Mexico and Millions…….

THIS HORRID STORY GOT ME THINKING (I DO do that from time to time!!)….

Mexican cartels are HUGE!  About 8 years ago, you might remember I had a rich student from Mexico staying here who went to the high school I worked with….His parents were divorced and his father was apparently a REAL biggie in Mexican cartels.  I did not know that when he moved in, I believe the school did not, either…but I was asked by a mother of another student a few weeks into his stay  “do you know who his FATHER IS?” And she filled me in.   I believe now that he was put at our private high school, in a private home, to keep him SAFE.  I suppose one could say I was the patsy if, God forbid,a competing cartel found him and wanted to do harm in retaliation for what his father might have done!?***   Thankfully, he left only a couple of months after he came to me…and nothing happened.    But these things ARE happening and it’s probably widespread!



*** I just want to add that God was with me because, one day, I was told a woman was coming to my home to give me my monthly rental check…for him.  Something in me  to meet her at the school.  She was quite indignant when I told her that…but finally acquiesced.  When I told the Headmaster about her wanting to come to my house, he said I’d made the right decision in meeting her at the school.  I wonder sometimes what he knew.

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  1. bocopro says:

    In 1916 the US had had quite enough of Pancho Villa’s attacks on American lives and property along the southern border. Taft sent J.J. Pershing with a force of at least 10,000 into Mexico to capture the troublemaker.

    Pershing didn’t actually succeed, but the precedent is clear, and as Gingrich once said, “[I]f a foreign power did this to [us] we’d consider it an act of war.”

    Newt was talking about our educational system, and I think Raygun Ronnie actually used the analogy first, but the parallel is unmistakable: what the cartels are doing to us while the Mexican government does nothing to stop it, IS an act of war — economic, social, and chemical.

    Hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions upon millions of dollars, all lost – and for what . . . so some chicano mafiosi can live like potentates with impunity in a country where the central government doesn’t want to impede the influx of US money.

    I’m confident that our intel apparati already know where the strongholds and staging areas for drug and human trafficking are, and if they don’t, it wouldn’t take much to find out.

    Time to write down a few names ending in vowels or ez and strike bold lines through them . . . AFTER kicking their butts and helping them give up that bad habit they have of consuming oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide, contributing to the climate crisis.

    A few surgical air strikes, a missile or two, and some cabezas on fenceposts in strategic places throughout the Sonoran Desert, and we wouldn’t even have to put boots on the ground. Maybe just a flyover with a coupla smart bombs when sources indicate a buildup . . . once a month or so – hey, those jet jockeys need real-life practice once in a while to hone their skills.

    This ain’t difficult, Joey . . . do SOMEthin, even if AOC and her buddies DON’T like it.

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  2. peter3nj says:

    Take this for what its worth:
    Insight into another world: This comes straight from the horses mouth, not mine…
    Wife and son of a murdered Dominican drug lord have lived here in northern NJ for the past 20 years. The wife has received and continues to receive $10,000 cash each and every month sent from the DR. The wife and son live with her current husband in a $million home here in northern Bergen County. And while this couple earn upwards of $700,000 + per year in their executive positions the son has graduated from law school and joined a prestigious New York law firm. These people could put Tony Soprano in their hip pocket and yet in today’s drug world this couple is considered little more than poor relatives. ​The drug world which we the great unwashed know nothing of nor can understand will be here long after our world succumbs to the machinations of the cartels, democrats, American rich elites, the global warmers, and the Chicoms.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    This is only happening because the government, democrats mainly but repubs can take their fair share too, either want it to happen or just let it happen, and/or are being paid by the cartels (very likely imo).

    It could easily be stopped – what boco said.

    (Texas recently declared them a terrorist org and will be making some bold moves to deal with them on the Tejas border – Natl Guard, gun boats on the Rio Grandeee, and some other things. Will be revealing.)


  4. bunkerville says:

    All things are possible, but for now the sole goal is the destruction of America and our kids. Fix that idea and we will be well on our way to a solution,

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  5. peter3nj says:

    With the cartels having our constitution allowing them quasi diplomatic immunity ( they are a government onto themselves) the corruption and the drugs and the death they bring worldwide can never be interrupted. The bad guys had already won long before Nancy Reagan’s well meaning yet non-sensical slogan was our last best hope if that tells us anything. Imagine signs reading drug free zones within x number of feet from a school protecting street corner sales 1001 feet from schools. As a society we surrendered decades ago. Now then if the cartels can manage to get the Biden/KHO team elected once again in 2024 …


  6. Mustang says:

    I agree with everyone.

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    PETER….I just heard some Republican politician saying he’d been in Mexico meeting with officials about what’s going on and the Mexicans aren’t happy about all this….WHAT? THEY’RE not happy! 🙂 DO SOMETHING.. $$$$

    I thought you were going to tell us OUR gov’t was giving this Dominican widow the $10K…I wouldn’t put it past our gov’t………

    And ya, PETER, it seems like our Constitution protects a LOT (a TON) of people who should be in jail or executed instead.

    BOCOPRO….some of my readers who’ve been here longer that GeeeZ GREATLY supports “some surgical airstrikes” Iraq, Afghanistan, and DEFINITELY how you describe….SCARE THE **** OUT OF “EM……THAT might do it…I mean REALLY scare them.. ..
    We are SUCH WUSSES because we have our Lefties SCREECHING if WE do “Collateral Damage” as if the RESPONSE is worse than the STRIKE KILLING US!!!!!! RIGHT?

    We have SUCH wusses that they’re teaching our soldiers PRONOUNS instead of, as Tom Cotton had the guts to say this morning “KILLING PEOPLE” “OH!” the Lefty generals will say “…KILL people!!? What will people THINK? We’re the good guys”
    Screw THAT.

    KID…there’s a “contingent” of Republican politicians being led by McCarthy today going to the border… It’ll probably have the effect of our hearings…NO EFFECT…BUT WE CAN HOPE…
    Other than that, it’s just a chance for that stinkin’ McCarthy to appear important in his own tiny mind. Man I’m SO not a fan.

    GOV ABBOTT is terrific and I’m eager to see what happens with his latest… think he could have lost his governership; God FORBID.


  8. kidme37 says:

    A bunch of hot air balloons going to the border is less than useless.

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  9. peter3nj says:

    Oh the humanity…🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

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  10. geeez2014 says:

    KID and PETER…ya, definitely right…………

    I keep hoping that when liberal Americans, too, finally know that there actually are MILLIONS coming in illegally and WE are providing buses and med care and clothes and babysitters and food, and WHATEVER else, PLUS saying “the border’s secure!”, they just MIGHT give a damn?

    Signed, Pollyanna.

    That idiot McCarthy is supposedly giving some talk today about Mayorkas… probably knighting him.


  11. kidme37 says:

    Liberals either support the open border and whoever comes in or they don’t give a damn. This I triple guarantee you.


  12. Baysider says:

    To drugs and oil you can add avocados and limes. Mexico is fast becoming a failed narco, agriculture and everything else state. This is not unlike China after the disintegration of the Manchu dynasty and rise of the decades of the war lords – until a much stronger War Lord (Mao) won out.

    So why do we have to be the escape valve? Planning, I say.

    PRAYER REQUEST: Today Mr. B will likely have to surrender his driver’s license (has not driven for 5 years). I’m encouraging him, as a control person, to let it be his decision, not some overpaid bureaucrat (albeit one with a legitimate mandate to protect public safety). Pray he will rise to the decision. This may be one time where lack of memory will serve him in the coming days.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    KID….You’re probably correct about the Far Left….but I think there are Democrats who aren’t happy about this invasion. Did you hear that idiot Schumer say that our birth rates are too low so immigrants are needed? This, the guy who’s so pro killing American babies thinks our birth rate’s too low? Oh, the hypocrisy!!!

    BAYSIDER…. I’m FAR FAR more worried about our kids dying of Mexican (Chinese) drugs than limes, but you make a good point!

    Salvador’s young president is NOT HAPPY with his losing citizens and, actually, we don’t hear as many Salvadorans breaking into our country…He’s done all he can to FIX EL SALVADOR and it seems to be working….good guy, from the interviews I’ve heard. Maybe even not quite as corrupt as the rest!

    I’m surprised Venezuelans are still coming….from what my Iranian friends are hearing, the mullahs are taking HUUUUGE amounts of gold and money to escape the Iran protests which the Mossad is apparently aiding…. not that these thugs would actually HELP Venezuelans escape the nasty situation their president’s dumped them into but we could hope.

    DEFINITELY will pray for Mr. B……..A friend had to warn her elderly dad he was going to have to give his license and he wouldn’t….finally, her husband went to the DMV and told them “You must tell my dad-in-law he can’t drive anymore”. They did and he was okay with it !
    Praying Mr. B rises to your excellent suggestion.


  14. geeez2014 says:


    I’M SEEING TUCKER CARLSON RAKED THROUGH THE COALS FOR HAVING TALKED ABOUT THE HORRIBLE GAY BAR MURDER IN COLORADO SPRINGS WITH PHRASES LIKE “ANY KILLING LIKE THIS DEMANDS WE TRY TO STOP THESE THINGS” .etc etc…. Apparently, that’s NOT ENOUGH for many Americans grieving the mostly gay clientele. He should apparently be MORE upset than that because they were gay.

    AND, they bring up how Carlson’s lamented that drag queens are appearing in our young kids’ schools….saying “HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLINGS LIKE THIS BECAUSE HE WHIPS UP ANTI-GAY SENTIMENT…LIKE PROHIBITING DRAG QUEENS FROM PERFORMING”

    They skip the school part, of course……….

    It’s truly amazing what a one-sided media can hurt………..breath taking.


  15. Mustang says:

    Very sad our children are getting hooked on drugs sold by Mexican cartels. Shouldn’t we be equally upset with the U.S. government, which facilitates the availability of these drugs? We have all heard the “unfounded” allegations that while serving as Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton had drugs flown directly from Mexico to a private airfield outside Little Rock. Emphasis on “unfounded,” of course. But you know, when you hear such things over and over and over, you begin to wonder … if there isn’t something to the rumors.


  16. MAL says:

    For years I’ve wondered why we haven’t done anything about the Mexican Cartel. They began pushing marijuana right after WW ll in the late ’40’s and I thought we should offer the Mexican Government help in fighting them, then realized they were being bought by the cartel, too. Now I’ve heard of incidences where they are so bold they will fire their weapons against our patrols!

    (I’ve been up since 2:30 a.m. when I had to take Joni to the hospital ER. I just got back. This makes 6 times this year in a hospital for her!)


  17. Mustang says:

    @ Mal

    There was a fellow in Texas a few years ago, who ran for governor against G. Bush and lost. But he had a near-genius solution to the Mexican Cartels. His solution was that since everyone knows that money talks in Mexico, the US should deposit $25 million into the bank account of the most senior Mexican official on the US/Mexican border. Each time an illegal successfully crosses into the US, the US removes $1 million from the account. Almost immediately, all illegals crossing into the US would be stopped on the Mexican side of the border. Of course, then we get into the question of how much money the Cartels have to counter the US offer. That’s capitalism!

    Mal, I hope Jonie gets better soon.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG: I LOVE the idea of the near-genius!! GREAT GREAT idea!

    And so sweet of you to wish Joni better health…she is lovely….and she’s really been suffering….and Mal is a wonderful husband.
    It’s not for nothing his older sister was an ‘Aunt” I adored…she and her husband were two of my parents’ VERY closest friends…

    And, MUSTANG< I'm getting a tad sick of everyone whining about Fentanyl and other drugs and how they're killing our children………… about asking:


    I didn't. YOu probably didn't. WHY doesn't anybody say "Are we all NUTS? Our kids take PILLS at a PARTY? or while they STUDY?"

    It's THEIR FAULT, TOO…………but silence; God forbid we actually are truth tellers…

    I believe Clinton did all that himself…in Arkansas…planes coming in with drugs….HIM. I do NOT believe all politicians would EVER approve of that…not EVER.

    MAL…GOOD LUCK with Joni…so she's been admitted again or she came home with you? You've both REALLY gone through it…I'm SO sorry. Praying for Joni and you.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG; By the way…I don’t blame cartels or our government or Bill Clinton for our kids using drugs. THEY ARE USING DRUGS on their own volition.

    I went to plenty of parties and didn’t pop pills. I studied fairly late and never felt I needed pills.

    We need to find out why our kids are so screwed up. I didn’t live the teen life of kids in Germany or Paris but I have asked about drugs in the youth and they exist but not like ours. I’m hearing parents whose teen died from Fentanyl ..”My daughter was the most fun, wonderful girl….they killed her…” Some even include “…she just took one pill”. Yes, she did. WHY?

    Our kids are sick…..I put a lot of blame on our society and why they need to feel high or low………terrible.

    I think this is somewhat like GUNS……..the gun is there but unless a shooter wants to shoot it, it’s worthless. It’s the shooter who’s evil or sick.
    The pills are there…unless our kids need them or want them, they will be worthless.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    OH, my GOSH! I was just reading an article on line about a guy….and I kept reading “Their face,” “Their ..whatever” and I’m thinking “The author of this article made so many mistakes!! It’s one person…not ‘their”….

    THen I realized… The last sentence was something like “…he took the gun from the suspect and him them with it.” it’s the new BS pronoun thing because this killer in a GAY bar is NON BINARY. And, apparently, it’s all FOX’s fault that he did this because Tucker Carlson and others are so Anti GAY…something I have NEVER seen from Carlson or any other FOX employee.

    And this article is written by some FOX journalist!! Unreal.


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