Hispanics and Democrats


I personally didn’t think Jill Biden said anything wrong HERE..(So what?)  But I loved the kickback she got from Hispanics!!

Sure, folks….the Lefties are showing their colors more and more………Hispanics are like TACOS and THEY’RE GOOD FOR PICKING CROPS, say Important Democrat Women…so VOTE DEMOCRAT!

The ‘fact’ that more and more Hispanics are turning Republican is rather more nuanced than I’d have hoped.….but comments like Pelosi’s and Biden’s don’t help!

Do you know any Hispanics who are Conservative?



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21 Responses to Hispanics and Democrats

  1. bocopro says:

    Based on what I’ve seen of her since she decided she wanted Joe to be PotUS instead of Veep, Jill Biden is an obtuse, churlish, inelegant, naïve wannabe who is uncomfortable outside her comfort zone, which is kinda like a used car salesman who won the lottery and joined the nouveau riche.

    Any situation requiring her to be genuine, honest, and part of the Brahmin class stresses her limited awareness of reality. Despite her somewhat rural roots and early employment as a waitress, she doesn’t work and play well with others, often dressing in clown mufti and talking like a pretentious bumpkin.

    In other words, Jill Biden is a Caucasian Michelle (aka Mike) Obama, educated beyong her capacity and thrust into a formal dinner party while wearing garments made of the same plant that’s making her ditsy . . . hemp.

    Most of the Hispanics we know consider ALL politicians greedy, corrupt, and out of touch, unworthy of trust, attention, or votes.


  2. Mustang says:

    It is not surprising to me that Pelosi would say such a thing. I’ve always wondered why blacks haven’t roasted Biden for the comments he’s made … and I’m shocked, shocked, that any black would vote for him. Racism is alive and well in the Democratic Party. Hey, it’s what they do.

    I know there are conservative Hispanics, but I don’t know them personally.

    Important Advisory: The information, words, or imagined gestures contained in this comment are intended only for the interest and entertainment of the blog owner and/or her guests or the employees of the National Security Administration and are not intended to suggest that the blog owner should close her blog due to an abundance of optimism but only as an attempt to respond to the blog owners request for comments or to answer the blog owners’ questions. No animals were harmed in the making of these comments and no racism was intended toward any person of color no matter how many bushels of corn they pick in a single day.

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  3. peter3nj says:

    Where do we sign the disclaimer?

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….exactly…. Jill Biden knew her husband’s state of mind and let him into this mess….and, got US into this mess due to him. Awful.

    MUSTANG….The only thing that surprised me about Pelosi saying it is that it got covered enough that, apparently, Twitter went wild….TONS of tweets……..people definitely didn’t like it. MANY disgruntled people. Ya, the Left has taken advantage and used minorities for years…….only recently have we been hearing that they’re waking up a bit. Sadly, too many people like the Democrat ‘freebies’ so they’ve overlooked.

    Your “advisory” is cute….Someday, maybe I’ll explain.


  5. bunkerville says:

    The media is not sure how to play the Hispanics in the news… They need their readership/listenership purely for the economics.. The media has discovered up to now anything goes with the blacks… they figure they have them… now Hispanics? That is their mystery… they have found them to be less than docile and after all they will work in the fields…. and are not so fast to grab that Obama phone which really blows them away..

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    BUNKERVILLE…good one! I do think the media’s worrying about Black voters, however…..”Up till now,” however, you’re correct!
    Hispanics….we’ll see. Obviously, I don’t meet that many but I’ve even posted here about some encounters with Hispanics in their 20’s who say they’d vote for Trump….There are a growing number of Hispanic Republican Clubs…and on talk radio here in LA, a LOT of Hispanics are conservative call-ins.
    You know, they ARE mostly hard workers so I’m not sure the ‘freebies’ are a draw to them………..A nearby elementary school has a lot of Hispanic children and when I take walks in the morning, I see their parents walking them to school…spit and polished….and I hear English being spoken on the school yard I pass….nice.
    And, of course, to hear Border Agents with names like “Gomez,” etc., talk on the news about how we have to protect our country from the migrants, is VERY touching to me…they’re putting country first.
    I don’t know if Hispanics do a lot of reading or listening to the mainstream media because, sadly, SO many Spanish language alternatives exist.
    Hoping you’re doing well!!


  7. Mustang says:

    Teaching in South Texas for 16 years was an eye-opener. Easily 95% of my students were Hispanic, and their families have lived in South Texas since the days of the Texas Revolution. I knew these students and their families as good, decent, hardworking human beings who strived to improve the lives of their children and succeeding generations. Were they political? Of course — we all are that, whether we want to be, or not.

    What I found, over sixteen years, was that the Hispanic people (as with any other human group), cannot be placed in the same basket. I was able to make a distinction between the Hispanics I knew in California to those whom I knew in Texas. Simply stated, they weren’t the same “kind” of Hispanic. Fair or not, it seemed to me that the Hispanics living in Texas were much harder working than those in CA; they would rather earn their keep than take a hand out from Uncle Sugar or any other welfare program.

    But I could also make a generational distinction among the Tejanos: those who had been living in the U.S. for generations were more like “hard-working Anglos” than those who had only recently made the trip (legal or otherwise) to the United States. There are numerous reasons for this — but one of the best examples of cultural assimilation is the King Ranch. Intermarriage between Anglo settlers and Tejanos over the past 170 years results today from the fact that the owners of the King Ranch are the Mexican descendants of Richard King — and that family today is one of the most conservative families in Mexico/South Texas.

    I found that second and third-generation Hispanics were law-abiding, family-oriented, faith-based, and mostly career professionals. The more recent arrivals were rowdy, disrespectful, faithless, lazy, and more prone toward gangs and illegal activity.

    Understanding that Hispanic society is multi-structured and somewhat caste-based, I never met a Hispanic in South Texas who respected black Americans. And if you compare communities in South Texas, (those south of San Antonio), to such cities as Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth — you will find long-entrenched black communities and people living in more squalled conditions than even the poorest and most unhygienic migrant community (known in the border region as colonias). Hispanics do not respect their own kind who are lazy and dirty; they surely have no respect for other ethnic groups who follow that path.

    So I think my experience gives credence to Bunkerville’s observation. American blacks once freed from the horror of slavery, re-entered that doorway to darkness by accepting the pap offered by the Democratic Party — and there is no better example of this than black people who are willing to accept the horrid things said about them by Joe & Jill Biden, Nasty Pelosi, Hillary Rotten Clinton, and a telephone book full of other staunch Democrats.

    Is it unkind of me to say that Democrats know blacks better than the blacks know themselves, or is honesty a good thing? Hispanics, on the other hand, are a puzzle to Democrats — and while there is a Hispanic base within the Democratic Party, it is (in my view) a shrinking base. I think Democrats have overplayed their hand: leftist ideologues have yet to figure out that there is more than one basket for non-white human groups.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: I think it goes without saying we can’t dump ANY one group into ONE BASKET, can we. Thankfully, there are very hard working Hispanics here in L.A., too…and in the fields in the Central Valley and up the coast…..and the ones I have known all my life have been wonderful, solid family people. (Other than the fact that many Hispanic women don’t want to marry, just have kids…an observation I’m always sad about in any demographic)

    Blacks….who can say? I know so many blogs run by young Black men who are Conservative…a few wonderful congressmen like FLorida’s Byron Donalds……

    But yes, TOO MANY accept the horrors (and GOODIES) from the Democrats…..Sad, being that Blacks after the Civil War were the most solid Christian family people….I believe that went downhill with welfare, etc…but that’s a long story.

    And yes, those Hispanics who’ve married Anglos, been here for years, etc., CONSERVATIVE…good hard working, and successful, people.

    Soon after Mr. Z died, I had parked in front to carry bags of groceries in, wishing he was there to help as he always did! They were heavy ! Suddenly, a Hispanic kid in his 20s got out of his very clean, new pickup truck, and asked if he could help. My front door was wide open, I feared what any woman SHOULD fear for letting a stranger in your home, and I gave him two bags and thanked him…in he went. I waited at my car ‘doing something’ so I’d not be inside with him…FORCING myself to TRUST! and telling myself DO NOT GO IN THERE…SHOW HIM YOU TRUST HIM…and voila…he went in twice, came out, I thanked him profusely…and said “you must have had wonderful parents to raise you to be so kind and helpful.” ‘I do,” said he.
    I was a bit dumb to trust but am glad I did …
    Is one story enough to represent everyone? Of course not. But I LIKE IT 🙂


  9. Silverfiddle says:

    Gaff: When a DC Pol slips up and tells us what she really thinks!

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  10. Silverfiddle says:

    Hispanics as a demographic track politically with the larger population. Most of our friends are Hispanic, and most don’t like getting into political discussions, which is alright with me.


  11. peter3nj says:

    Imagine if you can, for dopey blacks and even dumber whites Biden was and remains a charismatic leader rather than the lying sack of shit that he is. Meanwhile the mostly ass licking republicans, rather than standing up and shouting what the hell’s going on and what they are going to do about it most gingerly continue to stick their saliva dripping finger in the air while counting on an ephemeral red wave to put them in office. Our only hope rests with spoiled whites, hoodwinked blacks and confused Hispanics do the right thing this November.


  12. Baysider says:

    Yes, her slip is showing. I’d think someone who so carefully curates her spoken words could not come up with something better like “we have good beginner jobs for immigrants in Florida with the great work ethic American immigrants are known for.” BTW, when my Dutch great grandfather immigrated in Patterson, New Jersey – and did not speak a word of English – he worked as a gardener too.

    I know Hispanics who share a more conservative/libertarian outlook but don’t know how that translates at the ballot box.


  13. Baysider says:

    PS – Thanks for the culture/history lesson Mustang.

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  14. peter3nj says:

    Again my comment didn’t show up


  15. geeez2014 says:

    PETER…”Meanwhile the mostly ass licking republicans, rather than standing up and shouting what the hell’s going on and what they are going to do about it most gingerly continue to stick their saliva dripping finger in the air while counting on an ephemeral red wave to put them in office’ Can’t disagree with you there.

    SILVERFIDDLE….Yes, I’m sure it’s alright with you…but I’d like to know what they’re thinking 🙂

    BAYSIDER…..I doubt they’ll vote much differently than the “outlook” you hear they have.


  16. Baysider says:

    Well … I had a dear older hispanic neighbor who always voted Democrat even though her values were like mine. We asked her “time to vote Republican, Nancy?” And she’d say “I’m from a Democrat family and we always vote Democrat.” Hard to change a 60-year habit. Maybe more hope for younger ones.


  17. peter3nj says:

    Baysider is absolutely correct.
    “Paterson had a supply of workers who understood the peculiar characteristics of the delicate silk fiber. By the 1880s, the city was producing almost half of the silk manufactured in the United States and had earned a nationwide reputation as “Silk City.”

    Today’s Paterson, other than having only several remaining neighborhoods resembling a civilized society, was as you may know once a thriving industrial city. Many of the magnificent examples of 19th century brick factory architecture are still standing, with more than a few converted into condo developments. Meanwhile, moving onto the drug infested streets It’s no wonder so many immigrates both legal and illegal flock to our once fine cities most of which are now a combo of government built ghettoized housing along with dilapidated single and two family private homes, many with five and six, maybe more, mailboxes and not only are the property values in the toilet but these fine transplanted new Americans are adept at transforming wherever they settle into mirror images of the the sewers they fled from. If you choose to tool down the potholed streets of Paterson carry an extra set of shocks.


  18. Baysider says:

    Sorry for the misspell, Peter. Yes, my gg worked on the estate of a wealthy man. There were such things there, then. When that man understood gg was studying hard to learn English (using his Dutch bible and an English bible – which had to be the KJV! – side by side) he helped him and opened his library to him to draw out books. A different time.


  19. peter3nj says:

    No apologies needed. You are again correct. There are still many magnificent estates in Paterson though more than a few meter shadows of their former elegant selves. As we know this once christian English speaking melting pot has seen better days…


  20. geeez2014 says:

    PETER….we know that MANY cities across America which were wonderful, busy, prosperous places for industry, their workers, etc., are practically drug-infested nightmares now…..that’s happened in so many places. Yet, we think we can prosper. Things have to change across our country before we do that. Today, everything is “MADE IN CHINA”….can that change?

    My own grandfather and great grandfather worked in the Arrow Shirt Factory near Troy, NY, where my Dad was born……..Dad used to say “Sure, I was born in Troy, when it was a really nice city” WHEN….yes, when it was.

    BUT, I believe Troy has had a kind of gentrification and there are a few cities going through that and I’m hoping that continues!!!

    BAYSIDER…exactly. Our friend CS said that to me about 20 years ago “I agree with everything you said, but voting Republican would be against my family’s voting practices for years”…YET, I believe she’s come around. As has Gwennie.

    Sadly, it’s had to get PRETTY BAD for people to take the plunge into voting Conservative………..and, let’s face it, we’ll be lucky if they do because the Republicans aren’t exactly awe inspiring, either! BUT, they’re not WOKE, they’re not CRT fans, they’re NOT behind this suddenly MISERABLE economy, etc.
    Fingers crossed!!


  21. MAL says:

    I can say the same thing about where I was born, also, Z. L.A was a WHOLE lot different in 1928 and beyond. I’m sure the same can be said about any U.S. city.

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