Tweeting TRUTH? DANGEROUS Twitter?! and COROLLA…very funny Corolla

CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gee, a Twitter executive who’s left the company says NOW that it might have been a ‘mistake’ not to have let the Hunter laptop information stay on Twitter….

But I don’t publish this here for that!  I publish it because THIS is the guy who also said it wasn’t dangerous for Musk to take over Twitter but NOW IT IS (he changed his tune days later) because (ready?)…“WE HAD EMPLOYEES THERE AT TWITTER WHO COULD CHOOSE WHAT TWEETS STAYED AND WHICH HAD TO GO….NOW THOSE EMPLOYEES WITH EXPERIENCE ARE GONE SO YES, TWITTER IS NOW DANGEROUS UNDER MUSK.”

AHA…so, his truth is that because Twitter Lefties aren’t there to CENSOR the Right’s tweets, it’s DANGEROUS!  That cracked me up……ALMOST as much as Adam Corolla’s line about a Black University Prof who has a class on COLONIZATION,  about which she’s on video bragging, happy and giggling, saying that she gives everybody an ‘A’ and how they don’t have homework, and they just have to show up THOUGH she has a list of excuses that she approves of if they can’t show up…….She teaches on COLONIZATION and how awful it was.

Corolla’s line on FOX, when asked “what do you think of this?” was “I THINK THIS PROF SHOULD COLONIZE A PSYCHOLOGIST’S OFFICE” which cracked me up so much I’m smiling even as I type this 24 hours later! 🙂

By the way, for another Corolla laugh…About how her students don’t have to go in if they have a good excuse, Corolla said kids today with a sniffle from a cold are encouraged to STAY HOME FROM SCHOOL!  He said his father would have sent him if he had 2′ of REBAR sticking out of his side!

I love that kind of humor………..I’m going to go COLONIZE my kitchen now for another cup of coffee 🙂


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5 Responses to Tweeting TRUTH? DANGEROUS Twitter?! and COROLLA…very funny Corolla

  1. his truth

    Now there’s a terminology I can’t stand.

    And what if you’re a liar? Your lies are “your truth”?



  2. geeez2014 says:

    AOW…Oh, yes… Lies ARE truth..! Did you hear Jean-Pierre yesterday say “The President’s been at the border?” No wonder she’s usually looking down, she can’t meet the eyes of people who know better!

    “Sheesh” is right! 🙂


  3. MAL says:

    I can remember a time when someone said it was the truth, you believe them. I also remember a time when a simple hand shake sealed a deal instead of a signed contract. Both seem to have disappeared today.

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  4. Baysider says:

    Liar liar pants on fire. Ya got caught suppressing a story that got vetted enough to deserve legs. And now yur sniveling about it. With an earnest face.

    Decolonizing the classroom. AND giving her students critical thinking skills. I wonder what those could possibly be after listening to her. Hope she’s not teaching pre-med, or engineering. When we interview new doctors now do we have to add to the list “did you ever participate in a decolonized class?” Prob’ly not. They’ll all go to the HR department.

    Mal, there was a time when a Wall Street trader’s word was his bond, too. Maybe it was a mistake to take “thou shalt not steal” out of classrooms.


  5. Baysider says:

    OMG – the woman with the decolonized classroom teaches biology!


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