I’m kind of surprised that Americans aren’t more outraged at the cost of food. 

WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS?   I’m OUTRAGED, I can tell you that!

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13 Responses to FOOD COSTS

  1. Silverfiddle says:

    People aren’t just outraged, many are hurting, wondering which bill can be kicked down the road.

    The US doesn’t have the same history of public protest that most other countries do, for some reason. Yeah, people made a lot of noise in the streets in 2020, caused billions in destruction in the streets in 2020 and burned down neighborhoods and businesses, but what did they accomplish? They didn’t have concrete, actionable demands.

    Apologies for the OT diversion. We just are not the type of nation to have food riots, but make no mistake, people are suffering. The economy polls as the #1 issue to voters. We’ll see what happens in November.

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  2. geeez2014 says:

    SF: I’d say it’s a really good thing those rioters (they weren’t protesters) in 2020 didn’t achieve their goals of, basically, anarchism… Not only did they not accomplish anything, they didn’t get arrested like 1/6 people did, they had our VP get them out of jail, and, thankfully, they woke people up to their real goals of destruction…

    I don’t know if I expected Americans today would publicly protest high food costs…just MENTION IT, it’s barely discussed anywhere, and I find that pretty odd.

    Of course people are suffering! Yes, Economoy is #1 on some polls.
    What I find REALLY interesting is that EDUCATION is #2, something that hadn’t even BEEN on the polls until a month or so ago………….CRT, etc., has made a negative affect and I’m thinking that EDUCATION poll is more telling than many of the other poll subjects…..more of a prediction of voting trends……it’s to the Right if it’s EDUCATION (a la Youngkin, etc.)

    Yes, we’ll see what happens in November!

    Poor Herschel Walker probably just lost BIG time. His son wrote a Tweet or something slamming him BIG time….”you were banging other women, you ignored me no matter what you say now..” etc. And a woman has said he paid for her abortion years ago.
    I don’t think Herschel was a brain, but he was strongly pro America and his opponent is a destructive lib. Very sad for Georgia.
    I wonder if the won is in that terrible pain from his father or he got paid BIG TIME to tweet that..


  3. Mustang says:

    I agree people are outraged, but they brought it on themselves. Elections do have consequences.

    So, the fuel capacity for an American long-haul truck is between 130-150 gallons. The trucker will get around 5 miles per gallon (maybe a bit more). If he’s paying $4.45/gallon for diesel, his cost for filling up the tank is over $650.00. For that, the driver will travel 825 miles before re-filling his tank. The distance from America’s food basket to its marketplace may require three “fill-ups” in the tank, and if that’s true, then the driver will need to recoup $1,950 in transportation costs to break even. He’ll charge more than that because he can’t make a house payment by breaking even.

    According to one source, truckers use 35 billion gallons of diesel fuel per day in America. So, to answer your question, truckers won’t take a pay cut, wholesale markets won’t take less than what they need to make a profit, and retailers … well, you can see my point.

    So why the high costs of fuel? Think back to the decisions made by Dopey Joe since taking office. I think you’ll find your answer there. Kurt is right — Americans are hurting. The kid will argue that they should be hurting for making a very bad decision at the polls, and my point is that elections have consequences. Are Americans sufficiently pissed off now, or will the tax and spending party retain either house of Congress?

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    Goodbye, Loretta Lynn, dead at Age 90. QUITE a woman. Thanks for your music.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG, thanks……I think we all do know why prices are high, definitely….thanks for your input………… question is how we don’t hear much about it….
    It’s such a huge point; kids aren’t getting what they need, family budgets are ruined by food and gas, etc………’s awful. And yet all the news talks about is GAS; perhaps it’s because the gas prices are mostly the genesis of why food’s so high, but…..

    Anyway, that was my question; where’s the outrage? Most Americans had no idea gas prices would rise so high and affect so much of our lives so voting is only part of it.

    Now, TODAY, they should KNOW….but will they vote differently? Probably not. But Republicans are counting on it. If they’d ONLY bring these things better to the attention of the public. As it is, they’re just plain NOT. @Q#(*$&@Q#$(*#@&Q$


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I’m thinking Tucker’s show tonight could be very interesting…and, though FOX’s viewership is still HUGELY above all others, will at least SOME Democrats who are watching finally open their Biden-lovin’ eyes?

    Tony Bobulinski was silenced at FACEBOOK…even Zuckerberg admitted he’d been told to get rid of FB posts on Bobulinski’s claims. Twitter, too, I believe. And he says Jake Tapper pulled something weird on him….and I believe he said the FBI warned him ; I’m sure those educated guesses (!) will be more clearly revealed tonight.
    Ya, JOE was the CHAIRMAN……behind Hunter’s overseas business dealings….but we all believe Joe when he reminded us “I have nothing to do with my son’s business dealings”..Ya, RIGHT.

    I’m thinking that had Tucker not interviewed Tony two years ago, Tony would have had a terrible accident and died before a Tucker interview….but after talking to Tucker on FOX, even the FBI would be nervous that there’d be a connection made. (Having said that, if I’m not here tomorrow, you’ll know why!!! :-))


  7. MAL says:

    Z, you can show this to a Biden supporter and most will still doubt it.
    John Wayne was right: ‘YA CAN’T FIX STUPID”.

    Re: the increase costs of living, it’s exactly why I always preached to our four kids to pay cash for everything and not make monthly commitments with the sole exception of real estate. As a result, whenever things got tight, we were able to manage. We always paid cash, esp. for cars. The kids worked, saved, and bought used cars. The logic? Never pay interest on something that is depreciating. Thats a double whammy. Plus, we always shopped and bought at or below wholesale so we wouldn’t lose money, sometimes even making a buck or two.


  8. Baysider says:

    Yes, yes, a lot of outrage at food costs. All driven by fuel, water and (for some) chemical fertilizers. Totally predictable!! I’ve really noticed the hit on my budget right at a time when I need that money so much for increasing costs in Mr. B’s care. I’m a “clotter” (a major reason I avoided the vax for its clot issues), and take products that make a big difference. Not cheap. They’ve all increased. But the price of the primary one has shot up over 100% in the last year. Over $200 for the last bottle. Ouch! I stock tomatoes in my freezer for the winter. I paid as much this fall for 2/3 of what I bought last year for the same price. This is not insignificant. How can you not notice? What’s most significant is that voters make the connection. Will they? Like you, not sure that will happen.

    And another farewell – to Madam Wu, the lovely Sylvia Cheng Wu who passed away recently at 105. Her (locally) famous celebrity filled restaurant is only part of her story. She was also a rental housing provider and a silent deep pocket for our little David vs. Goliath apartment association that has done soooo much to help us little rental housing providers. We would have lost so much a lot sooner if not for her.


  9. MAL says:

    Bay, I believe God has a special place for people like her. Even more so when it’s done anonymously.


  10. Baysider says:

    An amen to that Mal. No grandstanding over doing right.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, you taught your kids wisely!!

    BAYSIDER…I don’t see the public outrage I’d have expected …but I am sure you are and so am I!! And NOW they’re killing millions of chickens here in California because the AVIAN FLU made it here finally………..I’m glad I have a few thighs in my freezer because there will be little chicken.

    Hey, I wonder if this is ONE WAY to SCREW UP THANKSGIVING by the government? Make turkeys sick!? I’d never have even thought of that 2 years ago but I don’t put ANYTHING past the Left…the last thing they want is for Americans to be grateful for anything or to anything that’s not from the leftwing gov’t. W@(#$&*@Q(#&$

    I forgot Madame Wu’s Chinese Restaurant…I think I was there just once. I’d heard she was a lovely woman; nice to know……and GOd rest her soul!


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Only in our stinki’ awful irreverent and weak country would you Google Yom Kippur (which started today) and see the question “Can you smoke weed on Yom Kippur?”



  13. Baysider says:

    The answer is: yes, since you’re clearly not observing a time of atonement and repentance. Geesh! Yes, irreverent is the perfect adjective.

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