In Buffalo, NY, as you  know, there was a horrid killing of 10 people this weekend.  Innocent people minding their own business, doing grocery shopping.   A self proclaimed white supremacist came miles to shoot Black people, from what we’re hearing.  It was said to be racism within an hour of the shootings.   The story is not reported without the mention of white supremacist racism.  Multiple mentions.

The  Left/media has exploited it perfectly, as they always do.  Never let a good crisis go to waste;   Meet the Press this morning talking about the “Rightwing” killer, white supremacist, etc.  Gov Hochul, yesterday soon after the shootings, announced that “today we grieve…,” when a reporter innocently and wisely asked “What can we do today?” (clearly meaning “is it safe to shop?”)  Hochul, who had just advised that that day was only for grieving, then launched into a Ministry of Truth diatribe about Social Justice, and Social Media and how the Social Media needs censoring, etc.

SO, as 1/6 has been used to paint all of us Conservatives with the same wide brush of insurrectionist anti Democratic freaks, we’re seeing it again.   Rightwingers, because of this sick 18 year old, are racists and believe themselves to be superior.  Just ask Chuck Todd.

ODD, that, last Christmas in Wisconsin, a Black man drove a car into a crowded parade, killing six innocent, happy people partaking in a happy Christmas event, and injured 52 more, some very seriously.    More odd is the fact that every article I Googled left out the perpetrator altogether. There are articles telling us about the six victims’ lives, articles about all the facts of the horrible murders…..except the Black man who committed this awful crime.  The articles I found which did talk about the perp never attributed this to racism.   All of the dead were White.

I saw some Black commentators on TV yesterday who agree with me.   If it’s RACISM, it’s racist to kill WHITES, too, isn’t it?      Not according to the American media and Leftwingers.

AND, this is also  makes more valid the Ministry of Truth machinations we’re facing;   ..Gov Hochul says so.  WHAT timing!

Trust her.



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24 Responses to RACIST KILLINGS!

  1. kidme37 says:

    I tend to agree that if thie shooter was black and the victims white, this would have been reported entirely differently.

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  2. geeez2014 says:

    “I was raised in a neighborhood where you became one of three things; Cop, Firefighter, or a priest…I wasn’t qualified for any of them… so here I am.”

    What an insulting thing to say about our presidency..But isn’t it SO TRUE….Biden said it 5 minutes ago, live, as he gives the medal of valor to public safety officers he’s basically snubbed the last 2 years.

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    THanking the parents of these honorees for raising people who had such good values.

    Like he did, with Hunter?

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  4. MAL says:

    If the Dems really had good intentions, they would’ve selected a more popular candidate at their convention, then continued with Trump’s policies and take the credit, but instead selected Joe and Ho as sacrificial Lambs for their cause which is to destroy freedom and install socialism. It should be so obvious to the left. Why isn’t it? They never questioned why they were selected to run.

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  5. MAL says:

    Calling us “racist” is the continuation of keeping us from going on the offense with charges against THEM!

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  6. markone1blog says:

    I heard on the drive-time radio (and then had the story backed up by the Evolution News) that the Buffalo suspect published a manifesto that outlined his liberal bent.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    MARK, thanks…Look what I found “The Buffalo killer describes himself as an “authoritarian left-wing” eco-fascist and as someone who is anti-Fox, anti-capitalist, and anti-conservative. He also says he’s a hybrid Nazi, and green nationalist. The murderous youth is being used to demonize Tucker Carlson and conservatives without justification. He said he’s a former communist turned Green nationalist.”

    OH, if the news would ONLY ONLY tell the truth. What I DO approve of is FOX isn’t releasing his name. CNN just did. Most news outlets are not.



  8. geeez2014 says:

    MAL..Brilliant surmisal there about the election….And YES!!! They turn the tables and blame US before we can act.

    AND, the TRUTH seems to be , as you see in my comment to Markone, the kid calls him self anti-conservative, anti-FOX, a …” Not the CONSERVATIVE WHITE SUPREMACIST RIGHTWINTER GOV HOCHUL OF NY STRONGLY IMPLIED YESTERDAY! 🙂


  9. MAL says:

    HYBRID NAZI. – I’ve never driven one. Must be a new German import, Z

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  10. bocopro says:

    If you check it out, you’ll find that in many US cities the great majority of murder victims are blacks who were killed by other blacks. Chicago, for example, is about one-third black, but at LEAST 80% of murder victims by gunfire are black, by other blacks.

    Stats are similar in Baltimore, East St. Louis, Houston, and other places. But does Lori Lightfoot or Brandon Scott or Tishaura Jones get all outraged and weepy over the senseless slaughter of those cities’ black-on-black homicide festivals?

    Does CNN or MSNBC or the Trib or the Noo Yawk Slimes go into full-blast rant & spittle over the African Holocaust? HUNDREDS killed annually in Chicongo.

    No doubt Gendron is a sick little F – – – who was radicalized by other mentally damaged f – – – s on social media platforms. A disturbingly large sector of the murkan populace has truly achieved peak stupidity by abandoning reality in favor of an addiction to social media.

    Good grief ! Are we really better off now that we have twitter, facebook, tik-tok, and all the rest? IMO we were a helluva lot better off when people read books insteada blogs and looked each other in the eye when they discussed things, not from the safe anonymity of cyberspace justified by the unassailable data on Wikipedia, which is often edited and revised by sick f – – – s.

    Were he black, the kid would already be out on bail and the lamestream media would’ve discovered another shiny object, or a squirrel, or a Hollywood scandal, or a rumor about Xi’s aneurism or Putin’s cancer to annoy us with and burn up allotted air time. At the very least they’d have come up with a heroic inventory of reasons for HIS being the victim and the dead merely collateral damage.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…great point…and so true. WHERE has been the outrage like the one for this white kid killing all those innocent Black Americans when Blacks have killed innocent Black Americans? ZIP….and, as you say, he’ll rot in prison, Black criminals would be out soon……….

    As I said above about the Wisconsin Christmas parade horror!!! They didn’t even mention his race in most of the articles; WHICH I DON’T MIND, but be HONEST about it……..!!Treat everyone the SAME. Were he black, he’d be out soon, having told his sad story of a tough childhood, and he’d be raking in the dough from a movie of the week about him within a year 😦

    It’s HORRIFIC for Blacks AND Whites to be killed like this……..My heart breaks for their families, but LET’S NOT USE THESE AWFUL EVENTS OF WHITES KILLING BLACKS as it the other way doesn’t happen! ANd let’s be honest, unlike the hideous NY Gov Hochul, whose eyes were SHINING yesterday not from tears but , to ME, excitement at being able to label this WHITE KILLER as a RACIST WHITE SUPREMACIST when he’s now identified himself as a Non Conservative, FOX hating …insane person.


  12. Z,
    What you found online will likely not be mentioned at all by the mainstream media. 😡


  13. kidme37 says:

    How many people do you think even heard about tnhis?

    Vermin did this for no reason.



  14. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, the NEGATIVITY of a WHITE SUPREMACIST RACIST is ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL over the media…ALL over it. Of course! There won’t be any mention of hiw hating FOX and being a Leftwinger. But, he also sounds insane, so …
    The info that Mark1blog and I found is NOT going to be known by most people because it’ll only be in conservative news. . We’re learning that the narrative must be upheld by the Leftwing media…NOT the truth.

    KID, so awful. I did catch mention of a ‘5 year old killed’ on FOX this weekend but I came in late to the story or they didn’t elaborate. I don’t think it’s ANYWHERE else.
    I’ve had FOX on in the background all morning and NOTHING about it at all. No more.
    And the record the Black killer has is SO typical…drugs, broken paroles, illegal guns, etc. AND the jerk had dinner at the child’s home the night before!! And was at the house that morning! The father and this jerk were acquaintances…!!

    THat poor little adorable 5 yr old…and his sisters who had to witness it.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    KID: WHatever anybody thinks of FB, I put this story on just now with the following words “Please pray for this little boy who was mercilessly shot in the head this weekend by his neighbor with a horrible record. The media’s barely covered it at all… I don’t know how families cope. 🙁”

    I’d wanted to SOMEHOW tell my frustration about the enormous story the White killer has become….This juxtaposition works. Those who get my point, will…those who don’t will just feel for the kid, and his family, and that’s good, too. (and my sisters won’t get mad at me for getting political!)

    You know, it sounds like I don’t have sympathy for those poor Blacks killed in Buffalo…I DO, so much. They’re talking on the news about each of them….REALLY nice people….and the Black security guard was a moonlighting cop who saved the day in preventing more killings but died himself 😦

    It’s only the way the Left USES these stories that bugs me……That NY Governor is LOATHSOME…She was HIDEOUS in her words yesterday….TYPICAL leftwing JOY that NOW she could jump on the racist bandwagon………..awful woman.

    BY the way, there was a horrid shooting in California, too….a Chinese national killed people at a Taiwanese Christian service….a 52 year old medical doctor with a wife and children was a hero but was also killed 😦

    It’s the guns, folks…that gun KNEW those people were Taiwanese and shot. (do people still believe it’s just THE GUNS?)!!


  16. kidme37 says:

    This killing has been a while. It may have been on Fox at the time, but the number of people who know about this buffalo thing far exceeds the people who knew about this one, and may like it actually. Just tossing it out.


  17. kidme37 says:

    many like it…


  18. geeez2014 says:

    KID S*HIT…..Right, it’s a 2 year old story so I changed my text on FB to “This happened a couple of years ago and got almost NO news coverage…I ran across the article and it broke my heart. The perp has a horrible record and nothing was done. I don’t know how families cope.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    ALSO, in January of this year, the boy’s attorneys are calling for the death penalty…..ya think???


  20. kidme37 says:

    Events like this, again many of them, Might have been part of the buffalo shooters motivation.
    Who knows.
    I do believe the government wants these events as starting with obama they’ve been lighting the fire underneath the race situation. They’ve been promoting it. It is not the case, but I think you’d find a bunch of people who think blacks can do whatever they want and walk. Not a good thing for society. CNN a while back I heard actually advised black people to try to kill any cop that stops them because sure as hell that cop is going to kill you. Imagine.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I can’t imagine…how AWFUL..CNN is failing in numbers for very good reason.

    Ya, it’s BLACK or YOU’RE A RACIST and you’re NOTHING.

    I have SUCH lovely BLack friends, hard working professional singers, nurses, real estate women, roofers, you name it….and most of the retirees are VERY financially fixed..WAY more than I am….proud of them… I’d rather spend time with them than LOADS of White people I know…..it’s such a shame this is happening.


  22. Mustang says:

    It’s probably time to stop the B.S.

    We have many problems to solve in this country, none of which will ever get solved unless or until we grow the balls to speak honestly and directly about our national malaise. Why does it matter that our black male population amounts to 6.5% of the nation’s total, yet that same population commits 33.5% of the nation’s murders (most of which are also black people)? It ONLY matters because if we aren’t willing to speak of it — factually — as an issue of criminality without muddling it up with race or politics, then we will never address the issue in a problem-arresting way.

    Buffalo Boy is a shit. He would be a shit for having murdered so many innocents no matter his skin color, no matter what political ideology he subscribes to, no matter who he voted for in the last election.

    I tend to be Pattonesque in my desire to solve problems. So, I want to know why not a single president of the United States has called for a meeting of all the black leaders across America and said to them, “I want you to get this problem fixed — and if that means I have to put the IRS on your ass, that’s what I’ll do. Light the candle!”

    Simple? No, of course not; much easier said than done. But I can promise you this … the longer you ignore the problem, the more difficult it will be to solve it. So far, all we’ve accomplished is that we’ve made this problem worse. What these young idiots respect most is strength, not timidity. When we fail to speak out against these bottom-feeders, we enable them. In their eyes, our weakness in dealing directly with criminals makes us pathetic — of the victim class.

    Neither Buffalo Boy nor any other cretin is representative of our various communities. They are scum — and so is anyone (left or right) who tries to explain away this horrendous behavior as a political problem or a racial issue. It is a criminal issue — and that’s how we need to solve it.

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  23. Baysider says:

    Left something out of the narrative, did they? News reports were doing this when I was in high school. There would be a shooting with a rifle. But the picture behind the speaker was always a handgun. Shaping the narrative in the day of the “let’s get the Saturday night specials off the street” by showing you something to associate with bad that was not involved in the story.

    Hard to believe no mention of the driver’s race in the Wisconsin attack. Both so brutal. I did not see a peep about the Orange County church shooting until this morning – except for a small thread I was following yesterday afternoon on another story. That’s the only place that covered it until today.

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  24. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, the Orange County church shooting was covered in detail on FOX News…CNN, too, I believe. I know you do a lot of news research so maybe it wasn’t in print/internet news much?
    Good point about the shootings with rifles v handguns…NARRATIVE RULES, not TRUTH.

    MUSTANG: AMEN and AMEN….. You said “I want to know why not a single president of the United States has called for a meeting of all the black leaders across America and said to them, “I want you to get this problem fixed — and if that means I have to put the IRS on your ass, that’s what I’ll do. Light the candle!”

    OH PLEASE let that happen!! Gosh, you’d THINK a Black leader might say the very same thing to other black leaders…”FIX THIS…we’re ALL suffering because SOME are doing HORRID THINGS”

    The ONLY reason it DOES matter to talk about this stuff is exactly for that reason…. We SHOULD be able to approach the Black community, remind them of these truths, the STATISTICS, and tell them DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    I have heard quite a few Black leaders and ministers talk about how the fatherless Black family needs fixing, etc., but not much more than that.
    SOMEONE needs to say “See those looters in S.F.? or NYC? Or that LA jewelry store? See any Whites in that video coverage?” WHY do young Black men get pulled aside by cops in Beverly Hills? Because what they know IN Beverly Hills is burglars who are BLack….Not ALL, OBVIOUSLY, but I’m so tired of hearing “Why’d they pick on that Black kid?” Answer: Because Black kids are the perps in most criminal actions, sadly! It’s not RACISM.
    Of course, NOW, since all the Soros-supported liberal DA’s, we’re NOT picking up the bad guys “just in case”….and guess what! ? CRIME IS GREATLY UP!!!!

    I know two Black friends in separate instances of cops over reacting…..one is a husband of a very dear friend…He was sitting with a White friend eating ice cream on a bench when cops came and pulled him up and took him IN! Because he LOOKED like a perp they were looking for! They let him out very soon because he’s NEVER had problems with the law and hadn’t done whatever it was they were thinking he’d done…SHOULD he have that awful experience for just sitting there eating with a friend? No, it’s the BLACK GUY who did the crime!! Cops are sensitive to minorities committing crimes, they’re not all BIGOT RACISTS! But my friend is, after maybe 30 years?, still hurt and bothered by it.

    I wish we could do what YOU want to do about all this, Mustang. I have a hunch a lot of good Black Americans do, too.


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