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I did, when I saw it.


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23 Responses to WHAT NEXT?

  1. bocopro says:

    Yeah, ‘cuz there ain’t nuttin else we need to worry about . . . right?

    I mean, Joey’s got it all on track — crime, immigration, debt, climate, fuel prices, inflation, shortages, WWIII with China and Russia — hunky-freakin-dory . . . all better now without them mean tweets.

    But . . . to be prudent about it, I’m gonna wait ’til I can get some advice from the real experts . . . you know, over-the-hill athletes, washed-up singers, past-their-prime actors — Tom Selleck, J.J. Walker, Joe Namath, Madonna, Bernie Sanders.


  2. Mustang says:

    I think people should be free. Free people make their own decisions in life. Free people do not need the government looking out for them. There could be no better example than tobacco to have this discussion. So, the cigarette manufacturing folks admit that “nicotine” is the least of a smoker’s problems. Got it. But how is government a proper advocate for giving up that filthy habit when the government is making $20 billion annually on imposed taxes? How would government replace the lost revenue if tobacco products were banned? Note: in order for that to work, the government would have to shut down tobacco companies. On what basis could they do that? Public safety? Hmmm. Then we shouldn’t have cars, trucks, boats, or airplanes, either. Or city buses and large trucks that belch out diesel fumes. Or guns, knives, tire irons, hammers, 2x4s, or anything that could be used to strangle anyone. Also, cell phones cause brain cancer. Gluten makes people fat. Ladders fall. And you know what else? There are meteors in space hurling toward earth.

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  3. Watch for drug- and alcohol-recovery relapses. Nicotine has been a good substitute for many of them.

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  4. Mustang says:

    @ AOW

    There are established correlations between government policies and increased health issues. Poor economies, high(er) unemployment, and tyrannical restrictions on human liberty, all result in higher incidents of heart attack, stroke, acute depression, excessive alcohol and drug use, suicide, abusive behavior of loved ones, and co-workers — and resulting consequences. We should indict the government … for wrongful death and/or the general unhappiness of its citizens. Tobacco isn’t healthy, but it is the least of our problems.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO: After the thought that we SHOULD BE FREE TO MAKE DECISIONS is your absolutely true STATEMENT that, of ALL the AWFUL things happening in America today, Biden attacks CIGARETTES because ..”…. there ain’t nuttin else we need to worry about . . . right?” I WISH it was all we had to worry about…right?

    MUSTANG: YOu nailed it, of course……..As BOCOPRO said above, too, “Tobacco is certainly not healthy, but it is the LEAST OF OUR PROBLEMS”

    Did you know they’ve acted to stop the sale of MENTHOL cigarettes? it’s NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!!!! Yes, INDICT THE GOV”T…..!! tODAY~!

    A)OW “Watch for drug- and alcohol-recovery relapses. Nicotine has been a good substitute for many of them.” That’s an excellent point, AOW……….Ever seen an AA meeting portrayed on TV where most weren’t SMOKING? Or drive by a facility where AA meetings meet…everyone’s outside smoking. Better that than alcoholism….Far as I know, fewer people on cigarettes abuse their spouses, their children, lose jobs, commit suicide, etc., BECAUSE THEY SMOKED.!!!!

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: YOU SAID “I think people should be free. Free people make their own decisions in life. Free people do not need the government looking out for them. There could be no better example than tobacco to have this discussion”

    I hesitated blogging this but when I tried to delete it yesterday, I couldn’t! I thought “SOMETHING IN YOU SAYS THIS IS SUCH A FREEDOM ISSUE, SUCH A REAL ATTACK ON OUR FREEDOMS,, LET’S SEE WHAT YOUR READERS SAY…”


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  7. myfoxmystere says:

    Good thing you kept this post up Geeez2014. If Bidet pushes for this, it’s exactly the opposite of what God told him to do. Several Christian Prophets have been told that Biden hears what God is telling him and deliberately does the opposite. Robin D. Bullock exposed Biden on his Tuesday webcasts “The Eleventh Hour” which is every Tuesday on YouTube at 11AM Central Time, live. You can see his past episodes, divided up in seasons. Right now, he is on Season 17. I believe the episodes I’m referring to are in Season 14 (S14 is his code) or Season 15, if you decide to look it up out of curiosity.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Foxmystere…thanks so much. Seems to me that, as badly as things are going in AMerica, and seeing how I BELIEVE God founded and has kept His hand on us, Biden could ONLY be doing the opposite…..because things are BAD, aren’t they.
    I know nothing about you and so I was surprised you were able to Comment here, as most must go through Moderation first…..but I welcome you. Do you have a blog? I see little when I click on your ‘name’!!


  9. MAL says:

    We’re less than half way through Biden’s term and look at all the damage he’s done, not only to our country, but the entire world. The thousands of lives lost via the fouled up Afghanistan withdrawal, Russian aggression, uncontrolled inflation caused by “the new green deal”, and aggressive behavior by China and N. Viet Nam as well as Russia. But like B.P. stated, “all better now without them mean tweets.”


  10. Elizabeth says:

    Z, I am a former smoker. I quit 15 years ago and never looked back and thank God for the grace and mercy he showed me and that my health is good despite my ignorance. But legislating smoking or the amount of nicotine in it is stupid. Just like legislating morality. You cannot. What is worse is this is BIG TOBACCO, BIG GOVERNMENT and it leads to more and more oversight as they are already breathing down the necks of doctors and telling them what they can and cannot do with prescriptions for patients. Too much government I am so exhausted with it. What do you thing is really going on behind this? Why now?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    MAL..so smart….yes ,, damage EVERYWHERE and it’s EVERYONE ELSE’S FAULT!

    ELIZABETH..I smoked, too…quit the day we moved back from Paris..THAT day. I was never a pack-a-day girl, went days without smoking…then would have 2 with drinks with friends, then half a pack at a meeting, etc..WEird smoker; They say some people ‘can’t’ get addicted and I think I was one of those rare ones.
    But, yes…..this is a JOKE….WHY NOW, exactly~!??? What’s so important/
    And it won’t happen for years, according to the report…so WHY? Just so Biden can make himself look tough and GOVERNMENT WILL FIX YOU?


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  12. Elizabeth says:

    Perfect Z. Exactly my sentiments, “RUBBISH.”


  13. MAL says:

    “Why now?” Any attempt to take the attention away from his miserable failures everywhere else.
    The same applies to all the “investigating” of Jan. 6.
    Like in the Wizard of Oz, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

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  14. Baysider says:

    Everything Mustang said.

    I find it curious the federal government paid billions in ag supports to tobacco farmers, a lot in higher Medicare health care costs, and wants to make the product “less” addictive (that’s what’s behind the removal of menthol). Local governments squandered a lot of the tobacco suit settlement on sidewalk repair and other pet projects local governments – but not health care. Those farm subsidies ended in 2004 with a pot sweetener to switch crops. There was a dip in production, then tobacco bounced back all on its own, sans subsidies. Except … other subsidies have found their way into tobacco farming pockets. This whole ball of corruption started with good intentions to save small family farms during the depression, btw. Beware of good intentions.

    The risks are well known. Stop subsidies. Stop diddling. Pick another target worthy of the effort whose reformation could save billions and have improved health outcomes, say Big Pharma a la the constructive criticisms leveled by the former senior editor of the New England of Medicine, Dr. Marcia Angell. This housecleaning would be so disruptive as to be comparable to D-Day so I’m not holding my breath.


  15. Elizabeth says:

    My God! So terrible.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    JUST GOT BACK FROM LUNCH WITH 5 FRIENDS>…I thought one was Conservative until she said “I’m a Democrat…Democrats DEBATE, Republicans just insist on their way” I couldn’t believe my ears and was too tired by then to ask what DEBATE she was talking about….but I DID say “Like the hearing panel made of all Democrats and two “hate Trumpers” kind of ‘debate’? Silence.
    Like it’s good to have gas prices like this, or thousands, including terrorists, crossing our totally open border, or………………….What’s the use?

    BAYSIDER< I do believe our ranchers and farmers are going to need help…..the sun is killing thousands of cattle, etc……..They're the group nobody cares about.
    OTher than that, the very thought of vouchers for gas? So we're MORE in debt? Unbelievable.

    I definitely don't believe all good intentions end up bad.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    LARRY SUMMERS this morning saying we’re headed toward recession…..I just heard Biden say he’d spoken to Summers today and it looks like we’re not heading for recession……..what a stinkin’ liar.


  18. MAL says:

    The whole mess would self-correct if we resumed the pipeline and returned to full oil drilling. Any thing less would be patchwork at best due to the underlying cause being ignored.

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  19. Baysider says:

    Democrats DEBATE? WHO? They argue about how much to pick your pocket and if it’s now or later. BTW, their inflation package is picking your pocket later.

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  20. -FJ says:

    Want to make Government as harmless as they’re making nicotine-less cigarettes and de-caffeinated coffee. Take away their power to tax…

    Just saying… that way we could “enjoy politics” w/o all the “ill effects” it causes


  21. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…Take away their power to TAX? I’m not against that, but how’s that make us enjoy politics?


  22. -FJ says:

    You’re right…. ee need to take away their ability to spend….

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