It’s Tuesday morning as I write this post and I just agonized through the Biden speech in Buffalo.  (what I don’t DO for my Readers! HA!  It truly was torture…)  He didn’t go to Waukesha, where a Black man drove an SUV into an innocent crowd of White Christmas paraders, but there he is in Buffalo with “Jill.”   And their masks.   When he was finished, she kissed him with her mask on.***

Biden was appropriately aggrieved at the horrible massacre.    But more.   It was a prime example of not letting a  good crisis go to waste.       

I got the distinct impression that when he spoke of the horrible kid who killed those people and others like him, that he was talking solely about anybody who isn’t a Democrat.  And this incident is “DOMESTIC TERRORISM!”  (though they’re learning this kid wrote that he hated conservatives).  Biden kept talking about ‘them’ and finally said;  “We can’t allow THEM to destroy America!”   Guess who he thinks is “THEM”.   (But, really…destroy AMERICA?  ….after what he’s done to our food, our gas, our borders, and more, seemed ironic to me, but maybe that’s just me?)

He talked of the Charlottesville massacre and how he’d “definitely” decided NOT TO RUN until he saw THAT and knew he had to.   Nothing like Joe Biden saving the day, huh? Interestingly, he said “…I was going to be damned if I was going to let….well……..” as he looked up into the air above him for affect without finishing the ‘thought’, “...I’ll just move on.”   As if he knew he’d better not say who he wasn’t going to “let.”  Who do you think he was talking about? Let WHO?!

He said “Hate and Fear” often and  “Hate spewed IN THE MEDIA”…What MEDIA?   (FOX)

And, “If you don’t say STOP SUPREMACY you are COMPLICIT!”     When I put CNN on to laugh at their groveling admiration for his talk (and I was right; they did), they emphasized this statement he’d made, saying how very important it was, how right he was.   Has any of you heard any politician not denounce supremacy?

I loved this one…(fixing this supremacy problem) “…involves ALL of us…Me, you, politicians…..COMMENTERS”   COMMENTERS?  Like WHO?  Are there well known ‘commenters’ who spout supremacism?  Does he REALLY think FOX people are white supremacists or advocate it or don’t speak against it?  He sure tried to insinuate that.

AND he kept harping on how these acts are not only evil but “FOR PROFIT”….Who’s PROFITING from KILLING PEOPLE?   (Added yesterday afternoon:…I am getting the sense this afternoon that it’s the profit in SELLING GUNS, so he touched on that, too…after all, it’s the GUN which killed.  I’m amazed gun shop owners with thousands of guns around them haven’t been shot a million times or more if it’s the GUN)

Needless to say, the killings were absolutely HIDEOUS!  Killed was a women who cared for her elderly husband, a man who’d gone to buy a birthday cake for his 3 year old son  A woman who’d survived breast cancer and three brain surgeries!  A retired cop who worked at the store and died while preventing more killings, etc!   But for him to give such a negative, divisive, depressing talk…instead of something like “ALL OF AMERICA is grieving with you today because of the actions of one hate filled, racist young kid.   We stand with you, we are praying for you, we must work toward stopping these kinds of actions.    We are all better than this and we need to pay attention when we see someone is mentally unwell, has made threats, etc… etc.”   (By the way, you know it’s the Left which won’t ALLOW people to be called to task when they’ve been accused of acting nutty…it’s not allowable to make accusations against these people just for acting weird…so that is the most hollow rubbish)

 What happened to this PRESIDENT WHO’LL BRING UNITY BACK!?   What a humiliating joke he is.   Wiping the spittle from the sides of his mouth every minute or so…….awful man.   Then he was finished.  And Jill kissed him with her mask on.


***I am NOT a mask shamer…two friends who wore masks all the time, got COVID after the very first time they did not wear their mask in public.  Wild, but true.  Some say they don’t work, empirical data oftentimes says they do.  But, no mask shamer here….As I’ve said before “If your friend has a bad cold and sneezes, I’m betting you’d wish you’d had a mask on~”

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18 Responses to BIDEN IN BUFFALO

  1. bocopro says:

    It’s the libs’ motto: Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste.

    Terrified of the impending red wave in November, Biden & Co. will exploit the deaths of people 99.99999999% of the country never heard of in a place half the country can’t find on a map. They’ll blame social media, guns, white supremacy, the NRA, Tucker Carlson . . . anything except for Ultra-Slow Joe’s policies of no-bail, lo-bail, empty the prisons, and “Look, somebody shot somebody in Mariopol . . . flood the place with franklins !”

    And Jean-Pierre will keep on keepin on in Psaki mode telling us that Bad-Decision-Biden “didn’t actually say that, but if he did, you simply didn’t understand what he meant . . . and besides, it’s moot anyway because of climate change, white privilege, and we’re SO much better off because Bad Orangeman isn’t around. Oh, and did I tell you that I’m a black immigrant lesbian multimillionaire . . . so trust me — how can I possibly be wrong?”

    Y’know . . . she may be onto somethin there — I mean, after all, we got rid of black faces on pancake boxes, instant rice, and syrup bottles; we opened the southern border for our Latine friends; and if we had government-funded abortion on demand there’d be no shortage of baby formula.

    My guess is that this ain’t gonna be a pleasant summer here in our Brave New World.

    I read this mornin that scientists have developed a device which converts infrared energy to electrical power, which means that we can make a solar panel that works at night. Really. Now if they could just invent one which harnesses political hypocrisy and converts it to electricity, we’d solve the brownout issues in California and Texas. Just plug your Tesla into your TV, put it on CNN, and it’ll charge for free overnight.

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  2. Layla Elizabeth Kanas-Gonzalez says:

    The left used this as propaganda to elevate their dismal president. It will not help him and I do not believe they gave a rip about what happened. Another photo op! Why has he NEVER gone to the border? I am sorry Z but they are really disgusting to me.


  3. JG says:

    Brain Dead Biden just goes where he is told and reads the script placed in front of him. Everyone has to ask who is running the country? Who ever is running it is trying to destroy it and except for a few Republicans it seems that both Dem and Republicans that are the UNIPARTY are doing it together with the Admin. The $40B Ukraine Bill showed who supports the American people and makes it clear who I will vote for in the next election no matter the party.

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    LAYLA…Biden CAN’T go to the border because everywhere HE goes, reporters/cameras will go and THEY CAN’T HAVE THAT. I put CNN on frequently to see what they’re covering. I have NEVER ONCE seen coverage of the border NIGHTMARE……they probably have given it a few minutes but I have never seen it. THey’re hiding behind UKRAINE since that war started…24/7…..unless there’s a very negative Republican story or when they exploit the shootings in Buffalo, for example! No way can Biden go to the border……that’d show too many Americans what’s really going on. 😦

    BOCOPRO…such a well spoken comment but I have to say THIS part REALLY excels even for you!!!!
    “And Jean-Pierre will keep on keepin on in Psaki mode telling us that Bad-Decision-Biden “didn’t actually say that, but if he did, you simply didn’t understand what he meant . . . and besides, it’s moot anyway because of climate change, white privilege, and we’re SO much better off because Bad Orangeman isn’t around. Oh, and did I tell you that I’m a black immigrant lesbian multimillionaire . . . so trust me — how can I possibly be wrong?””

    SO TRUE!!!


  5. Wiping the spittle from the sides of his mouth every minute or so

    Ye, gods!

    Interestingly, he said “…I was going to be damned if I was going to let….well……..” as he looked up into the air above him for affect without finishing the ‘thought’, “…I’ll just move on.” As if he knew he’d better not say who he wasn’t going to “let.”

    My guess is that this trailing off was, once again, Biden’s losing his train of thought.


  6. MAL says:

    Z, what you said at the end of your post about your 2 friends that got COVID after not wearing them sounds like what happened to us, too. After wearing masks for 2 1/4 years, we were told in March masks would now be optional, so I quit wearing mine while Joni kept hers on, and I got COVID the last week of March, then she got it from me and almost died. After being diagnosed positive at the V.A. I immediately began taking HDQ for 5 days (like Trump did) and was fine, but it immediately attacked Joni’s throat and she couldn’t swallow food, liquids, her meds….nothing… I took her to the ER at our local hospital and they said it was a good thing I did before it choked off her air!
    We are now back to wearing them again just to be safe.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…NO WAY…..he did that dramatic ‘looked up…and let his words stop’ intentionally. I know what you’re suggesting, I’d have no problem believing that about his lunkhead, but this was drama I FELT was even coached by his handlers…..there was a big TRUMP hanging in the air.

    AND YES!! Spittle! You know how you might get a little ‘wet’ at the sides of your mouth while talking sometimes? You take your thumb and forefinger and kind of get it? He KEPT doing it…it got disgusting after 3 or 4 times!!

    MAL: There’s more evidence, in my humble opinion….did Joni get HDQ, too? This virus is SO weird in that it reacts SO differently in some people. Remember I talked about my Armenian pastor friend who DIED just before the vax came out! And HE gave his virus to his wife, who only had a loss of taste and smell for a few days and a light kind of cold…and is FINE… People just get it SO differently sometimes! Thankfully, most of the vax’d are NOT going to hospitals …let’s see how the new variants go! THanks for sharing that mask story; I know we have naysayers here at GeeeZ about that, and that’s FINE…but your experience, and the experiences I mentioned, are too much to ignore. As I said, it might not keep all minute virus out of our face, but if you had someone with a bad cold sneezing next to you, it stands to reason you’d wish HE had a mask on, or YOU did 🙂


  8. Baysider says:

    He’s another Unibomber type. Long excoriated as anything but the leftwing nut job he was. Can you imagine if UB’s manifesto had been center right? They’d still be making movies about him and ‘danger on the right.’ Trying it again with this punk.

    In the midst of all this, the DHS puts their Truth Ministry “on hold.” Not disbanded. Just lying low until they can stuff it into some ‘widows and orphans relief’ act so no one notices. Got too much blowback and exposure. Kinda hard when YOU are the biggest spreader of misinformation to pretend with a straight face that you have a program to stop it.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    The article has ZIP to do with Trump or the RNC…it mentions them but………..only for more lies.
    Absolutely amazing…TOP ARTICLE ON YAHOO HOMEPAGE!

    (AND NO, I don’t look except when I need imagines and Yahoo’s are easier to get…there RIGHT ON TOP of the whole news list was THAT STORY!!…..Amazing)


  10. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER……I believe they’ve only put the MINISTRY OF TRUTH on “PAUSE” because they’re too embarrassed to shut it down, as if from Rightwing pressure. Jancowiez (or whatever her name is, I don’t care) wrote a resignation letter yesterday !!!!!!
    I think it’s OVER.

    FOr now.


  11. Baysider says:

    I don’t agree. Although your point about ‘as if from rightwing pressure’ has merits. Once the idea and structure has been created it’s there. Ready to pull off the shelf. Somebody had been working on this for awhile. Control agencies never want to walk it back.

    In WW2 British intelligence created 3×5 info cards on every Brit whose surname was Smith under the guise that they could have had an ancestor named SCHMIDT! and have German sympathies. Okay. War ends. They keep the cards. They were finally ordered to destroy them after a big court battle which I think was in the 60’s. All that info collected, no need to have it ‘go to waste.’

    I believe the authoritarians among us have layers of these ideas, backed up by bright little neo-Stalinists like Jankie-girl who will jump at the chance to turn them on with a nod of the head. If they are off at all. Never seen such a level of earned distrust of ‘crats after their antics of the last 5 1/2 years, and really after the last 2.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…Could be. But I don’t believe that it’s been in the works for a long time…I agree with the hypothesis that it has been cobbled together since Musk was taking Twitter.

    I’m not saying they WOULDN’T have planned this for a long time, and maybe they were just waiting for the best time to get it out there, but it feels slapped together to me, particularly their choice of leader, who might have had a BIG part in this PAUSE, …they clearly hadn’t realized that half this country would disdain the ridiculous claims she made, her hatred for all things RIGHT, Trump, etc.


  13. MAL says:

    Z, no. Joni didn’t really get a chance to take the HDQ because by the time she realized she got infected it was too late. Her throat was so sore, she couldn’t even swallow water, let alone a medium size pill.

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  14. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, that’s what my bro-in-law had with COVID…a sore throat he’d never experienced before….he said it was like swallowing broken glass for a couple of days! 😦


  15. MAL says:

    When I read your comment about your bro-in-law “like swallowing glass” to Joni, she said yes. Exactly like swallowing glass. With me, I barely felt it in my throat. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, it was less than a 1. VERY slight. I guess it hits everybody differently.

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  16. bocopro says:

    My youngest son got it a long time ago, maybe a year. Basically same as a head cold. Only way he found out was that his office had a nurse test him — said it was full-blown wuhu gleep. Made him burn 15 days’ leave while quarantining. Got a whole BUNCHA stuff done on his property. Then when he went back to work, the company mandated the jab . . . and later the booster.

    Up until today he can’t smell certain things any more. His wife was bedridden with it for 10 days, and their daughter was down for a week, but their sense of smell came back. Their oldest son got it but was almost totally asymptomatic.

    Knock wood — both The Regg & I haven’t caught it. Could be a serious issue with her in chemo. I’m W-A-Y overdue for a cold — generally get one about every 2 years. Haven’t had one in 3 now.


  17. bunkerville says:

    We are having a big spike here in PA of COVID…..another variant coming down the pike..


  18. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE…yes, another variant……Stay safe!

    MAL: hits everybody VERY differently.

    BOCOPRO: My Bro-in-law still doesn’t smell completely….and it’s been 4 months or so. My sis had none of that when she got it last month.
    You just NEVER KNOW.
    No, it would be particularly rough for Reggie with chemo stuff, true. BUT, I’ve heard of people who one would think would die because of their preexisting conditions do very well! GO FIGURE!!!


    Here’s Jean-Pierre today: “The president knows ‘The President knows what the American people IS wanting.”

    the fun never stops.


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