in law enforcement. Why IS that? Only 16% of America is Black……….seems odd to me. Competent or not, I have no way of knowing, though I’ve heard some spectacular stuff from some Black Admin I’ve heard….
    But it hits me every once in a while………. Maybe White folks don’t get in law enforcement anymore? I know most who are dying lately are Hispanic Americans so there must be a lot of Hispanics in the police force…

    But the top guys? Seemingly all Black. If COLOR is what gets people hired….then is THIS what’s part of killing our country? GOOD OR BAD, isn’t that the most important aspect of a hire? Black or White? Hispanic or White or Black? THE BEST WINS???

    JUST HIRE THE BEST PERSON! GOOD if he or she is Black or Hispanic! Just pick THE BEST!

    This applies to Supreme Court Justices, too…… the very least!!


  22. MAL says:

    Yeah. I know of one commenter who gets on my nerves more than any other. ME!
    I say somethin’, then wish I’d either said it differently or not at all. The lousy taste of my foot constantly being in my mouth gets old, too!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    MAL!! I meant TV commenter, but you cracked me UP~~!!!

    And you are too hard on yourself 🙂


  24. MAL says:

    Hey! Just being truthful!

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  25. Baysider says:

    Biden is full of bull sh*t!!! Where was he when Janice Rogers Brown was nominated to an opening in the tee-up-for-the-supreme-court circuit? The Dems came out of their tree to oppose her. She eventually was approved – a great loss for California, as she was the best justice on the state’s supreme court. “I want a black woman” my foot! I’m sure he wanted Sotomayor, too. THAT justice I heard in a recent Q&A with a plaintiff’s attorney state the federal government has police powers. I did not make that up. But they will.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER! Exactly, not THAT Black woman!! It’s like Biden’s questioning of Clarence Brown! Not THAT Black man!
    Yes, it is about color in a way…he knows he’ll get votes and sound “oh, so open minded” but he doesn’t really give a damn. It’s all about LIBERALISM……..SOCIALISM…………

    “Police Powers”? Don’t worry….by that time, there’ll BE no police! 😦


  27. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, when I THINK how close we came to the ‘centrist’ Merrick Garland being on the Court…imagine? BOY, did HE hide his true colors during the confirmation hearings!!!!!
    Look at him now…’to hell with the Constitution”


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