Brittney Griner

Griner was caught at a Russian airport with vape cartridges that contained cannabis oil. …CBD.  I would not be surprised if many athletes use CBS oil on their aches and pains as it’s known to work for some people.  But, in vape cartridges, I guess she was using it to get high.  I don’t know, obviously.

I don’t know how any cartridges she had, but she’s under arrest for a “large-scale transportation of drugs,”.    Was her luggage PACKED FULL of these cartridges? !!  

First, while the picture above resembles a woman, many pictures of her in Russia would make most Russians say “that’s a WOMAN?” not that that’s a valid point, just my own observation….just another reason to be so proud of the American Left, right?     Putting that aside:

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF ALL OF THIS?  She could do TEN YEARS in prison in Russia if she’s convicted.  She’s already done four months and she apparently can’t contact her Russian lawyer!   BUT, the family knows she’s okay.

Talk about a time to get yourself arrested in Russia!


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20 Responses to Brittney Griner

  1. Mustang says:

    Such people in these kinds of circumstances warrant a prayer and I’ll say one for her because life is choices and earlier I spoke about young people doing stupid silly things. I’m very sure she’s having second thoughts about what she “thinks” and how she’s acted in the past. She’ll have plenty of time to think about such things. If she survives prison, maybe she’ll turn herself around — but then again, maybe not. Russian prisons are not known as rehabilitation centers. The human element is what makes our planet unique.

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  2. peter3nj says:

    She might want to acquaint a taste for cold potato soup and cold vodka. As for the other thing, the women’s prisons are surely chock full of horny kindred spirits.

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  3. bocopro says:

    As a general rule — with a few exceptions — I have no use for overgrown, overblown, overpaid, overhyped professional athletes, especially those whose pituitaries went berserk and who feel a great need for multiple tattoos with a growing dependency upon mood-altering and performance-enhancing chemicals.

    Abnormal size and greater-than-ordinary physical power have ruined most sports, especially football, basketball, tennis, and now even golf.

    If you want to see good tennis, you have to go back and find films or tapes from 40 years ago or more. And if you want to see golf that the average guy can identify with, you have to go back all the way to the 50s before graphite shafts, long-distance curve-resistant balls, and guys who hit 5-irons 250 yards . . . and the greens weren’t like putting on a linoleum kitchen floor.

    Basketball? You wanna see real basketball? Watch some ordinary-sized Filipinos or Koreans or Japanese play the game. Skill, court awareness, tactical passing, and shooting — not stuffing or jamming.

    And the only real football being played today is at small colleges and universities where ordinary-sized true athletes do it for love of the game, not for professional scouts to invite ’em for a tryout to an NFL team.

    PEDs and salaries ruined baseball for me half a century ago.

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  4. Elizabeth says:

    Truly a very sad situation. I pray for all in this situation. I am sure she is not the only one!

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  5. bunkerville says:

    Hopefully it will be an example for others on how to behave when visiting countries abroad. Life lessons seem to require the experience as opposed to learning from others. Maybe our country will be appreciated a bit more. Then I think of the j6 folks rotting in jail and I wonder.

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  6. myfoxmystere says:

    Trina, MAMA and Big Bertha have a new toy. And she’ll be charged with more crimes during her time in the animal house.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Well, I think we all agree………….it was an amazingly stupid thing to do, particularly because I know our athletes who travel have LISTS of what NOT TO CARRY WITH YOU.

    I can’t help but think of what other countries think of us and the drug abuse of SO many of our young people; You DO NOT see that level ANYWHERE in the world, nowhere. You have drugs elsewhere, no doubt about it, but it’s mostly still illegal and drugs (except for some of Scandinavia) are done in private.

    Who can resist feeling angry at this young woman who has got herself in this predicament.? And, I hope, who can resist praying things go well for her.
    I really appreciated ALL your “Thoughts?” I requested.

    Bocopro; Baseball’s actually doing pretty well these days!!!

    PETER!! Cold potato soup and cold vodka? I’m IN 🙂 sadly, all she’ll get is BORSCHT . I have NEVER had friends go to Russia and love the food (except caviar, cold potato soup and vodka!!) As for the ‘other thing’ shudder. !!!!

    BUNKERVILLE! YOu said “Maybe our country will be appreciated a bit more.” Yes, particularly because we’re arresting and LETTING GO 🙂 SHe’d have appreciated that, for sure!!!

    ELIZABETH and MUSTANG: My heart desires that Griner wants and appreciates prayers….Whether she does or not, I hope many are praying for her.


  8. MAL says:

    Bottom line is we all have to live by our choices. What Boco said about professional athletes reminds me of a former neighbor when we lived in Newport Beach. He played both professional football and baseball in the 1930’s and was paid $10 to $15 per game and was disgusted with the multi-million contracts today (that was in the ’70’s and ’80’s)


  9. Baysider says:

    Bunk + 1. Poor decisions. Especially for a professional athlete. They LIVE by WADA rules which govern illicit use of potentially performance enhancing substances. Four years ago WADA removed synthetic CBD oil from their list, but cautioned naturally derived CBD may still contain the banned THC. At best this is a careless oversight (yes – how MUCH? Selling a suitcase or 4 vials for her use.) When using a substance in a grey area (athletes have been pulled for taking a OTC cold medication) CHECK FIRST before you travel. And don’t be an asshat in other peoples’ countries.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    MAL….yes, players were sure short changed back in the day!

    BAYSIDER: I have seen no mention of the amount of CBD oil and vape pipes she had…..can’t have been much. Vaping CBD can be used against anxiety and pain, so in a sense, it could be considered performance enhancing but I don’t think Russia gave a damn about that since the performances were over. They are just wise enough not to allow drugs in their country. Would that we felt the same. And, yes, there are LISTS of things travelers shouldn’t carry and I have heard for years that athletes are well aware of them all, just in case. WADA or not, Russians are on it! If she knew she’d be there, she should have been smarter.

    On the other hand, a TEN YEAR SENTENCE is outrageous, in my humble opinion…..They could have dealt with this privately and let her go with whatever ‘punishment’ they might have given her…a fine? Whatever…………but Russia enjoys this, I’m sure!!

    My aunt’s younger brother was in the Sands Prison in Lebanon for, I think, about 5 years, for having carried in or bought marijuana there….maybe 50 years ago or so… was NOT FUN for GEOFF!!


  11. Mustang says:

    @ Z … if not ten years — what do you think would be an appropriate punishment for such a crime?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: not 10 years.
    This is more for Putin’s ego than a punishment for an American idiot.


  13. Mustang says:

    @ Z … but you didn’t answer. What do you think would be an appropriate punishment?


  14. Jess says:

    Whether guilty, or not, she’s worth political capital. One way is to show how magnanimous Russia can be by having he only to pay a fine. Another is to throw the book at her, place in prison, and show the world elite, pampered athletes are not welcome in Russia. Regardless of how it plays out, and if she is guilty of the crime, she made a terrible mistake that can destroy her future.


  15. Baysider says:

    I’ll answer Mustang – 6 months or community service. And I agree with you, Z, it’s more for Putin’s ego.

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  16. Mustang says:

    Thank you, Baysider. I agree with that “punishment.”


  17. Mustang says:

    @ Jess … no one is more guilty of drug use among athletes than the Russians. They are not entitled to the moral high ground on this issue.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Jess…she did make a HORRIBLE mistake.

    BAYSIDER, that’s right…..ALL PUTIN’S DREAM COME TRUE… to hold an American like this, and she’s not the only one, as we all know.
    I hope she gets only six months; Imagine what even that amount of time will do to her physicality…
    she was SO stupid. I happen to know the athletes are given STRICT information on countries and what can go in or out of each country.

    By the way, I’m frankly surprised to have just researched a bit and found illicit drug use is pretty bad in Russia today…….


  19. Baysider says:

    And Mustang, the Russians were the first ones to declare men as “women”- remember some early weightlifters?

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  20. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER..yes, and through DRUGS!


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