QUITE A MOMENT WHEN YOU REALIZE THAT 1970 AND 2022 ARE AS FAR APART AS 1970 AND 1918…….I’m just going to need a minute 🙂





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  1. kidme37 says:

    Proving that the worse it gets, the faster it gets worse.. 🙂


  2. Mustang says:

    Fifty-two years.

    Our school superintendent once asked me to comment on a complaint someone in the community made about the fact that the district’s (state) curriculum didn’t spend enough time concentrating on 20th-century history. My response was (and remains) an acknowledgment that the complainant was correct: we didn’t — and still do not. But high school subjects are designed as summary courses because there is an insufficient time within any school year to teach anything in detail. I suggested the following: in ancient history, spend far less time studying Greece and Rome, and far more time in the 20th century. In terms of human history, more has happened since 1900 than in all the time before 1900. In terms of teaching the important parts of the past 122 years, to make sure that you haven’t overlooked what is most important to know, teach it in reverse. Start with what happened in 2022, and work backward to 1900, beginning with a recent event and finding out what caused it, and then, what was the cause of that, and so forth. My guess is that we would learn that more has happened between 2022 and 1970 than has happened in the previous 52 years: people, relationships, events, discoveries, or accomplishments.

    Did the superintendent take my advice? Of course not. This is why we have high school graduates today who cannot tell you who Ronald Reagan was.

    My grandmother passed away at the age of 98, in 1988. She hardly understood anything that was going on in the world around her. Some of that had to do with her age, but most of it had to do with all the events that had taken place in her life and all the changes to human society at that time, from relationships to new technologies. In her lifetime, we went from the Spanish American War to men walking on the moon. There was almost no similarity between 1988, and 1890. I wasn’t born yet when she was 52 years old. She remembered the war with Spain, both world wars — and McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft, and Wilson. When she passed away, I was 43 years old and I had no real clue about what it was like to live in 1890.

    My friend Kid is right. Our human planet is spinning out of control. And you’re right … it blows the mind.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Another aspect of this is told by my lunch pal Steve who grew upon a farm, and this was told to him by his dad…
    If a child was born on a farm that clearly was going to need lots of care and be able to provide little, the doctor simply killed the baby on the spot (Downs, visible physical handicap(s), etc.) because the farm wouldn’t be able to survive with such an additional burden.

    I found myself thinking yesterday that any animal or insect group that was host to a ‘defective’ offspring simply rejected that offspring. A bee would be ejected from the hive as a quick example. Happens all throughout nature. It is why we still have bees and various other life still here. They make the hard decisions to protect their species.

    Humans for the most part don’t do this and the more defective offspring we create the more we will create because as you know, we must save every leaf even if it kills the tree. We are killing the tree.

    We are to the point of Encouraging defective people. “Oh Honey, sure you can be any animal and of any sex you want ! ” These defective people now can be found in mass media, entertainment, and government.

    Progessive-ism as defined today is suicidal by its very nature.

    Ain’t gonna turn out well.

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  4. Mustang says:

    You’re absolutely right, Kid. If a child was born defective … that poor thing served no purpose. May as well put it out of its misery. Hard to do, but in those days, necessary. We began moving away from this sort of thing in the 1950s. There is an excellent British TV series about midwives in the post-war period. Some of these stories are quite heart-breaking, and you have to wonder how in the hell people 70 years ago “made it” in such a hard society. Back then, folks made hard choices, no matter how heart-breaking the circumstances were. It was called life, and the axiom I heard was … “you just keep on living until you find life again.” Amazing point of view. Well, whatever we’re doing now doesn’t seem to be working out very well … but you know, I can’t worry about that. Not enough time left on my clock to make a difference anymore… if I ever did.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    KID and MUSTANG: Terrific input….and I AGREE.

    KID, it’s getting SO much worse SO fast that it’s almost breath taking to me…I mean EVERY DAY seems worse……unless you can NOT turn the TV on or read anything!

    MUSTANG: I love the idea of teaching history from NOW and then reverse…..I totally agree …I wish you could write papers and get them read by teachers so they’d heed your advice, but getting enough teachers to wake up would include UNIONS and I sincerely believe they don’t give a damn WHAT anybody says that THEY didn’t come up with…or that actually educates instead of indoctrinates. TOo busy convincing 6 year olds that they can be another gender if they want to , and worse.

    I like the TV show MIDWIVES, too…(always like Brit TV more than most of ours)…..

    YOu said “It was called life, ” and, honestly, I believe that the Left fights LIFE…it fights the truth about life….SO many times , I’ve mentioned here at GeeeeZ that “The Left can’t take the FACT that “S*it happens”…they have to legislate against any chance that LIFE happens and that LIFE often includes tough stuff, like when one child in one city falls off a jungle gym at the park, all jungle gyms have to be gone throughout the country! ….BAD THINGS HAPPEN and I also believe that the LEFT is treating our kids like such hot house orchids that they can’t face TRUE LIFE (maybe this is why so SO many kids turn to drugs)…EVERYBODY gets an award just for participating in sports at school, for example. Tons of examples of this……Americans aren’t tough enough to face hardships anymore (let alone defending our country)..

    GREAT POINTS here……so appreciate all the input.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    KID: BY THE WAY…..I believe we are championing ‘defective’ people…quite often.
    I liked when models were thin (I’m seeing overweight models now on TV, etc.), I liked when we ASPIRED, not SETTLED FOR MEDIOCRITY!!

    MUSTANG: “you just keep on living until you find life again.” SOmething all people should live by….when things get tough, life WILL come back and we need to just keep on until we find it…and we will!


  7. kidme37 says:

    What are you going to do when everyone is fat ? Look at a 200 Toyota Corolla vs a 2020 model.
    You want to sell cars you adjust.
    You want to sell TV programs, magazines etc, you adjust.


  8. MAL says:

    Interesting comments by Mustang and Kid re: teach in reverse, starting with the present and working backward. But without ALL history, man is more likely to repeat his mistakes. I say we need to learn about ALL history and if it takes longer classes and shorter Summers, so be it. You can bet most other countries are. What was it we read a couple of days ago about 3rd graders in China learning advanced math (calculus) while we’re teaching little boys they can become girls and vice versa?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I know….re the FAT, I’ve thought of that….Yes, you want to sell sell sell. You adjust.
    Then why did it take more than 250 years to finally adjust to fat women in clothing ads? This is NEW. GREED.

    MAL: I don’t think Mustang meant to disregard the history…and, I think we’ve learned we’re going to repeat mistakes no matter WHAT!
    Yes, China’s way up on the education list but I have met a TON of Chinese students at the high school where I sub’d who were anything BUT SMART, including the boy who lived here for 9 months…I adore him but he was NOT SMART 🙂

    Funny, about 20 years ago, I found that a local elementary school was offering Chinese as one of the foreign languages………..I thought it was odd. I don’t anymore ;-(


  10. Baysider says:

    I do this mind warp every once in awhile. The first time was realizing my high school graduation was relative to D-Day as D-Day was relative to WW1 armistice. I realized then my parents had a similar perspective on WW1 in history and legend as I did with WW2. At that point I realized how real history is, and we lose that reality in one generation.

    I introduced my mother’s 85th birthday celebration booklet by stealing William Manchester’s book title, she was born in a world lit only by fire. True in her case, as her parents did not have electricity until about 1960. Her world changed much more than mine, and she talked about it, if asked, so I did not lose that history. But no one after me has it!

    We need to hear the “old” stories if for no other reason than to realize “they” were people just as we are, and we are not going to magically improve upon humankind because we fancy ourselves more alive, smart and creative than people who are barely 2-dimensional cutouts in our mind.

    My nephew’s 8th grade class had grandparents day. I took my mom, and in the history class the teacher asked each grandparent 1) what their first job was and how much they made, and 2) for a strong memory of WW2. My mom picked berries from her dad’s patch before school to sell to the store. He paid her 5 cents a box. Another grandparent was from central Europe and went through heavy bombing and fighting in WW2. He remembered a bombing where the explosion knocked him off his feet and threw him about 20 feet away. I’ll tell you, these close-to-jaded youngsters were paying attention! That teacher did his job – putting flesh on the bones of history.

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  11. MAL says:

    Mustang, my father was born 7 years later in 1897 and died in 1991 at age 94 and saw even more primitive conditions because he lived in a small mountain village in Turkey near Mount Ararat. He lost his mother, 3 younger brothers and 2 year old sister, all killed by radical Muslim Turks. But look at all the advances even since they’ve gone: The internet, cell phones that not only let you speak with anyone, anywhere around the world but also see them live, in color! Even more technology is coming up. Not too long ago I saw a video of a woman giving a speech from a stage demonstrating a helmet-like device that created another “body” of her standing nearby, dressed exactly like her and making the exact same motions, but repeating what she was saying IN JAPANESE! And she didn’t even speak Japanese!
    There will most likely be so many more things before we finally take “a dirt nap” so it ain’t over till it’s over, right?

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  12. -FJ says:

    Now I just feel old…

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  13. Baysider says:

    That’s amazing technology, Mal. Man’s accumulated knowledge is impressive as we build on the shoulders of those before us. Then I compare it with the One who created him. Could a man conceive of or make an octopus? Or train fish to swim upstream to spawn? Or any of the many habits built into the animal kingdom that makes everything work just right?

    I have a picture of a mongol tribe still living as their ancestors on the cold plains of central Asia lived. You feel like you’re stepping into the past, much as your father’s mountain village might have been. With ONE exception. You can see a small solar array in the background. It’s there to power the clan’s television set.


  14. peter3nj says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with Mustang’s approach to teaching. Since everything is relative start with what a student might readily relate to and work backwards . Good one sir.
    Not to step on anyones toes but my step grandmother born in 1901 in the Missouri Ozarks retold the stories about Quantrill’s raiders that were told to her as a kid. She had more wisdom in one pinky than I will have in my whole body by the time I assume room temperature.
    P.S. Good to know the Kid finished his community service and had his ankle monitor removed.😎 Welcome back.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…I LOVE what that teacher did at your nephew’s class!!! Wonderful… I often think of the old stories told me by family members and who’ll know them ….later (So to speak!!!) Nobody, really.
    I once sent my Mom’s older brother a list of questions about Mom’s side of the family…..He answered all the questions and I was delighted…gave copies to most of the family and gave his very young grandson(at the time) the original handwritten one from his grandfather. I know this boy will keep that….so glad I did it.

    I think what you write about “everything working just right” is so true….BUT I think mankind has come to a point (like MAL describes about the “person” speaking in Japanese!?!!) where we can’t go TOO much farther. I suppose there’ll be a day when my great nieces and nephews will only have to THINK of something they want and the Amazon-equivalent will pick up the vibe, bill them from some odd chip in their heads, and deliver it in five minutes. I’m glad I won’t see that..SO GLAD 🙂 (but I don’t think mankind will survive that long, personally…another subject for another blog post)

    MAL, that’s quite a story! SO many fascinating and mostly sad stories of the Armenian massacre by the Turks……….My grandparents didn’t like to talk about them but I have heard some of it. I’ve read novels about that period, based on facts, and literally wept at certain inclusions….SO hard to realize my grandmother saw bodies floating in the Euphrates as a 9 year old…or leaving her whole family for America at 18 or so and never seeing her parents ever again…….SO much…
    But they were TOUGH and WONDERFUL and loved us so much….
    I didn’t realize your dad lived so old………nice!! It runs in your family! Except AUntie Gloria..!! She wasn’t YOUNG but…



  16. geeez2014 says:

    PETER! YOU have me laughing out loud! “P.S. Good to know the Kid finished his community service and had his ankle monitor removed.😎 Welcome back”

    It IS good to have him back, isn’t it!

    And yes, Mustang’s advice is excellent regarding history (not much else, sadly) (SMILE!) : ) HAA!!


  17. MAL says:

    Z, Gloria was still 93 when she went and actually pulled the plug on herself. I found out later she had waited for Joni and me to make our annual trip to Washington State to visit. The next day after seeing us, she told our son Ken being as she had fallen twice, she was ready to go so stopped taking her meds, and that evening, after a good meal, she died (I learned all this after). Ken asked her if she wanted to pray first (which they did) and that was it. It kind of surprised me that she didn’t let us have a few days together first, but I wasn’t in her mind and body so can’t know how she felt.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    MAL!! I forgot Gloria was older than you…..and I hadn’t realized she’d made it to 93…Longevity is certainly in your life!
    And no, we don’t know how others feel, do we….but I’d have felt the same were I you …


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