Flying this summer is ROUGH!!! I feel like as a Flight Attendant I should attempt to share some tips to get you through airline travel for the foreseeable future. ✈️✈️
1. Things are not good….. if its less than 7 hours – DRIVE! I’m not kidding. There is nothing enjoyable about flying right now. On any airline. If you must fly, keep reading. 🚗
2. Download and use the app of the airline you are flying. You can do everything on it – get your boarding pass, track your bags, see your incoming plane, and change a flight. It sure beats waiting in the long line to talk to an agent! Trust me – Usually these apps will tell you a flight is cancelled before the crew even knows! 📲
3. Fly MUCH earlier than you need to – a whole day early if its important!! This week I saw many people miss important things like weddings, funerals, cruises, international connections, and graduations. The tears were very real, for very real reasons, and there was nothing I could do! If you have to be somewhere, spend the extra money, go a day early. Have a glass of wine and stay in a hotel, enjoy your night not being stressed while everyone else misses their events. 🍷
4. ALWAYS fly the first flight in the morning so you have all day to be rebooked if the shit hits the fan. Yes, that means it might be a 3:00 alarm, but morning flights don’t cancel nearly as often.⏰
5. This is not unique to this year, but keep in mind summer is thunderstorm season. A single storm can shut down a whole airport. We can’t fly through them. Storms usually build as the day gets later. Book early flights! ⛈
6. Schedule long layovers – Your 1 hour layover is NOT enough anymore. 30 minutes, not a chance. 3 hours minimum. 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️
7. What you see on the news is an understatement. We are short staffed and overworked. Not just pilots and flight attendants, but also ground crews. Without ground crews there is no one to park the planes, drive jetways, get your bags on/off planes, or scan boarding passes. This causes many delays that snowball throughout the day. Sometimes HOURS.(Another reason morning flights are best!) 👀
8. When flight crews get delayed we time out. We can NOT fly longer than 16 hours. Its illegal. So it doesn’t matter if you have a wedding to get to, when we are done we are done. The way things are now, there are no back up crews, so when this happens your flight cancels. (Now you are starting to see why those morning flights are best!) 😴
9. Avoid connecting in Newark (Or any New York airport for that matter). It is literal hell. You have a 50/50 chance your flight will cancel or missing your connection. They have been cancelling flights at their starting points just to keep the planes out, because there just aren’t enough people to manage the planes, so the gates stay full. Also the restaurants are expensive, it is not a great place to be stuck. 💩
10. Be nice. As stated above, we are overworked and tired. We will not help you if you are mean. No one cares that you are going to miss your cruise if you are an asshole. So even if we can help, we will save our help for someone nice. Tensions are high. Our patience is gone. If you make us mad – you will not be flying on our planes. We will leave you behind without a second thought, and laugh about you later. 🥰
11. Being drunk on an airplane is a federal offense, so don’t overdo it. If you drink too much at the bar waiting for your delayed flight you risk not being allowed to fly at all. We are too tired to deal with your drunk ass when we have legitimate issues to deal with. 🍻
12. Get trip insurance if you have a lot of money invested. I hate the whole idea of this, but I also hate the idea of losing money. Example: I was working a flight yesterday that waited over an hour for a gate. A family of 8 missed their flight to Rome. The only flight of the day. They were going to a cruise which they would now miss. They were all crying, there was nothing I could do. (Also a reason to fly a day early!) 🛳
13. Flights are FULL. If you buy the cheap seats you will not be able to sit with your family. It says so when you purchase your ticket!! Flight Attendants aren’t there to rearrange the whole plane just so you can sit with your family because you tried to save $100 on a third party website. 💸
14. Speaking of third party websites and saving money….. Like I said flights are FULL. If a flight is oversold, and no one volunteers to give up their seats, who do you think is the first to be bumped? You guessed it, the family that saved a few $$ by using sites like Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire etc. 🤷‍♀️
15. Pack smart. Don’t be “That guy” Don’t hold up boarding because you have your extenders open till they are busting and you can’t figure out how to make it fit in the overhead. (Passengers are stressed too, they can be aggressive when boarding a delayed flight) 🛍
16. Take showers, brush your teeth, leave the perfume off, don’t eat stinky food (caesar salad and tuna fish I’m talking to you!), and bring headphones. Trust me. These things sound basic, but add to stress on crowded planes. If you are stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours after a 4 hour flight, you will thank me for this. 💜
17. Bring a sweater if you tend to be cold. So tired of half naked girls asking me to turn the heat up. NO. Wear clothes!! Side note: If you dress like this and ask for heat, there’s a chance I will turn the AC up. 🥶
18. Thats not water on the bathroom floor. For the love of God wear shoes to the bathroom!!! 🤮
19. Don’t tell a Flight Attendant they look tired. We are and we know. You may cause us to ugly cry right there in galley. 😭
20. Happy Travels!
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13 Responses to PSA: on FLYING…..

  1. bocopro says:

    In 1984 I was in Pearl Harbor; it was there I retired from the USN. I’d already sent my family back to Mother’s place in Indiana as a staging point for us to go to Pensacola to find a property I could afford for us to live in. Mother hadn’t seen ‘em in many years, and they’d have had no place to go had I sent ‘em to Pensacola directly.

    I’d also shipped my car to Long Beach to drive “home” because the Navy wouldn’t ship it to Mother’s place. No biggie . . . it was a nice Berlinetta which got about 35 mpg, and I was kinda lookin forward to the trip, like a pause to reset my mind after a quarter century in the Navy.

    Now, I’d flown across the US several times for various reasons, across the Pacific about half a dozen times (once in a DC-3), across the Atlantic twice, and in a variety of fixed-wing and helicopter military planes in my career, being shot at on a few occasions in ‘Nam.

    Got the car out of impound, discovered it still had a quarter tank of gas, and was driving out the San Pedro gate when for some unknown reason a powerful, ominous, compelling voice spoke to me.

    O.K. I was doing around 45 mph, and nobody was in the vehicle with me or on the road beside me with their windows open. Traffic was light, and the sound was not from a bullhorn or public-address speaker. It was in my head, and it said, clearly, unmistakably, convincingly –

    “The next time you ride in an airplane, you will die.”

    I haven’t been NEAR a plane since that day almost 40 years ago. Closest I’ve come is picking up an old friend of mine who flew his crop duster into Pensacola a few years ago to visit with us for a coupla days. And even then I was at least 500 yards from any aircraft in the private plane section.

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  2. geeez2014 says:

    BoCOPRO! THAT is quite a story!!! What do you think that voice WAS? Intuition? Or….?? Really wild, isn’t it!!! Not sure if you’ve traveled a ton since being home but you surely must have driven a lot more miles than you might have had you flown, right?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    WHAT’s happening today in airplane travel describes what’s happening in America:



  4. bunkerville says:

    Flying days are over… period…. its part of the plan and the plan must go forward. Its part of the great reset.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    I last flew in 1999 and it was bad enough then. I have no plans to ever get on a plane again for a variety of reasons.

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  6. Elizabeth says:

    Oh my, this is all bad news Z. I wanted to go visit my mom but this just confirms why my doctor told me not to fly – aside from me having occasional positional vertigo. Even driving seems shady because you stop at places like restrooms and restaurants and who knows how clean things are and if people are still really safe to be around. It is all so hit or miss.

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  7. MAL says:

    I hate flying anyway, but even more so today. This flight attendant is very frank and spot on.
    Boco, the voice or intuition you mention reminds me of the movie “La Bamba” which depicts a true story about Richie Valens, the teenager who constantly had nightmares about dying in a plane crash….and finally did, at age 17. If it was me, I would continue listening to that voice because these kind of warnings are hard to explain.

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  8. bocopro says:

    “What do you think that voice WAS?”

    Well . . . had I been consciously thinking about all my time in airplanes, I’d have considered it nothing more than a poker player’s telling himself “You’ve been lucky so far, but it can’t last forever . . . time to give it up.”

    As it was totally unbidden and unrelated to what was on my mind at the time, I hafta chalk it up to wunnadem “premonitions” that we all get from time to time in various ways.

    My flying experiences also include 5 arrests and 7 cats on carriers in CODs. Now THAT’s a bit of a thrill. Different thrill, of course, from hovering in a log helo to pick up a downed pilot in the GOT and seeing tiny shafts of light suddenly appear where they hadn’t been before . . . shrapnel from Uncle Ho’s shore batteries poppin away at us while we were stationary.

    I was on that helo by coincidence, having been trying to troubleshoot a faulty antenna cable with one of my technicians when it suddenly took off on an emergency run.

    Also flew in a puddlejumper from Phu Quoc Island to Da Nang one time. Pilot, an Aussie, told us to sit on large stuffed bags which replaced the seats. When we landed, he went around looking for bulletholes in the skin. I didn’t really wanna know if there were any. He said ground troops shot at low-flying, slow planes regularly unless they knew for certain they were on their side.

    In unrelated but similar news, Reggie got it in her mind when she was a kid that she will die by drowning. Hence, she avoids water deeper than her knees, and if she goes to the beach knowing there’s a strong rip, she won’t even get her feet wet.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…Well, your and Reggie’s premonitions have worked so far 🙂 I do believe we feel things….our intuition? Angels? God? (if so, WHY?), who knows?
    I think we all have avoided things we may never have known about….like leaving late for something and hearing there was a car crash just before you go there, etc…

    ALL of you…I’m not interested in flying anymore, either…NO WAY. We traveled a LOT, having lived in Europe, and then all the trips from there to Australia, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, and all over Europe….that was mostly before 9/11, and things changed so much after that and have only got worse and worse.

    I’m glad we ALL LIVED in happier, safer times………..I think of that often, and my great nieces and nephews and their children. It’s NOT getting better, folks.

    Nothing is.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    BUT STILL< I thought this list was interesting and good advice if any of you OR a friend WAS going to be traveling!!


  11. MAL says:

    You, Ron and Reggie have entered the twilight zone, Z.
    We can’t explain the unexplainable.
    As for flying, nope. We’re driving, even if its to Hawaii.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    MAL! Have a nice drive 🙂 HAA!!!


  13. Baysider says:

    BP – what a story.

    “So tired of half naked girls asking me to turn the heat up.” I really laughed at this one. Took me back to my 2nd job. We had 4 women in the “office” which was a converted dorm suite, with clear windows that faced south and west. So we often cooked! The gal with the only shady seat wore skimpy outfits and miniskirts. She complained if we wanted to turn up the air as we were frying in the summer sun. In the winter she dressed the same and insisted the heat be way up so she was comfortable. Oy! Then the heat gave out in the coldest storm – for 3 days. I wore my favorite fall stuff – the kind you like, long wool skirt, beret, and very comfortable. She sat in her shady spot in her skimpy clothes (no sweater – even with advance warning) and shivered and complained. You can’t fix some things.

    I would not want to be a stewardess now for all the tea in China.

    I’ll remember this advice if I miraculously get to make a trip I want to make to Tennessee this fall.

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