And Good News from Texas

MAYRA FLORES………..turning Republican an area where Biden won by something like 15 points and Hillary won previously by 22 points.

“First and foremost I thank God for the blessing of the opportunity to serve the people of Texas’ 34th Congressional District,” Flores told Fox News Digital in a statement. “I am also grateful to my family for their unwavering love and support throughout this campaign, and to the voters of South Texas for entrusting me to represent them in Washington. I look forward to standing strong for our conservative values of faith, family, and freedom and to earning the opportunity to serve our community further in the months to come,” she said.


Born in Mexico, brought here legally by her parents at the age of six, married to a Border Agent……..I’d have voted for her, for sure!

Hispanics going Right is a pretty big, growing deal………and a very good one.



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33 Responses to And Good News from Texas

  1. peter3nj says:

    Now if only we could count on republicans like McConnell echoing these same sentiments:
    :”I look forward to standing strong for our conservative values of faith, family, and freedom and to earning the opportunity to serve our community further in the months to come,” …not holding my breath.


  2. kidme37 says:

    The hispanics will save us.

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  3. bunkerville says:

    Biden may have chosen the wrong ethnic for import… Middle East Muslims surely would have been a better pick to destroy America.

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  4. kidme37 says:

    Plenty of those are coming too Bunk. People from 160 countries they say are pouring in.

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  5. peter3nj says:

    …and if we charged each immigrant $1000 apiece we could pay off the national debt by the year 3844 A.D. or maybe sooner like maybe 3842 A.D. But then factoring in the cost of the cradle to grave freebies, additional hospitals and schools and other assorted infrastructure make that solvency date 9650 A. D.

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  6. Mustang says:

    C’mon Peter … get with the program. Freebies mean there is no cost. Free. Get it? You’re just a fear-monger.

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  7. peter3nj says:

    C’mon Mustang I have an accounting degree. So where does one get a free Frisbee?

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  8. kidme37 says:

    Peter, You’re forgetting about inflation, interest rate hikes, kickbacks, bribes, payola, cocaine and hookers. You may be looking to Infinity and Beyond.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE…..Flores’ family was legal and KID is right…….many muslims invading through our southern border, too 😦

    PETER: I could NOT agree with you more…WOULD that that awful McCarthy and others would think like Flores apparently does think……..Who knows, they probably started off with good statements like hers, too.
    She has little to lose….doesn’t look like she’d be a political social climber like so MANY D.C. politicos are…..
    But I am hopeful about her and ALL THOSE WHO VOTED FOR HER.

    I think I’ve relayed the stories from my meeting young Trump supporting Hispanics even here in LA….

    KID….it’s pretty clear from Flores and many other things we’re seeing that Biden’s destroying our border is going to backfire…..hopefully, in the short run; if FLores gets a real, more national, voice.

    PETER AND MUSTANG: DO not WORRY! Biden says he’s got this economy running WELL…”the strongest economy in the WORLD”

    ANd “Every country has inflation!” (the leftwing mantra)….except it’s not true AT ALL…..France, Italy, Germany, Canada…can’t remember all of them, are ALL lower than our inflation rates…but the Dems constantly harp on “The whole world’s inflation rates are over ours!”



  10. geeez2014 says:




  11. geeez2014 says:

    The Condemnation of border guards just doing their job reminds me of the Professor Gates/Obama ‘beer summit’ situation…remember? I liked that Bill Hemmer on FOX mentioned it this morning, too… he didn’t remember the details but he was right….this is not that different.

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  12. kidme37 says:

    So, you don’t think arresting peaceful citizens walking into the capitol bldg on 1/6 after being invited in by the capitol police and held without bail or access to things even murders have access to is not worse than screwing with some border guards?

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  13. kidme37 says:

    How about this- From 2009 to 2018, Dominion paid Barr $1.2 million in cash and granted him another $1.1 million in stock awards, according to SEC filings.

    And we wonder why Barr was so sure there was no election fraud.

    There is nothing going on that is right in America. America has been long gone for I’d say 20 years at least, and not much better before than.

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  14. Baysider says:

    Not only is that horse incident hideous, it’s been de-bunked. And if THIS is the strongest economy in the world 1) the world is in big trouble and 2) Biden is using a different dictionary. Maybe it’s the strongest in inflation or scarcity. But who are you going to believe? Slow Joe? Or your own lying eyes?


  15. geeez2014 says:

    KID…is this comment to me? .you said “So, you don’t think arresting peaceful citizens walking into the capitol bldg on 1/6 after being invited in by the capitol police and held without bail or access to things even murders have access to is not worse than screwing with some border guards? ”

    Not sure one situation negates the other and don’t know where I said anything close to thinking all you describe is even NEAR okay……..Where and WHEN did I?

    I knew that Dominion was lying when I heard, live on TV at a small presser he gave, the CEO of Dominion said the following words “I employ hundreds of people and NONE of them are BIASED”….it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I’ve written about it several times here…..NOBODY is not biased….particularly on politics….so it is CLEAR that man is a liar….

    SEE…it’s bad enough to read things like the Forbes headline….that’s BAD. But the fact that Forbes is carrying it and nobody knows it but those who already know there were election problems is WAY scarier to me.
    Which is why I harp on the media dishonesty so much. You can’t fix a country until people know what’s going on in it.

    And I’m STILL delighted at Flores’ meaningful win……go figure.

    BAYSIDER, it was debunked days after it happened…even the photographer told the truth that they were REINS, not WHIPS….. But, Biden had already promised they’d pay….and they’re going to pay lest he be humiliated. THat’s how this president is.

    And, again, were the media HONEST….who’d put up with that?


  16. Baysider says:

    @Kid – the Barr story makes me sick. I’m reading a book now on Jefferson and Hamilton. Hamilton left government ‘service’ (as Washington’s treasury secretary) to return to the private sector so he could make more money. The writer comments about a few men who returned to private work so they could resume a livable income. That’s how it should be! The Old World was full of men, hangers-on to government sinecure (like collecting port taxes), but in the beginning we were cleaner.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, I agree….I believe the Old World had hangers on, too, but we were SO MUCH CLEANER….they actually were EXCITED to promote and defend this country……
    BIG difference, isn’t there…..

    I am of the firm belief that if the media was honest….digging into lies, exposing things on both sides;

    A. they’d find a LOT more evil in the Dem party…a LOT…shocking a lot of people who still want to live and raise families here.
    B. They’d rattle Republicans to DO SOMETHING about it….shame them. ANd expose their crap, too.


  18. bunkerville says:

    We have been deluding ourselves thinking Biden was just Senile. After hearing his rants and raves at the AFL-CIO one can only conclude he is delusional… a mental case and more dangerous. He thinks that Hunter is the brightest bulb in the world? Answer given.

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  19. kidme37 says:

    We all know dominion are liars. The important point is that The Attorney General of the USA was and is on the take. Sessions was also a piece of –. There was no one in the government who supported Trump. They are all the enemy.

    How can you run a country like that OR expect anything good to come in the future since we know Nothing will be done about any of this.

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  20. MAL says:

    Kid, even his daughter recently stated the election wasn’t stolen, so he can’t even depend on his own family? Whether it was stolen or not, we’ll really never know due to how sloppy the election was handled. With all the “mail in ballots” over a 2 month period, the door was wide open for fraud. Add to that all the other suspicious activities like the Dems picking two candidates that drew the least votes at their convention because they knew they could be controlled, plus Joe remaining out of sight in his basement for 2 months and only a few showing up at the couple of rallies he did have while Trump held 3 – 5 rallies daily with thousands in attendance. VERY suspicious. And sickening!

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  21. MAL says:

    Oh yeah! Then there’s the Dominion machines!


  22. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE, YES! I thought there was something TRULY delusional and positively scary about his rant at the union………unbelievable. The way he screamed, the way he’s prodding reporters to go easy on him, the fact that he’s having a meeting about how to reach the public, NOT HOW TO FIX THINGS…it’s ALL ABOUT HIM. He’s delirious from wondering why his approval numbers are SO LOW…..he simply can’t take it. And I thought Trump had the biggest ego EVER!!!???
    This man Biden is ILL…and our lives are in his weak, clumsy, sick hands 😦

    KID: I guess we should believe the Forbes article 100%..we don’t believe a lot of other periodical writing….. Jim Jordan and many others did support Trump, actually. Still do.
    I was confirming the Dominion dishonesty.

    MAL AND KID…are you hearing now that the Democrats dumped a TON of money into Republican primaries? They supported the guy they felt was the biggest Trump follower, feeling that once they destroy MAGA and TRUMP by the Midterms and past, Republicans will vote for anyone BUT the Republican….$15 million in one primary! It was just covered on FOX….so glad I have that to get news we hear nowhere else.
    Just found a link:

    That’s going to backfire. I bet $100 it backfires…


  23. kidme37 says:

    Z, the Barr information comes from required SEC filings. No slip and slide there.

    Some repubs say lots of things. Nothing happens though.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…true….usually, you’d see this in leftwing rags attacking the ‘conservative’ AG….no matter how he’s acting now…

    This is why I blame the media SO MUCH for what Americans are going through today…truth would have helped….media should never have got loose of that.

    I remember the very first time I heard a name given to some author of a political article, thinking “That’s not a well known journalist, since when do they include their names now?” They didn’t for years….. It was usually Buckley, Friedman, Will, Stigler, Sowell, Kirk, etc…….People who’d earned the byline……suddenly EVERYBODY had a name. And EVERYONE had an opinion we had to know 😦 Then that became more important than TRUTH.


  25. kidme37 says:

    True. I should have noted the SEC filing.

    Nothing good comes from the media.

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  26. bocopro says:

    Es muy claro que Señora Flores es Aztlán a la inversa.

    And it’s equally clear that media bias resulting in suppression of the laptop put a senile puppet in the Oval Office, which caused “some people to do something” (in the lib idiom) resulting in the sequel to the sequel of the Trump impeachment.

    How many more times must MaligNancy impeach the guy before somebody puts her out of her political misery! O, that her too, too sullied brain would melt, thaw itself into a goo, or that the electorate had not sold its soul to Soros (with apologies to The Bard’s Hamlet ).


  27. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….don’t know what Aztlan (Aztecs) a la universa is…’a la universa’…the opposite? of…….
    Wasn’t there some nasty violent Hispanic group called something like Azatlan? Can’t find it in GOogle …??

    And yes, doubtful that if the Biden laptop hadn’t been covered up, we’d have him as president now.
    Imagine if DJT Jr had done ANY of what Hunter has…..or if he said, how Biden did, that “My father thinks I’m GOD”?

    Imagine a RUSSIA COLLUSION “HEARING”? that’ll be the day. And all I hear Republicans saying now is how they’ll have hearing after hearing for all Biden’s done if they get the majority… if fixing American affairs might not be the first thing on the agenda? And, of course, they won’t have hearings…they’ll chicken out.


  28. bocopro says:

    Aztlan is the mythical ancestral homeland of meso-Americans, and for decades Chicanos have endorsed and promoted a reconquista of all the lands held by them before the Spanish came with diseases and gunpowder to wipe ’em all out, steal their precious metals, and claim their territories.

    Years ago I wrote some stuff on the movement . . . way too much to post here. When you get a minnit, read some of the statements in this:


  29. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t look too often at Instagram, though I like to see family pics of the little kids, etc…
    But today, I got an email saying I had to give my birth date to continue on Instagram.

    Here’s the request: “Add your birthday
    Before you can continue using Instagram, you need to add your birthday, even if your account is for something like a business or pet.
    This helps us protect younger people in our community. We’ll also use your birthday to help personalize your experience, including ads. It won’t be part of your public profile.”

    “protect younger people in our community”? is my birth date going to help them find a pedophile or something?


  30. bocopro says:

    Oh, what I meant by a la inversa (not universa) is that she’s the exact opposite of what Dems have considered Latinos to be for the past few administrations — loyal liberals and left-wing voters.

    She’s just the complete inverse of what they expect from chicanos.

    And I thought ever’body in the Southwest was aware of Aztlan.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I typed Universa but clearly read yours properly since I wrote ‘opposite’..inverse 🙂 Oops! Yes, I did remember correctly…Aztlan…. thanks…and yes, she’s the opposite! I haven’t heard that word AZTLAN in YEARS but remember there was big fear and fuss about it back then…..


  32. geeez2014 says:

    CRAIG…I won’t approve your comment, sadly…I’d LOVE to have liberals here but they’re NEVER able to discuss without insulting…as you will remember.





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