This would probably be a difficult and huge generalization but….WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON IN OUR COUNTRY?   


That link above is of Mike Pompeo’s response to that question……..I think he makes good sense.






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  1. Silverfiddle says:

    I gotta go with Xi Jinping. I also agree with Pompeo that Weingarten is very dangerous, along with the whole gang of people trying to change this nation for the worst.

    Having said that, our federal government is also quite dangerous, in many, many ways. Here and overseas.

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  2. Mustang says:

    I agree with Kurt. Is Xi dangerous? Well, sure … but only because he and his advisors are competitors on a world stage. I do not envision a Chinese military invasion of the United States, but they are here, and they are doing their work in the background. I ask — whose fault is this? Those tens of thousands of “Chinese students” attending our universities are here for one purpose only, and it isn’t “to get an education.” They are already college/university graduates when they arrive. No, they are here for espionage. But this is NOT their fault. OUR government let them in. It’s OUR fault.

    As for Weingarten and her ilk, Pompeo is right. Look, when children enter the public education system — they arrive bright-eyed, full of wonder, and with never-ending questions about how the world works. Twelve years later, these same children leave the system dull-eyed, angry, with poor attitudes, and no interest in the world that awaits them. This wasn’t the entire fault of Weingarten, but a team effort with idiot teachers who are well-educated but know nothing and horrendous parents who gave their children an X-box to keep them occupied when they weren’t in school. Can there be ANYTHING worse than destroying the mind of a child? What are the effects of this?

    We should anticipate that Xi will work against our interests. That’s what competitors do. We should be smart enough to counteract his many anti-American programs. Instead, we produce young people who being brain-dead can never hope to compete with their Chinese counterparts. So, in the long run, China wins. Weingarten plays an important role in that. In this context, she and her ilk pose a clear and present danger to the United States.

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  3. Anyone or anything who destroys or corrupts the minds of our children is an enemy of our republic. 😡

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  4. PS: Long after Xi Jinping is gone, we will have millions of American children and adults who hate our republic.

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  5. kidme37 says:

    Like Mustang and AOW, I have to go with entire groups who are corrupting the minds of the children, giving them no chance to enjoy the American way of life as we know it.
    Public education, media, entertainment, the federal government, probably in that order, stand at the top of that pile.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    KID SAYS “Public education, media, entertainment, the federal government, probably in that order, stand at the top of that pile.”

    I think we ALL strongly agree with that. THanks, Kid.

    ALL of your comments are TRUE TRUE TRUE….thank you.

    Our country cannot last with teachers literally teaching our kids to HATE OUR COUNTRY …I’ve thought a lot about this and if you know another country which has done this, please tell me….I BELIEVE WE’RE THE ONLY ONE.

    We might also be the only country with an OPEN BORDER by which we are paying through the nose to encourage the illegals, heal them, feed them, supply them with needs, smile and shake their hands as they get off buses while we stupidly and so hypocritically ‘complain’….

    MUSTANG: Yup….XI and WEINGARTEN…and you describe WHY very well.

    AOL….And if we complain, we’re insulted for trying to keep our young children from filth…….AGE APPROPRIATE is a lost art in our education system. NO kid needs to see drag queens gyrating on the floor while they read “Susie has two Daddies” and NO kid needs to learn America has only a racist past and no heroes really were heroes….Not when they haven’t learned the GREAT things about our country, got to a certain age, and THEN hear all the other stuff.

    SF: I’m very uneasy about the federal gov’t of the last 50 years, that’s for sure. Really, I’d have to say since Obama………but I know that, while we’ve done amazing things for people around the world, we’ve also pulled some stupid stuff. Like support for deposing the SHah 😦 and getting the Saudis LOTS and LOTS OF OIL!! 🙂 😦


  7. geeez2014 says:

    HERSHEL WALKER JUST LOST GEORGIA….the woman accuser has come forth again IN TEARS, "Do you have the guts to look me in the eye, ME, and tell me you don't know me?"

    Oh, man, the LEFT IS SO F'ING GOOD…..And oh MAN< is SHE RICH NOW.


    SOme of you might have seen that yesterday; I didn’t…news to me. And all of Georgia, too, of course. And Obama’s coming….dayum


  8. MAL says:

    Simply put, the only saying comes to mind:

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  9. -FJ says:

    I agree, the winner is Xi. He’s gotten so powerful that he no longer needs to play by the rules of “communism“. In other words, he no longer needs to follow ANY external rules or principles.

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  10. -FJ says:

    The gradual disintegration of our political and social space is progressing on different levels. So let’s start with a recent case from China, where the order of undisturbed appearances is maintained at all costs. The procedure for electing the seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee, the real seat of power, has become completely opaque. The election will take place behind closed doors. At the end of the Communist Party Congress, the names are merely announced and confirmed by a unanimous decision.

    But at the last congress in October 2022, an unexpected crack appeared in this monolithic building: Former Chinese President Hu Jintao – Xi Jinping’s predecessor as party leader – was unceremoniously dragged off the stage shortly after the arrival of foreign media. He looked disoriented and, while two assistants helped him stand up, spoke briefly to Xi, who he had been sitting next to in the front row.

    Although the official statement only spoke of ill health and temporary weakness, Hu’s resistance and defiance were clearly visible – for a moment the appearance was distorted. Another reading is also possible: Xi himself staged this incident in order to make his brutal power visible – however, this reading suggests that the new Chinese leadership can no longer cling to undisturbed appearances: it has to disturb him, to assert their full authority.

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  11. Baysider says:

    I would have thought of corrupting and disenfranchising our young people of their inheritance of a good republic. Weingarten. Makes sense. Who is behind the push to remove cash, create central digital currency, and get everyone on a vaccine (but only as the excuse to execute the diabolical plot) passport to monitor and control every movement, expenditure and interaction on planet earth? It’s a cabal. Bill Gates is a face. Klaus Schwab is a face. Even Soros. Some one(s) are energizing all the above. I think the operative word here is “diablo.” Weingarten is merely preparing minds to accept it.


  12. MAL says:

    XI I playing a smart game. He’s taking over the world without firing a shot and we’ve all been working beautifully into his hands. Of course, this was possible by providing slave labor for decades, producing all kinds of goods to sell around the world at unbeatable prices. They own all or portions of many American companies and farms.
    We saw all this and allowed it to happen presumably because we got a lot of stuff cheap and at bargain prices…………now future generations will suffer their wrath.
    So sad.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER! SOROS! OF COURSE……….I hadn’t thought of him and you are SO RIGHT…he’s a VERY good example of someone out to destroy this country.

    Honestly, I was just watching FOX and Tammy was talking about some things I don’t see remediable….Biden really is coming down HARD on all the HORRID things he’s implemented.. It’s almost unbelievable….
    And the LIES! And the Press Sec insulting Republicans openly like she does, as if that’s HER job? And then stopping all discussion on REALLY valid questions???

    We are dying, folks.

    Horrifically, I think KID’s been right. (Don’t tell him I said so!!)

    MAL…good point…without firing a shot, indeed…well put. And yes, SO sad.


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